New Series PORTER RIDGE Debuts on Discovery Following TICKLE

Dirty Andy Minnick, Rusty, Danny Bob Saylor IV, Kayla Wood, Terry Porter and Jeff Watson (from left to right) represent Porter Ridge.
Dirty Andy Minnick, Rusty, Danny Bob Saylor IV, Kayla Wood, Terry Porter and Jeff Watson (from left to right) represent Porter Ridge.

Fan of Duck Dynasty? Gurney Productions, creators of America’s favorite duck-calling company series, is introducing Discovery fans to a new series, PORTER RIDGE.

Set in the hills of Indiana, the folks of Porter Ridge have a tight community that lives by a specific code of life: Respect the Lord, love your family and watch each other’s backs. Step out of line, and you can plan to reap what you have sowed.

Wearing a shirt might be optional in Porter Ridge, but working together to keep the “Hilljack” way of life going is not. Far from the big city, this lawless community lives by their own set of rules—rules that may not be acceptable by most people’s standards, but entertaining, nevertheless. Tonight, Discovery Channel introduces viewers to this eccentric band of misfits, which includes:

  • TERRY PORTER: CEO and owner of Country Auto Parts, an auto junkyard, Terry is the fast-talking, shirtless, wild man in charge of the most legendary business on the Ridge. Having spent his entire life on the Ridge, he fancies himself the true leader of this backwoods clan but often times proves that he’s not suited to lead much beyond a scrapyard negotiation. For Terry, it’s all about the next race, the next repo, the next get rich quick idea and whatever it takes to beat his longtime rivals from over on Dog Killer Ridge.
  • JEFF: The Bear Man, has lived on the Ridge almost 20-years with a backyard full of bears. He has eight, truffle hunting, Brown Bears as companions. Jeff treats his bears like family, and has a genuine affection for these powerful animals. Unfortunately, the other guys on the Ridge don’t always have the same love for these 1,500-pound beasts.
  • DIRTY ANDY: The Scrappy Scrapper, Dirty Andy is a renowned hustler on the ridge. Always looking for a way to make a buck, he and Terry don’t always see eye-to-eye when it comes to doing deals. Whether it’s an old lawnmower or a rusty trampoline, there is nothing that Dirty Andy can’t turn to cash. He may look like Santa Claus, but this heavy-set hilljack definitely doesn’t smell like Christmas.
  • KAYLA: A local ridge girl herself, this country calendar model may look like the sexy girl next door but she is as feisty as they come and negotiates with the best of them. While she’s supposed to be selling parts, Kayla ends up spending most of her days trying to keep Terry from sinking his business like the Titanic.
  • DANNY BOB: The most longstanding employee of Country Auto, a whiz with a blowtorch, and one of Terry’s closest friends. He’s a no-nonsense, wisecracking, ex-Army, guy who can fix just about anything with an engine. Danny Bob also has a handful of ex-wives in his past, including one he married twice – which he says is the definition of “stupid.”
  • ELVIS LARRY: The local garbage man, and jack-of-all-trades on the ridge, this Elvis look-alike is a good-natured momma’s boy and an unlikely source of wisdom at times. He will clean your gutters or fix your tractor, and knows all the gossip that’s fit to tell.
  • BARRY: A former tree-climbing and national clogging champion, Barry Moore is everyone’s buddy. He’s a cool character who rarely gets ruffled, and prides himself on his quick wit and first class mullet.
  • RUSTY: Rusty learned from the best, since he’s the 13-year old son of Terry and around these parts he’s the face of trouble as he’s often up to no good. He has every kid’s dream life where instead of Matchbox cars, he gets to drive a full size lifter and crush actual automobiles.
  • DOG KILLER RIDGE: The rivals from the next ridge over, the men of Dog Killer Ridge only have one thing in common with what they feel are their inferior neighbors on Porter Ridge, the need for speed in a hunk of junk. They might only live a few miles away, but they are worlds apart. They feel it’s their God-given responsibility to let the Porter Ridge clan know at every opportunity just who is top dog around these parts.
  • We’ll find out tonight.

    Porter Ridge premieres on the Discovery Channel tonight, Tuesday, August 13 at 10:30 p.m. E/P, following the premiere of TICKLE.

    Image: Discovery Channel

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    1. how do they find these people!:) I am betting that these kind of ”groups” send videos to discovery and get a show… way could someone sit and think this stuff up:)

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