Backlash After Penny’s Story On ‘My 600-lb Life’

TLC's My 600 Lb. Life
Penny on her way to Houston for surgery on My 600 Lb. Life

Update: Mama’s boy Joe & whining Pauline’s stories on “Where Are They Now?”

Penny’s story on last night’s show, “My 600-lb Life” provoked strong reactions. The TLC reality series chronicles the tale of one person an episode and takes viewers through a year in the life of someone struggling on a daily basis, at a size that keeps some of them off their feet. Penny, 46  is one of those who has been unable to walk for four years.

What brought out the anger in viewers who posted on social media sites was Penny’s insistence that she wanted to rejoin life as most of know it, while refusing to follow medical advice to get there. Her husband Edgar came under fire as well for seeming clueless about what part he played in his wife’s life threatening condition.

She began the show at 530 lbs (not her highest weight) and was not significantly less at the end of the one-hour program.

Penny could not even stand up without enormous help and only for a brief period, despite gastric bypass surgery, a more balanced diet and months of physical therapy.

Her feet and legs had yet to become accustomed to bearing her weight to enable her to stand without two people holding her steady as she held on to something in front of her. Walking was out of the question.

As Penny’s doctor, Younan Nowzaradan learned, she was not ready to work at getting stronger or to deny herself the amount of food and the type of food she demanded.

The enormity of the task got the best of her. We watched as she traveled from her home to Houston for treatment and surgery. What it took to get Penny out of her home and into a van for the trip was shocking. A link to a video clip about that struggle is posted below.

Because her husband couldn’t leave her alone in the vehicle it would mean that he was auto-bound as well, getting sleep as he could in the car.

She lost 40 lbs. in one month of hospitalization being fed a 1,200 calorie per day diet. She underwent the surgery and had high hopes that all would be different because of the severe reduction in the size of her stomach.

Penny’s inability to stick to it, even in the hospital was maddening to viewers as well as her own doctor. She inexplicably refused to try to walk or some days even sit up, then there was the bad food that found its back into her diet. She was depressed and let it get the best of her.

She and Edgar had years of practice of him wanting to make her happy and supplying her with food that helped keep her a prisoner in her own body. Dr. Nowzaradan called Edgar an enabler. When Penny hadn’t lost another pound during a long hospitalization, the doctor released her, thinking that her own environment could be a help.

Edgar rented an apartment in Houston so she could remain close to the facility, but the eating began again. She gained weight, missed appointments and ended up back in the hospital where she refused to believe the scales were correct. She fell into despair.

The cycle continued until she was discharged for good, when a very patient and kind Dr. Nowzaradan called a spade a spade. Penny was not ready to do the work necessary to recover and reduce her body size, and Edgar was not up to the task of being an enforcer, rather than an enabler.

There was hope at the show’s conclusion after Edgar and Penny decided that they could manage to eat better and less, just not at the level recommended for her. Penny even set a goal to leave the house and sit in an auditorium to watch Liam graduate from kindergarten.

That never happened, but the couple believed it could at some point in the future.

What was a bit surprising was that Penny was never seen speaking with a psychiatrist/psychologist during the entire year chronicled on the show. Perhaps she was treated for her depression and mental health issues and TLC did not include that in the edited video footage. After all, it was a year’s overview condensed to a one-hour TV show.

What did you think of Penny’s story? There will be others as TLC airs “My 600 lb. Life” each Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. ET

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545 thoughts on “Backlash After Penny’s Story On ‘My 600-lb Life’

  1. I found myself angry at this woman who was manipulating everyone around her and always playing the victim.
    Her attitude SUCKED from the beginning. She has no idea of what eating a healthy diet means, and wouldn’t listen to anyone’s advice.
    Everyone caters to her…her husband, the dozens of paramedics having to move her in and out of multiple places, and the doctor who was doing everything in his power to help her, but she wouldn’t help herself.
    I guess what really ticked me off the most, was the fact that she was on disability and her husband quit his job to care for her fat ass 24/7. Hello…who’s paying for all of this???????????????????
    So multiple surgeries and MONTHS of hospitalization (PRIVATE ROOMS???..UGH) not to mention the multiple ambulance rides AND apartment rentals…HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!!!………WHO is paying..? Seriously?
    I pay a hell of lot of taxes and even more for health insurance, and to see this woman scamming the system really pisses me off!
    God, I hope the TV show foots some of this bill!

    • While I have no idea how much TLC network pays Penny and her family, the doctor or the hospital in Houston, you have to presume that the TV show is picking up costs for this. How much of it is impossible to know, but the family is living on disability. They can’t afford what they did for a year, living in Texas, operations, a good doctor, on that amount per month.

      • I have read a lot of these replies and I must say I think everyone here is wrong. One thing I know from experience and is never addressed in this entire reply/opinion section is one thing is missing that could have helped Penny more than anything else! Where is the Spiritual Help?

        You cannot succeed in anything without asking GOD to help! Some of you will agree, some of you will laugh, some of you will find that suggestion ridiculous, some of you will say ” You can’t be serious”, .. some of you know its TRUE !.

        I have seen many opinions and statements of disgust on this site but I haven’t heard anyone offering to help? It’s easy to judge other people. Everyone has a demon in their life. It might not be a 600lb demon, but we all have a embarrassing problem, secret, “Wish I hadn’t done that moment”, theres something somewhere in your life that you wished or hoped didn’t happen! For many people it may be a minor thing, but its there, it exists, it happened, theres something your ashamed of in your life. For Penny, its her weight.

        Now I don’t support the way this woman and her family approaches her problems. I think she could get help or find a way to improve her situation if she really wanted too? After viewing this episode I found it to be quite clear that just like most addicts this woman didn’t really want to change. There are probably many reasons for this, she’s not very motivated, she doesn’t really care enough to make the changes, who really know’s why she doesn’t make the effort, it may be for the same reason addicts of drugs and alcohol that die from their addiction cannot quit?

        Addiction is a fact of a lot of peoples lives. A typical addict justify’s and reasons just as this woman does. Her addiction is just as disgusting as a person that drinks themselves or pops pills till they die. And our society has labeled and accepted these type of addicts as “diseased” ? There is much help out there for addicts of alcohol and drug abuse and yet we callously condemn overweight people as being self indulged self righteous “PIGS” ! Do they not deserve our understanding and compassion as we show other addictions?

        Penny is SICK, she has every sign an addict of drugs and alcohol exhibits. She has, denial, she uses excuses, she manipulates people to enable her addiction, she hides the truth of her actual “usage” of food, she’s a liar, she only thinks of herself, and she knows the consequences of her addiction, death! These are all the things we find and accept in other addicts. She is an ADDICT! And yet we treat her as if she isn’t, we treat her as if she wants to be large so the heck with her? (Who has the attitude now)?….think about this when you find yourself not comprehending how a person can end up like Penny has. Its sad, you may not think she deserves your pity…..what addict does?

        Before you Judge her, remember she can do nothing to improve her self without Christ!! She needs to be introduced to Christ….is there anyone out there that can take on that challenge? Will someone on this Forum offer a prayer for her as they do in alcoholics anonymous? You know, in all the Addiction programs admitting to a “Higher” power is indoctrinated into the recovery process! For me, my higher power is the Christian God and all things are possible through our God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Penny deserves that too?

        We can be disgusted with Penny and her attitude, yes she has enablers in her life, what she doesn’t have is God? So despise her as you will but at least say a prayer for her and her family. Say this prayer for her….

        ” Lord, we are disgusted with Penny and her attitude, yes she has enablers in her life. I can only hope she can find her way to you through Jesus. As with all addiction she will not succeed without the “Higher Power” and the intervention. Thank you Jesus,…Amen”

        I hope and pray that while I know TLC’s Documentary crew does have an obligation to not interfere while filming, they do have an obligation to help her now the filming is over. One of you producers need to either get a local Clergy involved or at the least make an effort to explain to her what I have here. One way or another she’s going to need one? ….Least you can do is introduce her to one while she’s still able to interact with one?

        I am going to stop now…….better yourself and don’t be disgusted by this woman….feel sorry for her situation…Pray for Her!!!

        Thanks for listening to another side of the issue.

        • That’s not “another side of the issue”, that’s just a Christian seizing yet another opportunity to shove their faith down other people’s throats. Religion is a crutch and is just as unhealthy as anything else that a person might use to avoid dealing with reality.

        • I’m aware you penned your rant quite some time ago, and the one and only overriding thought I take away from this is if THIS is your version of “Christianity”, I want absolutely NO part of t. You implore the rest of us not to judge and to be honest I’ve rarely read any other comments anywhere that display as much judgement as you spouted off in the name of your “God”.

        • After twenty-two years of sobriety, I feel that I may safely state that I am something of an “expert” on the subject of addiction. And suffice it to say that, while it is a SUGGESTION that one finds a “higher power,” it says right in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, many times, that A.A. is by no means the only way to achieve sobriety.

          It is SUGGESTED, however–as are ALL things in the Big Book…SUGGESTIONS, not COMMANDS–that one should try to find a “higher power,” no matter how intangible  (i.e., a “doorknob,” the ENTIRE universe, etc.), as long as you absorb the idea that their is SOMETHING other than you in control, even if it is just “Fate.” The best way that I have heard it stated, for people who are still “on the fence,” is to have them answer two questions:

          1. Q. Do you believe that SOMETHING created the universe?

          1. A. Yes.

          2. Q. Was it you?

          2. A. No.

          With this, people may go forward confidently to state:

          “There is a Higher Power in the universe (even if I have NO IDEA what it is), and it is NOT me!”

          Essentially, the idea is to condition people to accept that EVERYTHING is out of their control–except their own actions, words and deeds. That helpless feeling, coupled with hope to change their own behaviors, and thereby regain a measure of control over their own life, is what drives people who stay to try to grow “a day at a time,” to learn from past and new mistakes, and most of all not to self-medicate JUST FOR TODAY.

          That is what it means to live “one day at a time,” to tell yourself when horrible temptation strikes: “I will not use or drink or overeat TODAY, but maybe I will TOMORROW.” That way, you may entertain ideas occasionally that bring one pleasure simply by thinking about it, but, of course, tomorrow never comes if it is always one day off.

          Now, having said all that, you are right about one thing: overeating is an addiction, and while very few, if any, alcoholics or addicts seem worthy of our sympathy or empathy, overeaters are almost universally blamed for their own troubles. However, the truth of the matter is that they are the same mentally, and in just as much trouble as are their counterparts in, say, A.A and N.A., for example.

          One does not “NEED ANYTHING” to get and to stay clean and sober–or on a diet and exercise regimen. All that anyone truly needs is a SINCERE DESIRE to overcome their issues, and to work on them while staying faithful to themselves in following their program.

          “Hospitals, institutions and death,” I was told, are the only three possible outcomes for uncontrolled addiction. However, I was also told: “Buy yourself a nice black suit, because you will be using it a lot if you stay sober.” Sadly, that is probably the greatest truth to be told in any 12-step program; very few people ever make it–only 5% for any length of time, to be honest.

          And of the other 95%, some people learn just enough to survive, often coming into and out of the programs repeatedly, while others simply just disappear. They are either dead (often, most likely), or have changed the geography under their feet (known in the parlance as a “geographical”),  the better to try to reinvent themselves for new people who do not yet know them. It is only a temporary solution however, because, as one wag (Buckaroo Bonsai?) so truthfully stated the real problem: “Wherever YOU go, there YOU are [emphasis added]!”

