Drop Dead Diva: Bigger Villain, Stacy or Owen?

Stacy betrays Jane with Owen
April Bowlby as Stacy on “Drop Dead Diva”

Tonight’s DROP DEAD DIVA, continues with the Owen and Stacy story.  Jane’s current best friend and former fiance’ engage in the worst kind of betrayal.

Jane spots the couple giggling while out for dinner, hands touching across the table. Her anger and sadness are expressed in two words.

“You,” she says to Owen as she tries to get the words out. “You,” is all she could manage looking at Stacy as her lips tremble, holding back tears.

Finally Jane utters the word “No” with disgust.

Drop Dear Diva lovers will wonder how Stacy turned into this person, but the anger at Owen will be fierce as well. Perhaps he has to admit that he has the same weakness as Jane exhibited when she kissed Grayson prior to walking down the aisle to take Owen as her husband.

It is not as cut and dried as that situation. He is a free man and both Jane and Owen have moved on, but he knows it is a breach of the unwritten rules of romance and best-friendship.

Owen was righteous in his anger and hurt by Jane’s lapse with Grayson. and who could blame him? Jane tried to make amends for what seemed like forever and all efforts were rebuffed. Some have argued it was just mean spirited on Owen’s part. Others point to the breach of trust being unforgivable, particularly because of the timing.

Yet, Owen has a history of being devious and running hot and cold during his relationship with Jane. His disappearance after asking for her hand in marriage the first time was done without regard for her feelings. His selfish decision to keep his fiancee’ wondering if he was alive or dead was driven by his ego. He envisioned being a physical burden to Jane, but never gave her the opportunity to tell him otherwise,

Somehow Jane forgave him after time had passed. Why has Owen not done the same?

Who is the biggest villain in this latest plot twist? Is it Stacy or is it Owen?

Drop Dead Diva airs on Lifetime, Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET    Image credit/Lifetime

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5 thoughts on “Drop Dead Diva: Bigger Villain, Stacy or Owen?

  1. owen. stacy is being selfish; owen is being vindictive. the whole pattern of working in jane’s office, going out of his way to be nasty, refusing to listen to her, etc etc. stacy by the end of the last episode stood by what she was doing but also owned it, painfully.the most dignified i’ve ever seen her. owen hasn’t in the whole relationship with jane been honest with her or himself. of course that complexity is part of what makes him an interesting character. but jane, at least till now, is being a doormat. he was charming but a controller thru their relationship; now he’s just a controller. why did she never confront him with the ego of ‘i’m doing this for you,’ w/o the slightest interest in what she really might want. so now, you’ve hurt me and i’ll get you back. this of course might just be the writing–changing his character to adance their latest plots rather than the way he would organically grow…..

  2. Karen, precisely. Owen has been vindictive in the past and Stacy is being the bigger person by admitting the truth to Jane.

  3. I wish everyone would just stop whining about Owen and Stacey. Let’s face it, Owen walked in on Jane kissing Grayson.
    Then Jane says she’s ok with Stacey obtaining Owen’s “genetic material” to get pregnant. When Owen realizes Stacey wants her child to know who it’s father is, he falls for her. Simple as that!
    If anything, Jane needs to grow the hell up and stop blaming everyone else for her own self-afflicted problems!

  4. It certainly is simple but…. a huge violation of the girl code. Granted Mark, Jane ok’d the sperm donation, but do you think she would have if she thought it was anything other than that? You can bet the farm she wouldn’t. She also said as much to Stacy in their final scene. She considered that a huge concession at that time.
    Nonetheless, you are correct that as Woody Allen said, “The heart wants what the heart wants” Of course he said that when he decided to live with his former step-daughter. Yikes!

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