Sam Davis’ Days of Torturing Lizard Lick Towing at an End?

Ronnie and Amy Shirley of truTVs LIZARD LICK TOWING.
Ronnie and Amy get things back on the right track this week–finally!

A lot of tension was released this week on truTVs Lizard Lick Towing, including Bobby realizing he has to get his over-the-top temper under control (no, he did not kill Ray) but when is the biggest tension of all—Mayor Sam Davis and his treatment of everything Lizard Lick Towing and Ronnie Shirley—finally going to be called out?

No matter what anyone thinks of Ronnie Shirley and his often-hokey backwoods North Carolina way of expressing himself—and he is really good at expressing himself anytime he gets a notion to do so—it would be hard to say anything against his actual character. His heart and intentions are always in the right place, even when following them is going to put him on the losing end of things. Simply put, he just does what he knows is right.

No wonder he didn’t get voted in as mayor; the fair, honest guys never do.

But, Sam Davis may have overplayed his hand, going after Ronnie and everything associated with him as he has. Ronnie has at least three things working on his side:  His faith in God, his belief in what is right, and Amy Shirley.

Amy is just a relentless force, no matter what she has in her mind to go after. When she starts down a path, she does not stop until she finishes it. And, when Sam Davis decided to go after her husband, her family, and everything of value to them, she started down a path to see his wicked ways revealed to the world.

She is closing in on her goal.

This week, a reporter stopped in to see Amy, claiming that he intended to blow the Sam Davis corruption story wide open. Amy was right to be skeptical—as she said to Grace, how many people have tried to do just that and Sam Davis just keep slithering around in office—but perhaps this will be the key that finally unlocks that door. The media can be a powerful force—for good OR for evil—when it takes a mind to be.

Let’s just hope that the self-identified reporter who came to her office really was playing on the right side of the fence.

Back on Lover’s Lane

Even better than the potential movement in the Sam Davis story was the end of the stand-off between Ronnie and Amy themselves. You knew it was going to happen—Ronnie and Amy have a strong marriage—but they are strong personalities within that marriage, and sometimes it just takes a little time for the ship to right itself.

Ronnie sat down and apologized to his wife for his jealousy:

“You know, when you love something a whole lot, sometimes you become very protective of it. And I was wrong about the whole trust thing. I just got scared. It’s not that I don’t trust you. ‘Cause you are so beautiful and so perfect, make life so much more for me. And your heart’s so much bigger than mine.” He bought her a sweet necklace, and was obviously truly sorry for his earlier outburst.

Amy accepted his apology saying, “If you ain’t got it in your heart to trust me, then nothing will ever work out.”

“I trust you,” Ronnie confirmed, sealing it with a kiss.

It was great to see them finally make up, and what woman would NOT love getting such sweet words from her man? But, I do have to say one thing:  I still think Amy owes RONNIE an apology, because his instincts were right on about Rex, as he proved in last week’s episode when he asked Amy out to dinner.

But, regardless, glad to see them back on Lover’s Lane instead of that rocky road.

Stay tuned.

Lizard Lick Towing airs on truTV on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

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  1. I really think Sam Davis is a big coward and a fat jackel and he is just as one. We think the team of Lizard lick are the best

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