          Therefore, pray for them, sacrifice a goat for them, invoke the spirit of the Harvest Goddess for them, or simply try to understand through what a man-made Hell they are attempting to traverse. But please, if nothing else, do not hate them simply because they do not know how to help themselves. Agree with it or not, addiction, and especially overeating, are now listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Volume 5 (DSM-5) as recognized diseases (and alcoholism was first included in 1956!); with pathology, etiology, etc.–which runs the entire gamut of the process–including: genetics, brain pathologies, both Physical (chemical) and Psychological (mental processes and thought patterns that induce risk/reward behaviors (see: Physical), etc., which are all components of disease progression, and for the clinical determination of a psychiatric disorder’s (read: disease’s) status (or non-status; i.e., not a disease), which much of the First, Second and Third Worlds use for their own determinations, also.

          Yes, when it comes to “crazy,” the U.S.’s American Psychiatric Association wrote the book…quite literally. And, as such, I simply ask that you try to muster what empathy that you may, from the most empathetic country in the world (charity-wise, on the public side) for a fellow human sufferer of the most deadly disease of all, Life. After all, it has a 100% mortality rate (as far as we know, with vampires and Frankenstein aside), which is the only known condition that has such a terrible statistical outcome. It beats all other comers by a mile, and always will. And as with all disease processes, there may one day be a cure, but if there is ever to be one, you may be sure that it is still a long way off. “And that’s all that I have to say about that.” [Quote from Forrest Gump]

      • You made a very valid and viable point! What most people don’t realize is that but for the grace of God they could gain a lot of weight and not be able to take it off! Maybe not as large as Penny, but large enough to gross themselves and others out, then they will remember what they said about this woman! God has a way of allowing us to experience what others go through so that we can show compassion for others. Imagine if we gained an inordinate amount of weight and instead of taking it off it spirals out of our control! How would we react if others started to criticize us and offer no support at all! We would be devastated, but we would also understand what others have gone through. I agree with you in prayer for her and others in the same condition. I pray for others in the same condition and I cry for them. They are so pitiful! You are also 100% correct, they need Jesus Christ, because He’s the only one that can deliver them from this deadly sin! Gluttony is a deadly sin!. There are seven (7) deadly sins: pride, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, and sloth. She’s exhibiting two of them; gluttony and sloth. Only Jesus Christ can deliver from these demons so those of you that truly serve Jesus, pray for them and remember we could end up in the same condition so we need to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to be merciful to us as we pray. God bless you for discerning the real need of this woman.

    • Ha Ha, Amen to that! PLease consider that these people are the same fools that want all of us to pay for their damn health care too!! Get ready for obamacare. Dont forget that penny is also type II diabetic and “Injects insulin into large blobs of fat”

      Edgar is definitely an enabler and was sneaking food into the hospital which was why she would not lose weight after the surgery!! I am so pissed off!! I hope that they hear our voices and realize that they dont live in a vacuum! They are damaging their own sons life as well as many others. What about the poor people who tried to help them and donated money? This is so sick!!

      • I honestly believe after all that was done and we paid for by us….for this selfish biotch that only cares about herself… the disability we are paying her should be stopped and her husband needs to get a real job like us to pay for all her food and medical….. then maybe her would realize and they both would change….. that poor child…. makes me physically ill to see… she is a true waste of our taxes…. the end.

      • edgar needs to grow a pair…. what kind she do to him if he refuses to bring her junk food and clean her c rap? It not like she can get up and hit him with a frying pan.

      • Spare me the inevitable “Obamacare” comment. This tubby woman would be on medicaid, Obamacare or not. Oh and the ACA act has cut my insurance payment in half. Thank you president Obama.

        • and you may thank him, when your taxes goes up!!…75% of my income from my trucking company, goes on taxes!!!, yes Penny is on Medicaid… I didn’t know one can go on that for being obese….as for the apartments they are or was renting its called section 8, i agree her whipped hubby should get a job, but ill bet you anything he gets a check, for taking care of her fat ass!! and they get paid from TLC!!, Penny made me sick…. she is a lazy woman, i bet she smells like roses!! but she’s not alone, when it comes to stomach bypasses, like the show states, only a small percent loses the pounds and keeps it off!!
          my cousin wife and the same surgery, and no she don’t eat the right foods!!!, she still eats junk foods!! she says heathy food is hard to keep down!!, SMH!! she lost weight, but she still lives to eat!!!

        • Well the rest of us should not pay for anyone. Get a job. Cut all benefits and pay for your own. My husband and I have to pay double for health insurance. No children!! Obama sucks. We couldn’t have children because we could not afford. If you don’t work. Welfare. Medicate. Food stamps, chip should be gone today. Take responsibility for yourself. Goverment programs for being fat is a joke.

          • Jan you are an idiot. Hey, let’s get rid of veterans’ benefits, public health and medical programs, public school lunches, surplus food distribution, slum clearance and public housing. Hey what about energy and utility assistance for the elderly…let’s get rid of that. Oh and let’s get rid of child welfare – foster care, protective living arrangements for children, counseling, financial assistance, and adoption programs. Might as well get rid of programs designed to help those experiencing substance abuse, domestic violence, emotional problems, or mental illness. Yep, all social welfare programs. Do some research before posting inane comments. And don’t forget to refuse your social security when you retire.

        • Well – good for you! You can go stand in line with the other dozen people it has helped and meanwhile just add more to the 17 Trillion dollars of debt – and he’s not done yet – that your future generations will have to pay for!

        • I don’t know about them, but even though I support universal health care, stuff like this still pisses me off. I’m currently losing weight (20 lbs in 3 months just by listening to a fitbit) so I know it’s definitely possible.

          No, what pisses me off is that my taxes are going in any way to this woman. She is lazy. Devastatingly lazy, to the point of not only taking away a mother from that boy, but by taking away his father as well by making him have to focus all of the time on her selfish persons.

          I’m all for giving money to those who need it, because we can all be there. But to plague our system with the annual thousands of dollars her benefits give her, when she has made the DECISION to do this to herself, is ridiculous.

      • Peggy has been on disability since George Bush was president. Dislike President Obama if you choose to do so, but for heaven’s sake, don’t blame this mess on Obama. TLC paid for everything, FYI. I am disabled, not by weight but by spinal disease, and please believe me when I tell you that I resent this woman’s being on disability as much as anyone else. That said, she seems severely mentally ill and probably couldn’t work even if she weren’t obese (while I sit here desperately wishing I COULD be well enough to work)…

        • Linda, you may well be my twin! I too have spinal/ ortho conditions that have brought me to the place of having to take SSD.

          My pain is chronic and non relenting. My most recent development was something I wouldn’t wish for anyone.
          I was trying to push a small potted plant for the best light exposure, when I felt a blow to the base of my spine with a shock of pain and found myself on the ground
          instantly. I thought I’d been hit by a cannonball!
          Turned out 2 vertebrae had collapsed.
          I was blessed that the surgeons were able to perform
          2 x kyphoplasty and saved my life.

          It’s a long story but the main thing is, it took all of 6 years of pure agony, angst, and dispair all while my husband of 30 years lay dying while we had no insurance whatsoever.

          To top it off, the Judge when pronouncing his now favourable decision, said too, ma’am I apologize that this court did not award hour SSD at the first Administrative Law Judge Hearing!

          There’s plenty more to the story if you want to hear it…

          God Bless y’all all, and

          God bless America

    • Exactly!!! Ticked me off too that she and her husband lived off her being on disability. I don’t think you should qualify for disability because you CHOOSE to eat an unhealthy diet and get zero exercise, self serving consequence! I don’t understand how someone can get that big, and it’s upsetting that some of these people get to the point that they are 100% reliable on someone else to take care of them and the care givers bring them McDonald’s, large pizzas and sodas. Bring them a salad, baked fish and a glass of water!

      • I thought this was made up. Ive watched almost everyone of these extreme weight loss shows and this is literally the first time I have seen someone not only not lose but GAIN weight after a gastric bypass. Its crazy. Even crazy 600lb mom Dominique Langois from Miami on TLC lost almost 100 lbs after a bypass before she finally snapped and rescued herself from a rehab facility and then in true Darwin fashion bought the farm/

        • wasn’t she the woman from haiti who had six daughters? i read that she eventually died. all that weight, even when you lose the pounds, has put tremendous pressure on all the organs and you just have to stick to a strict diet for the rest of your life . not to mention the withdrawal you go through by your body not having the “fat foods.”

      • Re: Trina’s Post (1/24/14)

        I know this is an old post, but I’m just now reading this so perhaps someone else is too… While I agree that people initially “choose” addiction, I feel that food addiction is a bit different. People do not HAVE to consume alcohol. No one has to smoke cigarettes or weed. You don’t have to shoot up drugs or swallow pills, but you DO have to eat. That is why controlling a FOOD addiction is so complicated. Wouldn’t you just think it bazaar if someone were being treated for heroin addiction and they were told, “Three times a day you must use a partial syringe of heroin. You can never use more… but you will have to use it according to guidelines for the rest of your life. Make sure you control your addiction to it… because that will kill you too!” It sounds absurd doesn’t it? But that’s what life is like for a food addict. Science does not totally understand this addiction, but it is a known fact that victims of food addiction are increasing in numbers annually. I seriously do not think that anyone chooses to be an addict just to receive a small disability check monthly.

        • I call BS on this because you do not HAVE to eat fast food, junk food, etc. It really is not hard to put down the fork after you have eaten a meal. Penny is just liar – “no one told me I had to lose weight” “I was not given a diet,” etc.

          I had to laugh when Penny said she knew how to judge calories and what to eat. Is that why she was 600 pounds?

          It’s obvious Penny loves burdening everyone and LOVES being waited on hand and foot. She does not want to lose her 24/7 caregivers even if that means never having to even walk for herself.

        • i call bs too!!! food addiction aside, SHE HAS A CHILD!!!! If she can not battle her addiction for him, she is a lost cause.
          she likes the attention and has a woe is me attitue. selfish selfish woman!!!!

          • I also call BS! Food addiction aside, she has to have food BROUGHT to her- after their poor little boy goes to school in the morning, that spineless husband needs to disappear for a few hours and let her stew in her own juices for a change.

          • I call bs on your bs. People with food addictions most often have no “off” switch. That is the chemical message that your body sends to your brain to tell it that you are full/fulfilled. Almost all “normal” people have this “switch,” and so know when to stop eating. However, satiation is one thing that most severely obese people may NEVER have experienced in their entire lives. Thus, they always feel hunger, even if, physically, they are so full that they are bloated. And since anyone who does not suffer from this affliction could possibly know how it feels to be hungry 24/7/365¼, it is impossible properly to describe the sensation, even though it is all too real for the morbidly obese.
            Possibly the best description of this disease was reported by a morbidly obese patient of a trial study for a new obesity-fighting drug. She said it best when she stated, to paraphrase a conversation she had with a researcher during the drug trials:
            Researcher: “How did it feel when you ate prior to now?”
            Morbidly obese woman: “Before, every time I ate, I had no ‘off switch.’ My brain was never told that I was full! Consequently, I would eat and eat until I was physically ill. Then I would stop…for a short while. You see, my brain was still telling me that I was hungry all the time!”
            Researcher: “And how does it feel when you eat now?”
            Morbidly obese woman: “It’s a miracle! When I eat now, after I have about a half of a plate of food or an appetizer, I am already starting to feel full! And after the main course arrives, I can’t ever finish the whole plate. I NEVER used to leave ANY food on my plate. I would even lick the plates I was so hungry! But now, I am eating whatever I want until I feel full, and STILL I am losing weight!”
            These answers to the questions about the effects of this temporary medicinal cure came from a drug trial for a first-of-its-kind, two-concomitant-administered drugs.
            It is so easy to sit in an armchair and to criticize, prognosticate and pronounce sentences upon people about whom you know very little, and about a disease process about which you know nothing. Also, “enablers” are an extremely well-known and researched class of people. And whether you understand it or not, no matter how it SEEMS, i.e., looking like manipulation and whining on the part of the (food) addict, etc., nevertheless, enablers are more than happy to do what they do. It gives them a feeling of control over an uncontrolled situation.

