Is Kayla on PORTER RIDGE a Real Resident or an Actress?

Kayla on Discovery Channel's PORTER RIDGE.
Is Kayla Wood really a backwoods beauty, or just an actress chosen for the part?

Discovery Channel’s latest reality offering, PORTER RIDGE, is enough to inspire questions just based on its premise, most notably a simple, “Why?” But, probably the most frequently asked question across the web about this new show deals with one of the cast members who seems to just stand out from the others:  Is Kayla for real?

If an interview with the Indiana Daily Student is to be believed, the answer appears to be a mixture of “yes” and “no.”

According to the interview, conducted by reporter Matt Bloom, Kayla Wood is a student at Indiana University. She is a senior, and spent her summer filming the show with the Discovery Channel. Wood plans to graduate in December with a degree in public health, and works part-time in Bloomington.

So, no, Kayla Wood apparently has no plans to become Terry Porter’s full-time office assistant for life.

She also indicated in the interview that Discovery created her “tomboy” image for the show. She told the IDS that she is more of a “girly-girl,” and she is quoted as saying, ““I love living in Indiana and all the people here. But I’m definitely not a redneck.”

Well, considering how proud the people of Porter Ridge are of their “hilljack” status, Wood seems to be in direct contrast with them. Had she ever even visited the area before appearing in the show?

According to Wood, she is from the area, right down the road, in fact, from Terry Porter’s junkyard.

“I get messages telling me that I have to be an actress,” Wood said in the IDS interview. “But that’s not true. I’ve lived in Spencer my entire life, and I love it more than anything.”

Of course, “my entire life” does not include her current living arrangements, which are in Bloomington—not surprising if she is a college senior at Indiana University, and is working on completing an internship with a medical device manufacturer in the area, as the interview indicates.

So, is Kayla the “real deal” on Porter Ridge?

You be the judge.

Stay tuned.

Porter Ridge airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 10:30/9:30c.

Image:  Discovery Channel

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8 thoughts on “Is Kayla on PORTER RIDGE a Real Resident or an Actress?

    • Not sure; I’ve not found any “firm” mention of her age. But, as a college senior getting ready to graduate, I imagine she’s early 20s? But, as I said, I’ve not seen an “official” report of her age; that’s just an estimate on my part based on circumstances. 🙂

  1. Kayla is 23. She really is from Spencer, In, and right down the road from where Porter Ridge is filmed. She is really just like you see her on the show. She is very sweet, funny, and sometimes ditzy. She is a student a IU, but that does not mean her family does not live in Owen County, or that she is not from Owen County. Her birthday is March 20th.

  2. I would sure love to meet the girl, she seems like a real down to earth, sweet, fun loving country girl. I envy the lucky soul that is blessed to spend the rest of their life with her.

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