Shelby The Swamp Man Off History After Eight Episodes

Shelby is ready to make his Toni Roni soup on The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man
Shelby is ready to make his Toni Roni soup on The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man

Just as we were getting used to spending an hour each Tuesday watching The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man, HISTORY has pulled the swamp rug out from under us.

UPDATE: HISTORY produced two back-to-back specials airing Sunday April 26. At least it’s something, right?

Tonight’s two new episodes are being called the season finale. Wait, what? You can see the string of complaining posts on the show’s Facebook page, including:

  • “Season finale already?!!? Wtf?!?!”
  • ” What’s it been 3 weeks … and it’s over already…come on History Channel!”
  • “Season finale? I guess this means there are only four episodes in the season…..seriously?”

Shelby Stanga is easy to love and The Legend of  Shelby the Swamp Man was a great idea. HISTORY spun Shelby out of Ax Men for a look at how he’d fare in a world that wasn’t always so comfortable.

Were we part of a tease on the part the network? Maybe they wanted to test out Shelby’s popularity when he isn’t logging with the guys.

We want more Shelby.  Last week’s two shows were classics.

In one, Shelby Stanga made some extra cash taking four city guys on a swamp tour. They got much more than they paid for when Shelby’s boat stalled out as the sun was setting. After lighting a fire to keep warm and wait for the boat motor to straighten itself out, a sworn enemy of the Swamp Man started shooting and screaming for the guys to get in the boat and head on their way.

In the other show, Shelby learned that catching tuna is a lucrative venture and with pal Gary encouraging him to tag along, Stanga used his harpoon to help land a big one, as the other fishermen wondered where he got his technique. To return a favor, we found the Swamp Man working as a cook and a server at Gary’s restaurant with drop dead hilarious results.

It’s not nice to dangle Shelby in front of us only to pull him away. If you agree, add your comments here and head on over to Facebook to protest losing The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man.

Check out the full recap of last week’s shows right here at TVRuckus, on the show’s dedicated page. Just click the link above.                  Image: The Legend of Shelby The Swamp Man/HISTORY

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58 thoughts on “Shelby The Swamp Man Off History After Eight Episodes

    • Shelbi ur GREAT MAN


      kEEP IT GOING MATTIE !!!!!!!


  1. We love Shelby the Swamp Man. We need someone to watch that is good and wholesome even with the little cussing that goes on.He makes us laugh..something that doesn,t happen much anymore with all the violence in world today

    • You know Margaret, you’re right. It’s a great point about Shelby’s basic wholesomeness. He loves his work, his friends, his family and his swamp. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  2. What a shame! Having grownup watching programs like the Red Skelton and Carol Burnett shows along with sitcoms Lucille Ball and Dick Van Dyke shows, Candid Camera, Taxi, The Jeffersons and Mork and Mindy. My family and co-workers found The Legend Of Shelby just as entertaining. While mainstream America indulges in the violent and many times sexually explicit programs. There are still a few of us old folks that enjoy clean, wholesome and fun television viewing. It is an absolute shame that the executives with the History Channel let this one slip away simply due to ratings. These individuals are clearly more in tune with the Money instead of good ,wholesome entertainment.

  3. We love, love, love Shelby. Begging you to please bring Shelby’s show back to History channel. Awesome show! Shelby is genuine and hilarious! One of the few shows that we could watch with our children and they actually liked it! History channel didn’t really even give his show a chance. How stupid of them. The ONLY reason we watch Ax Men is to see Shelby. We record it and then fast forward to Shelby’s part on the show. Listen to your viewers. Shelby is funnier than Duck Dynasty. We are originally from West Monroe, La and love Duck Dynasty, but would watch Shelby The Swamp Man over Duck Dynasty. If you’re not going to bring Shelby’s show back, then What about making a southern swampers show? At least we’d see more of Shelby.


  5. Shelby became a very large part of mine and my kids live’s , I relate to Shelby and miss seeing him on the tv every week . I say bring back the best show on tv since the duke’s of hazzard .

  6. As usual tv execs pull the plug on quality television. Here’s an idea, how about putting some crap show on and when it doesn’t draw viewers you can pat yourselves on the back and tell each other how you conned the american public and advertisers. Tv execs are as scummy as lawyers and politicians. Matbe your program director can schedule 12 episodes of the same show, that takes talent. I’m going to email all of your sponsors and boycott their products. There is to many options for me to choose so I will not support your network.

