Todd Hoffman’s GOLD RUSH Dream at End of the Line? No Frickin’ Way!

Todd Hoffman on GOLD RUSH
Todd Hoffman always has a Plan B, so it seems highly unlikely that his “dream” really ended last night!

Last night on Discovery Channel’s GOLD RUSH, Todd Hoffman was told by the claim owner, in no uncertain terms, to pack up his gear, his team, and his paltry diamond haul and get the heck out of Guyana—at least get off of the property owner’s claim.

Did he?

Todd Hoffman always seems to have a “Plan B” up his sleeve, so it is too early to conclude that, in fact, the Hoffmans’ operation in Guyana ended with that conversation. And, of course, when a tease seems to leave no doubt about the outcome, well, further review reveals not only doubt, but a completely different turn in the situation!

But, what if, in fact, the Hoffmans’ season really did end with that conversation? Could it be that the Hoffmans’ dreams of becoming real gold miners is over?

Well, first, one has to assume that they really wanted to be gold miners to begin with—something a lot of viewers probably have doubts about, anyway. After all, it has become pretty clear to most fans over the seasons that, in fact, the Hoffmans’ “gold rush” is the show itself. If they had to make a living on the takes they have made over the last few seasons, well, they probably would have been out of gold mining long ago!

But, assuming that they really do want to be gold miners, could this season be the one that puts an end to that dream?

Just looking at the surface, it could be. As Todd said himself, they were 100+ days into the season, and their total haul was a few diamond chips. No way that could support an actual operation, no way.

But, this is television. Which raises another question:  Would GOLD RUSH go on without the Hoffmans?

When GOLD RUSH began, the Hoffmans were fan favorites, out there pursuing the American Dream. As the seasons went forward, Fred Hurt became the claim-jumping bad guy, raising the cheers for Team Hoffman even higher. But, at this point, Todd Hoffman has become the guy that many viewers love to hate—he’s definitely lost the “American Dream hero” shine. Many comments about the show on Twitter, Facebook, etc. involve getting rid of the Hoffmans altogether.

But, do viewers REALLY want that?

Probably not.

If the Hoffmans were truly done with mining, no doubt Discovery would give it a shot without them—GOLD RUSH has been too big a hit for them to just chuck it! But, there is a good chance that fans—and anti-fans—would just lose interest without the Hoffmans there each week, screwing up and ticking them off. It just wouldn’t be GOLD RUSH without Todd’s annoying “frick this” and “frick that,” and with him unreasonably blaming Christo Doyle for his looking bad on camera. No, as much as I hate to say it, GOLD RUSH really does need the Hoffmans.

And, the likelihood that their gold mining “dream” is really over seems microscopic, anyway—after all, Todd always has a Plan B.

Hey, since ol’ Todd is all into diamonds, now, maybe he and his crew will head on over to The Weather Channel and horn in on PROSPECTORS—gems, not gold, and a really cool show, by the way, if you haven’t had a chance to check it out.

PROSPECTORS on The Weather Channel
Like any good reality show, PROSPECTORS has some real characters! L-R Steve Brancato, Amanda Adkins, Dwayne Hall, Tim Dorris, Krystal Velasco, Joe Dorris and Brian Busse.

Probably not Todd’s speed, tho’—too much work involving, well, work.

Couldn’t help myself.

UPDATED:  Should Discovery Just Get Rid of Todd Hoffman Next Season? 

GOLD RUSH airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c, although fans should remember:  Part Two of last night’s Part One is airing on Discovery Channel on Monday, January 20, at 8/7c!

TVRuckus has more GOLD RUSH and more PROSPECTORS!

Images:  Discovery Channel & The Weather Channel

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15 thoughts on “Todd Hoffman’s GOLD RUSH Dream at End of the Line? No Frickin’ Way!

  1. I disagree completely. In my circle, most of us would discontinue the show if the Hoffman 3-16Crew were not on it. Hoffman came at a time when America had lost her dream. Hoffman was “every” American, allowing us to feel that no matter what the propaganda our politicians pushed on us, if we maintained our personal dreams, there really could be “hope”. Hoffman still has that and so do his men. Whether they pull the gold or not, that kind of encouragement and drive is what is lacking in America today. Most feel if at first you do not succeed…. stop trying and let someone else pay your way.

