South Beach Tow: Bernice Saves J-Money’s Wedding on Season Finale

Bernice on South Beach Tow
Robbie and Bernice–no way you were getting that lady into a dress, even for a wedding.

Is that crazy stalker ever going to stop following J-Money on truTVs South Beach Tow? And, who did Robert Sr. choose to head up Tremont Towing? It was a big season finale for South Beach Tow!

It’s Twins!

“Stupid in stereo!” Bernice has popped off with some great lines, but that was one of her better ones, talking to twins as they tried to explain to her that they could park in handicapped spaces because daddy makes significant donations to the handicapped.

Can you not love Bernice?

Crazy Stalker Woman in Action

Jerome had his own problems, with the stalker going out of her way to inflict pain on the happy couple, making the rounds as J-Money’s fiancée and cancelling everything, from the venue to the food to the preacher! But, Dave was there to save the day. Turns out he is an ordained minister. “Creative weddings are all the rage right now,” he told the dismayed bride as he suggested Tremont as the venue. Although she balked at first, she quickly realized there was little else she could do but have her wedding in a tow yard.

“You know what? Fine, fine.”

Oh, boy.

Wedding Day

Maid-of-honor Bernice looked smooth, but refused the dresses, going for a black-and-red tux instead, looking more like the best man. But, hey, it’s Bernice: Whatever she does, it’s all good. J-Money was towing in his tux right up until the last minute, and ended up with a ruined suit as an angry customer—another driver parked illegally in a handicapped spot, in fact—dumped a bunch of garbage from the salon where he was being waxed all over Jerome.

Wanda was not going to be happy, he quickly realized, but by that time, she was just ready to get it over with, especially after one of her crazy bridesmaids attacked Robbie for towing her car four years earlier, and another angry customer ran his van into the wedding arbor. In fact, it looked like the wedding was not even going to happen!

“The look on Wanda’s face is breaking my heart!” J-Money said in a camera cameo. But, it was the maid-of-honor to the rescue! After winning $10,000 on a lottery scratch-off, Bernice gave the not-so-happy couple 5K and told them to just go to the Bahamas and get married.

That Bernice—she’s the woman.

Oh, and Tremont?

Christie is in charge, now.

“When Christie asked to be considered for the job,” Robert Sr. said in a camera cameo, “I knew she had what it takes. Tremont will be safe in her hands.”

Good choice—the ONLY choice—Robert Sr. How does she do as the head of Tremont Towing? Do Perez and Robbie accept Robert Sr.’s choice with grace? And, does that crazy stalker woman finally accept reality and leave the happy (newlywed) couple alone?

Stay tuned for next season of South Beach Tow on truTV.

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Image:  truTV via Facebook

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