Does MOUNTAIN MEN Season Finale Signal Tom’s Last Winter in Montana?

Tom Oar on History Channel's MOUNTAIN MEN
Tom Oar may be getting older, but he doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to retire to Florida–or is he?

UPDATED:  Tom Leads Charge on Season Premiere as Eustace Brings Up the Rear!

Is it time for Tom Oar to give up the MOUNTAIN MEN lifestyle and head off for a life of relaxation and retirement in Florida?

“We’ll ride that horse when we get to it,” Tom said in a recent episode, featuring a visit from his grandson, Tanner:

It looks like that horse is trotting up to the fence tonight in the season finale of History Channel’s Mountain Men.

It’s easy to understand why Oar’s family wants him to be with them down in Florida; how could you not worry about your father living in a harsh environment like the Montana winter, fending off bears and raking snow off the roof to prevent cave-ins, particularly when he is getting older and not as ambulatory as he once was? But, boy, from Montana to Florida—that’s a big change.

Will Tom and his wife Nancy decide to make the change?

This isn’t the first time his family has suggested—strongly—that the couple get out of the Montana wilderness and move down to Florida, where the winters are gentle and family for Tom and Nancy would be readily available. Right now, of course, they have no family and a few scattered friends whom they rely on when times are tough. But, that’s the way of the mountain man:  reliance on each other, whether that be friends or family. And, in fact, everyone becomes family when you are living in a demanding environment like snowy Montana wilderness.

Still, there is nothing like true family. But, Tanner seemed pretty impressed with his grandfather, realizing that, 70ish or not, ol’ Gramps is still a pretty tough guy. Perhaps his trip and what he learned will help some of the rest of the family to realize that Tom isn’t quite done just yet.

Then again, after decades of harsh winters and hard living, Tom and Nancy may just be ready to do a little relaxing in the sun somewhere—and Florida might be just the place. According to History Channel, on tonight’s season finale, “Misty Mountain”:

“Winter has finally come to a close, spelling big changes for Tom, who bids farewell to an old friend and packs his bags for Florida. In the Ruby Valley, Rich grooms his youngest hound to take over the pack, but an influx of cougars finds the pup in over his head. In North Carolina, Eustace takes a dangerous trip down a rapid river to deliver the canoe he built to pay off his loan. In Maine, Charlie takes his furs to market and hopes to break even on his rookie season, while in Alaska, Marty enjoys a reunion with his family, then makes big plans for the future.”

How big will the changes be for Tom and Nancy? Is the trip to Florida for good, or just a vacation to visit family? And, I have to wonder, man, what kind of golden canoe has Eustace built to pay off that loan?

Stay tuned.

Mountain Men airs tonight, Sunday, September 29, on History Channel at 9/8c.

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114 thoughts on “Does MOUNTAIN MEN Season Finale Signal Tom’s Last Winter in Montana?


  1. I know they worry about them, but I believe that hard work and love of the land and what they do is what has kept him and her alive and thriving!! The kids need to realize this coming to Florida, may be convienant for them, but could be the worst thing for there parents! I would much rather know my parents were doing and living where they love each day, then just settling for what there kids may wish. You will be missed Tom!!!

    • You know, Linda, I just don’t think he’s gone for good. Tom said that we don’t know what the future holds, but I just don’t think his leaving to visit his kids last night was a permanent move. In fact, I think that visit will make him see it’s absolutely the WRONG thing to do! Let’s hope so, because I think you are right: It might be a hard life, but living in Montana keeps them thriving and alive, literally!

    • Its hard to imagine Tom down in Florida…..sitting in front of an air conditioner, with a palm tree shirt and loafers. Not sue he could relate to the situation at all. Im surprised he is even considering it. Perhaps its being done to create some drama in the program……

  2. The season may have not had a lot of excitement for some, but I enjoy watching these men and there families embrace this way of living! The scenery alone is worth the watch, but the gleam in there eyes of telling what they truly love to do is worth the watch. Looking forward to next season and praying that what ever Tom decides he and his wife are happy.

    • I think it would be better if they would cut it back down to Tom, Eustace and Marty, tho’, maybe Rich; this season, there were too many MOUNTAIN MEN, too little time per episode!

      • I agree with you Mechele, I wish it was just the 3. I hope Tom and Nancy come back. But I would also like to see him take enough time off to get knee replacements. In Montana he is doing what he loves. And I do think if he just had to sit around in the heat I don’t think he would be around long. Love you Tom and Nancy, May God bless you where ever you go.


