SISTER WIVES: Kody & Meri Finally Make Baby Decision-Maybe

Kody & Meri Brown on TLCs SISTER WIVES.
Kody & Meri went on a picnic and FINALLY made a decision on having another baby–sort of–on TLCs SISTER WIVES this week.

Kody and Meri FINALLY made a decision on whether or not to have a baby on TLCs Sister Wives.

Or did they?

Since this series began, Meri has gone on and on about having—or not having—another baby. Meanwhile, she’s gotten older and older. There is—or should be, anyway—an expiration date on adding a new baby to one’s family. But, that has not been a consideration—at least, it has not appeared to have been a consideration—for Meri through this season-after-season process.

Make a decision already.

Last night, Kody and Meri decided NOT to have another baby—the best decision, it seems, given their inability to REALLY make a decision. It seemed, of course, that Kody’s mind was made up:  He was trying to spare Meri’s feelings, but it was pretty clear that his decision was “no,” no more kids—or attempted kids—with Meri. On the other hand, Meri still did not really make a decision for herself; Kody made it for the two of them, for lack of decision-making on Meri’s part.

Thank goodness ONE of them finally said what they actually wanted and made sense:  If we do not have that burning inside to have a child, we should not do it.

Kody: Arrogant, Conceited, or Just Taking the Reins?

A lot of people come down on Kody for being arrogant or conceited, and sometimes people comment about his being controlling, but I like Kody. Does he take control of situations? Yes, he quite often does. But, you know, somebody has to make some decisions somewhere. Meri would be content to live her life crying over what daughter Mariah thinks is the thing to do, keeping Robyn in limbo on the surrogate situation for years to come (and, remember, it’s already been almost two years since her original offer); so, personally, I think Kody did the right thing. Kody gave Meri every opportunity to make a decision and, finally, when it became clear that she was NEVER going to do so, he made it for her: No, no more babies.

And, even then, he left the door open to her changing her mind in the future. So, was a “real” decision really made? Let’s hope so, because this discussion has gotten old, old, old, not to mention part of the argument FOR polygamy is supposed to be this big extended family IS a “real” family, with all of the wives being moms to all of the kids. But, Meri’s camera cameos on last night’s episode certainly contradicted that idea. She made it sound like she was on the OUTSIDE of an exclusive Brown family club, being the only soon-to-be “empty nester” with no kids to bring to the party. There was certainly no feeling of sister wives love and acceptance being expressed in Meri’s descriptions last night.

Sometimes, the more these women talk, the less the practice of polygamy makes any sense whatsoever.

And, you know, how must Meri’s constant whining about “only” having Mariah make her daughter feel? No wonder Mariah wants her mom to have another baby, to take that burden off of her shoulders. It’s really selfish of Meri, as a mom, to put all of that guilt on her daughter’s shoulders. It’s certainly not Mariah’s fault that Meri had “only” her, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it, listening to her talk about her inability to have more children.

It is long-past decision-making time; let’s hope this one actually sticks.

Stay tuned.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c. 

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