            But, sick as it is, enablers are a large-and-fast-growing group of people. The main reason for this is that as the world goes faster and faster, and changes happen quicker and quicker, and is seemingly less understandable to people who have a lower tolerance for stress than many of us, the feeling (however spurious) of having any measure of control over ANYTHING is much like a tonic for such people.

            THEIR risk/reward centers EXPLODE with “reward” signals when they enable someone about whom they care. It is as if they feel that they are helping their loved one to stay alive, even if in reality it is killing their loved one. It is as much of an addiction to the enabler as is food, drugs or alcohol to those types of addicts. The well-known brain pathology and etiology are usually indistinguishable for an enabler vs. an addict of any other kind.

        • Here’s why I don’t think your analogy holds water: These people are not addicted to all and any food. They have a problem controlling themselves when it comes to unhealthy deep fried, greasy, or sugary empty calories. When is the last time you heard of someone weighing 600 lbs. because they couldn’t stop stuffing carrots down their throat? So their metaphorical syringe doesn’t have to contain heroin, just as they don’t have to try eating only one McNugget. They could be given a syringe of vitamins, or a large salad with grilled chicken, and be welcome to eat at much as they wanted. Does it take self control? Yes. A strong desire to change? Yes. But don’t say that exposure to any food at all makes it unbelievably difficult, if not impossible, for them to make the right choice. It’s the unhealthy foods that cause them difficulty, not all food, and exposing themselves to that specific addictive type of food is their choice. Another interesting flaw with your argument is that although you don’t separate out the different types of food that cause their problem, you do separate beverages, and speak solely about alcohol as opposed to all fluids. It makes your reasoning seem a bit manipulative, or at least inconsistent. An alcoholic still has to consume beverages to survive, and makes the choice every day to stick to healthy decisions. If an alcoholic is out to dinner, it would be very physically uncomfortable not to have a beverage with their meal. Does that mean they have to go for the bottle of wine that’s on the table, rather than choose to order a soft drink? No, it does not. Just like a food addict can order the grilled chicken sandwich from the drive-thru, and remove the roll.

    • Maddening…utterly maddening. One of those people who thinks she knows best, who has an excuse for everything, who has the part of the ‘victim’ down perfectly, who blames everyone but herself and who will die young, (having pulled money and resources from the medical system that could be used to help genuinely sick people who are truly ill through no fault of their own) leaving a son motherless. Some people are beyond help, as the Dr said again and again “The Scales don’t lie!” (she even tried to suggest that had incorrectly weighed her!) – how annoying to be a medical professional using all of your knowledge and expertise to try to help someone and to have them behave in such a way….it just goes to prove the point…you can drag (with six firemen and a huge ambulance) an enormous, bed ridden, eating machine of a horse to water…but you cant make it drink…unless it’s chocolate milk and an ice cream. Shame on you Penny, at then end of the day there is only one person to blame for the way you are now and only one person who will get you out of this. If you want eat something maybe try a big old slice of humble pie?, listen to your Doctor, follow his advice and for the sake of your Son and your family lose the weight and get back to the precious gift of life you are squandering.

      • How can you even admit on the air that you borrowed money from friends and neighbors!!! these people must be so angry, I know would be, they just borrowed her money so they could eat more junk!!!! to see her not even try made me so mad, then at the end of the show she says “Liam sees how much I’m willing to go through for him to lose weight” who does she think she is kidding? were not all as stupid as you Penney, I just could never face my friends that helped me out with money ever again, but she has no pride so I guess she would even ask them again for money. what a waste of oxygen.

    • Penny is horrible! Her husband is in almost as much denial about reality as she is. The only victim in the household is the little boy. I hope he has some normal, functional role models in his life.

      • Can she possibly be a psychopath or a sociopath? It’s all about her, not caring for otbers.

        The comment that bothered me most was, “Nobody told me I had to lose weight after the surgey.” Infact, everything that came out of her mouth was a lie or completely delusional.

        The saddest comment was
        from her son: “I’m so proud of her for getting out of bed.” He needs to know the difference between truth and lies or he too will have psycological problems his whole life! Stop giving a thing about her and somebody get some help to that little boy!!

        • She’s an addict. It’s nomdifferent than if she were an alcoholic or a heroin addict. It’s selfish behavior either way.

        • I love watching this show for the inspiring stories. MOST of the time!! This Penny lady, disgusted me!! Not only is she a complete sociopath who uses everyone to get what she wants, she’s a lazy mother who is ruining her little boy!!
          She made me sick with the “woe is me” attitude! She actually had the nerve to ask for money from friends and neighbors to make the trip to Houston and couldn’t even make the effort to TRY?!?!? She has no business being a mother EVER! The state should step in and take that boy away from her and let his aunt (who seemed like she really loves him and would teach him about reality) raise him!!
          One more thing, SHE COULD WALK IF SHE WANTED TO!!! I don’t buy that bullsh*t for one second!! She’s just too lazy to try!!! SICKENING COW!!!

        • Cheryl…she is without a doubt a serious narcissistic psychopath….always being the victim and blaming anyone but herself!
          Her husband Edgar is a “Yes dear….anything for you my love”…as he swallows all pride and anger.
          This program was stomach churning. I’m thankful this didn’t include “Smella’vision”.
          Can you imagine the stench coming from her rotting bunghole and flaps of skin thats not being washed properly as it takes moving ones body in order to get washed up and that could take hours just for one leg!
          Her commenting so proudly that she can now wash her vagina…omg! Beyond grosser than gross!
          Must be most sickening smell whenever the wind blows on those downwind. Like living next to a pig farm!

          • Just a few of the cringe-worthy moments. How about her preparing food while sitting in her bed. I wouldn’t want to eat something that was made by someone sitting in their own filth all day. Yuck.

          • Peeeeee you! I cannot imagine (va JJ). LOVED seeing her big fat a$$ as Edgar took the bed pan away from under it. I seriously do not think for one second that she couldn’t, at least, get up and pivot on to a porta potty next to her bed instead of that thing. She has no shame.

        • Cheryl, interesting question. I kept thinking Narcissistic Personality Disorder. She needs to be the center of attention, has an enormous and illogical capacity for denial, reacts very defensively to feedback, shows little empathy, uses people, idealized the doctor excessively at one point then rejected him. Something is wrong in the personality department, something clinical.

    • I too was outraged that all of these options were provided to this woman and she took advantage of none of them. I am having WLS next week, but my insurance doesn’t cover it so I have to pay for it out of pocket. There are some of us who would do just about anything to have the tools she was provided. I pray she will change her behavior.

    • Fat people are not the only broken people in life. You also have the people who measure their lives by money. Always worried about footing the bill for someone else instead of seeing the actual mental is a sign of very liw self esteem.

    • I totally agree with everything you say. I cant stand people who are perpetual victims… and soooo lazy! Then she has the nerve to say that she is more of a mom than others who work?! That poor child is forced to grow up beyond his years to look after her. What kind of a role model is this? Nasty

    • This message is for you Penny. You apparently have become an all knowing intellect by laying in bed solidifying your knowledge of the universe. You” know” that setting goals leads to failure and complacency. Hello they don’t come lazier or more complacent than you!!! You “know” that the nutritionist spewed a bunch of bull. Yet millions benefit from their help. You are a selfish life sucker from those who have supported you financially as well as love. You want to get healthy for your son- another lie. You do not deserve a sweet little boy like yours! You are a classic case of a stubborn, self-centered, narcrissist who will continue to take until death finally sets your loved ones free.
      Your husband is laughable. He is counting the days until he is free, why else does he feed into this. Its not like you could run after him and beat him. He is not afraid of you, just looking ahead to the inevitable.

      I have watched this show from its beginning, and for the most part I see beautiful human beings grasping an incredible oppurtunity provided to them (with ups and downs and human struggles). They fight for what they want. You fight for the next Big Mac.


      • I agree with you totally. This was the first episode I watched and I didn’t want to watch anymore if this is how all the people acted. She was a stupid waste of time, money, space, and energy. I wanted to scream at her when she told her son that she tried to tell the nutritionist not to take away his cereal. I hope someone can come in and teach her son healthier eating habits and that his mother is NOT an example to follow. The bullshit crying and manipulating was too much. She should have been required to lose at least 50-100 pounds on her own before getting the surgery. Ugh this lady truly disgusted me.

        • AND she’s a liar! What? Your child isn’t a candy or a cookie eater? Nice way to teach your child to be a liar too. Wtf is wrong with these people? Between her and Pauline I don’t who’s worse.
          Penny? I’m hoping you’re going to watch your episode and see what all America has seen..YOUR FAT ASS on its side blocking all light with your husband taking out the bed pan full of your nasty urine and poop because you’re too lazy to walk a few steps and sit on the toilet..That’s sexy.

    • Wow. Disgusting. I’ve never wanted to throw something at someone so badly in my life!! She keeps saying with all the “progress” I’ve made and she’s done nothing!!! You have sores because you’re dirty and never fucking get out of bed!!! Pure laziness and a waste of fucking tax dollars! Put a cheeseburger at the end of the bed and leave I bet if she gets hungry enough shed get the fuck up!!

    • Thank you for speaking your mind. She is definitely a mean and manipulative person. I find good or try to in anyone but man she got my goat. “Why isn’t it working for me” “Why me” “It worked for everyone else. Most of the people who have succeeded deserved the success. Penny is a waste of not only breath but space as well. She’s financially draining and feels she is entitled to everything. She treats her husband like crap and is setting a really bad example for their kid. the both of them smh.

      She needs to pay atlas half the $ back and apologize to all the medical staff that only wanted to make her better. She says “ill do what I want at my own pace smh.

    • Absolutely! My thoughts exactly.
      Her husband needs to get his head out of his butt to begin with. She treats him like dirt.
      The boy is suffering.
      They laugh at the nutritionist…
      Waste of time for everyone and waste of money.
      I just hope Her husband has money for a huge casket and funeral for her. It won’t be long.

      • Wrong Pam, his head is stuck up her ass, hopeless that he will ever be able to pull it out !!! I had so many negative comments during the show, that my husband said, do you want me to change to some thing else? I told him it just upsets me that she keeps playing the victim, I can always tell in the beginning of an episode, if the person will be successful. The ones that are not going to be successful are full of excuses as to why they gained so much weight ie, my Uncle abused me as a child and My parents were divorced when i was young, Give me a break, get over it and move one. But then she couldn’t be the victim. She acted as though she stood up at 125 lbs and everyone throw fast food on her body and it stuck. She never consumed a calorie, so she can’t be held responsible for her weight !! Give me a break. That woman is a disgusting, self centered pig and will die as the same. CPS should be called in for Liam before its too late for him !!!

