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MOUNTAIN MONSTERS: Tonight AIMS Goes after the ‘Lightning Man’ of PA!

Last week, fan-favorite MOUNTAIN MONSTERS returned to Destination America, and Trapper revealed that he has definite health challenges, but it did not stop the AIMS team from going after the “Squalling Savage” in Kentucky. Tonight, the team makes a move to Pennsylvania, and they will still be down a man as they go after the … Read more

APPETITE FOR LOVE. Hallmark Channel. Photo: Andrew Walker, Taylor Cole

APPETITE FOR LOVE Tonight on Hallmark Channel: Does a Delicious Surprise Await Corporate Star Taylor Cole? (Video Preview)

Tonight on Hallmark Channel, the “Countdown to Valentine’s Day” continues, as APPETITE FOR LOVE, starring Taylor Cole and Andrew Walker, premieres. APPETITE FOR LOVE ” is a romantic comedy about a corporate executive (Mina) who is sent to a small town to rebrand a restaurant as part of a strategic acquisition. The only problem is … Read more

Friday Night Tykes, Esquire Network, Coach Bruce Chambliss

FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES: An Opportunity on Esquire for All Youth Sports Programs to Find the Joy Once Again?

Esquire Network airs a show fans know as FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES. One might think it would be a fun show, featuring youth football in Texas. But, if first-time viewers think that when they tune-in, they have the wrong idea about this reality show. FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES is a rather depressing show to watch. The show … Read more

Kwame and Jeremy during Restaurant Wars, "Top Chef: California"

TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA Restaurant Wars Part I, Lunch Service Drama

TOP CHEF: CALIFORNIA added a second part to its infamous Restaurant Wars challenge. It’s lunch and dinner service in the same space, with only eight Cheftestants left in the season. The edginess came from all angles, but it’s clear that the two-meal grind weighed heavily on everyone. It’s when those who need control get cranky; … Read more

GOLD RUSH, Discovery Channel, Team Hoffman.

GOLD RUSH Preview: Will Parker Schnabel Be Todd Hoffman’s Boss Next Season? (Video)

The season of Discovery Channel’s hit series GOLD RUSH continues tonight and it gets a little more nerve-wracking for Todd Hoffman: Could Parker Schnabel really become his boss? The idea of Parker being Todd’s boss is rather amusing; Todd has been so condescending to Parker over the years, it would serve him right. On the … Read more