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GYPSY SISTERS: How Did These Women Get on TV? (Video)

Gypsy Sisters on TLC

Are the GYPSY SISTERS (L-R Nettie, Laura, Mellie and Kayla) really proud of what they see on the screen, or is it just totally and completely for show? Let’s hope the latter.

GYPSY SISTERS on TLC probably—hopefully—doesn’t depict a typical American family, but when they need each other, the sisters come together and are there.

Well, a lot of times they are there for each other, anyway.

This is a really hard show to watch. It’s not just full of drama, it’s full of anger, yelling, fighting, swinging, slapping and tempers competing with each other. Kayla says in the opening credits that they “always forgive and forget,” but she also said in a recent episode, “With gypsies, in the long run, the only way you settle a war is with your fists.”

And, it seems that they are always “at war” over something. They seem to—no, they DO—encourage violence between themselves. Their kids grow up learning that violence is the way to settle things; punching each other is the way to go; even when it doesn’t make sense, take a swing.

What is wrong with these people?

Hopefully, most of this is an act for the cameras; it is terrible to think that people really act the way these women do “for real.” Regardless, it’s hard to watch; some episodes are like an hour-long MMA-WWE match gone wild on estrogen. Is there a storyline? Supposedly, yes—this week’s episode, for example, “A Newborn King,” features (finally) the birth of Mellie’s baby. According to TLC:

“After countless false alarms, Mellie finally goes into labor. As a last ditch effort, a remorseful Nettie decides to send Kayla a DVD, pleading for forgiveness. Later, Annie and Sheena help Kayla prepare for the chili cook off.”

Even pregnant, Mellie had to be restrained from punching, flailing and fighting; it’s beyond disgusting; it’s downright pitiful.

Why are these people on TV? And, moreover, do they actually LIKE what they see when they watch themselves? Better still, do we?

GYPSY SISTERS airs on TLC on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  TLC

Video:  YouTube

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  1. well, I know there are people who love violence and all that goes w/it. it is beyond me though, to see a show like this make it! I guess there are a LOT of people who like to watch the seedy side of humans. not me:) maybe this one will go soon!

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