FINDING BIGFOOT: Dog Sleds & Fake Deer Traps Tonight in Montana

Finding Bigfoot team in Utah
We’ve seen the FINDING BIGFOOT team searching in snow before, but have we ever seen them dogsledding? Tonight we will!

The Finding Bigfoot heads into Big Sky country this week, squatchin’ in Bozeman, MT.

Have we ever seen Bobo on a dog sled? Looks like we are going to this week! According to Animal Planet, tonight on episode, “Big Sky Bigfoot”:

“The team travels to big sky country to investigate Sasquatch activity near the city of Bozeman, MT. After meeting witnesses, they enlist the aid of a dog sled team to take them into a nearby valley, where they set up a fake deer trap to lure a bigfoot.”

Have you ever wondered, tho’, just how does the FINDING BIGFOOT team decide which of these “sightings” to investigate and which to reject? After all, they must get hundreds, if not thousands, of stories submitted to them each year. How do they decide which are legit and which are just misidentifications or hoaxes? Keith Hoffman, executive producer of FINDING BIGFOOT, explains:


What was approved as legit for Big Sky country? Stay tuned tonight and find out!

FINDING BIGFOOT airs on Animal Planet on Sundays at 10 ET/PT.

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Image:  Animal Planet

Video:  YouTube

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