  7. Did this show get cancelled? I’ve been waiting for a new episode!! I’m watching the greatest Shelby moments now and it sounded like there were 4 seasons recorded? BRING this show back! It’s every bit as funny as duck dynasty!

  8. Shelby was the only thing History channel had going in the right direction in my opinion. He was a little “off the chain”, but he always kept it real, and in a bit funny way sent a positive message

  9. Bring the show back. You know that it is always good to have a good laugh on a no rules type of show. Bring it back. I started watching History channel because of Shelby. Please do the right thing exce’s.

  10. Why take somthing away that’s Good I guess if one of history excutives all need to think what good for the people watching this show insted of theirselves for one time I will no watch the history no more.

  11. Please please bring back Shelby the swamp man. We miss him. I work at a nursing home and the little people in there miss him.I tell you can’t get quality TV anymore. Shame on the history channel.

  12. Shelby is a rare gem among illiterate, beligerent morons on ax men. His humor is infectious. His laugh and “lets go” battlecry go straight to the hearts of Americans. He is down to earth and lives by principles. We need him back.

  13. Shelby was freaking awesome. Who else have you seen dispatch a 6ft snake by swinging it around and whipping its head off?
    Haha,craziest thing.

  14. Why would they cancel one of the most entertaining reality shows ever made.I’m watching the reruns today and I still enjoy them as much as the first time I watched the show!!!!!!! They rerun over and over again the stupid housewives shows that are full of nasty, ugly, and angry people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE QUIT cancelling great programming!!!!!!!!!

  15. Why would they cancel one of the most entertaining reality shows ever made.I’m watching the reruns today and I still enjoy them as much as the first time I watched the show!!!!!!! They rerun over and over again the stupid housewives shows that are full of nasty, ugly, and angry people. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE QUIT cancelling great programming! This is the first time I have made a post about this show, so please post this.

  16. I watched the whole show waiting to see Shelby. It’s not the same without him and I probably will quit watching it. He’s the reason I do

  17. Shelby was the only reason I started watching the history channel. Tuned in tonight and discovered he is no longer on. No more history channel for me. Back to the sports channel. As a matter of fact history channel, “not that you care” dozens of my friends vowed not to watch the new swamp folks.

  18. You never gave Shelby a chance I own a motor home dealer ship I’ve meet an talked to a lot of high up people like corporate people presidents of banks high profile lawyers an I would rather to be around a person like Shelby he deals with common people he didn’t let tv go to his head I would pay to hang out with him for a few days get him back Thank You

  19. Wow!! They took Shelby off the air? Why? OMG…this is disheartening news 🙁 We have waited and looked and fallen in love with watching this guy…UGH History Channel..what have you done? This fella made watching TV fun again. We absolutely looked forward to seeing him again..SOON..Not GONE. Shame on dropping him, everyone we know watched him. Good luck finding a Shelby replacement..not gonna happen. BRING SHELBY BACK SOON!!

  20. Please bring back Shelby! Ai’nt nothing worth watching on your channel anymore now except Axmen! We are Pawn Starred to death.

  21. What’s wrong with you people, why did you cancel this? I think that’s really stupid on your part!!! You really think that’s smart on your part? I mean you’ve got a great show making you money and you decide to drop it. What’s your problem? How stupid is that.

  22. Put the legend of Shelby back on u was loose something loose the curse of oak island it about as entertaining as a 1 legged man in a ass kicking contest.get your head out your ass history channel..

  23. They never gave it a chance; should have been on at an earlier time and repeated at a reasonable time, like all the junk no one wants to see. WE LOVED HIM!

  24. This makes no sense! You put Shelby in the curse and whine ass show called Ax-men and that’s the only reason I watched it was to see Shelby. You give him back his own show and air 1 episode for season 2 and then call it quits? What the heck is wrong with you people? Its a good show that makes people laugh and enjoy sitting down and watching TV and then its done!! You really need to re-think your decision and get moving on new episodes before you lose all of your viewing audience! Why would you cancel it? Is it because of High paid individuals who cant understand the idea of laughter in its purest sense and have a monetary influence on the History Channel? If it is shame on them!! Bring back the swamp man!!!

  25. I think Shelby is incredibly annoying. Like I want to rip his face off annoying. And the history channel is terrible. Shelby sucks, his show sucks, and Ax Men sucks. They are all a bunch of loud mouthed phonies.

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