MOUNTAIN MEN: Tom Oar Heads to Florida as Season Finale Ends

Tom Oar of History Channel's MOUNTAIN MEN
Tom Oar knows that he will have to think of an easier lifestyle in the coming years, but will it be in Florida?

UPDATED:  Tom Leads Charge on Season Premiere as Eustace Brings Up the Rear!

Those fans who were looking for a definitive answer on Tom Oar’s presence on History Channel’s MOUNTAIN MEN next season last night were disappointed. In fact, fans who were hoping to see a lot of Tom and Nancy period were disappointed, as their participation was confined to just a few scenes near the end of the finale.

It was not really surprising that Tom’s part in the season finale of MOUNTAIN MEN was limited:  History Channel no doubt realizes that Tom is the most popular of the current mountain men, and wanted to squeeze every bit of tension out of the current, “Montana or Florida?” situation that they can, and that meant, of course, not revealing anything in the finale.

But, it was disappointing for a lot of us, no doubt.

Personally, I was hoping this finale would wrap up Charlie’s storyline, but it looks like he will be back next season, according to the teaser at the end of the episode. And, Rich will be back with Hatchet and his other dogs—not so much a Rich fan myself, but I do love the dogs. And, another mountain man will be joining the group from New Mexico—disappointed to see that, since one of the problems this season was the lack of time available to dedicate to each individual mountain man per episode. But, at least they are not going to try and bring that half-baked George storyline back again, it appears.

Eustace will be back, of course. He did build a pretty canoe, and got a nice $4,000 out of it, and was last seen walking miles and miles back to his home from the canoe delivery point. Whatever one’s criticisms of Eustace and his pal, Preston, it certainly cannot be that they are out of shape! And, of course, Marty will be back trapping next time around—how could you do MOUNTAIN MEN without Marty?

But, then, how could you do MOUNTAIN MEN without Tom?

Still, Tom is realistic about his future in Montana:

“Moving to Florida would be a total change. But, yeah, there’s gonna come a time when we’re gonna have to do something, probably, you know? You know, it’s a hard life up here; something’s coming. You can’t do this forever. I’d miss hunting and trapping. I’d probably miss lots of things, really. I’m not sure that moving to Florida is the right decision, you know? But who knows what the future will bring.”

Well, we don’t! So, we’ll just have to stay tuned for the next season of MOUNTAIN MEN on the History Channel if we want to find out.

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Image:  History Channel on Facebook

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8 thoughts on “MOUNTAIN MEN: Tom Oar Heads to Florida as Season Finale Ends

  1. well, I feel empathy for him. getting older is hard(as a patient,elderly, )once told me, you cannot be a ”wuss” and get old:) I am seeing what he means now!:) but, life styles that entail strength, agility, keen mind, well, those take an especially hard toll on those individuals. God bless him!

  2. mountain man without tom is like cereal without milk it just wouldnt be the same without him.but god bless him for whatever choice his wife and he makes

  3. Well, I enjoy the exposure to this way of life, that’s for sure. As for Charlie, I wish him the best of luck and look forward to seeing him this coming season. Hope he has better luck. Has anyone read up on Eustace Conway? if not google him, you will be surprised as to his knowledge, education, and background. Kudo’s for him for living the life of his choice. As for Rich and Tom, and Marty, I hope they all return and lead healthy lives. Not only would I like to travel out to those areas, but when and if would love to spend a day with them. Imagine, no traffic to contend with, no rudeness or crime to deal with. Just those bears, mountain lions and wolves trying to eat you each day…AH the little pleasures of life.

    • Literal bears, mountain lions and wolves as opposed to city predators … have to agree, Fred, I’ll stick w/ my bears and such … don’t see a lot of wolves around here (I did come across one once when I was out hiking–scared me to death, but it certainly was beautiful), and the cats not so much at this point in time (cougars were plentiful at one time, and bobcats, but that was before my day), but coyotes–everywhere!

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