BIGGEST LOSER Drama: Rules Violation by Jillian Bringing Ruben Back!

Jillian Michaels on THE BIGGEST LOSER
Jillian’s team could not dig in deep enough this week to overcome the four-pound penalty her actions cost her team at weigh-in!

This week was a hard one on THE BIGGEST LOSER ranch. Everyone, it seemed, on each of the three teams was determined to stay, whatever the cost in the gym. And, it was possible:  If the Blue Team was at the bottom of the weigh-in, with a trainer save still in-hand, no one would have had to have gone anywhere for another week.

But, that was not to be.

Last week, the Red Team sent fan favorite—and team-favorite—Ruben home. And, they were not about to let another teammate go easily! Trainer Dolvett worked them hard, hard, HARD, particularly after Tanya got sick and had to miss a workout, leaving the three remaining team members to work without her—actually inspiring them to work harder, boxing as if their lives depended on it.

And, in fact, their lives at the ranch DID!

All of the trainers are amazing, hard as nails while compassionate and understanding. Still, it always catches me by surprise when Jillian shows her caring side, as she did this week in the pool with Craig. Terrified of water and convinced he could never learn to swim or overcome his fears, Craig refused to take a lap into the deep end of the pool—until Jillian jumped, fully dressed, into the water with him.

Jillian has done some amazing things over the years of THE BIGGEST LOSER, and she has taken the bull by the horns more than once. But, I don’t think I’ve ever been more impressed with her abilities as a trainer than when Craig, with Jillian by his side and making him dig deep, paddled his way into the deep end of the pool, finding something in himself that he never thought he would.

Which made it even more crushing when viewers found out that he would be the one going home.

“Before you all step on the scale, there is something important that needs to be addressed,” host Alison Sweeney said ominously. “Last week, Jillian broke the rules and gave caffeine supplements to each member of her team without the doctor’s permission.”

Jillian stood by her decision, but that did not change the fact that the White Team was penalized one pound per person—four pounds total—and they lost the weigh-in this week, meaning Craig went home, even after losing 14 pounds.

And, as a result of the decision against Jillian, results from last week were made invalid, meaning Ruben’s elimination was invalidated, and he will be returning to the Red Team next week. Also, the Blue Team had their immunity restored for this week, although they did not need it.

Did Jillian do anything wrong? “I stand by my opinion, a caffeine supplement is significantly healthier than unlimited amounts of coffee,” was her argument, saying her only regret was hurting her team. But, the rule is: No supplements without a doctor’s permission. She may be right—drinking unlimited amounts of coffee may not be the way to go—but the rules are the rules.

What do you think? Leave us your opinion in the comment section below!

Goodbye, Craig—but, welcome back Ruben!

THE BIGGEST LOSER airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c.

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Image:  NBC via Facebook

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4 thoughts on “BIGGEST LOSER Drama: Rules Violation by Jillian Bringing Ruben Back!

  1. well, you asked about opinions. here goes.:) the trainer jillian was the one at fault. she broke a rule that she knew she was breaking….BUT she is not the one paying the price…ruben and craig did….now, how is that! fair? screwed up mess is right paula:) but that is what makes the show:) just should be simple. 2 people paid for what jillian did:)…..or was it planned all along? I think the last is most likely…that is just show biz.

    • Yes, you know, you make a legitimate point: Ruben was the star, and he got eliminated last week. One has to wonder, did they make this an issue b/c it could get Ruben back on the show? If anyone else had been eliminated last week, would this ever have been brought up? Excellent point, lsstepp!

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