  3. I agree that there is not enough time to show everything, but I would miss the awesome views I get to see with seeing all the beauty of the differant locations. Looks like next season we are going to see even more of this beautiful country we live in!!

  4. I LOVE this show! The boring parts, to me, are Rich constantly hunting mountain lions and the new “character”, George Michaud. Also, Charlie is a flop. I record the program and fast-forward through these boring three men. Charlie should go back to logging. His furs, when he took them in to trade, looked NOTHING like the softened furs of Marty and Tom. As far as Tom and Nancy, I PRAY they do not go to Florida. Tom would die early there, constantly missing his beautiful way of life for hot, humid, citified Florida. Why doesn’t Tom just get knee replacements? I don’t get it. He would have another good 20-25 years with them and could continue to live the lifestyle he and Nancy love. I am an Alaskan and cannot imagine moving to the city life which would definitely kill me quickly!! If their children cared about them SO much, as they claim, they would realize that it will kill their Dad early, too. Hang in there Tom and get those knees REPLACED!!

    • Love the dogs, but can do w/o Rich; I don’t know what the point of George was supposed to be; and, you’re right, Charlie is a “flop” as a mountain man. If the only thing holding Tom back is those knees, you’re right: knee replacements and keep going! But, you know, I think his kids’ constant badgering is starting to get to him; he seems like he is starting to question his own abilities, and that’s not good ….

      • I agree his family needs to let them live where they are happy. If they are worried then make sure they have what they need to survive (food, wood etc) and let them live in the home they love. If they had what they need ensured then they would only have to venture out when they wanted not when they HAD to. Let them be happy and quit badgering them. What is easier for their kids is not what would make Tom and Nancy happy.


  5. I agree with cate. I have literally seen just what you described. Children get the parents to move away from where they are happy and they don’t live long once that happens. Those kids need to stop hounding their parents and let them live where they are happy. I live in Mississippi and I know how hot and humid Florida is as it is only about an hour away. I was born and raised here for the most part I love it, but I do hate the EXTREME hot and humid summers. I wish they were about 15 degrees cooler in the summer. Tom and Nancy will probably hate it, the weather anyway. If the kids are that worried when they get time off they should go and visit and help the parents instead of trying to mess with their parents life.

    • I agree w/ you on the heat and, more so, the HUMIDITY in the South, M.G.B.; I live in Georgia, and I’m sure anywhere down here would NOT be to Tom and Nancy’s liking!

    • Haven’t seen a firm date nailed down yet, Sharon. At least they’ve definitely renewed it; hate it when networks piddle around on renewing a show, then, at some point in the distant future I remember, “Hey, whatever happened to …?”

    • Yes I agree totally, things seem to turn when parents get older the children want to control them. Leave them alone and let them do what they want. I am sure their children maybe didn’t always do things their parents wanted them to do. Florida I spent a month down there hated it every day I am from connecticut

  6. If Tom is gone from the show, I’ll miss him, his wife, and Ellie. They were the best folks to watch. Tom is that guy you wish lived next door to you. They’re warm, good, kind folks.
    I’m not a fan of that idiot that mistreats his dogs or the guy in Maine. IDIOTS!!! Eustace grew on me. Marty…well…he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. “Awww craaaaap”. He can trap like nobody’s business, but he makes the same mistakes over and over and over. Tom was, by far the best one to watch. I’ll wish him and his wife well, but I’ll miss them.

    • The Idiot you refer to Rich he is training his dogs for a living to help out local ranchers and yes the guy in Maine is an inexperienced guy but he has been ripped off of his furs way to many times. As for Eustace he is a wiz when it comes to fixing things the old fashion way and living off the land I tip my hat to him and the beautiful place he calls home. Tom and his wife will be back they only took a couple of bags and not their dog Ellis didn’t catch that did you?????


  7. I love Mountain Men. Tom and Eustace are my favorites but I love all the different views. I want whatever is the best for Tom and Nancy. I will miss them if this is a permanent move, I wish them the best always though. I agree that Charlie and George hasn’t grew on me much but I would miss them. The show is not boring to me though. It is the best reality show on. I miss Life Below Zero also. You get used to all the different people and you miss them.

