Haley’s Birthday Pool Party on ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE

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Haley, celebrated her birthday in Miami on “Alaskan Women Looking For Love”

ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE moved the action to Miami and the fun began in earnest.

The TLC reality show did something so right, it’s shocking others don’t use the strategy.  It didn’t transform the lovely Alaskan women into Miami babes. Instead the six savvy transplants surveyed the territory in clothing they brought from home and learned some of the rules.

It’s what we would do and it is why viewers can relate to this show.  The girls got introduced to the club scene with its expensive bottle service and a gay bar with a female impersonator who looked at the girls’ Xtratuf boots and declared:

“You ain’t catching a man with those boots.”

It wasn’t until they went scouting at a park and found a rugby team that they hit pay dirt. Cute looking athletes were up for an invitation to a pool party at the house to celebrate Haley’s birthday.

Tina was the front woman for approaching guys and found He Man, the president of the team.  These men knew their audience.  They brought a keg of beer and the party was on.


Sabina didn’t have to wait for the rugby guys to score a date. Henry the water taxi operator wasted no time in locking her down.  Turns out he’s also the secret crush of most women: a firefighter. Sabina had a lot of fun. So much so that she designated him as a King Salmon. What? The girls created a rating system based on what they know — fish. Henry got to the top right away.


She found a kindred soul in Adrian. The muscular hair-braided hunk was called “exotic” compared to Alaskan men. He took a shine to Lacy right away: “Lacy is my type of girl. She’s pretty and she’s kinda’ small and she’s cool.”


It took only one night for her to realize she wasn’t too much woman for Miami guys. She got picked up and tossed into the pool, fully clothed. She was joined quickly by the man who did it and Tina was loving it. The best was yet to come. The next night at a club called the Blue Martini, where the ladies weren’t judged for their Xtratuf’s, Tina men the gorgeous Jordy. He chatted it up with Tina, who couldn’t believe her luck. Then, reality returned as a blonde bombshell took Jordy’s attention away.


She was delighted to find Caleb at the Blue Martini, the athlete she spent time with on her birthday and admitted, “I felt a connection.” Haley claims she is awkward making small talk. Caleb didn’t notice, if you know what I mean!

Heather and Jenny didn’t make  a Love Connection, but it’s only a matter of time.

Who did you think did the best last night?

Follow the show and read an exclusive interview with Sabina, here at TVRuckus.

Image credit: TLC

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