Lizard Lick Towing: Did Bobby Brantley Really Hurt Ray?

Bobby Brantley of truTVs LIZARD LICK TOWING.
Did Bobby REALLY hurt Ray? Or was it all staged for TV?

Things just seem to be spiraling out of control on truTVs Lizard Lick Towing lately, especially for Bobby Brantley.

It is hard to imagine how frustrating it must be for Bobby, having not only a trusted girlfriend betray you, but to have the town mayor making your life miserable at every opportunity. After Ray ripped off Bobby’s house in broad daylight, Sam Davis got involved to make sure he was not charged, much less given any punishment, and Bobby’s frustration level finally went through the roof.

Of course Bobby was angry over the theft of his things and the invasion of privacy, but the loss of his father’s watch was hitting him especially hard. And, when he went after Ray—after learning that there would be no justice in the case as long as Sam Davis was in charge—things went from bad to worse to even worse. Perhaps if Ray would have just manned up and said, “Yeah, I stole your stuff,” perhaps Bobby would not have lost it like he did. Or, if he had done the decent thing and just given him his dad’s watch back, maybe Bobby would not have felt compelled to release all of his pent-up emotions on Ray’s face. But, you know, it’s kind of naïve to think that Ray, a thief and drug addict, would “man-up” and admit to anything. And, of course, he didn’t. In fact, he went the other way and taunted Bobby, who beat him until he quit moving.

Just flat quit moving.

Ronnie Right about Rex?

Things were not going much better for Amy and Ronnie, as Ronnie went out with Krazy Dave to do a repo—disaster as repos with Krazy Dave always are, when the target got blasted with paintballs—and Ronnie and Amy continued to be at odds, having never resolved their Rex issues. But, it seems like it is getting to be time for Amy to swallow her pride and apologize to Ronnie, especially after Rex asked her out to dinner. Did she accept? Of course not. But she did not set him straight, either, when he said the offer was “still on the table” should she change her mind. Amy needs to admit she was wrong, apologize to Ronnie, and break off this “friendship” with Rex, not necessarily in that order.

On the positive side, however, Amy IS finding more evidence against Sam Davis, and it is looking more and more like his days as mayor are severely numbered. Get rid of Sam Davis, get rid of a lot of the problems plaguing Lizard Lick Towing these days.

That Amy—she’s on the ball. And, it’s a great example of the fact that no matter what day-to-day petty matters Amy and Ronnie may face (as we all do in our relationships), they are committed to the long haul. It’s a great thing to see these days, a couple hanging tough on the good days, tougher on the bad days.

Bobby’s Beat-Down of Ray

And, for the Bobby fans who may be worried about his well-being at this point, wondering how badly Ray was hurt, and if Bobby could have gotten into some serious trouble, I cannot say that I have any “insider knowledge” on this one. However, I would just like to offer a couple of things for your consideration of the situation that may shed a bit of light on the cliffhanger and set your minds at ease:  (1) Really look at the “beating” Bobby gave Ray, swing for swing and (2) Bobby is still out doing meet-and-greets for Lizard Lick Towing.

Stay tuned.

Lizard Lick Towing airs on truTV on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

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