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WILD WEST ALASKA: Superstitious Ken Panics Over Broken Mirror in Shop

Tonight on ANIMAL PLANET, the supernatural is in the air when Ken breaks into a panic on WILD WEST ALASKA, worried that Wild West Guns is cursed.

Jim and Ken at Wild West Guns

Can Jim convince Ken that Wild West Guns is not cursed? Or is it better to just let Ken go through whatever cleansing ritual he needs to do to feel better?

Ken is amazingly superstitious, and takes “bad luck” happenings seriously. According to Animal Planet, tonight on episode, “The Curse”:

“When a mirror breaks, Ken is convinced the shop is cursed and goes into karmic overdrive to restore balance. Mitch struggles with Jim’s impressive new hire whose yes-sir no-sir attitude have this old hand feeling threatened by the new kid on the block!”

Wild West Guns, AK location

A chilly day at Wild West Guns–maybe more so on the inside than on the outside!

Whether or not there is bad karma at Wild West Guns who knows, but it sounds like there are definitely some uneasy feelings that will need to be resolved before the staff can be comfortable around each other again!

WILD WEST ALASKA airs on Animal Planet on Thursday night at 9/8c. And, if you haven’t had enough of the supernatural by the time Ken finishes his cleansing, stay around for COLD RIVER CASH at 10/9c–in Maine, voodoo is in the air! Get a preview on TVRuckus!

TVRuckus has more WILD WEST ALASKA!

Images:  Animal Planet via Facebook

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2 replies

  1. I can understand ”normal” reaction to superstitions, but this seems a little over the top:) would hate to be that way…..


  1. COLD RIVER CASH: Can Voodoo Save Grinders’ Eel Season & Curse Eelinators? « TVRuckus

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