DCC: MAKING THE TEAM, Kelli and Judy tougher than Trump

Kathryn got cut, Vivian and Tessa got to stay
Abby Camille, candidate for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team reached the point in training camp that Director Kelli Finglass and Choreographer Judy Trammell were comfortable saying goodbye to one of their candidates.

Last night’s episode of DCC: Making the Team was appropriately titled, “Harsh Reality”.  “I need to see progress. They need to be good now,” Kelli said. Both plain spoken women, Kelli and Judy don’t apologize for finding fault with and warning candidates that their prospects look dim.

In response to a tweet declaring “@Kelli_Finglass and @DCC_Judy are tougher than @realDonaldTrump.  Preserving the brand of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. You go girls!” Kelli wrote: “More to protect.”

The point of the audition process and training camp is to find ladies who not only dance and cheer, but also have that extra ingredient. What is that exactly?  Judy and Kelli know it when they see it. “Girls who want to stay in training camp need to show me power, presence and projection,” Kelli said.


Ashley Michelle fell during outdoor kick line practice and startled Judy. “I’ve never had a cheerleader fall during a performance.” Kelli chimed in: “She fell out of stupidity.”

Tessa: “Tessa is not as flexible as the other candidates. “It’s just not going well for her in the kick line,” Judy remarked. What the ladies discovered was that Tessa is recovering from a groin injury that hampers her ability to do the jump split and kicks in a precise manner. When she injured her knee in the final practice of the night, it devastated everyone. A doctor will determine the extent of the injury.

Who Squeaked Through?

Emily: The girl whose smile was defined by Kelli as “…a startled expression, which is already starting to annoy me”, spent time practicing in front of the mirror. “Instead of my big smile I practiced other ones: flirty look, closed mouth.”  It turned out that the facial expression wasn’t her worst problem.  She bends her arms in the kick line and can’t seem to stay with the music. Judy interrupted practice twice to inform her of that.

Vivian: “Your kicks look slow,” the fan favorite was told. Vivian was the winner of an Internet poll of fans. She is shorter than the average cheerleader and about 10 pounds above the perfect weight for her height. She needed to do something about that to remain in contention and time was running out. Off she went to a kick boxing class with one of the veterans.

Each of these girls were on warning but kept with the practice squad for the time being.

Who Said Goodbye?

Kathryn: “I give you a ‘C’,” Kelli informed her during the first routine. “Learning fast is harder for you and that end part looked like a mess.” When a guest choreographer arrived to teach them steps that were alien to them all, Kathryn’s attempts fell short. “She was heavy, stumpy and lost,” Kelli said.

During a meeting after practice Kathryn was given the bad news. “There wasn’t one time that you were on the beat of the music with everyone else,” Judy told her.  Kelli added, “It’s not getting better.” There was nothing she could say to sway them and she exited promising to get better and be back for next year’s tryouts.

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CMT airs new episodes of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team on Friday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET.  

Image: CMT/DCC

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2 thoughts on “DCC: MAKING THE TEAM, Kelli and Judy tougher than Trump

  1. Poor Kathryn; I think she needs to find a new dream. Five years of dance lessons since her last attempt have not helped her; doesn’t seem likely that another year will. I was hoping they would ditch Emily; I’m right there with Kelli on that one! But, I have to ask: What’s up w/ Kelli’s clothes this season? One of those things she was wearing looked like a dang muumuu! A short muumuu, but a muumuu nevertheless–awful! LOL

  2. Good lesson for girls looking to “make the team”. It’s not how much dance you took, it’s how that all looks to Kelli and Judy.

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