A Very PORTER RIDGE Christmas: Will Anyone Catch Kayla Under the Mistletoe?

Christmas in PORTER RIDGE
As Christmas approaches, nothing changes in PORTER RIDGE: It’s still Terry’s crew vs. the Dog Killer Ridge crew! Ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas from the hilljacks of PORTER RIDGE!

It’s Christmastime on Porter Ridge, but that means it is Christmastime on Dog Killer Ridge, as well—and the joy of the season isn’t dampening the competitive spirit between the two crews.

What would Christmas be without a Christmas party or two? Well, there is one going on in Porter Ridge, but there is another taking place on Dog Killer Ridge, and if viewers have learned anything about these two rival crews, it is that they can turn anything—ANYTHING—into an opportunity to make a bet between themselves. According to Discovery Channel, tonight on episode, “Very Hilljack Christmas”:

“When the Porter Ridge gang and Dog Killer Ridge crew plan for their respective Christmas parties, a competition grows as to which ridge will have the more spectacular party.”

With Terry at the helm, goodness only knows what will happen—and no one really wants to try to delve into his mind to guess! But, most PORTER RIDGE fans have a bigger question on their minds:  Does anyone catch Kayla under the mistletoe?

Stay tuned tonight to find out—and hope that if Terry is getting you a gift this Christmas, he is more generous in his shopping for you than with his personal shopping sprees:

Oh, my—that Terry!

Get your holiday spirit going tonight on PORTER RIDGE, airing on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 10/9c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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