Amish Mafia: Will Levi’s Dream of Esther Become His Ultimate Nightmare?

Esther and Lebanon Levi on Discovery Channel's AMISH MAFIA.
Levi has a dream of Esther by his side, but what he sees in her–other than someone who does everything she can to make him miserable–is hard to imagine.

Every time Discovery Channel’s Amish Mafia airs, Esther gets more and more evil.

To look at Esther, one doesn’t say, “Oh, my, what an Amish beauty; she could really have her way with any man she wants.” There is nothing particularly enticing about her. There is nothing about Esther that would make anyone stop in the street and stare longingly. But, somehow, she has the power to seemingly bewitch anyone she chooses to manipulate, particularly anyone of the masculine sex.

It is hard to understand just why Levi keeps going back to Esther, but he is absolutely smitten. He is beyond smitten. Truly, it is as if he is bewitched. He is THE man in his Amish community. He could, one would imagine, have any of the young ladies he set his Amish hat to have. Yet, he keeps hanging on to the dream of Esther.


Perhaps it is just a power struggle. Levi is obviously a controlling person; he demands everything and everybody within his community respect and bend to the power he wields. Yet, Esther refuses to be putty in his hands. In fact, she demands HE be the putty. Maybe the draw of the game is just too much for him to resist. But, it would be worth considering:  What happens if he “wins” and Esther does turn to him—as she appears to be doing currently. What then?

Given Amish marriage tradition, one would assume he would be stuck with her then; is that really what he wants? The rest of his life with Esther by his side?

Well, they say there is somebody for everybody; if there is anybody for Levi, perhaps it IS someone as evil as Esther. After all, Levi is hardly a saint. However he tries to paint himself, Levi and his gang are little better—if any better—than common street thugs. So, perhaps Esther IS the perfect woman for him.

Of course, to keep a woman like Esther, one had better hang on to his power, and it looks like, at least for the moment, the Amish church is not happy with some of the things that have been “proven” to them by evidence Merlin gleaned from Levi’s trash. Now that Levi has his dream of Esther within his grasp, his own standing within the community could be at risk, and with it ESTHER’S dream of a restored family name. If Levi cannot fulfill Esther’s main goal of their relationship—providing the platform of respect, honor and power she needs to regain her family’s place within Amish society—then it is going to be bye-bye Esther; she just does not strike me as the “stand-by-your-man” kind of woman, whatever Amish society would demand she do.

It looks like some bad, bad times are coming Levi’s way, courtesy of Merlin, Alan and, most definitely, the evil, bewitching Esther.

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel

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