    • Hi S. You’re spot on, you hit the nail right on the head! I have to question whether she’s really motivated. If she’s not willing to follow expert advice and change her mindset, she has nobody to blame but herself. Same with her wimp husband who hasn’t got the spine to enforce her diet. Last week I watched the one-year followup. Maybe you did too. No change. The only one I feel sorry for is the kid who will probably lose his mom at an early age. My wife and I have watched numerous episodes of this show and seen some nice success stories. But Penny just left us shaking our heads. And I agree, WHO pays for all this???

    • I agree why doesn’t she just take a gun and shot herself. Her poor husband and son. She ìs a real work of art. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her. I for one don’t, she is just a pig.

    • All fat people on disability aren’t using the system….there is situations that you can’t help it. And I paid taxes too.
      Try looking up lipoedema/lymphedema.
      I do have to admit she didn’t try very hard but she had to be ready to lose weight or nothing will help.

    • sorry but penny is a fat lazy slob that does not want help.she had the best dr. in the world and did not want to follow his advice. but she had no problem stuffing her fat ass face with fried food bread potatoes and other junk. she deserves whatever happens to her. shes disgusting i feel sorry for her son. as far as her husband goes hes as goofy as she is.they will be burying her soon and that will be her doings

    • There are some things that are far worse that physical harm someone can inflict on another…words last forever…once said, that’s it…you may well wind up regretting them for the rest of your life. Having said that, I think that her husband is honestly afraid of just that…Penny seems to be like a drug addict and we have all seen how some addicts react when they face intervention. The other problem most likely is that he left his job to care for her full time…someone had to, and he took on that task, as her husband and now caregiver. As a result of that, the only money coming in is from her disability payments, which I don’t think amount to much and I’d bet that she has to sign the check, when it arrives…doubt they have a bank account anywhere. So now he is faced with all the grocery shopping and all and if he doesn’t do as she tells him, then he better be prepared to take their son and find somewhere else to live…she could make her husband and her son so miserable if he doesn’t get exactly what she wants from the grocery. I was so upset with Penny too…she seems so pleased with her “progress”, which is no progress at all. She lies to everyone, including herself…making comments that she is “just a normal mom, spending time with her family”. She has to rely completely on her husband doing everything for their son, as well as for her. He has no outlet at all…I am hoping and praying that the show does the intervention that they mentioned here. I also think that unless someone can lose whatever weight Dr. Now poses before he schedules them for the surgery, without being hospitalized to lose it, that the surgery shouldn’t be done. Bless his heart, he is a Godsend and such a kind and helpful doctor, facing so many challenges with so many patients with different personalities and bad habits to overcome. I really hope that Penny would realizes very soon now, that this is time for her to help herself and listen to the professionals that have already given so much time and effort to helping her. Otherwise, I so pray that she will be placed into some sort of nursing facility or care center and allow her husband and son to go on with their lives…this little boy deserves so much more from life and he needs to have that chance, without Penny, if she isn’t truly ready to help herself.

      • Well said. Penny is maddening, but Penny is clearly mentally ill. As someone above mentioned, the most revealing moment was when, after having her surgery and not cooperating with the program one bit, after refusing the help of the physical therapist to even try and get her huge azz out of bed, she breaks down and whines that she didn’t know that she’d have to lose weight?!!? Un-effing-believable. I think that if the government and charities and the kindness of neighbors and relatives is what’s supporting her, then those same people get to call the shots. Penny goes into some kind of nursing home, and her husband and dear little boy get to enjoy a healthy normal life. Penny? She either cooperates and gets up and bloody well TRIES to move her carcass, or she dies. Everyone on the program was so nice to her, even when she was sitting there telling them she knew how to count calories and no, she couldn’t possibly sit up today. Dangle a double cheeseburger just out of her reach and she’ll by God get up and take some steps. It is a horrible case to watch, and even when she spoke to her online psychologist who had her agree to accept to calling her on her excuses, she STILL ran the same old lines. Look at her eyes. She’s scamming as much as she can and she knows it. When she’s called on her lies, she cries…but underneath she is quite obviously seething. I promise, she is a vicious bully when she doesn’t get her way. I would not put assault past her. Anyone who can plop onto a bedpan as easily as she did in front of a camera is a narcissistic pig and an abuser. Period.

    • On another note, about Penny’s story, is that cases like hers, where she has had two surgeries to try and help her lose this weight…both paid for by her insurance carrier, I would assume. The insurance companies may well opt out of this surgical intervention, if it proves that patients can’t lose the weight successfully and keep it off, after undergoing this surgery. So Penny’s inability to help herself may have far-reaching consequences for other patients needing help losing weight. This TLC program was originally aired to help others that had been housebound for long periods of their lives, due to being overweight and unable to get out of their homes. This show was intended to sort of “break down the borders” so that other people out there that had a sincere desire to change their lives, would have an outlet to finally succeed in that endeavor. We all know that a lot of issues that years ago, were unapproachable, are today being talked about and solutions being sought to help out anyone trying to find help for their own situations in their lives…being grossly overweight is one of those issues that the medical professionals are now trying to find safe solutions for…there is no “magic pill” to cure this…it takes a lot of will power, on the individuals part to be able to help themselves. Having said that, I cannot imagine, especially in Penny’s case here, anyone going through one, let alone two weight-loss surgeries to remedy this situation and not taking drastic steps to improve their outlook and do everything in their power to lose the weight. I would also imagine it is very discouraging to a lot of other potential patients, that may be excellent candidates for this procedure, to see someone like Penny just not care. Her husband is indeed an enabler, however, if anyone watching her interact with the medical professionals trying to help her, and she doesn’t even know them…can you imagine what she would be like if her husband attempted to try and change what she is eating. Yes, if I were in his situation, I would give her a choice, either you let me buy what is healthy for you to take this weight off, or me and my son are out of here. Bottom line…now he is faced with having to find someone to help him care for his son and also to find a job and a place for them to live…no doubt he won’t have the apartment any longer. Hopefully, he and his son could move in with family long enough for him to find a job and get a place for himself and his son. Pure Hell though, accomplishing this…like an old shoe I think…he has gotten so used to the way she is…but, he is going to have to make a stand, if not for himself, then for his son!!

    • That poor boy was born motherless, pretty close to fatherless too since dads world revolves around caretaking mom 24/7. And the friend that says Penny is a great mom is delusional.

    • I can’t read down through all these posts, I might have a stroke. This doctor has dedicated his life to helping people who for one reason or another have grown to a size larger than their health can bear. This show has give a select few the ability to have life saving surgery to correct it. Most of the have been emotionally abused early in their life and that needs to be addressed, then once they lose weight all that skin needs to be removed. None of it is easy for anyone to deal with but Penny did NOTHING at all. She took took took from both the doctor and tlc and did nothing at all but complain about how she was treated it disgusts me. Then the update came around, I really hoped she would have done something to make a difference but nope. Sickening.

    • I have read a lot of these replies and I must say I have think everyone here is wrong. One thing I now from experience and is never addressed in this entire reply/opinion section is one thing is missing that could have helped Penny more than anything else! Where is the Spiritual Help?
      You cannot succeed in anything without asking GOD to help! Some of you will agree, some of you will laugh, some of you will find that suggestion ridiculous, some of you will say ” You can’t be serious”.
      I have seen many opinions and statements of disgust on this site but I haven’t heard anyone offering to help? It’s easy to judge other people and I can promise everyone has a demon in their life. It might not be a 600lb demon, but we all have a embarrassing problem, secret, “Wish I hadn’t done that moment”, theirs something somewhere in your life that you wished or hoped didn’t happen! For many people it may be a minor thing, but its there, it exists, it happened.
      Now I don’t support the way this woman and her family approaches her problems. I think she could get help or find a way to improve her situation, if she really wanted too? After viewing this episode I found it to be quite clear that just like most addicts this woman didn’t really want to change. Their are probably many reasons for this, she’s not very motivated, she doesn’t really care enough to make the changes, who really know’s why she doesn’t make the effort, it may be for the same reason addicts of drugs and alcohol that die from their addiction cannot quit, who knows?
      Addiction is a fact of a lot of peoples lives. A typical addict justify’s and reasons just as this woman does. Her addiction is just as disgusting as a person that drinks themselves or pos pills till they die. And our society has labeled and accepted these type of addicts as “diseased” ? There is much help out there for addicts of alcohol and drug abuse and yet we callously condemn overweight people as being self centered self righteous “PIGS” ! Do they not deserve our understanding and compassion as we show other addictions? Yes, Penny is SICK, she has every sign as an Addict of drugs and alcohol exhibits. She has, denial, she uses excuses, she manipulates people to enable her addiction, she hides the truth of her actual “Usage” of food, she’s a liar, she only thinks of herself, and she knows the consequences of her addiction, death! These are all the things we find and accept in other addicts. She is an ADDICT! And yet we treat her as if she isn’t?
      ….think about this when you find yourself not comprehending how a person can end up like Penny has. Its sad, you may not think she deserves your pity…..what addict does?
      Before you Judge her, remember she can do nothing to improve her self without Christ!! She needs to be introduced to Christ….is there anyone out there that can take on that challenge? Will someone on this Forum offer a prayer for her as they do in alcoholics anonymous? You know, in all the Addiction programs admitting to a “Higher” power is indoctrinated into the recovery process! For me, my higher power is the Christian God and all things are possible through our God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Penny deserves that too?
      We can be disgusted with Penny and her attitude, yes she has enablers in her life, what she doesn’t have is God? So despise her as you will but at least say a prayer for her and her family. I can only hope she can find her way to Jesus. As with all addiction programs, she will not succeed without the “Higher Power” intervention.
      I hope and pray that while I know TLC’s Documentary crew does have an obligation to not interfere while filming, they do have an obligation to help her now the filming is over. One of you producers need to either get a local Clergy involved or at the least make an effort to explain to her what I have here. One way or another she’s going to need one? ….Least you can do is introduce her to one while she’s still able to interact with one?
      I am going to stop now…….better yourself and don’t be disgusted by this woman….feel sorry for her situation…Pray for Her!!!

      Thanks for listening to another side of the issue. JCM

    • I guess Im a little late to this party-I just saw this show tonight- it was the One Year Later episode. I’ve only seen one other person on this show who was so determined to remain fat- a lady who’s teen aged son was her caregiver. My heart broke for that poor boy. But with Penny- the comment that made me want to jump up and scream at her was when they were going through the cabinets of food and she said to her little boy…. look they want to throw away your favorite cereal. Is this woman mentally ill?

  2. I’m annoyed she came to my state and wasted money for her surgery. Then she waste government money by being on disability. She is a liar she never tried she has no ambition.

  3. Penny’s attitude disgusts me. I agree with S post above. She is manipulative and blames everyone for her lack of success. Her behavior is selfish. She said she was there for her child more than a mom who had a job and working everyday. Who is she kidding? She has no idea what she is talking about. She is a poor role model for her child and the mental issues this child will deal with as an adult is probably just as bad as the abusive father she grew up with.

