Is Payton Gone After Leslie’s Meltdown on DANCE MOMS?

Abby Lee Miller
Abby Lee Miller during season four auditions for “Dance Moms”

Abby Lee Miller gloated once again about beating nemesis Cathy head-to-head in both the group and solo categories, during last night’s DANCE MOMS episode, “Two Can Play This Game”.

The group number took first place with Chloe winning the second place trophy as a solo. Cathy’s troupe could only manage a fourth place in the solo category for her dancer Lucas and a second place finish in group.

Abby vs. Leslie

At the Believe National Talent Competition in good old Ohio, Cathy was waiting anxiously to show up Abby, while Ms. Miller was in the midst of a mini-rebellion with Dance Mom Leslie. Already angered by Abby’s dismissive attitude about daughter Payton, the situation blew sky high at the competition.

Leslie was told to “Shut up” by Abby after making a comment about good old Maddie as they sat in theater, inches in front of Cathy and her team. It was not a criticism of Maddie. Abby had been speaking about the apparent slippery condition on the stage that caused Kendall, who performed the other solo, to mess up early in her routine.

Abby noted that Maddie had not found it slippery when she practiced for the group number, Leslie mentioned Maddie’s footwear that would have helped her avoid a problem.  You’d have thought Leslie had whispered nuclear weapons secrets so the enemy could hear.

The head-to-head battle erupted back in the dressing room after all had competed and it took away from the good feelings about the girls’ accomplishments. It ended with Abby telling Payton that her mother cost her a place on the team.

We have heard for two straight weeks about the open auditions Abby will conduct to bring in fresh talent, endangering every girl’s place on the team except Maddie. Perhaps Payton may actually be the first to bit the dust.

Look Who’s Back

Cathy’s Candy Apples studio has added a somewhat familiar face to Abby Lee Miller fans as one its own dance moms. Yvette from season one of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition was there.

You remember Yvette, don’t you? The deeply tanned platinum blonde whose daughter Hadley competed against the dreaded Asia was the number one troublemaker that season in Los Angeles.

Yvette was called “The Bully with a Smile” in Lifetime’s description of cast members on the show and she lived up to her reputation. It ran the gamut from insulting and hurtful comments made about one of the girl’s hair to out and out war with Asia’s mom Kristie.

After trying with all her might to oust Asia and other dancers who threatened Hadley’s place in the competition, Yvette was vanquished, but not without weeks of drama.

The most annoying thing about Yvette was that she would say the most outrageous things through a tight smile that never left her face, even when other moms went right back at her, as if to show that she didn’t give a care.

What is in store for Yvette this season DANCE MOMS? Stay tuned.

Lifetime airs new episodes of DANCE MOMS on Tuesday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET                 Image credit: Lifetime

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