BAD INK: Dirk & Ruckus Bring Hunt for Worst Tattoos in Vegas Back to A&E

Bad Ink, Dirk & Ruckus
Dirk & Ruckus, on the hunt for the worst ink mistakes in Vegas–and there is no shortage of potential clients!

Fans of A&Es BAD INK only have a few more days to wait for an all-new season to begin!

Renowned Las Vegas tattoo artist Dirk Vermin and his long-time buddy Ruckus are coming back to A&E to continue their search for the worst tattoos in Vegas. Taking on the city one BAD INK mistake at a time, Dirk and Ruckus go on the hunt and find the best of the worst in the “mistake capital of the world,” Las Vegas, NV. The victims of BAD INK can be anyone—rebellious school kids, housewives or grandmothers. No one seems to be immune from waking up and saying, “What did I do?”

It is, after all, Vegas.

For a lucky few of these victims of awful art, Dirk will be able to work his magic and transform their cringe-worthy eyesores into noteworthy masterpieces—and viewers once again will be astonished by the “befores” and “afters.” As Season Two begins, Dirk and Ruckus meet Jules, Erica and Michael. Says A&E:

“Dirk and Ruckus run into Jules, who after a wild night of partying in Sturgis got a terrible tattoo in an especially compromising spot as part of a buy-one-get-one-free promotion.  Later, they get a call to come down to a local pub to meet Erica, whose atrocious art is not only sizable, but may be in one of the most challenging locations the guys have seen yet.  And finally, they work with Michael, a former exotic dancer who wants to revamp his biggest regret as a 25th anniversary present to his wife.”

BAD INK returns for Season Two on A&E this Monday, January 20, at 9 p.m.

Image:  A&Es BAD INK via Facebook

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5 thoughts on “BAD INK: Dirk & Ruckus Bring Hunt for Worst Tattoos in Vegas Back to A&E

  1. How do i email a pic to you? You want a good laugh??? I had a memorial tattoo done on my back for a few friends i lost to cancer! Put it this way it looks like my 5 yr old granddaughter coloured on my back !! Pls help !!

    • I would suggest sending a tweet w/ a picture attached … you cannot send a direct message unless they are following you, but you can send a tweet out to them … they’ll get it. 🙂

  2. I’m interested in may coming to Vegas to get a Tattoo with my daughter for the first time I would like to be done by you guys. I’m coming in

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