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GOLD RUSH: Is Parker’s Relationship with Tony Beets Headed South?

Parker Schnabel of Discovery Channel's GOLD RUSH

Parker is working hard in the Klondike, but he may not be working hard enough–or producing enough–to stay in the Klondike with Tony Beets.

UPDATED: Is Bad Blood Brewing between Parker & Tony Beets on Season 5?

It’s an all-new GOLD RUSH Friday night, and fans are no doubt wondering:  Is Parker’s relationship with Tony Beets deteriorating?

Parker has not been producing in the Klondike this season. He has a lot of energy, a lot of drive and no shortage of work ethic. However, at only 18 years old, Parker is simply lacking in experience in real world situations. Most fans would probably agree:  Parker’s people skills are simply atrocious. He does not know how to communicate with his workers without bullying them. And, the reality of a start-up operation in the Klondike is that it takes a LOT of money, more money than Parker has—or, at least, had! But, as viewers have seen in teases—and as anyone who watches the show knows—Tony Beets expects results, i.e. he expects to be paid. And, thus far, he is not impressed with Parker’s results—and, in classic Tony Beets fashion, he is not shy about saying so!

According to Discovery Channel, tonight’s episode, “Blowout,” may be a pivotal one for all three teams:

“A tropical storm floods the Hoffman’s operation and Dave is forced to dive deep into the pit. Parker is running one of the biggest washplants in the Klondike and needs to prove it will deliver. The Dakota boys get the biggest clean-up of their season.”

Fans realize that Parker came from his grandfather’s mine before going to “play with the big boys” in the Klondike. Will he make it? We’ll have to wait and see. But, here is a reminder of how he started in the Klondike:


So, overall, Parker is probably making leaps and bounds by most of our estimations—but it is going to be hard for him to live up to the standards set by the king of the Klondike! Stay tuned tonight to find out how things are going between Parker and his mentor, Tony Beets.

GOLD RUSH airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel

Video:  YouTube

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3 replies

  1. I hope he makes it, but it really will be w/a lot of help from others….

  2. Oh Parker. We hope good things for you each week. Hope you can make Tony step up and see your doing a hell of a good job! Work on your temper. And your hygiene.and Have Fun! We love your Grandpa too!

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