Cassia and Jason

90 DAY FIANCÉ Video Preview: Meet Jason and Cassia, Trouble From the Start

On the next 90 DAY FIANCÉ we meet the final couple to join season 2, Jason and Cassia. There’s also catch up, some of it pretty ugly with the couples who already began their trial period in the U.S. In the episode titled “Watch You Like a Hawk”, we learn about Jason’s less than optimistic outlook … Read more

Jason Lobo and his brother Eric Lobo discussing Eric's leaving plans from Alaska.

EDGE OF ALASKA Video Preview Exclusive: Will Melting River Ice Be the End of Jason?

Last week, fans met the inhabitants of McCarthy, AK, on the series premiere of the new Discovery hit, EDGE OF ALASKA. There are some places that are “off-the-grid,” but as viewers quickly learned, McCarthy is extreme for even some of the most well-insulated towns out there. As part of the Gold Rush in the early 1900s, … Read more

Can Todd get his dignity back this season, or has that boat long sailed?

Discovery Channel Dominates Top-10 Unscripted Series Viewing, GOLD RUSH Leads the Way

October has been a Top Ten ratings gold rush for Discovery Channel, with Todd Hoffman and his merry group of followers—well, what is left of them—leading the way. New shows are coming into the pack strong, as well, and long-time fan favorites are showing that they still have what it takes to rise to the … Read more

Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson

KENDRA ON TOP Preview: Hugh Hefner To The Rescue

During tonight’s new episodes of KENDRA ON TOP Kendra Wilkinson seeks advice from the men in her life. With Hank out of the house and his friends clamming up, what men are there to help? Hold on to your hats for this news. In a show titled “Where’s Poppa?” Hugh Hefner, former lover and benefactor … Read more