Evil Gnomes in CA

There needs to be a full episode of MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA on nothing but evil gnomes!

MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA is always good for an entertaining hour on Sunday nights. And, last night’s episode, “Evil Gnomes, Bigfoot Wars, Hell Hounds,” was certainly no different. But, those evil gnomes!

Typically, I have to say I get a kick out of most of the “monsters” and “mysteries” that MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA features each week. Most all of the featured creatures are grown out of local legends and, well, each year they get bigger and bigger until they reach near-epic creature proportions. And, of course, the portrayals of these animals, beasts, monsters, etc. probably doesn’t help the audience to take them more seriously—and I doubt that they are meant to, either.

But, oh, those evil gnomes!

Tammy Thomas of Porterville, CA, gave an emotional account of how her family was besieged by an evil gnome years ago (although she said she feels there were at least two or more). She said she did not contact authorities, because she doubted she would be taken seriously and, well, I have to say that she was probably right, because I feel certain most viewers did not take her story seriously. Traumatized by an evil gnome attack—or, excuse me, multiple evil gnome attacks?

Oh, my.

And, the visuals—the “evil gnome” Destination America concocted was just the funniest thing I have ever seen on MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA, and they have had some really hilarious stuff on there up to this point! And, that cackling laugh? How could anyone not laugh right along with that evil gnome laugh?

Destination America, we really need an entire episode on evil gnomes!

MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA:  This show is awesome—nothing better to relax and close out the weekend with than a good round of local legends, creatures and, of course, evil gnomes.

I hope Destination America will do an entire episode on those evil gnomes next season—they were just too much fun not to go back to at some point!

MONSTERS & MYSTERIES IN AMERICA airs on Destination America on Sunday nights at 9/8c.


Image:  Destination America via Facebook

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