FINDING BIGFOOT Searches for Yeren in China; Cliff Says Government ‘Much More Accepting’

Cliff Barackman of FINDING BIGFOOT
Cliff Barackman says the governments in some of the lands to which they traveled this season were “much more accepting ” of bigfoot than our own U.S. government.

FINDING BIGFOOT fans are loving this season in a big way—the debut episode alone garnered 1.3 million viewers! Tonight, fans will no doubt gather around a TV tuned in on Animal Planet, because the team is heading to international grounds in hopes of finding this elusive creature abroad.

Tonight, the FINDING BIGFOOT team is heading off to China. According to Animal Planet, in episode “Kung-Fu Bigfoot”:

“The team travels to China in search of the Yeren, a bi-pedal, hair-covered ape similar to bigfoot. Little is known about this elusive creature, but the team uses their bigfooting skills to try and prove China’s Yeren is more than just legend.”

In a recent interview exclusive with TVRuckus, the team confirmed that bigfoot hunting overseas has its challenges, but also has its rewards. According to team member Cliff Barackman, the acceptance by the Chinese government made their job easier:

“Well, one major difference is that the GOVERNMENTS in several of those countries are much more accepting of the subjects. In China, they are putting up monuments where people have seen things cross the road or something like that; there are markers in their national parks where yeren reports have come from.”

And, scientist Ranae Holland said the lack of cynicism was refreshing:

“In the United States, unfortunately, the way bigfoot came out, the way it was spread at the time, when evidence is looked at, when things happen in the bigfoot world, if you will, the knee-jerk reaction, unfortunately—and this is one thing that I hope FINDING BIGFOOT and what we’re doing can put an end to, or at least lessen—is that it’s immediately looked at and made fun of. Instead, let’s look at the evidence, let’s get the people forward, like Cliff was referencing, the Vietnamese government or these studies or in China, let’s not ignore the evidence out there and let’s look closer, because everybody’s just rolling their eyes over here in the United States and North America every time bigfoot comes up.”

Stay tuned for tonight’s trek into China, and see just what the FINDING BIGFOOT team uncovers!

FINDING BIGFOOT airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m ET/PT.

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  1. I still think there is prob. a creature out there that is smart and knows how to hide….kinda like jeremiah Johnson movie….go up in the big mountains where it is still wilderness, no telling what could be there!

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