    • It’s true, Rose, cast members can grow on you, and you wonder where they went when they are gone, but I don’t think I would wonder about Charlie very much at this point; George not at all. I would miss Rich’s dogs, but I would not miss him, particularly. The show was just too spread out for me this season; I just could not get into anything anyone was doing, it was all so superficially “explored.” Reduce the cast, History Channel, then we can go back to a more in-depth view of the MOUNTAIN MEN, like on Season One.

  8. I love this show so much! Even my wife who hates everything not “City” loves this show. I sure hope Tom and his wife come back…like others have said, I think it will cut Tom’s life much shorter if he leaves. I wish I could be that grandson…I would offer to move there and help him and learn everything he knows.

      • I’m not really sure, but I think she admires that they cannot only survive but thrive without reliance on society and social pressures…it surprises me and it is definitely a dichotomy. She likes Tom, Marty and Eustace but not so much Rich and Charlie.I know she always says about how laid-back Eustace is and how she wishes she could be as calm as he is in the face of transgressions.

  9. Tom and Eustace are the reasons I watch the show! I love those guys. The other guys, well, not as much. But, overall, it’s a great show and I learn a lot. Again, almost everything I learn is from Tom and Eustace. If Tom left, it would be as if I lost my Granddad all over again.

    • Any predictions, Augonit? Think Tom and Nancy will go? I think they’ll be back next season, personally, but you never know ….

  10. I will quit watching the show if Tom doesn’t come back, Eustace and his clown friend Preston are a joke, I don’t mean to be a jerk by saying the things I’m saying just honest. Where on earth did they find the stooge from Maine? Charlie ha what a total goof ball, the guy with the dogs should be jailed for the way he treats his dogs…… Marty is fun to watch I’m just waiting for him to lose those super thick glasses ! game over when that happens. George? George who? I must have missed that one. Whoever said for Tom to get those bad knees replaced I say YES YES YES ! Im 53 and I have had both my knees replaced plus a hip last year, I’m going to see a surgeon 10/31 to see about getting my bone to bone shoulder replaced. Now days if its broke you can get just about anything replaced. Tom is a mans man ! a man with a set! I hope he and his wife return as it won’t be worth watching if they don’t. GET THOSE KNEES FIXED, it takes roughly 4 mo. to recover from the surgery you will be a new man !!!! I enjoyed reading all your post you all seem like nice people….

    • Thanks, Mark; tell all of your friends about us! 😀 Man, it sounds like you’ve become a new man over the last few years or so … LOL … hey, if you can get all of that done, Tom can get those knees done, right? George … LOL … if you blinked, you missed him … what a pointless and truly boring “storyline” … he was on one or two episodes, apparently just to show how incompetent someone can be … LOL … like you said, not trying to be a jerk, just being honest … was glad when they abandoned that one.


  11. I would be willing to bet that Tom Bore doesn’t have medical insurance. I doubt that Medicare would pay for knee replacement(s).

  12. Watching this show and Life Below Zero makes me want to sell everything and move north! But unfortunately I would have no clue what to do and would quickly find myself in deep doo doo. But I still dream about being able to live off the land in a remote wilderness location like northwest Montana or Alaska.

    Tom Oar is awesome and so is Eustice. In fact, all of the men and women on this show, Life Below Zero, and all the other folks living this lifestyle have my highest respect. ALL OF YOU ARE GREAT PEOPLE (TV SHOW OR NOT). It takes a lot of character and hard work to live this lifestyle.

    • LOL–Hey, Tom, I’m with you; the Georgia winters are as much as I can take, but I love seeing the beauty of places like Alaska and Montana. You know, Alaska: The Last Frontier starts on Discovery Channel on Sunday. If you’ve never seen it, check it out; I love the Kilchers, too!

  13. I admire and respect all of the Mountain Men. as for Tom I know he has to be in a lot of pain. I have the
    same problem & had to move to Florida. Good news Tom, the warmer climate really does help in the Winter.
    Cold makes pain worse, but if you move I know you will miss that beautiful landscape of mountains and streams, but should enjoy being around your family and teaching them your trapping skills and other knowledge of hunting. There is deer in Florida too, and coyotes are still a problem so you could teach many people all the survivior skills you know.

    Mechele is right about the show Alaska, The Last Frontier, the Kilchers are awesome. Life Below Zero is also a great show. No matter what you decide Tom & Nancy our prayers are with you. 🙂

  14. You know, a few people have mentioned LIFE BELOW ZERO, now; I never have watched it. NatGeo, I think? I’ll have to catch the reruns; sounds like my cup of tea. Thanks, guys! 🙂

    • Mechele you really need to catch Life below Zero. Every bit as good (if not better than) Mountain Men. It is still running so you should be able to DVR it on cable or satellite. Just be sure to set it for re-runs and first runs since they are all re-runs now.

