Patti’s Assistant Justin, Epic Fail on THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER

Justin Bird
Justin Bird, Patti Stanger’s Assistant on “The Millionaire Matchmaker”

Last night on THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER one of Patti Stanger’s new assistant choices suffered a huge blow.

All new assistants this season have caused a bit of a stir among fans of the show. As is typical of Patti, she has berated all three over their efforts, but Justin was shake-my-head bad.

Both clients on “The Late Bloomer and the Gay Hefner”, were gay. One was hot designer Andrew Christian. The other was Rosie Pierri, a cast member of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Sheree Whitfield of RHOA fame was one tough cookie for Patti

Justin’s job was to corral potential dates for Rosie, 46 who Patti characterized as a late bloomer. A lesbian who didn’t come out until her mid-thirties, Rosie has had only one serious relationship.

The client admitted to Patti that she’s been having trouble meeting appropriate potential partners and is a bit awkward on the romance front.

It was Justin’s first assignment on his own. He  heard Rosie say that her celebrity crush is Ashley Judd, a pretty, smart and accomplished woman with some spunk. Patti’s orders were to find age appropriate gay women with an eye towards the “lipstick lesbian” type.

Patti was already nervous before the parade of lesbians began. All she needed were four potential dates and yet things were shaky at The Millionaire’s Club.

“I’m a bit worried since this is Justin’s first solo assignment and I’m not feeling confident.” Were truer words ever spoken?

Justin’s choices left a lot to be desired. During the interviews Patti found three potential choices who were bi-sexual rather than lesbians.  Stanger hit the roof. One was previously married to a man and had five children.

The other bi-sexual was truthful about her lifestyle which changed depending on, ‘Which way the wind is blowing.” Stanger attacked.

“I want a hardcore lesbian in the house Justin your job  is on the line this week” she screamed.

But that wasn’t the worst of it. There was a 51 year-old  body builder who Patti thought was a transsexual.

“What the f—k was Justin thinking? Rosie never said she was attracted to butch body builders.”

Finally, one candidate was shocked to find out that she was in a lineup for a date with a lesbian. That was it for Patti, who took it out on the poor heterosexual woman who waited five hours to get a once over from the cruel Ms. Stanger.

The bigger problem for Justin was that his colleague David did a bang up job finding date candidates for designer Andrew Christian.

Here’s two questions of the day: How long do any of these new assistants last this season? Will Justin be the first to go?

Bravo airs new episodes of THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER on Thursday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET

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4 thoughts on “Patti’s Assistant Justin, Epic Fail on THE MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER

  1. Sad all the way around Justin seems more interested in getting dates for himself and David is putting on the catty queen act in direct competition to Patti Stangers cattiness,. But he falls short as Patti jr and I wish that Patti would of chosen a different of Alvins guy chipmunks to represent a gay character on the show. We are not all catty but like anyone else including myself. We have the potential. Sorry David the dimples and big teeth dont do a thing for me. You should of been a bit nicer and let Patti continue to cut.
    Oh I didnt mention the girl (whats her name), she is pretty and cute and seems nice.

  2. Ever since Patti split from her Rachel and her husband, the show has not been the same. They brought some funk and fun to the show. They also deserved better treatment.

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