AMISH MAFIA: When Will Caleb’s Fate Be Revealed?

Caleb of Discovery Channel's AMISH MAFIA.
Caleb went out of his way to attract the bishop’s daughter, and now he is reaping the rewards.

AMISH MAFIA aired its second season finale last night with little resolved and tensions on the up-rise.

The battle between Lebanon Levi and Merlin continues, with Merlin—who, frankly, not only seems to be off his cracker, but his cracker seems to be crumbling—appealing to the “Kentucky Amish,” led by hypocritical leader “Paul” (he’ll break a person’s hand, supposedly, for using a cellphone, a modern tool of the devil, yet he is apparently more than willing to be featured in a TV show, when the Amish are not even supposed to be photographed, much less videotaped). Last we saw them, the Kentucky sect was loading up their picks, shovels and hatchets, and were heading to Lancaster to give Merlin a hand with Levi.

Merlin really seems to be living in his own little world these days. There is no doubt he was power-hungry when he originally decided he was going to take over Lancaster, but now he has boosted himself up to a God-like position, making new rules for the Amish to follow and feigning humbleness to continue to weasel himself into a place of power that, it appears, would give him greater authority than the bishop if he succeeds.

Fortunately for his “subjects,” no one seems to be listening to Merlin, anyway, except Black Amish Alan.

Alan will be out of commission for a few months, as he was sent back to jail to pay his current debt to society. When he gets out, there should be a good clash between him and Levi, since he is convinced all of his problems can be traced back to Levi. True? Probably, but depending on Merlin’s loyalty is probably a bad, bad idea.

Esther is in her element right now. While, of course, the last thing she wants is for Levi to be shunned, making HER an outcast as well as Levi, she just seems to get a wicked sparkle in her eye when she is able to put her devious skills to work. Planting seeds of gossip with her sewing circle, it was clear that she and Levi really do make the perfect evil pair.

Levi is doing what he can to keep from being shunned—even tho’, of course, all of his belongings have already been sold at auction, so he’ll be doing some shopping whatever the outcome—and that includes taking care of Caleb, who let his hormones get the best of him when he started messing around with the bishop’s daughter. That seemed to have been the last straw with the bishop when it came to getting the shunning process rolling, and it is now at the top of Levi’s things to fix.

Last night, Levi and his boys took Caleb for a ride, then Jolin & Alvin took Caleb into a barn, baseball bat in hand, before the episode ended. Did they hurt him? Well, next week, in the special “Judgment Day,” some questions are going to be answered, but not the question of Caleb, according to executive producer Matt Kelly. After the finale aired, a video with Kelly on the Discovery Channel website answered some viewer questions, and he indicated that one of the things he is looking forward to for next season is finding out where Caleb is. So, it could be that fans of the show will have to wait until 2014 to find out just what happened (although Kelly did indicate that there will be a Christmas special in between).

Stay tuned.

Amish Mafia airs on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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