  15. It’s no nonsense reality. Hard life. One in particular, a woman named Sue Aiken, is 126 miles north of Artic Circle. She moved there from Chicago.
    Runs an airstrip and camp all alone. She is one touch cookie. Also a couple who are south of artic circle
    lost their cabin and everything during Spring SnowMelt. River flooded their property with huge chunks of ice. They even lost some of their sled dogs. It was so tragic. But they rebuilt, then all most went thru
    it again this season. I really think you will enjoy it, although this couple isnt as humorous as the Kilchers.
    They are all a hoot. 🙂 I think Life Below Zero will have several healthy seasons ahead. Only type
    of shows I watch on TV.

  16. To all of you that say Rich abuses his dogs and needs to go to jail … Well not the case y’all don’t know the life they are tracking dogs nothing different than hunting dogs you use to tree coons, duck dogs, border collies hurding, sled dogs pulling a sled, a service dog, police dog, cadaver dog, or a pricy ass show dogs at a dog show… they are just trained to go after another animal and do a different job. I guarantee he loves his dogs takes better care of the and knows more about them than any of you complaining about his treatment of his dogs I grew up dairy and cattle farming it’s a hard grueling life and the animals you have can be your best asset or tool we used dogs to push cattle and it worked even better than us trying too …
    Not trying to be an ass or a dick and hurt anyone’s feeling that just up set me that people are close minded about a working dog doing their job when that is actually healthier for those dogs than to live in the city doing nothing …

    • I tend to think he loves his dogs too, David. Like I’ve said previously, I’ve enjoyed seeing the dogs on the show, just not so much Rich himself … LOL … thanks for the different perspective on the dog issue.

  17. tom is my fav orit he would make a great frend will miss him very much felt like i got 2 know him in a personal way hope he coms back the show wont b the same without him hes a sweet and gentle man and a very cool guy would lov 2 git 2 really know him his kids shouldnt push him like they do he should liv wher hes happy pleese com back tom youl be greatly missd kevin(

  18. I love this show, I used to not like Rich but he grew on me. He is to the point but I get tickled how he names everything and he does love his dogs. I think it would be tough training a dog. I couldnt because me two doxies rule my house. Charlie gets under my skin. He yells and sounds like he is whining all the time. Tom, Nancy, Ellie, Eustace, and Preston are my favorites. (Maybe I am a little partial to Eustace because I am from NC)
    Life Below Zero is awesome. If you havent seen it, it is a must!!!!

    • LOL–I have a mini-doxie myself, Cathy, and I’ve never been able to discipline him enough to train him to do anything … LOL … I’m totally whipped, I’ll admit it … 😀 … still have not seen Life Below Zero, but thanks to all of our great TVRuckus readers, it’s now on my radar … hopefully I’ll run across an all-day marathon in the near future … 🙂

      • lol my wife and I have a mini weiner dog too (dinky) ha below zero anyone seen the forecast for S.E. MN? its a living hell 50+ MPH winds with -22 temps come make a TV show about this area this is a nice site does anyone know if Tom will be returning? next week I go in for my 4th joint replacement I’m 53. I cringe when I see Tom out walking in the woods he should get new knees, that would be a good story line and probably help a lot of other people that are quietly suffering. Thank you, Mark MN

  19. Does anyone know if there is going to be a season 3? I have looked every where , but yet to find any info? I just love this show, so hoping that there will be more to come.

    • No, wish I did; everything I’ve been able to find out, nothing is set in stone yet, as far as a date. TV is a lot most “fluid” nowadays; hard to pin anything down until you’re right on top of it!

  20. So many sincere comments here and nice people. Love this show, some things are a little exaggerated but reality of life is so real. Hope series 3 happens and more exposer on certain mountain men daily routines would make this show simply educational and fantastic. Common History do the biz and give viewer’s what they want! Wonderful TV this the best on the box. If Tom returns I’m gonna send him some herbal ointment from a Thai remedy to help his knees if he’s rubbin on the suntan and doin some tricks on a jet ski, good luck to this lovely kind man : )

  21. I am in the planning process of moving to Montana right now. I currently live in SW Georgia and absolutely have had my fill. The thought of “living to live” is exactly where my mindset is. I made these plans before I discovered MM, and after watching a few episodes I now Know in my heart this is the life I want. So tired of the consumer driven society we have become. If I can’t catch it, hunt it or grow it, then I really don’t think I need it. Montana here I come!!!!

