MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA: Evil Gnomes, Hell Hounds & a Bigfoot War!


Evil Gnomes in CA
“Evil Gnomes” are stalking a family in Porterville, CA!

MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA visits communities across the nation, uncovering legends of local monsters, ancient spirits and alien creatures, all moving among area residents. This week, Destination America takes viewers to California, featuring creatures not only hiding in the vast wilderness, but venturing into residential neighborhoods just like yours!

Tonight, fans will learn about three local legends:

  • Evil Gnomes:  Close to the Sierra Mountains sits the quiet frontier town of Porterville, Cal. As Tammy Thomas and her family prepared to start a new life there, they soon discovered their home was plagued with visits from an evil gnome, mercilessly stalking their family. (We want more evil gnomes!)
  • Hell Hounds:  A quiet neighborhood in the resort town of Palm Springs comes under attack one night when large, bloodthirsty canine-creatures wreak havoc as they tear through the streets. Neighbors Jim Flood and Ron Palfrey recount their terrifying encounters.
  • Bigfoot War:  In the Sierra Mountains, local hunter Allen Thomas unknowingly stumbles upon an aggressive relative of the hairy ape-man. Later, he and his research buddies venture to a secret location known for Bigfoot sightings, where they have a terrifying encounter beyond anything they ever expected.

Stay tuned to Destination America tonight, Sunday, January 12, at 9/8c for this all-new MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA.


Images:  Destination America via Facebook

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