Jason, Edge of Alaska

EDGE OF ALASKA Exclusive Video: Jason Offers Unique Advice For Dealing with Awakening Bears!

Tonight, the bears are on the hunt for food on fan-favorite Discovery series, EDGE OF ALASKA! There are things about Alaska that one just has to accept if he wants to live there. It gets cold. It can be a little isolating at times. You’re probably going to be introduced to an outhouse at some … Read more

Jeff Perry

SCANDAL Recap Winter Finale: Who’s the Bitchbaby Now?

SCANDAL left us with much to chew on after “Where The Sun Don’t Shine”, what ABC calls a Winter Finale. Immediately after the final scene the hashtag #WhereIsOliviaPope was all over Twitter. Here’s the first thought that came to mind, prior to the final scene between the VP and Fitz. Maybe Olivia walked out on … Read more

Parker Schnabel, Gold Rush

GOLD RUSH Video Exclusive: Parker Cannot Catch a Break This Season; Will the Swamp Improve Tonight?

Fans of Discovery Channel’s hit series GOLD RUSH are no doubt still wondering what Dave could have possibly been thinking, agreeing to a $500,000 buy-in to partner up with the infamous Todd Hoffman this season. Tonight, the new partnership goes forward, and Dave begins to see just what he got himself into–again. When Dave demanded … Read more

Anthony Melchiorri

‘HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE: 5 Star Secrets’, Travel Like You’re Rich With Anthony Melchiorri

Get ready for two special editions of HOTEL IMPOSSIBLE on Travel Channel. The show turns from hotels in trouble to those that shine. In “Hotel Impossible: 5-Star Secrets,” we get to experience the most stunning and luxurious five-star hotels alongside Anthony Melchiorri, the Hotel Fixer. While the show’s bread and butter is sending Melchiorri to … Read more