BREAKING AMISH: LA Season Finale Brings Secrets Full-Circle

The cast of BREAKING AMISH: LA came full-circle last night on the season finale and sit-down.

BREAKING AMISH: LA wrapped up on TLC last night, and, overall, it ended pretty much like one probably expected:  Some good, some not so good, and a love story.

Lizzie and Hoj finally got together, happily. Hoj seems to really love Lizzie, so hopefully their little family will work. Obviously, Lizzie had to leave the Amish to marry Hoj, but in the follow-up on-the-couch wrap-up, “The Shunning Truth,” she seemed content with her decision.

Sam—Samuel—went back to the Amish life. It was never really a question with him, even tho’ he did get a little wild in LA. Sam just seems Amish through-and-through. But, he did seem to learn a lot, especially about being more accepting of other ways of life, including his sister’s, and he supports her new marriage with Hoj. In fact, Lizzie and Hoj got the blessings of BOTH of their families, which will no doubt give them a better chance of making it together in the long run.

Good luck to the happy couple!

Betsy, surprisingly, perhaps, returned to the Amish (although she did indicate she is still on the fence). Then again, where else would she go? Her husband rejected her when she returned—he would have had to have had some kind of forgiving nature to have taken her back—and she moved in with her family. Interestingly, she did not tell her family the entire truth, making it sound as if she was leaving him by choice, and that there was a chance of their working things out if they have a little time apart—not really what she told the cameras, but, hey, we’ve gotten pretty accustomed to witchy Betsy and her lies by this time. She continues to practice witchcraft—how much her community really knows about her would be something interesting to know—but no one should be surprised by that at this point. Witchcraft seems to be a core of Betsy’s life, after all.

Everyone seemed to have worked out the “threesome” incident by the time the sit-down happened, even boyfriend Sam. But, Iva and Sam were still together—Iva had converted to “liberal Mennonite” to be with Sam—and even Lizzie and Iva had toned down their animosity towards each other, not screaming at each other on sight, although Lizzie was still angry. “I forgave you for it, I’m just not gonna forget about it,” Lizzie told Iva.

Perhaps Lizzie should just let it go, but she made it pretty clear that she is not going to do so, saying, “I kinda enjoy putting it in your face.”

Yeah—just let it go, Lizzie; nobody else cares at this point.

Devon went back to the Amish; again, not surprising. Where else would he go? He didn’t really seem to fit in with the “English” world at all, and being someone who demonstrated that he would rather take the easiest way out, well, breaking out into a new world just doesn’t seem like it would be his style.

Matt headed back to LA to work on his fashion dreams. According to him he is continuing to pursue a relationship with Felicia, an English girl he was “dating” back home, although most adults would not consider their relationship anything more than friendship—holding hands, occasional hugs, but no kissing. Most of the Internet BREAKING AMISH: LA fan base was demanding Matt come out of the closet, but right to the end, with Felicia by his side, Matt insisted that he is straight, although he never would confirm exactly what his “lust issues” are.

And, Andrew. Well, Andrew was again in jail at the time of the sit-down, although he did add his voice via a letter, basically friendly and positive.

Overall, BREAKING AMISH: LA wrapped up just about like fans probably expected it would:  Not really breaking down any barriers, but providing a lot of fodder for the Internet rumor mill. In short, just good ol’ reality TV.

Until next season, stay tuned.

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Image:  TLC

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