    I have never written a post about a TV show. Bottom line…the husband and child are better off without her. I know this sounds awful but unless the show was going to end with Penny coming to grips with her self sabotaging ways… i would have been fine with the doc signing her death certificate at the end of the show. Now I’ve wasted a hour of my life watching this horrible episode?

    • Get up off your fat ass and start helping yourself. Excuses after excuses. Your husband and your son are in jail!! What are you possibly giving them that would make them want to stay with you?? Only YOU can help yourself!!! Start now!!your son needs a mother!!!

  4. What a fat waste of skin. She didn’t even try to lose weight. What did she think, the surgery was going to lose the weight for her?! Idiot. I hope Edgar wises up and leaves her so her son doesn’t have to watch his mother kill herself with food. Who chooses food over their own child? It’s maddening!

    • You are absotutolutely right about penny the penny waster. She is definitely “penny foolish”. The Russians have a word for her; stupidiotsky, and the hispanics have a word, stupidiodo, and the Americans have a word, damn stupid idiot.

  5. Penny’s attitude disgusts me. I agree with S post above. She is manipulative and blames everyone for her lack of success. Her behavior is selfish. She said she was there for her child more than a mom who had a job and working everyday. Who is she kidding? She has no idea what she is talking about. She is a poor role model for her child and the mental issues this child will deal with as an adult is probably just as bad as the abusive father she grew up with.

    I have never written a post about a TV show. Bottom line…the husband and child are better off without her. I know this sounds awful but unless the show was going to end with Penny coming to grips with her self sabotaging ways… i would have been fine with the doc signing her death certificate at the end of the show. Now I’ve wasted a hour of my life watching this horrible episode. Ugh!

  6. She is disgusting and seems to be psychotic. If she didn’t make America sick enough, she had to announce that she can now wash her own vagina. Thanks for sharing that with us all, Penny. There are thousands of worthy people who would love to have that s surgery with Dr Nowzaadan. What a waste of a gifted surgeon, disability money, and organs that could be harvested and used for worthy human beings. I feel sorry for that kid. Is it me, or did he look huge for kindergarten! On Penny’s Facebook, there are pics of the kid and his mouth is filled with permanent teeth (in kindergarten) and many metal dental fillings. I’m sure he eats garbage- how could he not? Penny and Edgar are two of the grossest people I’ve ever seen.

    • It implies she hasn’t washed her vagina for years- imagine the stench that must fill their house. likely clingig to the walls and clothes. . Even if a person is severely obese, it is possible to attend to ones hygene issues- this woman didn’t care one bit. Jabba The Hutt had better hygiene than this horrid creature

  7. I had gastric bypass surgery on Nov 11th 2013. I weighed 315..ugh, right? 10 weeks later I have lost 62.5lb. Its not easy to change eating habits but you MUST before and after having gastric bypass. Along with my friend the treadmill I am becoming the active, healthier person that I used to be…which was my first GOAL. Something Penny said she would never do is set goals, whaaaa???!! She made me angry too. I have a long journey ahead to reach my final goal but there’s no way you will see me eating fried foods anytime soon! I hope when Penny sees the show and all of the blogs she will finally realize that she is ruining her greatest chance for change and that she will be Ready to lose the weight. Her son is worthy of having a mother, not a beanbag that occasionally tickles him.

    • “Not a beanbag that occasionally tickles him.” – that’s funny.
      Come here and let me tickle you… yum yum yum. It’s like that Little Caesars commercial where the kids just slip into the beanbag. Good thing her vagina is clean.

    • Good for you Heather!! Losing weight is never easy; I firmly believe that it’s comparable to quitting smoking, you have to want to do it for yourself in order to accomplish your goals. The fact that Penny said she had no goals was dumbfounding to me. How ignorant can a person be? Clearly very! Shame on her husband for being such an enabler, I understand that he loves her, but he should love her enough to cut her off from the crap food he’s been serving her! I also agree with Jill, their poor son is going to be so messed up from watching his mom slowly die at his father’s hand and from her unwillingness to get up off of her lazy butt to save herself! That episode was a total waste of money unless Penny actually watches it and realizes how foolishly manipulative and selfish-destructive she is and changes her ways. Seriously doubt it though

      • Losing weight is unlike most addictions, because you still have to eat. Quit smoking and you start breathing better. Quit eating and you die. It is totally changing all of your thoughts and habits. I agree quitting smoking is tough because both are often used as emotional crutches, but they are definitely different.
        Mental health is never easy and I would love to see some more psychoanalysis go into the patients beforehand. I am not a medical doctor, but it seems like just losing 30lbs does not prove you are in it for the long haul. Many people yo-yo and it would be great to see some thoughts about why, how to prevent, and how to manage. If they could come up with coping skills to teach people and how to deal with the obvious mental illness that plaques these people, then less money would be wasted. Mental illness is drastically under treated in our society. Some “tlc” properly utilized would benefit these people much more than surgery ever will.

    • I would like to start by saying that I try very hard NOT TO JUDGE ANYONE! That being said, the show I watched regarding Penny absolutely enraged me. There are so many people today that would do anything to have the chance to be able to have Gastric Bypass Surgery & are unable to. She blamed everyone else but herself! Yes, it’s extremely difficult to lose weight but at the end of the day only you can choose what you put in your mouth. She kept saying that her son, Liam, meant the world to her…I call BS!!! No, I’m not overweight because I try & eat properly but to be blessed with a child & “promise” him certain things is atrocious. She never followed through with anything. I would do anything to have a child but unfortunately, my husband & I haven’t been blessed with one yet. Little Liam is basically watching his Mother die before his very eyes & that’s just wrong. I know many of you may not agree with me, but I truly believe that is a form of Child Abuse. She says she knows better than the doctors, I’m sorry but that’s a lie. Dr. Nowzarden has helped so many deserving people get their lives back. I honestly was appalled & saddened by the lack of willingness of this woman! Her husband is an enabler but the only choice he has is to take their child & walk away. I think he loves her but honestly, I don’t think he really likes her or being at her beck & call 24 hrs a day. He knows that if he leaves, no one else will take care of her. I have never seen anyone with such a horrible attitude. It’s her way or no way & I guarantee you that she won’t live much longer. I guess what upset me the most is that her son is an innocent victim in all of this…She is a very manipulative woman who should be ashamed of herself, NOT because of her weight but because of the fact that she won’t listen to the Doctor & take the proper steps to lose weight. If she won’t do it for herself, she should do it for her child. When you become a parent you should & usually do anything & everything for your children. I can’t understand why she’s so selfish! She really needs help but unfortunately, she thinks she knows what’s best for her. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, but that’s just how I feel.

      • I agree with almost all of you. Penny was given this opportunity to get her life back and she chose, lies, manipulation, narcissism & stupidity to work either this doctor or this show for surgery that was a lost cause from the beginning. Although I have loved watching the success stories on this show this episode just hit me in a way that I never thought it would. Im not sure if ANY of these patients get any psychological screening or anything like that to give some insight into whether these patients are truly in this for the long haul and not just for attention. Obviously you have to drop all sense of modesty to do this if your 600+ lb body would be seen naked rolling off a bed pan or your Va JJ happens to peak out from under the layers and layers of fat. Most of the candidates were really done living in this 4 x 5 world of a bedroom that encases them in their own world so no one ever has to see them. As I watched the success stories I was so excited to see those who came full circle and got down to weights that allowed them to have a whole new life. Especially the one with Tara .. she embraced life and never looked back and also she was terribly worried about her teenage daughter who was showing signs of an eating disorder. Penny on the other hand just wanted to make up a fairytale world that she thought she had lost 340 lbs (as she told the paramedic who just lifted her 530 lb body into the ambulance. She was a super deflector….. Anyone who thinks they can cook regular food and GUESS how many calories and fat and know for a fact that they are staying within the guidelines of a diet are crazy. I just finished the Chef V 5 day juice cleanse and I am overjoyed. I lost 11 lbs in 5 days. Menopause had crept up on me and I was just feeling so horrible about myself. It took a LOT of will power to stay on task especially when Im feeding my grandkids and noticed I was picking and eating off their plate the majority of the day. ANyway… Penny is an attention whore and she wanted this to be all about her. I disagree with the few that said Ed is just waiting for her to die so he can be free…. he is enabler with a capital E but he is also a loner and he pussy whipped…He had no life before Penny and he has no life now and he seems happy to be in his little bubble of being pushed and pulled and yelled at cut down and humiliated. He is not going anywhere he is there for the long haul. We all have the same views on the child which is he is stuck living in this false sense of security where his mom lies and lies and lies and manipulated into believing that his mom is this angle who has done everything possible to get better when she is doing nothing at all. My favorite favorite part that made me laugh hysterically (but I should have been crying) is when she spoke so rudely to the nutritionist by saying her question was asinine when asked what her motive was to lose weight …… the only one who “became complacent, sat on their laurels and not perform to the best of their ability was Penny. Bottom line is this woman likes being taken care of she likes that people around her are crying and saying she is going to die. She is her own worst enemy and it is unfortunate that the day they are speaking of is coming very very soon.
        I also recommend everyone to watch Intervention which is on Lifetime Movie network and A & E. it is heart wrenching to watch these addicts struggle against their demons. BUT this show has won emmy awards and has saved the lives of so many men and women who are emotionally traumatized by there pasts and have taken the one thing they can control is the drugs. How the families are treated and how these addicts steal, lie, sell themselves for the sake of a high. Give it a watch it seems a bit more positive in the end other than watching Penny die. PS the last thing the new season really cuts off the story way before there is any real change in these people’s weight. I mean it seems they are on track but I guess we will never know until a follow up story.

        • Absolutely incredible! Do you hear yourself? Did you even read what you wrote? You are willing to give DRUG and ALCOHOL addicts a pass for lying, manipulating, stealing, narcissistic behavior, etc., but Penny, who is every bit as much of an addict as any of them earns your scorn and ire? Shame on you and all of the other judgemental know-nothings who have populated this board!

          And the truly ironic part of this forum’s opinions is that, based on statistics, AT LEAST 10% – 20% of all respondents are addicts or alcoholics themselves! It is so easy to judge other people, but who cares to look into a mirror? Shame!

    • Miss Heather, I think your attitude is wonderful. Congratulations on getting your life back to where you want it to be. The journey may be difficult but you’re such a positive role model! I’ll be Praying for you & Thanks for sharing your Journey thus far with us. You are a truly welcome ray of sunlight!!!

    • I think part of the problem is that people like Penny think that gastric bypass is going to be a miracle cure and that they have no idea of what the aftercare/after surgery is going to be like. I think Penny just thought the weight was going to miraculously just fall off and she wasn’t going to have to do anything to help herself.

  8. Penny came off EXTREMELY ungreatful & very bratty at times. Why waste people’s time, energy, resources, and better yet faith/hope?! Almost seems like a joke to her & nothing was wrong by the end when she BEARLY lost any weight.. i hope things change for her if/when shw watches herself & can reflect on things. SO sad. A family and family friend have had this surgery, it by NO means was a walk in the park & they definitely had their rough days but NEVER once made excuses for themselves as to why they couldnt get their weighloss accomplished, just like anything else in life. i would say i feel sorry for her but it kind of seems as if thats what shes looking for, i truely feel sorry for her husband & son.. although her husband IS an enabler, would you want to mess up her grocery list? i would not!

