Win the FAST N’ LOUD Bandit Car!

FAST N' LOUD Bandit Car.
One lucky fan will win the FAST N’ LOUD Bandit car–check out the link provided below for more details on just how to get your name into the running!

You could win the Bandit car!

Last week, Part 1 of the Gas Monkey Bandit Car episode aired, and got fans’ memories flowing back to the 70s. This week, however, some real Bandit magic will have to take place for the car to get to New Orleans in time—and every Gas Monkey will have his role to play. According to Discovery Channel:

“Richard and Aaron reach Burt Reynolds and win their wager, but that success may mean ultimate failure when the team doesn’t get the ’77 Trans Am on a transporter in time. Solution: they’ll race it down to the New Orleans starting line themselves.”

Miss last week’s episode? Just to catch you up:

“Richard is hired by a wheeler-dealer friend to build a ‘Smokey & The Bandit’ ’77 Trans Am. He and Aaron have six days to build and get the car to New Orleans in time for the buyer to race in a rally. Some original Bandit stars help sweeten the deal.”

Oh, and about that Bandit car giveaway?

Visit the FAST N’ LOUD website to get more details on how, yes, one lucky viewer will actually win that Bandit special.

FAST N’ LOUD airs on Discovery Channel on Monday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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11 thoughts on “Win the FAST N’ LOUD Bandit Car!

    • Yeah, they’d have to come up w/ some imagination from somewhere first, tho’; that’s in short supply these days … :/

    • Me, too, Tim, although they could cut back on all the product placement a LITTLE bit and it wouldn’t bother me at all … 😀

  1. Fast & loud is a great show.The bandit car is as fine as the original. I would love to know how to get entry for 2017 entry if U are having one?For a free entry. Thanks,Anthony Kimberly.

  2. P.s. Richard & Eric are a great combination.I have not yet nor do I think I will never be disappointed. Right on I can dig it. Sincerely, Anthony Kimberly. P.s.s A lot new episodes would be appreciated!!

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