GOLD RUSH: Malaria, Snakes, Mud–and Diamonds?

Kevin Hiatt and Todd Hoffman
Kevin Hiatt and Todd Hoffman, knee-deep in the muddy waters of the Guyana jungle.

It’s a new season on GOLD RUSH, this time split into three areas:  Porcupine Creek, the Klondike (Canada) and the jungles of Guyana (South America)—all the makings of an interesting season, with promises of not only gold, but now diamonds!

But, are Todd and the gang getting viewers’ hope up for nothing?

It’s funny, whether in promos or teases, big money gold nuggets are always being featured, season after season, but none ever seem to materialize for the miners. Now, diamonds. Just out of reach, just over the hill, just across the way, somebody is always mining something around the Hoffmans that could be theirs if they work just a little harder, just a little longer, just a few more days, give it one more try.

The Hoffmans have made millions for their crew so many times, it’s hard to keep up. And, this season, it’s diamonds—a “game changer,” no doubt.

Ha! Show me!

Of course I’ll be watching again—they sucker me in every season, I admit. Regardless of their lack of success, I’ll watch with bated breath, hoping right along with everyone else that those little pieces of glass really are millions in diamonds—tho’, of course, I don’t know why I’m so concerned; they’re not giving ME a cut, that’s for sure! But, I’ll admit, I watch, hoping they do well; cheering each time Jack “leaps into action;” sympathizing with Todd’s crew as they face the realities of being in the jungle.

Okay, I admit it:  I’m hooked on GOLD RUSH!

But, I still don’t buy the diamonds; I barely buy the gold, for goodness sake. Until they open Hoffman Diamond Exchange, I’m not buying the diamonds.

How about you? We want to hear from our readers:  Do you think the Hoffmans strike DIAMONDS along with gold this season? Do you predict success in Guyana this season? Give us your thoughts in the comment section below!

Gold Rush airs on Discovery on Friday nights at 9/8c.

Stay tuned.

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Image:  Discovery Channel

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2 thoughts on “GOLD RUSH: Malaria, Snakes, Mud–and Diamonds?

  1. How effective is miner’s moss at sifting diamonds?? These guys wouldn’t know a rough uncut diamond if it was sitting in their pan!! Is this to be believed by any but the exceedingly ignorant?

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