    • Well, as I said, I do think the show needs the Hoffmans; I think most people, whether fans like yourself or anti-fans like a lot of others, would stop watching w/o them. I cannot say I agree that Todd Hoffman embodies the American dream … at one time, yes, but these days … I think he just embodies the person who found his pot of gold at the end of the reality rainbow, and is riding it out for all it is worth–which is probably a lot more than those diamonds he and his crew is “finding.” Thanks for your comment, NoMoreLies4US–it’s always great to hear a well-conceived point of view!

      • Each individual’s pot of gold will manifest itself from their own dream, hence numerous rainbows. People ridicule Hoffman because he hasn’t found gold this year. Even Christo, and Parker to some extent, who owe their jobs to Hoffman love to ridicule him. Which is ironic, because while Hoffman chases yellow gold on this show his real pot of gold has always been in the creation of Gold Rush. His “pay-dirt” now in it’s 4th season is still producing personal pots of gold….Viewers know that and it does not diminish the fact that Hoffman had a dream that is producing wealth not only for him and 3-16Crew but also for Parker, Fred, makeup artists, Christo, cameramen, equipment rentals, food trucks, et’al. That’s the real dream and I think it’s worked quite well for them.

        • I would agree with that assessment, absolutely. But, PART of that “gold rush” is the fact that fans have been interested enough to hang on as “anti-fans,” as well; most of the time they just leave!

    • Are you a Hoffamn??? you must be, because I do not know a single person that likes Todd. The man is lazy and even lets his 70 year old Dad do more work than he is willing to do. My guess is the ONLY reason that crew stays with him is “The Show” without it no way they would be working for a jerk like that and make ZERO money. Dave should go work for Parker, those 2 together would make bank. Parker may be a kid who is still learning, but NO ONE works harder than he does on that crew, EVERYONE on hoffmans crew works harder than that lazy pile of lies. American Chopper lost viewers when Sr. went all crazy insane like Todd and everyone I know that watches Gold Rush DVR’s the show and skips every segment the Hoffmans are in, me included, I watch about 15 seconds and realize it’s just the same lazy no skill fool whom blames everything on someone or something else and rips Parker for allegedly being “helped” …no more so than the Hoffmans (actually probably less). All I need to know is what Tony Beets the king of the Klondike said….”I’d hire Parker in a second, what would I hire Todd to do? click hats, I never seen the guy do anything, so no I wouldn’t hire hoffman”.

      • @NoMoreLies: Dude, if you think that the Hoffmans spent any of their own money on the show, you are delusional. Todd is too much of an asshat, who, by the way, never seems to work ever, plus his mouth breathing idiot father is a tool as well. The fact that you are buying into this whole “follow your dream” crap tells me that you aren’t very observant of how manipulative that jackass is. Do yourself a favor and go read a book instead of getting your facts from an idiot on a “reality tv show.” Jesus.

  2. The Hoffman idiots need to be removed from the show, they are nothing but a joke. I enjoy the show when they don’t show these idiots & I’m thankful for a dvr so when Todd and his IQ of 78 appear.

    It’s very clear they don’t have the slightest clue as to what they’re doing. I also agree with others, the drama is too much.

    Discovery needs to make a change asap, dump the Hoffman’s give Dave his own crew & let’s get back to mining!

  3. Na minha opnião os Hoffman estão acabando com a imagem de que na America do Sul que ali não tenha ouro, pois é aqui que esta a riqueza do planeta, é impossivel com todos aqueles equipamentos que eles trousse e não conseguir minerar ouro ?? , eu acho que estão escondendo o achado , para não chamar atenção de outros garimpeiros para esta região da floresta Amazonica, ali como eles mesmos estão mostrando existe Diamantes entre outras riquezas naturais, é impossivel não terem achado ouro ainda!!!
    Eu sou moro no Brasil , e a alguns anos estou planejando uma empreitada na procura de garimpar ouro nesta região ou no Suriname , se me falta arrumar alguem com experiência e coragem para fazer esta aventura, se os Hoffman quiserem me contratar para trabalhar na Guiana estou a disposição, vontade para isso não me falta.para falar a verdade é meu sonho fazer isto!!

  4. The only glory hole dumb dumb will ever find is in the back of an adult book store. Do you guys have any idea what they could of made if they took the machines they bought and did legitimate excavating work?

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