The Busby quints on TLC's "Outdaughtered"

‘Outdaughtered’ Season 2: ‘Quint-fluenza’ Has Adam Crazy, Danielle Down For The Count (VIDEO)

“Outdaughtered” season 2 has been about the Busby family moving into their new home, the quints becoming toddlers and little Hazel’s surgery. Tonight it’s a bit different in the episode, “Quint-fluenza”. Last week, Hazel underwent an operation to correct a problem in the muscles on either side of her eyes. Check out the video clip posted … Read more

Matt and Amy Roloff "Little People Big World"

‘Little People Big World’ Season 12: Amy’s Pool Party, Matt’s Sad, Awkward Game Night (VIDEO)

“Little People Big World” is all new tonight, Tuesday December 6 on TLC and in the provocatively titled episode, “Embrace the Booty” we’ve got Amy and Matt Roloff, together with the kids on a family game night. What’s controversial about that? Amy was only asked as a courtesy, but shows up anyway. The situation at … Read more

Pink Lake on Science Channel's "What on Earth?"

‘What On Earth?’ EXCLUSIVE Preview: Bubblegum Pink Lake Off Australia Coast Confounds Scientists (VIDEO)

Tuesday night December 6  on Science Channel’s “What On Earth?”, a bright pink lake, picked up on satellite images is a head-scratcher for scientists. Found on an island off the coast of Australia, they clearly show something distinctly bubblegum pink in color. In the EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the episode posted below, scientists begin with … Read more

Jake Maskall as King Cyrus on "The Royals" season 3 on E!

‘The Royals’ Season 3 Premiere: ‘Huge’ Grant, Cyrus’ Mohawk and Jasper’s Back, Baby!

“The Royals” roared back for its season 3 premiere, “Together With Remembrance Of Ourselves” and a few things were wrapped up quickly. Then there’s that lingering mystery about whether or not Prince Robert is the man looking like Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”. Overall, it was one of the campiest episodes of the series, not … Read more

Meri Brown, Sister Wives on TLC

‘Sister Wives’ Season 7 Recap: Kody Tells Mariah He’s Not Without Blame For Meri’s Misery (VIDEO)

“Sister Wives” continued its season 7 with “Kody Takes Responsibility”, a two-hour hard look at Kody Brown’s attempts to lead his daughter Mariah back to a relationship with her mother Meri. In doing that, he hoped to bridge the chasm between him and his first wife, who agreed, in the season premiere, to visit the … Read more