  9. You don’t get her size just because she loves food. There is so much more going on with her and such cold, cruel posts will likely cause her to reach for food even more so. It is the only way she can comfort herself. If extreme obesity was simply a body problem it would be easy to treat. But it isn’t and I don’t know how anybody can attack the mentally ill. She has her issues and her behavior mirrors that of any other addict.

      • Interesting. I was very accident prone growing up only to discover later in life that it was a symptom of the dysfunctional relationship with my father. Once I began to acknowledge, address and heal those issues, I never had an accident again.

    • Agree. I am a compulsive emotional eater who was bulimic for 14 years. I have recovered after many years of a lot of inner healing using a variety of methods. Pretty disgusting to me that the show didn’t even address her mental/emotional issues.

    • I agree that people are angry and disgusted that she’s in a state of denial…but she needs a dose of tough love. Her husband Edgar is foolishly aiding and abetting her killer habit. He needs to insist that their cabinets are purged of junk and he’ll benefit with his own health improvement as there’s no excuse for him to hand her deadly meals and to deny their child healthy food; she needs to be told that she will get therapy; she will improve her attitude, act like an adult and give a damn, or he hits the road and sticks with that choice if need be; in short, he needs to grow a pair and just say “no!”

    • Yeah sure .. now let me go throw up after reading your post … She’s a selfish and lazy woman … I guess the truth hurts .


  10. I am so angry with this woman….I really hope her husband gets custody of the son and leaves to lead a healthy life without her dragging him and everyone else around her down…WHAT A WASTE OF (EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED WITH THIS) TIME!!

  11. I watched the show about Penny and the more I watched, the angrier I became. What a pity-party. The biggest I have ever witnessed. I agree with every negative comment. Penny needs to be surround with people with some backbone, that are going to tell exactly what she needs to know…not po-poing everything she says. She is committing suicide right before all of our eyes. She is sick in the head…where are the mental health people? What about child protective services…does anyone care about this little boy? Her enabling husband needs his a_ _ whipped!

    • I was disgusted by this episode. Penny is a sick manipulator and her poor husband is just plain dumb. I feel sorry for Liam. I try to be positive in life and after watching this, i feel like my brain shrank a bit after 60 minutes of watching this woman kill herself. What a waste of time and money. I say let her eat herself sikky.

    • I have to agree, where is child protection? this is abuse, she couldn’t help him if he really hurt himself at home and she was the only one there, and the mental abuse he must feel and hear her talk so degrading to Edgar when she needs something, she makes me sick, the only nickname she has for Liam is a food name like Nugget, of course it’s about food, but Liam is also lacking in vitamins, I never once saw them have a salad or fruit, and I also feel sorry for the dog, I’m sure he never gets out for a walk or to be played with, they need love and attention too!!! what a waste.

  12. As soon as I saw her refusing to walk after the surgery, I knew she was going to fail.

    The doctor should have insisted that she must walk on her own before giving her the surgery.

    After all, he insisted that she lose 40 pounds first and she did it..

    But yeah, I know, she stuck to a diet before surgery then didn’t after, so even if she had been made to walk before surgery she probably would have still claimed she was too sore to walk after.

    Some people truly want to change, but aren’t willing to work hard to get there.

    • She actually didn’t “stick to diet” before the surgery…she was in the hospital being FED a 1200 cal a day diet…it wasn’t her own effort. So, when the doc said, “Penny has proven she can lose weight,” I was all whaaaaaaat? That wasn’t HER doing it. Sighhh…sad story. Very frustrating.

      • I think the doctor meant her results proved her body could lose weight so she has no excuses when she goes home … but she certainly found a way to make her surgery & all the medical intervention offered moot.

  13. It angers me that she gets to stay home and collect disibility that I contribute to by working while she lays in that bed 24/7 and eats herself to death. Her comment about being able to spend more time with her kid than working mothers was an insult to me. It’s cause she can’t get out of bed and frankly I don’t think she really wants to. Who would when you can collect free money from us working mothers who get to spend less time with our kids. I think she is a poor excuse for a mother and her attitude stinks.

  14. I have not had surgery but a month ago I started eating healthier and going to the gym and so far 10 lbs down. I am working towards a goal. I watched the episode with Penny and I was very disturbed by her behavior! She blames everyone but herself! The episode with Olivia I actually cried happy tears for her and I wish her the best.

    • Congrats and good luck! BTW, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is very helpful for overcoming food cravings. And also for dealing with emotional issues that might be at the core of emotional eating. It’s simple and effective. There are videos on YouTube.

  15. Dear Penny….I truly felt sorry for you, your family, BUT most of all,,,for your son,
    who is not going to be able to have you there to
    TO DANCE AT HIS WEDDING ,,,,,,,,,,
    AND all because YOU LOVE FOOD & ATTENTION,,,,,
    MORE THAN YOU DO HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can hear you shouting your denial….BUT,,,,,,,,,
    Your lack of appreciation of your surgeon & all that was & is being done for you,,,cost you my sympathy.
    Time to GROW UP & get your life together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Start including daily prayer for this to happen,,,

    • Your post has some good points, but it’s a bit high handed for you to suggest prayer for someone you don’t know. The woman does need a kick in the butt, but perhaps she’s not even religious.

      • Thinkbeforespewing, i agree with you. And…
        I totally agree with all of the comments. Penny is narcissistic and will die young. So then, what’s the reason for her living? ( hypothetical question). I kind of wish they had removed all of that, ? Leg fat. How can anyone walk with all of that hanging. Just saying. She really is delusional. I’m so proud of the others who all tried so hard to lose all of their weight. It can’t be easy but look at the results.

      • Thinkbeforespweing. You’re calling the kettle black.
        You obviously skipped over the parts in this show where Penny was praying allowed before heading out in the van and then their having prayer at meal times.
        So these people are in fact praying people of faith AND would do well by a few heartfelt prayers from those watching this program.
        Have you not read about what Prayer does for one? Readers digest had a very well written story regarding studies made regarding prayer.
        What Penny needs to do is accept Gods plan and stop her sinful gluttony!

  16. Penny, unlike most of these posts, I want to thank you. Often times we don’t see ourselves as others see us and I am no exception. While weight is not a big problem for me, I have begun to get lazy and make excuses for not accomplishing things I SHOULD accomplish. Each year I make resolutions that are never kept. But I can always justify myself. I’m very sorry that this surgery didn’t provide you with the results you had hoped. That being said, I think you should watch your episode over and over so that you can see yourself as the rest of us saw you. Whenever I feel lazy, or find myself making excuses for my behavior, I watch your episode to get me back on track. The only thing I hope you will give some thought to is this; If something were to happen to your husband, who would care for you? You can’t seriously expect your son to roll you over and place a bed pan under you? And if you have no caretaker, you will find yourself in a nursing home ringing for a nurse that may not come. What an awful life that would be. I’m sad that you have made so many excuses that you are not finding hope. Please remember “can’t” means “won’t”. But for me, your journey has helped me a lot.

    • I read through dozens of judgmental and cruel comments before I read one comment the showed any empathy.

      Just because a doctor cannot figure it out does not mean there is not something valid preventing progress. For example the position her legs were in when she tried to stand. How could she be expected to walk with the masses of flesh hangining between her legs.
      Her father’s abuse taught her a life long lesson in learned helplessness.
      All these wicked posts are examples of more cruelty. Shame on all of you!

      • And how is having masses of flesh hanging between her legs the Drs. problem? It’s HER problem. She is an adult. She needs to grow up. She may not be able to change the past but she can try and not let that predict her future. How many of us have had shitty childhoods and such but we don’t sit around feeling sorry for ourselves by eating ourselves to death. There comes a time when you have to take control of your life and that is EXACTLY what she needs to do now. She is so used to the poor Penny pity party that it may be hopeless at this point. She is absolutely clueless and doesn’t seem like she wants it any other way.

      • Sympathy for the devil. Penny is delusional and manipulative. Her family may be forced to buy her excuses, but I don’t have to. Anyway, Penny keeps saying she’s “happy” so what is the problem? Lots of others on this show could barely walk at first and yet they eventually got up and stayed up on their own 2 feet. Penny’s problem is Penny and the world she has created for herself.

      • Hi scapegoat you live in the same reality as Penny. If you know ANYTHING about Bariatric surgery the weight comes off these 660 lb people very very fast. They were not asking her to run a marathon but a couple of steps to show she was willing would have been great to see. The stupid idiotic things she said…”This Dr. is going to have to get his poop in a scoop? Who the F says that? She didn’t know she had to lose weight while she was in the hospital… maybe she is that dumb. Your entire reason for being there is losing weight and you get up the next day get your fat ass off the bed and start getting your body prepared to make a huge change. Then lying about not getting the information about a diet… Again Blatant LIE. He specifically asked her and she said ‘Yes it’s in my folder”. She just did not give a shit about any of it and she was not a good candidate I just hope the person who would have been next in line still gets a chance because Penny is a lost cause. Even in her follow up show she just sounded like an idiot.

  17. I had the sleeve surgery on October 23, 2013. It is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to eat the amount of food Penny ate after surgery. This woman HAD TO HAVE FORCED herself to eat. You become physically ill and uncomfortable when you eat that much.

    I have lost 60 lbs since the surgery, and I had to lose 20 before, have a psychological test, and meet other requirements. Penny is the type of person who talks a good game, but MEANS NOTHING she says. Saying she was mis-weighed proves she will NEVER take responsibility for her issues. She is that weight because she WANTS to stay fat and have people feel sorry for her. She has munchhausen syndrome and wants to be babied. Idiot.

  18. I normally feel terrible for the individuals that struggle with obesity…especailly to that degree. Most of the people the show chronicle work hard, put in their fair share, and really want to loose the weight and regain their lives. I dont feel that Penny really wants to be normal. Her attitude was ghastly, she is completley delusional, and she really was quite rude. I can’t imagine why you would want to live life that way…going to the toilet in your bed, painful sores everywhere, no intimacy between you and your husband, needing 10 people to carry you out of your apartment on a tarp like a whale….it baffles me.

    Penny is very unlikeable. I very rarely use strong language like this…but it has to be said.

  19. Thank you Kathleen for your insight into what plagues most of us: excuses in areas of our lives that could be better but aren’t.

  20. I too believe Penny has munchhausens and wonder IF she has ever had psychiatric counseling especially since her sisters related her having to deal with abuse in childhood. Can they convince her of the need? NO ONE is happy “living?” life the way she does. She has to be extremely afraid of letting go of what/where she is “comfortable”.
    What is SO sad is all she is missing out on !!!

    • Katrina, it was my biggest question. Knowing people who had LapBand surgery made me wonder if the network just didn’t show the psychological counseling in the final edit. My friends had to see a counselor before the surgery to determine if it would be a waste of everyone’s time and money. Perhaps that is why Penny only found one doctor to do the operation.

      • I work for a bariatric surgeon – I think a lot of people are able to smooth talk their way through the psych exam. Surgery is a TOOL- not a miracle cure to help you loose weight.

    • I tend to agree with the Munch diagnosis/ Especially the part where Dr N is like why in the world are you on oxygen? Your pulse/ox is fine, he said it was better than his. Shes on O2 because she wants to be??????? unless you have some kinda sick medical fetish it has to be Munch.

