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Gold Rush: Tony Beets Tells Parker ‘Go Home’ (Video Exclusive)

Fred Hurt on Discovery Channel's Gold Rush.

Fred Hurt is giving some new techniques a try this season around Porcupine Creek.

Fans have seen Todd and the Hoffman crew sweating it out in the South American jungles, finally settling on a claim in Guyana. Tonight, it’s time to head back up to the frozen north on Discovery Channel’s GOLD RUSH: SOUTH AMERICA.

Tonight, fans can catch up with 18-year-old Parker Schnabel and the Dakota boys. But, not everything will be familiar! The Dakota boys will be taking to the skies tonight, trying to discover a route to the source of the gold in Porcupine Creek. And, Parker leaves home, leaving the Big Nugget Mine behind to strike out on his own. Parker has plans to set up his own operation in the Klondike on mentor Tony Beets’ land—but does he have the skills to jump right into the big leagues?

Watch this EXCLUSIVE CLIP from Discovery Channel:

This video doesn’t exist

Gold Rush: South America airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel

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6 replies

  1. Just as long as the show lets all know that ” the kolodike” is in CANADA – something the show has papered over in the past

    • Yes, you know, it’s surprising how many people do not realize the Klondike operation is in Canada; last season, I remember the Hoffmans were flying both a Canadian and an American flag on their site. I’ll be sure to mention it in articles throughout the season. Great suggestion, Sailorjim; thanks!

  2. Love love love this show ! Been sitting on the edge if the couch in anticipation all summer ! Geaux Parker and Todd Hoffman crew ! Bring it on Discovery ! We’re ready and waiting !


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