CEDAR COVE Season Finale to Leave Loose-Ends Galore!

Jack and Olivia on CEDAR COVE
The Christmas Season has arrived in Cedar Cove and though Jack and Olivia are happy to be reunited, Jack is desperate to talk to his still-missing son Eric about Eric’s impending fatherhood. Meanwhile, Justine is asked to help the FBI make a case against Warren and Grace tries to heat up her relationship with Cliff. Elsewhere, Maryellen manages to track down John and tries to convince him to stop running from his past. (Photo: Andie MacDowell, Dylan Neal) Photo: Copyright 2013 Crown Media, Inc./Photographer: Katie Yu

It’s a bittersweet night on Hallmark Channel, with the season finale of CEDAR COVE airing tonight, but it certainly will not be lacking for next-season cliffhangers!

Well, Olivia seems to have gotten over any confusion she may have had about Stan! There is nothing worse, especially for a strong woman like Olivia, than a man who treats you like you cannot make a decision for yourself—and we all know that making decisions is not a problem for Judge Olivia! So, when Stan began just ignoring her when she told him to leave—after he had invited himself into her home without permission, by the way—she realized, “He has not changed,” and her confusion was gone. Olivia is full-on into her growing relationship with Jack—but is he?

Jack is in Philly, ready to begin his “dream job,” yet he is miserable; does Jack just have too much Olivia in his life, now, to just pull up stakes and move? More importantly, can he stay sober?

Justine is still in a rocky spot, with Seth who knows where and Warren after her incessantly. Perhaps Justine’s best bet is to wipe the slate clean—dump them BOTH and start looking for something better. But, just as you start thinking that, Seth returns—his fishing boat sold and money in hand to start a seafood restaurant in Cedar Cove, so that he can stay home with Justine and they can start to build a life together.


Oh, and best of the worst:  A young lady comes to town, pregnant and floating, and crashes at the Thyme & Tide where curious Peggy discovers some photos that identify the father of the child Shelley intends to give up for adoption:  Jack’s no-account son, Eric.

Yes, Cedar Cove fans, we are closing in on the season finale. In episode, “Homecoming,” the Christmas season arrives and so does trouble. According to Hallmark Channel:

“As the holidays approach, Olivia is dead set on going to Philly to win Jack back, only to find out he is back in town unannounced to tie up loose ends. Seth returns to Cedar Cove with good news of a new business venture, but it’s complicated by Warren’s involvement. Meanwhile, a beautiful, pregnant stranger comes to town, and her true identity is a surprise to all, especially Jack.”


Stay tuned.

Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove airs on Hallmark Channel on Saturday nights at 8/7c.

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