  21. What a joke!! That loser wanted a quick fix and wants to do NO work to fix the problem that SHE created. What a waste of doctors time and I’m sure our tax payers dollars! I feel sorry for the kid what an embarrassment of a mother!! She disgust me

        • Thinkbeforespewing, i agree with you. And…
          I totally agree with all of the comments. Penny is narcissistic and will die young. So then, what’s the reason for her living? ( hypothetical question). I kind of wish they had removed all of that, ? Leg fat. How can anyone walk with all of that hanging. Just saying. She really is delusional. I’m so proud of the others who all tried so hard to lose all of their weight. It can’t be easy but look at the results.Prayers don’t do it. Following the diet and moving, will.

  22. Penny is not a patient that would have received surgery under normal circumstances. She had a completely obstinate attitude toward the doctor and the process.

    However….personally, I place a bit of blame on the doctor, 530 lbs is too heavy for a sleeve. RNY or Duodenal switch would have done so much better for her. She needed much more restriction and malabsorption. I hope after some time, Penny will consider a revisional surgery. For a person who cannot walk and expend energy, giving her a surgery that requires physical movement to keep losing is a mistake.

    • Not necessarily true about the physical movement, she could have moved. I watched a show some years ago about morbidly obese people. One of the stories was of a bed ridden grandmother. She didn’t have surgery, all she did was eat better and she would watch Richard Simmons workout videos and clap to the music. Considering she was completely immobile for so long, just sitting there clapping her hands raised her heart rate enough to give her an aerobic workout. By the end of the episode the woman was completely mobile and showed her outside playing with her grandkids. Penny could have done a form of exercise even though she was stuck in bed, and if she would have cooperated with her physical therapist and stuck to her diet to lose weight she would have been able to attend her sons kindergarten graduation and her story could have been a success.

    • My thoughts exactly! I was wondering why he just didn’t do a DS? BUT at this point – I don’t think SHE wants to change. Going in and doing stage 2 (the DS) would be simple- BUT not if she doesn’t want to change!

  23. Penny is in the situation she is in because of her choices. Period. Her husband is definitely enabling her, probably because he is afraid of her, and quite frankly, he appeared ignorant. Anyone who fries up a batch of won-tons and says ‘it must be better than food we could buy’, and then serve up 15 of them to her, along with whatever else, is dumb, plain and simple.

    What did it for me was when she came home to the apartment and complained because her bed was not front and center to the TV, and said she felt like she was excluded. Poor Penny! Perhaps you could get out of that bed and actually walk to the living room? If her husband had any sense at all, she would have to get up and get what she wanted above and beyond the recommended diet, and the choices would be limited.

    I noticed that the one person who was most concerned for her appeared to be held at a distance – her sister. Penny obviously does not like to hear the truth, and can’t accept it when she does hear it. If you get a chance to change your life like she did and you don’t do a doggone thing with it, then you don’t WANT to change.

    I am glad that I saw that episode though – it makes me appreciate how much effort the other people I have seen them profile have put into their journey and it helps to motivate me to continue on my own journey, albeit on a much smaller scale.

    You are the sum total of your choices and your actions in life (if this is the only thing I can instill in my kids, I will be happy). If you blame others for your problems, or expect them to fix your problems, you give away control. Make a choice to stay the way you are, or make a choice to change and use all the tools you are blessed to be given. If it takes you the rest of your life, you are still trying. Some people don’t get any help with their struggles. I will give you all the kudos I can spare if you are working toward your goals, but I don’t have an ounce of pity for someone who won’t help themselves.

    I really was hoping for some sort of follow-up at the end of the episode – you know these are taped months in advance – I am curious where she is today. (Is it me, or did this show follow people for multiple years last season?)

    • Last season they were followed for 7 years. This season didn’t start filming till 2012, that’s why it’s a shorter time frame. I was a little disappointed about that, I liked watching till the end of their journey to see the end result. Maybe they’ll have a follow up episode later.

  24. I am so pissed off about this woman, that I taped the episode so that I could quote some of the highlights of her episode. I am directly speaking to you, Penny and Edgar. So, listen up.

    The first thing that got to me was her explanation of a day in the life. “This is my bed, this is my bathroom, this is my dinner table” she explains. Well firstly, if you don’t want to do this for yourself, at least do it for poor Edgar, who loves you unconditionally. That is apparent since he cleans up your shit and piss, which I imagine is a bunch given how much you are eating. How dare you do this to another human being. Drag them into your gluttonous abyss. .Have some pride. Not even a dog will shit where it eats. I partially blame Edgar because he brings the stuff into the house. I guarantee, if you get hungry enough, a salad and a chicken breast would taste mighty delicious. Edgar, you have to quit bringing the junk into your home. Liam is going to follow in his mother’s footsteps if some lifestyle changes are not made. As far as Penny being “mad” or “upset” with you for not buyiing the junk she wants, too bad! What is she going to do? Chase you around the house with a frying pan??

    I hear excuses being made for you, Penny. And it’s apparent that you are manipulating and controlliing everyone around you. I’m not buying what you are trying to sell. You are spoiled and you use food as an excuse for sympathy and attention. Alot of people, including myself, had a crappy childhood. Get over it. You are not special. There’s a kazillion people in the world who have endured much more than you. Get over yourself.

    (More later, since I’m only 15 minutes into the replay and I’m getting more pissed by the minute)..

    • wow, Julie…you said everything my husband and I was saying during the entire show. We couldn’t believe she wanted to stop at a fast food restaurant on the way to the hospital and when Edgar ordered a grilled sandwich, she yelled “crispy”. She comes off as a lazy woman who’d rather lie in bed all day, eat and enjoy life being catered to, while living on gov’t assistance…at the expense of not being able to attend her son’s school events, etc. SAD!!

    • If you think having her bed as the bathroom is that terrible…she may use it as her maxi pad or her tampon. Imagine what Edgar has to go through when it’s Penny’s “time of the month,” especially on her heavy days.

    • Great post, couldn’t agree more! This woman is very good at manipulation and gets pissed when she can’t get away with it to the Dr’s! At one point in the show, didn’t she say she already had 2 WLS and they didn’t work? Everyone is saying how much the husband loves her..too bad she doesn’t love him. If she loved him she wouldn’t put him in the position of having to clean up her shit…literally. I think Child Protective Services seriously dropped the ball with this family. I don’t feel bad for her at all, she made her bed and now she is shitting in it!

  25. After watching this episode and reading thru most of the comments here, I have very mixed emotions. I feel the most for her son. That little boy should never have to endure this kind of foul behavior from his parents. He most likely will lose his mother at a very early age, how heart breaking.

    One of the things that stick in my head the most is that Penny and her family supposidly took money from family, friends, and even neighbors, all in hopes that she could get the help she needs. To refuse to even sit up after surgury is beyond disrespectful to those people who gave up their own hard earned money. Not to mention the fact she is recieving disability and free medical insurance from the government. No doubt tax payers paid and continues to pay ALL of her medical bills as I would assume are approved and paid for as medically necessary.

    Overall, I’m glad that TLC aired this episode. Many people are in Penny’s same position mentally and physically. These people and people in their lives could use a reality check. Weight loss surgery, as most surgeries, are not easy and are painful, requiring recovery. Not everyone will succeed because not everyone has a strong enough backbone. Props to all the other show participants who found and had one. Penny is a prime example as to why there truly is not quick fix to weight loss, not even surgery. Overall good episode even though Penny herself agreeably has a world of issues.

    • Thanks Jordana. I agree that the show can help others, whether it’s with obesity or other problems that never seem to get solved, at the expense of loved ones.

      • Lucky for him she won’t live that long .. I know that’s hard to say , but he will grow up miserable and an enabler if she does live long … I want a better life than that for him .. A better life than what his mother wants for him .

  26. I am always bothered by reality shows such as this that don’t address the person’s mental/emotional issues. She should have had her head examined before anything else. To first determine if she really had the motivation and will to follow through, and second as a crucial part of the healing journey. Deep seated psychological issues are at the core of emotional eaters (I know because I am a recovered compulsive emotional eater), especially those who get to be this overweight. I cannot fathom how anyone could expect someone to lose the weight and keep it off w/o addressing this first and foremost. Without it, these shows are simply exploitive and irresponsible.

    • Well said Cathy. It has been a question for me since watching the show. As I’ve written elsewhere in replies to comments here, I thought that was a requirement, but perhaps it was edited it out by the network.

  27. This episode just blew my mind. However in the opening credits the show says the people undergoing this procedure have less than a 5%? chance of sucess. Perhaps she’s part of that 5%. What really struck me is how nice and constructive the people commenting are! We’ve all struggled with food and its great to see such a supportive community. Its a shame Penny doesn’t know how to reach out and embrace HEALTHY support. She said my husband loves me unconditionally. Penny that is fear NOT love. Im deeply sorry you were abused as a child but realize you are in turn hurting your own son. He doesnt understand how normal relationships work. He’ll lose you soon and resent you because you did it to yourself. When you have a child you can’t be a child yourself. Its grossly unfair to subject him to the dailey show of your slow suicide.

  28. I wonder if this episode was aired by TLC in hopes that the backlash would be the motivation that Penny needs to lose the weight. We all march to a different drummer. God bless Penny and her family.

  29. I was so angry watching this episode and seeing how Penny manipulated everyone and got all this wonderful help and she was rude, ignorant, and did not care!!!! Then she’s using all this government assistance to lay in bed all day on the phone and computer! She’s obviously on pain meds too because she kept closing her eyes and slurring her words, and in her hospital room the dry erase board said pain management consultation both times she was there! All she did was complain about pain so she’s an addict! I really hope her son doesn’t have to suffer anymore and can go and live with one of her sisters who can actually care for him properly.

  30. I am sickened by Penny! I was so sickened that I watched it twice and then was mad at myself! Oh the eating and food prep in that bed where she takes a crap, a bath and a pee! The licking of fingers just one more time! The refusal to exercise in bed because it “will cut off my oxygen” – the Oxygen that the Dr said she doesn’t need! Did anyone else notice that Penny’s voice was thin and shaky when someone such as the Dr required something of her but loud and happy and forceful when she was getting her way? Oh yes I have seen many people like Penny and some of them only weigh 100 lbs! Sick! I have known lickspittles like Edgar also and I wish he would get some help! Sweet guy but doesn’t have a clue – Do you want some ice cream Penny? Yuck, I feel sick every time I think of her taking a crap in that bed!

    • I thought it was funny when the dr. had the oxygen turned off and she said she was getting light headed BUT according to the machine behind her, her oxygen was still at 98%. Clearly some of her problems are mental.

  31. my husband and I couldn’t believe the attitude/behavior of this woman. Penny obviously doesn’t have a problem being morbidly obese, catered to and lying in a bed all day. I believe she’s gotten accustomed to that lifestyle and believes more would be expected of her (like cooking, cleaning and possibly even working a job, etc.) and she’d rather have her husband be her caretaker and collect disability for the rest of her life. It’s sad, but realistically that’s how it came off to the me as a viewer. What’s so unfortunate about this entire story is that she can’t attend any of her son’s school events and he’s only 5. This was one of the saddest and most upsetting episodes to date!

  32. I have watched my 600 pound life because seeing the people make positive changes is always uplifting. The episode with Penny made me so angry this woman was given an opportunity not only to help herself but to help her family as well and she chose to throw it away. I think the most disgusting part was watching her prepare food in the bed that she uses as a toilet that gave me dry heaves.

