Barbara Niven of CEDAR COVE: Exclusive Interview, Part 2

Beautiful Barbara Niven of Hallmark Channel's hit original series, CEDAR COVE.
Barbara Niven of Hallmark Channel’s hit original series, CEDAR COVE: Everything she does, she gives her all and more!

This week, Mechele R. Dillard had the opportunity to interview Barbara Niven, a.k.a. Peggy Beldon, of Debbie Macomber’s CEDAR COVE on the Hallmark Channel. This hit original series has fans flocking to their family rooms every Saturday night for the latest news from this quaint little town, and Peggy Beldon has quickly become a fan favorite. Here in Part 2 of her interview for TVRuckus readers and CEDAR COVE fans, Barbara discusses her writing, her love for her fans and, yes, answers that question so many fans have been wondering:  Can she cook like Peggy Beldon?

TVRuckus:  Fans of CEDAR COVE may not realize you are a best-selling author as well as an actress—Get Your Woman On and How Did You Do That! were both huge hits with readers! How is “Barbara the author” different from “Barbara the actress?” What fulfillment do you find in writing that you do not find in acting, and vice versa? And, with all of your TV projects, how do you find the time to write?!

Wow, good question. One thing I love about acting is that I get to live as someone else for a little while. I am blessed that I’ve played a wide variety of characters, and I love to get inside their head and figure out what makes them tick. It’s a way to find out more about myself too, to do things I’d never get to do in real life. My gosh, I even got to play Marilyn Monroe once!

But when you’re acting, you are fitting yourself into someone else’s words. When I became a writer and speaker, it was liberating to use my own Voice. I don’t know how I got so driven, but there is just so much inside of me that I need to get out!  

I just turned 60 years old, and wrote about it in a new book called “Wake Up Women: Be YOU and Fly!” Decades have always been time markers for me, causing me to check in, see where I am on my path, and course correct if necessary. This year I realized I need to kick it up a notch! Good thing I’m a night owl. I write my best stuff at 2 am when I know the phones won’t be ringing.

I also added one more thing to my plate recently. I created Unleash Your Star Power!™ Media Training and Video Studio at I also wrote a book called 111 Star Power Tips: Inside Secrets From a Hollywood Pro. I train business owners, professionals, speakers and authors to handle nerves and become polished in their message and performance skills for Videos, TV & Radio Interviews and Public Speaking. I speak on stages across the country, plus do private coaching, Video Boot Camps, and offer a home study course. In my Los Angeles studio, I coach and direct clients on-camera as they shoot professional videos. I get goose bumps as I watch people step into their power, find their “Voice” and transform!

TVRuckus:  Scones, scones, scones! All of life’s troubles can be cured with scones! Fans no doubt wonder:  Is Barbara Niven as great in the kitchen as Peggy Beldon?

I always do things to the max. When my daughter was young, I was militant about cooking from scratch. I made homemade bread and cinnamon rolls (I had a sour dough started I named “Ethel”), grew a garden, canned most of our food, pureed baby food, and baked like crazy. I still love to cook, but it’s way simpler now because I’m not cooking for a family. It’s harder when I travel, but I try to never eat processed food, stay away from gluten and dairy, and eat GMO free as much as possible. My daughter and her family are vegetarian, so we do that probably 50%, even at Thanksgiving. I’ve got some great recipes for Tofurkey!

But I’ve also learned to be kinder and gentler with myself now. If I crave something, I’m going to have it – otherwise I’ll obsess. So, I make room for a good, hot scone every now and then.

TVRuckus:  Any final thoughts?

I want to give a huge shout out to our Cedar Cove fans! Thank you so much! We are so grateful to you for making the show a hit. Without you, we are nothing. Hopefully we’ll get a Season Two with you too. I’ve loved getting to know you on Facebook and Twitter – and can’t wait to Chat Live this weekend!


Barbara aka Peggy

#barbaraniven #GotScones

PS – See you at the Thyme and Tide. I’ve got your room ready, hot scone and all.

Thanks so much to Barbara Niven for taking the time to give fans of CEDAR COVE and TVRuckus readers a little peek into her thoughts, feelings and into her heart. Fans, don’t forget to read Part 1 of this exclusive interview here on TVRuckus. And, seriously—can anyone believe that this gorgeous woman just turned 60?!

Don’t forget, CEDAR COVE fans:  Tonight, Saturday, August 24, Barbara will be chatting with fans via Twitter! She will be tweeting LIVE from her own handle, @BarbaraNiven, for both the East and West Coast—8 p.m. E/T, then again at 8 p.m. P/T. Tweet her your comments and questions about Barbara, Peggy Beldon and #CedarCoveTV!

Debbie Macomber’s CEDAR COVE airs on Hallmark Channel on Saturday nights at 8/7c.

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