Is JoJo The New Asia on ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’? (VIDEO)

Aby's Ultimate Dance Competition, JoJo and Jessalyn, Abby Lee Miller
JoJo and Jessalynn of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Season 2

Abby Lee Miller is conducting another grueling exercise in reality TV terror. That must mean that the Lifetime show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition is in session.

And so it is. Season 2 of the Ultimate Dance Competition kicked off last night and we were introduced to 11 new dancer/contestants and their moms. Fans of the show will never forget little Asia and her mom Kristy, last season’s lightning rods for criticism, jealousy and righteous anger.

While no one caused that much of a stir in last night’s show #1, one little darling stood out immediately and her name is JoJo Sliwa. She was quick to get the negative attention of a competitor’s mother who started jawing at JoJo’s mom Jessalynn.

UPDATE: JoJo met Asia, JoJo folded. JoJo is gone

JoJo and Jessalynn did a good job of creating a spotlight on themselves which may have backfired already with Abby and choreographer/judge Richy Jackson.

“This little JoJo,” said Abby, “I so want to sew her mouth shut.” Jackson responded with, “Duct tape.”

If it isn’t her girlish voice and how often she uses it, it’s the amount of bows she wears on her head or the others her mom pastes around the mirror of her dressing room space.  Then again it might be that Jessalynn, like all good dance moms is pushy.  You think?

“You’ve got to be fierce, like diva-walk to the middle and go start stretching,” Jessalynn told JoJo for the challenge routine.

“You’re having her walk to the middle on day one? You’re putting her in the middle?” asked Tiffany, dance mom to Ally. She continued. “This mom next to me is telling this itty-bitty girl with this huge bow on her head to push her way through to the front. ‘Oh I’m so cute. Everybody look at me’ ” Tiffany said.

Episode one in the new season, entitled “Make It Count!” followed the usual path of having guest choreographers teach the kids a quick routine which they turned around and performed as a challenge. The survivor of the group, picked by Ms. Abby Lee Miller herself, got a special treat.

In this instance it was the ability to choose two partners for a trio dance on the big stage in front of the live audience and judges. All other contestants were chosen to participate in other group numbers, which resulted in one dancer being eliminated.

That unlucky young lady was Sarina, whose mom Sharon only made the elimination more of a necessity by complaining about the choreographer’s teaching ability.

Abby took note and told Sharon to stop blaming the teacher when the student was a huge screw up. “Sarina, you were the only one to forget the choreography.”

Yup, she’s back and back with a vengeance.

Lifetime airs new episodes of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition Tuesday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET.                       Image: Lifetime/Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

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4 thoughts on “Is JoJo The New Asia on ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’? (VIDEO)

  1. I tuned in for a few minutes and caught Jo Jo in a dance. She is a very pretty girl and has a lot of talent.
    I think she will be a very good dancer as she gets older. I have heard people try to compare her to Asia.

    Asia is very cute, but not much of a dancer. You cant beat cute catches up with you when you get older.
    Just dont think Asia can be a great dancer as she gets older, although she works hard and tries.

    Jo Jo will go a long way if her Mother will stop the drama. These Dance Moms and the drama has got to
    go. Do they not realize what they are teaching their children? No one wants to listen to the bickering
    and fighting. I just turn it off when it gets to that, but love to watch Jo Jo dance.

  2. You know what’s interesting to me? That Jojo and her mom have been very quiet for the past few weeks. It’s been all about Gianna’s mother Cindy with the big mouth and of course that Melanie woman.

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