Shocker MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER, Clients Turn Tables on Patti

Patti Stanger, Stefan
Patti Stanger and client Stefan Dahlqvist on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

A nice big mixer was on tap care of Patti Stanger and her new assistants on THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER. The two millionaire clients were all set to meet the prospects picked for them.

Speaking of choosing the prospects, Patti was livid with her assistants for presenting her with too many people who didn’t fit the profile they agreed on for each of the clients.

Update: Season 8 premiere brings more fun and no mixers!

Prior to that, Patti had already put Justin on probation for violating Rule #1. “Don’t exchange phone numbers with the clients or date hopefuls.”  While it got a little nasty with Patti berating them, it was just Patti being Patti. On to the point of the show.

One millionaire was Courtney Kerr, fashion blogger and star of Bravo’s Courtney Loves Dallas. The other was a fashion entrepreneur, the quirky Stefan Dahlqvist whose brand Moods of Norway is a big hit.

Something weird and fun happened on the way to the usual plot line. After mingling with the men and women vying for a date, Stefan was asked which beauty he was ready to be with. He chose Courtney Kerr.

Courtney was given a chance to pick from among the handsome bachelors she met and after a long moment, said “yes” to Stefan. Patti Stanger’s head almost exploded.

A first for MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER for sure, but Patti rolled with it, taking solace in the fact that she had facilitated the love match, even if it didn’t fit the show’s format. How did it all happen?

Stefan and Courtney were blindfolded for the initial meeting with the prospective dates. It was the show’s first Blind Mixer. To practice what it would be like to try and meet new people without seeing them, the two were put in a room alone. Sparks flew, particularly for Stefan.

Patti said Courtney needed someone strong who could tell her to take a step back once in a while, along with having the ability to surprise and delight her. Stefan’s lady was supposed to be a J Lo type body with an intellect. While Courtney is a beautiful women with a terrific body, she is far afield from the booty size of J Lo. It did not matter.

Courtney is a TV personality in Dallas and some men would be intimidated or fear measuring up. Not Stefan, whose odd sense of humor and willingness to spend whatever it took to please Courtney were hits with our Texas lady. Try flying in a singing duo from Norway for a serenade at dinner, or renting an entire saloon while hiring the best line dancing instructor in LA. Yup, Courtney was smitten.

The two were reportedly continuing the adventure long distance after the show was taped. Patti took credit for it and all was right with the world.

Bravo airs MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Thursday nights beginning at 9:00 p.m.   Image credit: Bravo

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