AMISH MAFIA JUDGMENT DAY: No Answer to ‘Where is Caleb?’

Lebanon Levi of Discovery Channel's AMISH MAFIA.
How is the CHRISTIAN FISHER book supposed to prove anything about the “reality” of AMISH MAFIA?

Last night, Discovery Channel’s AMISH MAFIA: JUDGMENT DAY was supposed to answer all of those questions about Amish Mafia that the audience has been asking all season, even since the beginning of the first season, like, “Are they really Amish?” Did it?


Over and over, the cast of Amish Mafia has brought out the CHRISTIAN FISHER book. Each time they do so, they each point to what is supposed to be their own name, and insist that it proves their Amish heritage. While, yes, one who is born Amish IS placed in that book, how are we supposed to know that, yes, THESE people are the individuals to whom these names refer? I could point to a name in there and say it was me—well, I couldn’t, because apparently it only records the male births—but you get what I am saying:  There is no way to know that these people are who they say they are from the “evidence” that was presented on Discovery Channel last night. And, of course, even if they ARE the individuals they keep pointing to in this book, there is still no way to really know if the “Amish Mafia” is real, or if they are actually engaging in the activities shown to us each week.

But, does it matter?

Folks, this is a TV show. It is for entertainment purposes. It isn’t a documentary. And, if it is entertaining to viewers, it is doing what it has set out to do:  Entertain and, hopefully for Discovery, bring viewers back week after week.  So, really, who cares if they are real? Who cares if those “mug shots” they flashed for the camera are real, or if they “prove” that these people are actually involved in Amish Mafia business. It just doesn’t really matter.

Which brings us to the other big question on the minds of viewers right now:  Caleb.

Where is Caleb? Even producers claim not to know—not surprising, given the interest it is generating for the show, raising the potential viewership for next season, if people don’t just get tired of the drama and look for something else to watch.

Amish Mafia will be back in 2014, hopefully revealing the answer to the, “Where’s Caleb?” question, and definitely bringing on new cast members, including at least one new member of Levi’s crew, a hut party maker named Flip—wonder if that one is in the book?—and the appearance of the Kentucky Amish in Lancaster. And, before that, a Christmas special is planned; we’ll let you know here on TVRuckus just when the viewing date is set.

Should be fun; stay tuned.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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2 thoughts on “AMISH MAFIA JUDGMENT DAY: No Answer to ‘Where is Caleb?’

    • Yes, you know, when it comes to reality shows, I typically do not care any longer if they are “real” or “fake;” they are just TV, like everything else on around them. I really just assume they are mostly scripted/mostly fake, especially when they are just too ridiculous to be true … LOL

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