Hotel Impossible Preview: Anthony finds Termites in Costa Rica

Anthony Melchiorri, Hotel Impossible on Travel Channel
Anthony Melchiorri confronts owner of Hotel Iguanazul in Costa Rica

Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible airs another new episode tonight in its amazing third season, this time stopping in Costa Rica at the Hotel Iguanazul on the Pacific Ocean.

Anthony Melchiorri tries to rehabilitate the resort that is riddled with bugs, horribly maintained and — wait for it — run by a drunken owner.

Update: The episode was wild, wooly and the quotes are priceless.

Think about it for one moment. Anthony Melchiorri, the Hotel Fixer, detail-obsessed and driven confronting someone who cares so little. The possibilities are endless.

Was it only a week ago we watched Anthony save the Gadsden Hotel, a landmark building in Douglas, Arizona from the grossly negligent general manager? The place was a firetrap and had been so for more than a couple of decades.  The scenes between Melchiorri and the GM were shake-your-head frustrating because she lacked basic skills of building management and common sense.

Prior to that we traveled with Melchiorri and Hotel Impossible to Greece, where a hotel spa was a petri dish of disease from black mold that required a shutdown to protect guests.

In the third season premiere, more clueless owners were given Melchiorri’s Hotel Basics 101 as he picked up crack vials outside the front door of the Abacrombie Inn in downtown Baltimore.

The visit to Costa Rica maintains that intensity and jaw-dropping moments that are priceless to fans of Hotel Impossible and the fearless Anthony Melchiorri.  Read a TVRuckus exclusive interview with Anthony in which he promised a ramped up and emotional season three.

Tune in tonight on Travel Channel at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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