Atz Lee & Jane Wrangle Octopus on ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER

You gotta give Jane credit: She is always a trooper, which she proved one more time, climbing this icy cliff like a pro.

Octopus and ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER; who knew?

They hunt a lot of different creatures on Discovery Channel’s Alaska: The Last Frontier. Most often, they are going after bear, deer, sometimes a bird or two. But octopus—that was a new one. Apparently, the creatures are good eatin’—mmmmhmmmm. They are hard creatures to catch, hiding under rocks and in small crevices, attaching to surfaces with their powerful suckers, refusing to let go.

And, they really do not look very tasty.

Atz Lee and Jane set out to do some octopus hunting while the tides were low and, on day one, struck out. Jane got some new experience, learning to climb a cliff to get away from the rising tide—they waited too long to get out any way other than straight up—and she conquered her fear of heights or, at least, got a handle on it, and climbed out of harm’s way like a pro. The next day, they went back to work and, finally, after poking around under rocks as long as they could before being swallowed up by the tide, Jane felt that “squish” that signals an octopus in hiding.

Yeah, boy.

Jane got overly excited about her find and, instead of coaxing the octopus out of its hiding place, she started pulling on it, and it popped an arm—apparently a defense mechanism for an octopus in trouble. Atz Lee took over, using all of the tools in his arsenal—did you know you could irritate an octopus out of hiding with cola?—and soon a six-pound octopus was in his grasp.

It didn’t seem like a lot of food for two days of hunting, to be honest, but it was definitely a prize as far as they were concerned. “It’s not just about always succeeding,” Atz Lee philosophized. “It’s the journey, a lot of it too. But, when you put the two together, it’s just all the sweeter, knowing what you had to go through to get it.” They cleaned it up right there on the rocks, removing the guts and brain, then pounded it out to tenderize—“Octopus is chewy,” Jane explained—and cooked it for supper. Almost everything about an octopus is edible, Jane indicated, once you get rid of the guts and brains. They can be eaten “sushi-style,” Atz Lee said, but they went for wrapping the octopus in tin foil and cooking it on the fire. “It just doesn’t get any better,” Atz Lee said as he popped a bite.

I’ll take his word for it.

And, just in case anyone had not figured it out already, Eve let Eivin in on her secret:  Another little Kilcher homesteader is on the way!

Alaska: The Last Frontier airs on Discovery Channel on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

Stay tuned.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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