MOONSHINERS: Will Chico Take Revenge on Tickle If Tim Fires Him?

Tickle Undercover in Kentucky
Tickle will always have Tim’s back, but this time he is in over his head–at least, he’s in further than he had planned to get!

MOONSHINERS fans were no doubt holding their collective breaths as Tickle ventured into the woods with Chico. Tim’s current assistant is big, scary-looking and, as a felon, has the credentials to back it up. So, when he took Tickle into the trees to see his still and told him he had better keep his mouth shut, you tended to believe he meant it.

Tickle looked like he did, anyway.

Tim needed some help finding out if Chico was making shine on the side, so he called old buddy Tickle to do a little snooping. But, doing so, he put Tickle in harm’s way when things started getting too deep and too personal. Tickle was obviously uncomfortable with the whole thing—he is loyal to Tim to the end, but he also did not feel good about getting a fellow shiner in trouble with his now-legal former employer. Still, he realized that Tim has a lot on the line. The feds would love to find a connection to Tim and continued illegal alcohol production/distribution, and they are watching every step he makes, so there was certainly no way Tim could be out there doing the undercover work himself. And, if Chico had gotten caught while still working for Tim, it could have brought Tim crashing down—everything he worked for, gone in an instant. And, no doubt Chico was going to get caught. After all, as Tim’s assistant AND a felon, law enforcement was probably giving him an extra look along the way, as well.

Plus, Chico doesn’t seem like the smartest cookie in the jar.

Last night, fans were left with a tantalizing tease:  Tickle telling Chico and his shining partner Tyler that, in fact, Tim was onto him. At first, it was shocking. But, after a moment to digest the situation, it seemed to be the smartest thing Tickle could have done. After all, he certainly did not want to leave that still site and have Chico get fired later for moonshining on the side. That road most certainly went right back to Tickle, and the drive between Virginia and Kentucky runs both ways! And, it’s pretty safe to say Tickle’s not going to go telling people about the actual site—Tickle lives by the moonshiner’s code, after all, and he’s not turning anybody in anytime soon. Chico may even take it as a sign of good faith that Tickle is telling him that Tim is onto his little sideline business. And, after all, Tim is a master moonshiner:  Chico should have known he couldn’t hide from someone like Tim, and that it didn’t take Tickle to come to Virginia to tell him what was going on right under his nose.

Now, let’s just hope that Tim doesn’t out Tickle when he fires him next week (at least, according to the sometimes-misleading previews)! And, perhaps next time he’ll put a little more thought into who he hires into his operation, instead of just hiring the first person who comes in off the street (and maybe even listen a little more often to partner Steve, whose warning about the impromptu hiring of Chico Tim shrugged off without even a thought that the man might have a point).

MOONSHINERS airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel via Facebook

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  1. oh, I love your new look!!!!:) bravo!!! and moonshinners, wow, they live a risky life. I remember some people who did the same thing years ago, and for real, not easy!!!

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