Meri & Mariah: Not Glowing Examples of ‘Sister Wives’ Support System

Meri and daughter Mariah tend to feed off of each other's drama queen tendencies.
Meri and daughter Mariah tend to feed off of each other’s drama queen tendencies.

Watching all–well, almost all–of TLCs Sister Wives getting their houses this week, one thing became clear:  Kody Brown probably needed plural wives to remain married after creating his eternal bond with Meri.

Me, Me, Me–Oh, and Mariah

Meri seems like a good woman at heart, but, man, the more you watch her, the more you see how overly dramatic and self-centered not only she is but her daughter, Mariah. If Kody had just those two to deal with every single day of his life, he probably would have gotten another wife a long time ago, anyway, so it’s probably just as well that they are polygamists.

By the way, for everyone building houses out there, take a little lesson from Meri’s situation:  When you pick your way through the building process, finding fault where there isn’t any, looking for something to be wrong no matter what, and there are three other houses to finish, guess what happens? You end up at the bottom of the barrel, and you do not get into your home by Christmas.

Just sayin’.

This Is a Support System?

The most revealing thing about the entire episode last night, however, was Meri and Mariah’s selfish responses to the other sister wives’ happiness. The whole idea about polygamy and sister wives, according to the Brown women, is the support system that is always there. Sure, I can understand Meri and Mariah being disappointed, but it’s not as if they are going to be living on the street, for goodness sake. So, they don’t get into their own home by Christmas; aren’t these homes supposed to be the FAMILY’S homes? Sure doesn’t seem that way, with Meri and Mariah crying and carrying on as they were.

As Sister Wives opens each week, the very first statement is from Meri:  “I believe in living this lifestyle. It just makes each of us better.”

How is Meri and Mariah’s crying, pouting and making everyone else feel guilty for being in their own home making them better? If Meri and Mariah do not get into their home by Christmas, it appears nothing is going to make them feel better except ruining the season for everyone else. Is that making them better? One has to wonder:  What do they see when they watch themselves in these episodes? And, Mariah, who has repeatedly said that she wants to live plural marriage, is this the type of “support” she sees herself giving her future sister wives?


Next week’s tease shows Meri and Mariah just feeding off of each other’s negativity, with Kody saying, “I cringe sometimes at Meri and Mariah’s relationship.”

Yeah, Kody, so do many of us watching each week; good luck with that.

Stay tuned.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sundays at 9/8c.

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Image:  TLC

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5 thoughts on “Meri & Mariah: Not Glowing Examples of ‘Sister Wives’ Support System

  1. The first thing that came to my mind after watching this episode,is that Mariah wants to be a doctor. I’m sorry but I just could never picture her as a doctor. Maybe i’m wrong but she seems a little to childish even for her age.

    • Yes, you know, I had not thought of that, Rose, but you make a very good point. She is young, she has time to develop, but she is going to have to break away from her mom to get there … they obviously love each other very much, which is great, but they seem to have something of a toxic relationship, feeding on each other’s negativity. But, you’re right, just college is going to be a challenge, much less medical school–and it’s not that far away. :/

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