    • Good luck, Jesse! Keep us updated if you can–I can handle some outdoorsy stuff, but not to that extreme! Great luck! 🙂

  22. i think the show is great Mountain men are the best. as for Tom i think he is great, . As for the show witch i look forward is a great show.

    • Not heard a peep yet … the way they do TV show “seasons” nowadays, tho’, it could pop up at any moment … last I heard it was going to be “early 2014,” but that’s pretty vague and not “official” in any way … LOL … sorry, Carrie, not much help. 😀

    • Still haven’t heard anything, but if it’s gonna be “early 2014,” it had better get to gettin’!

  23. I live in Florida, in the same small town where the Oars came to visit…and I can’t find out when, or if, the new season will begin…or when, or if, the Oars are still here. I’m eagerly awaiting to find out also!

    • LOL–it’s hard to be patient when you cannot get any info! I’ll see what I can find out this week! 😀

        • Heard from History about 2 days ago; they said they would be releasing new season information “soon,” but that was all I could get out of them … as soon as I get the info, I’ll be passing it on, promise! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Leona; like I was just telling Donna, it’s halfway thru April at this point–cannot be much longer!

  24. Hi Mechele, Have you heard or seen anything about Mountain Men coming back for another season? We need some good T.V. instead of all that other garbage that’s on, I have my fingers crossed 🙂 Thank you, Mark P. from MN

    • No, not so far; just last week, I checked again w/ History Channel; all that they will say is, “Sometime this year,” and “Soon.” So, it’s almost May; it cannot be too long! It’s such a popular show; I guess they are just wanting to spring it on us, to get that big momentum. SWAMP PEOPLE is near the end of the season, tho’; I wouldn’t be surprised if it started up soon after it; that is such a big show for them, it would be a good one to lead into MOUNTAIN MEN.

    • I’m so sorry! I wish I could give you one, but they just won’t give it up. Sometimes, tho’, you’d be surprised how close to the season premiere they actually DECIDE on the date, so they may really not have it pinned down, yet. I’ll keep checking, tho’. Check the box to get follow-up emails on this string, just in case if you don’t want to have to keep coming back! 🙂

    • Thank you, stpaulsindy; we love TV and try to inform readers the way WE want to be informed! Love hearing opinions, too–thanks for commenting. 🙂

  25. Thank you for keeping us up to date during our long wait, and thanks for the URL also! I agree with many of the others; I’m glad to see Tom & Nancy will be back for another season. However, if they decide to come back to Florida in the future, I would welcome them back to the city where I live, with open arms.

    • You’re so very welcome, Leona–and thanks for reading here at TVRuckus! You know, Florida is beautiful; it’s such a big change from what Tom lives/has lived, I guess, but one could certainly do a lot worse than Florida for retirement! 🙂

      • How true! My companion & I moved to Florida 21 years ago from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Like Alaska, it gets bitter cold up there. If the power or heat goes out, or if you get snowed in, you need to be prepared. It is beautiful, rural, and was a great place to raise my kids. But now that my boys are adults, and my friend is retired…we are loving Florida!

  26. Tom, stay in Montana. I’m from the mountains of West Virginia, been down here in Florida for 15 years. And I wouldn’t give you a dime for the state Florida. I live on the south west coast, and it is hot 350 days out of 365, most days I dream of snow. And I’ve seen the month of January never break 0 degrees in West Virginia and I was out working in it day after day.

    Florida is crowded, hot, smells funny, water is terrible. And its green, yuk!

    Stay in the mountains my friend, don’t move to the green hell.

  27. I have noticed on the show that Tom’s children are closer to him than is wife “Nancy”…Is Nancy a step mother? Has Tom been married before??


  29. I am a lady that loves to watch mountain men it is very entertaining and i would not miss watching it i hope tom and nancy dont leav because Tom is my favorite.thanks Dora A.Christie in magnolia texas.

  30. I’m so happy Tom and Nancy didn’t stay in Florida! It’s my home state and I’m a 5th generation north Floridian but love cold, mountainous weather. Just sold my cabin in N Georgia as I got too old to make the 6 hour trip up there about 5 or 6 times a year! I really use my imagination and dream I’m in those beautiful, cold mountains!

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