MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER: New Season, New Assistants, New Attitude

Patti Stanger on Bravo
Patti Stanger in Marina del Rey office on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

Patti Stanger and THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER are back and better than ever.

Just peer out the office window as Patti Stanger conducts a meeting with her new staff. There is Marina del Rey, California in all its sunny glory. Patti is sporting her Promise Ring given to her by her live-in love David. She is ready to kick butt and take names for the latest season of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER.

Her first client of the new season is Don Swayze, brother of Patrick, now deceased. Don is an actor in his own right, having played roles in True Blood and The Bridge.

UPDATE: Did you see the epic fail of new assistant Justin last night?

New assistants Justin, Marisa and David are asked about their respective weekends. As they begin their tales of activity, Patti cuts one of them short, because god forbid they bore her or make it about them for very long.

One has dabbled in the matchmaker trade, another is a so-called love blogger and Marisa has known Patti for years. Now they work for the woman who made herself a TV personality from years in the business.

“My staff might be green, but I’m gonna turn them into the best matchmaking staff around,” Patti predicts.

Fans of the show and Patti should click over to her website if they have not visited before. On “Patti Knows”, content is posted each and every day, sometimes by her and other times by guests posters.

For example, today Patti explores the question: “Do You Date on Potential?” Further down the front page there is a column called “Ask Justin”. Stanger’s new hottie assistant Justin gives online dating advice and ponders the question of how to judge a first date.

As if that weren’t enough, there is a daily horoscope provided by Christopher Renstom who writes at

Tune in tonight, Thursday Dec. 5 to the premiere of this season’s THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Bravo, starting at 9:00 p.m. ET.          Image credit: Bravo

Check out how Patti “tames” one client. Zapping works.     More coverage of the show on TVRuckus

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