DROP DEAD DIVA: It’s Official, Jane and Stacy Split Over Owen

Owen French faces Jane Bingham on "Drop Dead Diva"
Owen French faces Jane Bingum on “Drop Dead Diva”

Stacy walked out with a small suitcase, closed the door and left Jane trembling during an explosive DROP DEAD DIVA.

The Lifetime drama has presented situations in the past that brought about squabbles between the two best friends. Remember when Jane was reluctant to invest in The Pakery? This is gut level, emotional and potentially life changing. It’s love, marriage and childbirth.

UPDATE: Season premiere gives us “I am Deb” speech to Grayson

Drop Dead Diva grew increasingly tense as Stacy left the shared home, cutting Jane to the quick. Not before making a point that gives one pause to wonder if it is as black and white as initially thought.

“I’m sorry that my dating Owen hurts you, but I need to see where this is going. I owe it to myself and the baby.  Jane responded: “I almost married the guy you are my best friend don’t you see what this is doing to me? ”

Stacy pleaded: “I do, I do, And I never ever considered Owen in a romantic way, but I can’t help the way I feel. It doesn’t have to change us.”  Jane put her stake in the ground with this: “Sweetie, If you take my ex-fiance’ it changes everything. I can’t accept it. I won’t accept it. “

Does she owe it to the baby?

This mess began In the previous episode after Owen tried to put up a wall between him and the baby, not wanting to be identified as the father. He had signed on for a sperm donation, and no other role. That changed after the announcement from Stacy that she was pregnant — then came The Kiss. The couple is bonding over a new life they share.

Owen’s perspective is a bit more of an argument one would expect from a judge.

“Remember one thing. You have zero hold on me. I can date whomever I want,” he told Jane.  She lashed back. “And of all the women in the world, you just happen to pick my best friend. I can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with me.” Owen was incredulous. “You’re unbelievable. Do you really think I want to hurt you?” Jane responded. “The thought has crossed my mind.”

But Jane went further and her tone changed. “Come on, you were in love with me. And Stacy… we’re completely different. What do you see in her?” Owen stuck the knife in and twisted it. “For one thing, kindness.”

Did the tide turn a bit against Jane with that exchange?

No one can blame her for wondering if Owen is being manipulative. Not after he admitted that taking a partnership at the law firm was a great opportunity to needle her about her own indiscretion with Grayson.  Yet it left a sour taste when Jane couldn’t wrap her head around the reason Owen might be attracted to Stacy.

You be the judge this time. Is Jane the selfish one or are Stacy and Owen heartless?

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Drop Dead Diva airs on Lifetime, Sunday nights at 9:00 ET.               Image credit: Lifetime/Drop Dead Diva

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14 thoughts on “DROP DEAD DIVA: It’s Official, Jane and Stacy Split Over Owen

  1. You hit the nail on the head Maria Elena. Jane opened up that can of worms, out of love for her bestie. Comes back to bite her.

  2. Remember back when Jane told Stacey that she wasn’t happy with her for wanting to ask Owen to the the sperm donor, and Stacey did the double conversation. When she went to Owen to ask him, Owen asked how Jane felt and Stacey said that Jane had given her blessing. Jane didn’t, but Stacey did when she was speaking as Jane. I wonder if this will ever come out.

    • That was my first thought, but wondered if I was being too harsh. Maybe Stacy is just used to taking from Jane whenever she needs something.

  3. I think Stacey and Owen and Grayson are all being heartless, and I think Janes guardian angel is a complete idiot who hooked her up with a criminal who stole her car, for heaven’s sake! I just can’t believe the producers and writers are making things so HORRIBLE for Jane, who is the title character! WHY? Jane doesn’t deserve to be treated so poorly by everyone in her life! What kind of “best friend” gets pregnant by the man you almost married and then starts to date him? How is that KIND?? I do not see Stacey as KIND at all, I think she’s a B*tch and should be thrown off the show. Shame on everyone for making Jane’s life so miserable!

    • I completely agree with you. And did Stacy consider that Owen had an heart attack??? I mean… she doesn’t want her child to have the genetics for an heart attack either right? Um… and Stacy gave up the pakery because she thought that the pakery would take care of itself when it got older, like children. Stacy sold the pakery because it was too much work. So if she had a child, and then it started to become too much work, what would she do? Honestly, the writers didn’t give a reason for why she wanted to go through with this. Stacy has NEVER shown signs of wanting a child.

  4. Do you think the appearance of “old” Jane’s shrink is a prelude to us having “new” Jane meet up with “old” again? They were sort of cool together.

  5. The show was a great show until this season. It’s ridiculously stupid now. The writers should be embarrassed….it is so stupid. I used to recommend the show but won’t be anymore. I’m to embarrassed at what it had become.

  6. Stacey is selfish and greedy and she always showed that pattern !

    In kissing grayson, in wanting a kid from owen. Kinda made me.feel that she was always jelouse of Deb and now that Deb isnt physically there to out shine her shes going all insane in taking everything Debs soul likes!

    I used to like Stacey but not after that selfishness stupidity ! There are a lot of great guys to chopse a sperm.from she manipulated the whole.thing ! She had Fred ! And she blew.it

    the writers shouldnt have made it end up that way other than that i love the show.

  7. I ‘m disappointed in the writers too, for a different reason–when old Jane came back as a model, it was a perfect opportunity to explore more about women & body image–issues completely ignored by the writers except in a passing line about boobs not jiggling—several episodes could have been devoted to this-edgy, contemporary–instead they chose juvenile–such missed opportunities–very disappointed in the writing.

  8. I just started watching this show but now I’m extremely disappointed with season 5 and really mad at Stacey! Stacey is being a heartless idiot who only cares about herself and I just can’t believe the writers wrote this awful stuff I’m so disappointed! I don’t think I will watch the rest and can plainly see why this show didn’t continue, just sad because it was really good until this season in my opinion!!: (

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