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CHURCH RESCUE: Preacher Learns It’s Not As Easy As It Looks! (VIDEO)

Rev. Larry Roseboro delivering sermon at his church, New Hope Baptist Church in Vale, NC. (Photo Credit: T Group Productions)

Rev. Larry Roseboro delivering sermon at his church, New Hope Baptist Church in Vale, NC. He may not be as willing to make a change as the Church Hoppers had thought!
(Photo Credit: T Group Productions)

Tonight is the premiere of the new National Geographic series, CHURCH RESCUE. In the first episode, the Church Hoppers—the men who work to rescue the churches—find that not everyone is eager to make changes, even when they have requested the help. In “Country Salvation”:

“A charismatic minister of a Baptist church calls on the Church Hoppers to help revive his decaying sanctuary. They discover that the pastor refuses to invest any money into repairs, plus his lengthy sermons and uncomfortably hot sanctuary make it a deterrent for any potential new members. The Hoppers put together a plan to help the pastor shorten his sermons and reconcile with a former deacon. Though the church makeover is seriously delayed by poor weather conditions, the final day arrives and the pastor is amazed by the changes that have been made. He delivers two short, meaningful sermons, impressing the Church Hoppers and his congregation. And he makes peace with his former deacon and gives him back the deaconship, allowing him to have more time to take care of the church.”

An interesting premise for a show, “rescuing” churches in need. Some viewers may question why the Church Hoppers would not consider what ministers at a given church actually teach (as they made clear in a recent interview with TVRuckus); does it make sense to “save” a church with a philosophy that is contrary to what the Church Hoppers believe, after all? But, overall, the premise is an interesting one. Read more about the Church Hoppers and their mission in the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with TVRuckus! And, check out a clip with Paster Roseboro getting a lesson on making his sermons short and to the point!

CHURCH RESCUE premieres on National Geographic TONIGHT, Monday, November 11, 2013, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

Image:  National Geographic

Video:  YouTube

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  1. now here is another really potentially great show! I loved this article and the video….promises to be a hit!

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