Vivan, Cheslea and Ashley sent home
Cheerleader candidates at training camp on “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team”

Even returning veterans aren’t a shoe-in to make the squad of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Mouthing off, gaining weight and lackadaisical technique were all cited by Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell on last night’s DCC: MAKING THE TEAM.

The CMT reality show is close to its season conclusion after six weeks of training camp and last night’s episode, “A Toxic Situation” demonstrated what DCC Director Finglass has said throughout the process. It’s not just how you dance or even how you look. There is an overall attitude and grace necessary to become one of the cheerleaders in a squad known worldwide as the best of the best.  Season 11: cameo photo, show group week, plus Miss Kitty’s new quotes about who gets cut

The most cringe-worthy situation outside of the girls getting cut occurred during the cameo photo shoots. Kelli and Judy noticed one of the girls had spray tanned herself to the point of being orange, particularly her hands. She had been warned to stop the tanning, but somehow couldn’t grasp the concept.

“When did you tan last?” Judy inquired. “Last night,” was the response. Kelli, always to the point muttered to Judy, “Is she stupid or hard headed?” Cameo photo day magnifies everything, doesn’t it?


A second-year veteran, Chelsea was called into Finglass and Trammell’s office to face the music along with three veteran teammates. They all gained up to eight pounds over the winter and were told not to show up for the next day’s photo shoot. If they made the team again, last year’s photo would be used. Chelsea was guilty of bad behavior on top of all that. It didn’t help that her dancing lacked verve and intensity.

After their session with Kelli and Judy, the cameras found the four dealing with the aftermath, with a couple in tears. Chelsea openly ridiculed the suggestion that last year’s weight was achievable, nevermind sustainable. The girls sign a contract with a weight clause.  Caught red handed by sassy Miss Kitty, Chelsea denied she intended any disrespect, but her protests rang hollow. It led to her exit after the next practice.


Fans of DCC: Making the Team all know that bubbly and energetic Vivian made it to training camp, but only barely.  Although she was voted fan favorite in an Internet poll, Kelli and Judy were concerned about her height and build from the start.

Vivian knew she had to try very hard and was told to lose ten pounds off her shorter-than-average frame. Despite accomplishing it, her body composition, called “stocky” or “thick” just wouldn’t cut it after cameo photos were taken in full uniform. It didn’t help that she was still making a few mistakes on routines she learned weeks prior. She was encouraged to return next season.

Ashley Michelle

Unlike Chelsea or Vivian, the long-legged blonde had no body issues. She continued to struggle with choreography despite weeks of practice. At this point in the process, Judy and Kelli knew that improvement was off the table.

“My suggestion,” Kelli told her, “ for you to take intensive dance lessons from a lot of different style teachers…and be serious about introducing yourself to the dance technique that a lot of girls in this room had before you.”

It’s hard to know whether it’s worse to go home because you can’t cut it as a dancer or if your body type and weight just don’t fit the uniform. What do you think? Which of the girls sent home presented the saddest situation?

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team airs on Friday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET on CMT.

More about DCC: Making the Team at TVRuckus.

Image: CMT

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  1. OMG … I just watched the show today … OMG! You know, I can understand that Kelli and Judy did not like Chelsea’s attitude, but … wow. Didn’t see THAT one coming! I can see why she wouldn’t come back if she decides not to. And, Vivian … she looks incredible in that uniform in my opinion, but I guess that’s why Kelli and Judy are in charge of the squad and I am not … :/

  2. I audibly gasped when I watched Chelsea slam Kelli and Judy. These are not women to be trifled with. If I know that as a writer and reviewer, you’d think Chelsea would. Hard to know if she’d still be around had she ‘fessed up and apologized, explaining her shock and anger. She didn’t go that route and we’ll never know, but watching that segment should be required by all those in contention to make that team.

  3. I am stil annoyed because I liked Chelsea, but truly she left no options. She should have apologized saying she was hurt and trying to be funny and sarcastic and she was wrong RIGHT AWAY. Instead I think she truly did not believe she could keep the weight contract and sabotaged herself. She barely made the team the year prior, and no evidence that she took additional lessons to “step it up”. Too bad, liked her spunk

  4. Spunk is one thing, disrespect is another. I totally agree with you Megan, that a quick admission and apology might just have saved her.

  5. As for the veterans coming back heavy and out of shape and not remembering the routines, well, there is no excuse for that. It’s like some think…I made it now I can rest do whatever. When you make it you have to keep working your butt off or someone better will take your spot. When I see these girls just expecting to make it because they are veterans I see laziness. As for Vivian. She wore on me. Always looking in the mirror at herself, always talking about herself. That got old. She wasn’t DCC material.

  6. Vivian looked great in her uniform. She was powerful and very pretty. She should have been given another chance to memorize the dance material.

  7. I’m a montrealer who, growing up was always in awe of DCC. Back in the day , it was big hair, huge poms and Vegas type dance routines , Suzanne Mitchell and ms. TEXIE waterman.

    Kelli Finglass and Judy Tramell have done a FANTASTIC job bringing DCC to the level of greatness where DCC deserves to be. So seeing chelsea TOTALLY DISRESPECT Kelli and Judy , was awful ! I think they made through right decision , in cutting her from the squad. A dcc has an image to uphold , they are the best of the best . They sign a contract. I’m a huge fan of the DCC, and I know the weight issue has been enforced for decades . To mouth off the way chelsea did , showed a complete lack of class , set a poor example to her fellow team mates not to mention the rookies . I would have loved to see her get herself together , grow up , and earn her way back on the squad. A real shame she didn’t do that.

  8. I always look forward to watching the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I think they are the epitome of style and class , not to mention beauty and perfection .

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