Breaking Amish: Betsy a Witch or Iva a Liar–or Both?

Betsy on TLCs BREAKING AMISH: LA: Is she crazy and creepy, or is Iva just a liar? Maybe both!

The latest episode of Breaking Amish: L.A. aired on TLC last night and one thing was confirmed:  Betsy’s witchcraft obsession is creepy and freaky. Everything else is up in the air, including just how honest Iva really is.

Andrew, the “bad boy” of the group, sat down to talk with Betsy amidst one of Betsy’s witchcraft candle circles, and the group came to the conclusion that she needed a good talking to—but it did not go well.

The “talk” led to a confession by Iva that Betsy had taken advantage of her—an allegation that Betsy strongly denied. However, given some of the camera shots of Betsy hitting on, well, almost everyone, it’s not hard to imagine her hitting on Iva, as well. But, Betsy continued to play the victim:

“They just keep attacking me,” Betsy said in a camera cameo. “One day they’re saying that I’m in witchcraft, the next thing I hear is that, oh, I’m making out with Iva.”

Hmmmm. Well, Betsy has been pretty upfront about being into witchcraft. But, did she really “take advantage” of Iva?”

Hard to say; the available video footage isn’t clear.

But, should they have thrown Betsy out?

She Had to Go–or Did She?

Well, some of the roommates thought so, and put her stuff outside. Matt wanted to try and help her, and Sam, uncomfortable with the whole thing, said in a camera cameo that he just wanted the whole thing to end.

“Pray first, conversation later,” Matt told the group, but they were unswayed.

And Betsy kind of lost it.

She decided to leave, trashing the house and leaving “lipstick messages” everywhere, one in particular saying, “You are all hexed.”

And, Gullible Minds….

It wasn’t long before everyone was fearing the “hex,” particularly blamed in the case of Andrew, who fell down the steps and ended up at the hospital with torn ligaments in his ankle.

“I don’t care what Betsy thinks,” Andrew said in a camera cameo. “God’s more powerful. He saved my ankle by one centimeter.” True enough, but why keep going on about being “hexed,” then?

Betsy trashed everyone, even Matt, who had tried to help her, tossing around his beloved threads and sewing machines. And, Sam was no longer on the fence.

“I think we should have kicked her out when we had the chance,” he said in a camera cameo after walking into a trashed kitchen.

“I feel so betrayed,” Matt said.

Well, you know, that’s how it is with witches; just cannot trust them.

Iva’s Sam

Iva called her boyfriend to come out to California—another Sam. Boyfriend? Had she talked about her boyfriend with Sam and Devon, both of whom were obviously developing crushes on her?

“I wonder what Sam means by he’s heard about me? I haven’t heard about him,” Devon said in a camera cameo.

Iva—there is a lot going on behind that blonde hair and those blue eyes. There will no doubt be more turbulence to come for the newly engaged Iva and Sam as time goes by.

Where is Betsy?

Well, she is in a motel, claiming to be scared, totally alone, and blaming Iva completely. She even broke into the Lord’s Prayer at one point—funny what even witches will do when they are at their wit’s end. But, telling her story, she claims Iva is trying to cover her tracks to keep things okay between her and Sam. Could that be true? The one who really knows the truth, other than Iva and Betsy, is Devon, and he has not said one word about “that night,” when the three of them were captured doing more than just “hanging out,” and the camera seemed to show them—Devon, Iva and Betsy—willingly going into a bedroom together and … then what? Who knows? That is the question that has to be answered—but will it be answered truthfully?

Stay tuned.

Breaking Amish: L.A. airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 10/9c.

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Image:  TLC

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5 thoughts on “Breaking Amish: Betsy a Witch or Iva a Liar–or Both?

  1. Betsy and Devon were in that room when Iva was supposedly violated. Really?! What did Devon do and what about the cameras in the room? Hard to believe this show is real. I live outside Lancaster and never do I hear or see the Amish act so badly. When is Matt going to come out and admit his is gay? After this episode my wife is done with Breaking Amish LA and I think I am too. It is fake in my opinion. Great post Mechele! Oh my wife finally gave up on Sister Wives.

    • I was just talking w/ someone about how most Amish would probably love to see Amish “reality” shows go away; I’m still not convinced that a lot of people in some of these types of shows were EVER Amish to begin with … LOL But, you know, I guess when watching “reality” shows, it just depends on how much “reality” one is willing to forego for the sake of entertainment; I can forego a lot … LOL

      No Sister Wives on Sundays, Bob? I could give up on Breaking Amish, but not Sister Wives; as much as they annoy me at times, I just find the whole thing fascinating.

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