Brady Williams and his five wives on TLC

MY FIVE WIVES: Is Tonight ‘Season’ or ‘Show’ Finale as Karlie Discusses Premature Birth of Baby Huck?

This week, the season of MY FIVE WIVES comes to an end on TLC, and the family is facing big changes, including one very emotional event:  The premature birth of Karlie’s baby, Huck. Fans of MY FIVE WIVES are no doubt already aware of this situation; they have been sending their well-wishes to the family … Read more

Shelby Stanga stars in The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man

AX MEN: Shelby the Swamp Man Back in Action Tonight, but for How Long?

Fans of AX MEN on History Channel have been getting restless:  Since the new season began, there has inexplicably been not a glimpse of Shelby the Swamp Man on the show, except in the opening credits. But, tonight, fans can get ready for the craziness in the swamp, because Shelby the Swamp Man is back. … Read more

Claire Danes

HOMELAND Season Finale Preview: Back Home To Face The Music? (VIDEO)

HOMELAND ends its season 4 with Carrie and Saul back in the U.S. and more than a bit curious about the Dar Adal activity in Islamabad. Saul is home with Mira and we learn that he’s been sent a severance package from his employer. Mira begs him to use the one-year’s salary payoff to calmly … Read more

MYTHBUSTERS Christmas Marathon

MYTHBUSTERS Mega-Marathon Begins Christmas Eve, Ends in 2015! (Video)

When you think of a “marathon” of TV shows, a weekend of constant viewing is a pretty firm sampling. Sometimes “marathons” will just air for a single 24 hour period—or less! But, the Science Channel has gotten into the true Christmas spirit of giving, and is offering viewers not a day, not a weekend, but … Read more