TLC Goes Beyond SISTER WIVES, Sees Darker Side of Polygamy with FLDS

Flora Jessup on TLCs upcoming series, ESCAPING THE PROPHET.
Ex-FLDS member Flora Jessop on TLCs upcoming series, ESCAPING THE PROPHET.

TLC has become the home of modern-day polygamy on television, airing not only the hit reality series SISTER WIVES, but specials featuring polygamist families, including MY THREE WIVES, featuring the Darger family, and the more recent MY FIVE WIVES, featuring the Williams family. Now, the network is responding to questions about the darker side of polygamy, premiering two new series that feature people escaping the notorious FLDS community to begin new lives.

The FLDS religion remains one of the most secretive communities in America, a world of unquestioned authority, arranged marriage, and little contact to the outside world. Often in the headlines for its extreme beliefs and behaviors, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints continues to be led by its president – and self-described prophet – Warren Jeffs, despite his 2011 conviction on two felony counts of child sexual assault. With an estimated 10,000 followers of the church, no series has fully explored the experiences of individuals who choose to leave the compound – until now.

BREAKING THE FAITH will follow several young men and women who escape the FDLS community, beginning new lives in the outside world. Then, ESCAPING THE PROPHET will document the efforts of Flora Jessup, a former FLDS member who helps families escaping the compound to find freedom.

“TLC is opening the door on a historically secretive community, infamous for everything from their criminal leader to their distinctive prairie dresses and hairstyles,” said Nancy Daniels, General Manager, TLC.  “Through the brave actions of the participants across both series, we will witness the eye opening reality of what day to day life is like within these communities, and what it takes to break away from the compounds and try to establish a new future on the outside.”

  • BREAKING THE FAITH, premiering November 24, shares the story of eight young men and women who are trying to build a new life outside of the FLDS – either by choice, or by force. The young men, known as lost boys, are cast-outs from their homes and not welcomed back, while the women are escaping the controlling ways of the community – including arranged marriage and a life of complete submission, known as “keeping sweet” – and are hoping for a better life on the outside.  Leaving a world where every decision was made for them, they are now dealing with the challenges of living in a reality where they are now responsible for every move they make. And, for this group, being faced with making life-altering choices in their effort to win their freedom comes with the fear that consequences for leaving the compound will come without warning. Six hour-long episodes have been ordered.
  • ESCAPING THE PROPHET, premiering in December, is a new series that follows ex-FLDS member Flora Jessop on her mission to take down one of the most reportedly dangerous polygamist cults in America. Flora, a social activist, an advocate for abused children, and the author of the 2009 book Church of Lies, had endured extreme abuse during her life in the church, until she escaped at the age of 16. Now, she works closely with law enforcement, the Attorney General of Arizona, and a network of inside informants to help rescue runaways and extract victims within the community, as well as help empower families who choose to stay and fight. Using her difficult memories and her passion to help others, she works to deliver justice to the very people that she feels wronged her. Six hour-long episodes have been ordered.

Stay tuned.

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Image:  TLC

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10 thoughts on “TLC Goes Beyond SISTER WIVES, Sees Darker Side of Polygamy with FLDS

  1. wow! now this one sounds like my kind of show! cannot wait for both! thanks for letting us know about it. I believe a lot of people will want to be watching these two shows.

  2. I don’t think we can really understand what these men and women are going through. They have no direction now. I can only imagine how hard their lives are now. Can’t wait to see this.

    • Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing it myself; I enjoy watching SISTER WIVES, but there are a lot of people out there with completely different experiences with polygamy–most people, probably, in fact. It will be good to hear from THAT side of the coin, as well. Thanks for commenting, Desi!

  3. And what do you think of it being taken off the air so fast. Any thoughts. I think its very sad and it was never given a chance at all.

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