WILD WEST ALASKA: Phred & Larry Bring Girl Power to Wild West Guns

Larry, Hans, Phred Getting Pedis
Who would have thought Larry & Phred could get Hans into the pedi chair?

There is a tipping of the tides in progress on WILD WEST ALASKA on Animal Planet!

Ken decided to try and make his workload a little easier by hiring somebody new. After asking Phred if she knew of anyone looking for a job, she suggested her friend Larry. But, who would have thought:  Larry is not only Phred’s best friend, she is also, well, a she.

Well, maybe with a name like “Phred,” it shouldn’t be all that surprising that her friend “Larry” would be a girl!

So, the balance of the Battle of the Sexes is beginning to tip at Wild West Guns. Instead of being intimidated, the boys had better just get onboard. And, hey, they are reaping the benefits already! For example, the bathroom. After deciding the bathroom was a bona fide biohazard—Phred admitted she goes down the street to use the facilities—Larry determined that enough was enough:

“I’m not sure how Phred has managed to work with so many dirty guys for so long; I think some things need to change around here.”

Go, Larry!

But, you know boys and their toys—and their bathrooms. So, when Phred and Larry returned to work with a bag of supplies, it could have been bad. However, the previously skeptical Hans found himself impressed with Larry’s sales ability, her overwhelming knowledge of guns, and was finally brought over completely to the girls’ side with a gift of a camouflage headband—and, oh yeah, the pretty-smelling lotions in the newly beautified bathroom.

Ken wanted to complain about the new bathroom setup, but when he walked in on a sale Larry was making, she quickly put him in his place, with a warning finger and, “Ken, one moment please.”

“Phred was right,” Larry said in the subsequent camera cameo. “Just a little bit of girl power, and his backbone shrivels.”

Looks like it might be a new day at Wild West Guns.

Oh, and Hans—after a pampering pedicure trip with the girls, Ken probably won’t be bringing him back over to the anti-girls side anytime soon.

Go girls!

WILD WEST ALASKA airs on Animal Planet on Thursday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Animal Planet

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