MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Preview: Assistant Fired? Maybe…

Patti Stanger in her Marina del Rey office
Patti Stanger of “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

The new season of Bravo’s THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER has brought us Jonathan Cheban, BFF of Kim Kardashian and Don Swayze, brother of the now-gone Patick, as celeb millionaire dating subjects.

Jonathan Cheban was a nightmare to fix up, but he and Jenn the woman he chose hit it off well. Don Swayze was an absolute teddy bear of a man and he met Christie,  great lady who enjoyed his company.

Tonight on episode three of the season, Patti takes on fellow Bravo TV personality Courtney Kerr of Courtney Loves Dallas.

New season 8 is now in session and it’s new format is GOOD. Review/recap

Before we all get down to business with Courtney and client Stefan Dahlqvist an entrepreneur with a successful clothing line, we have to deal with employee misconduct. Yes, we’re talking about one pissed off Patti Stanger teaching one assistant a lesson on camera.

As we all learned in the season premiere, Patti Stanger has a new slate of assistants. None of her previous employees returned this season. We were introduced to Justin, David and Marissa, none of whom have much experience in the business. Marissa is an acquaintance of long standing, while Justin and David were on the periphery of the matchmaking world, just never immersed in it.

“What is my number one rule in this company? I tell you at every mixer. How many of you have given numbers out or taken numbers?”

Stanger stood her ground staring at the three assistants waiting for someone to ‘fess up. Justin raised his hand and the boom was lowered.

“Is that the reason you’re in this club, to pick up girls all over the place,” she asked. Justin said, “Not at all.”  “You’re on probation. If I see one more strike against you, you’re fired, and I mean FIRED.”

Ah, the joys of being a boss and having instructions taken lightly. Meanwhile, Justin must not have seen Patti in action when she’s crossed. How could that be?

Then comes the fun part of the program, with Patti interviewing bachelor Stefan Dahlqvist. She finds that he has an obsession with the color pink, even drives a pink car.

“You’re giving all the gay guys hope. Which team are you on,” Patti finally asks. “I’m straight,” Dahlqvist says. “You drive a pink Cadillac, I don’t know,” Stanger probes further. “I just want to embrace some pinkness,” is the response.

Folks, are you a believer in embracing pinkness for a client of Patti Stanger’s.

Tune into tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo for the next installment of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER.  Photo credit: Bravo

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2 thoughts on “MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER Preview: Assistant Fired? Maybe…

  1. Patti is a disgusting person, her language is absolutely foul! I use to watch the show but no more! There is no reason for someone to use such foul language and she has to be the worst of the worst and I have to ask why anyone would use her services with the way she treats people! I hope her past assistant puts her out of business!

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