    In all fairness change is difficult and Penny is not ready to that. Hopefully she can make changes before it is too late. I am working on losing 15 pounds and it’s hard! My doctor explained to me the challenge of losing weight is because all the sugars manufactures put in foods . Addictions are hard to break I am not excusing Penny because she has the best reason in the world to make changes her son Liam.

  33. Wow. Well- I typically am not one to comment on a television show, however this one blew my mind. My husband and I watched this episode on Penny and could not believe what we saw. Now I am not an over weight person nor my husband, so -no I do not know what it’s like to be in those shoes. I can only imagine for anyone struggling with weight issues what it’s like- HOWEVER in Penny’s extreme case- this is not just a little overweight. She’s highly obese and I can’t believe how her attitude was. The first thing someone should have done was get her mental health evaluated because I think that was the root of her problems. Her husband was an enabler and the worst part of everything is that a CHILD has to grow up in that environment. No child should have to see his mother like that. I firmly believe someone should have knocked some sense into her husband and told him to leave with the child. At least go away for a while and show her what she will lose if she does not better herself. Because ultimately she will lose them when she loses her life because she didn’t try hard enough. This lady sits on a high horse and expects people to do and please her every demand. Life does not work that way. To get anything worth while in this life it’s hard work. Her answer was not gastric bypass. Her answer is her attitude and if she had the ” can do and I’m ready for a change attitude” in conjunction with the gastric I believe she would have had results. I understand tv shows can be edited to look a certain way sometimes, but let’s get real. Penny really did not follow instructions… Had an enabler for a husband and clearly did not want it bad enough. God bless the Dr. Who really did try and help. It really makes me the most sad for the child at hand. While this episode really upset me, all you can really do for people like her is pray. Lord knows she needs it. Wishing her a change and some determination in her life to better herself and be a better example and mother to her child.

  34. what upset me the most is she had no goals or ambition. my belief is she is so afraid to fail that setting goals would only remind her of failing when she doesn’t reach them. from personal experience of losing 40 pounds in the past, it is hard work but it is worth it, and you have to set goals. it does take physical exercise and choosing healthier food choices. even in her bed she could do upper body exercises to help herself, but we don’t see that in the show. there is no magic fix. if you want to lose weight it’s going to be hard and takes determination! now if she was depressed that could explain for lack of motivation but there are remedies for that. all I seemed to hear throughout was a bunch of excuses and distorted negative thinking patterns and blaming other people or circumstances for why she couldn’t lose weight. if someone wants to lose weight bad enough they will. come on, the claim that the scale was wrong when initially weighed? that’s just another excuse/lie in order to shift the blame somewhere else. it couldn’t possibly be her fault she’s not losing weight! I feel sad for her and cant imagine the amount of physical and emotional pain she’s in but I believe she is in denial and doesn’t have a healthy positive mind set to succeed. it will be a long almost impossible road for her with her current defeated mindset.

  35. She was like “I was so happy when you said you’d help me” to the doctor… I I guess she thought was going to happen was that the doctor was going to touch her forehead and BOOM her ass would be gone!

  36. Penny AND her husband are a JOKE. Disability my rear end. Is, WAS, and always will be LAZY. It makes me CRAZY that she was given this opportunity and has abused it when soooooo many would flourish if given the opportunity. Gastric bypass is not the “quick fix”. They operate on your stomach, not your head. Penny’s issues go beyond her weight. If she won’t accept psychiatric help, then let her do herself in. Her husband and child are victoms of this rediculous situation. MANY, MANY people have success with gastric bypass. One of them is writing this blog. I KNOW SHE WAS GIVEN A DIET. She’s not fooling anyone. She’s NEVER TAKEN THE BLAME for anything her entire life and it seems that she never will. I only hope that more resources and energy are not afforded her way. She WANTS TO BE FAT PEOPLE. PERIOD. SHE LIKES IT. IT’S HER HIGH.

    • Your right!! & for her to try the pull they sympathy card when do many people struggle with weight and actually try to change makes me so mad…her husband needs to quit enabling her…she’s gonna die and doesn’t care..she has a sport system but instead of doing the right thing she tries to play the victim. ..In my eyes only victim in that home is the son….and she doesn’t exceed half the mothers I know in a year of what they do for their kids in a week!!

  37. All I have to say is f you penny…I’m a single mom and take care of kid never missed a school event and I work full time…I have no sympathy for you…your poor son…you are a total waste and you really passed me off with your exceeding most mothers comment…you might as well start eating your arms and legs until you’ve consumed your self. Quit begging for sympathy because your a piece of crap!!!

  38. What a waste of doctor’s time, effort, tax payers money and here friends and families donations. She expected a quick fix without any efforts from her side. What I don’t understand is, why is her husband still catering to her needs of all that bad food. Just don’t give her anything else but healthy food. She can not get up and open the fridge to get all the bad food by her self… I know she will be bitching and will be an even more unpleasant person as she already is. But, what is she going to do? Leave her husband? Pffffffff…. Her ass is way to fat to live on her own. Should she bitch at him, he should just close the door and let her sit in her own crap. If I would be her caregiver, she would not behave like that. Maybe she would but I would not care and just give her the diet she is supposed to eat. Again, what is she going to do other than bitch…. Same way with the physical therapist and the nutritionist. Penny was so rude to them. I know they have to be professional but they were too carful to tell Penny and her husband what to do. Penny will never loose the weight until she may realizes that SHE is the only person who can help her self. Surgery is not a quick fix, it is like the jumper cable for the car battery to get the engine started. The battery will charge only when you keep the car running. I was reading here that people say that they can’t believe that Penny does not have any goals. That is normal for quitters. The pretend they would not ever have a personal goal. That way they do never have to admit their failure. I feel sorry for her son who lives life like he is in a prison and his fat mom is the warden. I would recommend a divorce but I think Penny will eat her self to death…. This problem will be solved by Penny but other than she thought….

    • I agree, this woman is a disgusting joke. I can’t even believe anyone on this site is making excuses for her because “they didn’t address the mental part”. How do they even know that? This woman is sick, what she’s doing to her son and her husband is sick and it’s abuse. She’s a disgusting human being, an animal. She’s the kind of person that make other obese people look bad, she’s the person that I think of when I see fat people. I thought we were going to see her change and it was going to be a good show. Unfortunately, I had to watch her sit there and blame everyone else and there mother, except herself. She sat there and said she was going to be there for her son, but she couldnt. So she made the excuse that oh well most mothers work so i get to spend time with my son that most mothers dont we all make sacrifices. Does she even realize the serious emotional damage she’s doing to her poor son? NO she doesnt, because shes a selfish weirdo. I work at a detox center and she’s 100 times worse than any drug addict i’ve ever met. This woman should win an award. I think at this point there’s no hope. So many people were trying to help her, and she had the nerve to blame them. I think she should be shot, it’d do her son and husband a favor and get them out of that cycle of abuse, plus us tax payers wont have to pay for her medical bills considering she doesn’t plan on ever helping herself. She had her 1 chance and ruined it for no good reason. She’s disgusting. Just look at last nights episode with Chuck, he had his 1st wife and his so called “best friend” murdered and he overcame that, and his episode was really inspiring. That woman is a disgrace to any person thats ever had a bad childhood, to use that as an excuse as to why you’re obese ew ew ew. I’ve met so many people at the detox centre who’ve been abused, and although that’s the reason why they cover up their pain with drugs, they never used it as an excuse, they knew they were wrong regardless of their childhood. this woman is sick and abusive, she should go to jail.

    • Look how miserable penny’s husband is. Never a word or a smile. I personally think he’s catering to her every wish so that he can finally be free. He himself probably doesn’t even realize it. That poor, poor little boy. He’s in is formative years and doesn’t know what a healthy life for a little boy really is, and will never know.

  39. Penny’s thinking is analogous to the person who drives the wrong way on a busy street and wonders why everybody else is driving the wrong way and is honking their horns at her.

  40. I think Penny wasn’t ready from t h e get go. She wanted sympathy and everything done for her. I viewed her as lazy and used her weight as an excuse. If you are given the chance like she had she should h ave given it her all. Her husband v and was no help either. I kinda was mad at the end. She had so many resources at her disposal and she laughed them off. Boo to her.

  41. I jus saw this episode and I am speechless. Where do I start… My mom is over weight. Has struggled most of her adult life with weight and at 75 reached her highest point ever and has fraught through weightwatches to loose it. Here’s the thing though; my mother has worked her entire life fought to teach her children to eat bttr and be healthier. She’s been a mother a teacher and a fighter. This woman, Penny possesses none of these traits. Her parenting is abussive because she is not able to be a real mother. She is selfish and rather than creating a bttr life for her child chooses to manipulate him and those around her. Her entire family is idly sitting by allowing this little boy to live under these conditions. Dad spends most of the day catering to her who is catering and nurturing this little person? I am disgusted with her attitude and extreme selfishness and upset that my tax dollars go to pay for her to stuff her face.

  42. I would have thought that the nutritionist/dietitian should have been involved from the get go. With her attitude which appalled me, if her attitude and comments about the diet she would need be on were said at the beginning then it should have been NO GO!. We only “help” those who want and will help themselves.

    Lady, what a horrible example for your son and your husband IS AN ENABLER!!!

    He needed to be advised about her diet away from her especially when her attitude & comments were noted. If the nutritionist/dietitian would have met with him to advise what and how to provide healthy food for ALL of the family and he knew what healthy foods to prepare & if she was unhappy then she could get her FAT ASS out of the bed & walk to kitchen and cook for herself!

    Rant over!

  43. I was mad too. Like an alcoholic spiraling out of control and unable to see the destruction all around them. It’ll take a crisis for Penny to get with the program. Let’s hope it’s not a fatal final one for her. I was angry all the way through and kept hoping for her to see the light. By the end I felt pity for her. To be satisfied living your life from a bed is just too sad.

    • I’watched this show about penny and I’m in awe you are given one body one life ! To self destruct your self worth to have excuses is why your so big what made you get this big . I know everyone has reasons for overeating whatever it may be .,but to have surgery and to still eat the way before surgery why have the surgery why do these doctors perform surgery on these patients who are not going to comply with the doctors program to loose the weight and physical therapy. And not want to move to help yourself there should be a contract before these surgeries that if they don’t comply it’s not covered something . Some of these surgery’s are a waste of time for everyone the doctors nurses therapists . Ect.. I’m totally fustrated at people who take the help that is given for granted . People like penny should be ashamed . Get out of bed eat right do what is needed to have the outcome the doctors know are possible if your not going to stop over eating-you need to put up a mirror to see what you look like wasting everyone’s time and money . Husband OMG is all I can say stop buying her shit you know she shouldn’t eat .look at the example you are setting for that precious little boy .

  44. The way I understand it, there is a vigorous process, including physical and mental evaluations prior to bariatric surgery. It was obvious to me that Penny has mental health issues. Her innappropriate reactions and statements as well as her crippling denial should have been addressed before the surgery. The person who will ultimately suffer the most from this dysfunctional dependent/co-dependent relationship is the son.

    • Someone made a comment regarding Penny should think about who would care for her if anything happened to her husband. They said “you wouldn’t want your son rolling you over and changing your bed pan would you.” I bet she would. She is that selfish. She would also think that her son wouldn’t mind because he loved her. She is selfish. Period. That poor child is doomed. He is doomed to become overweight because of his parents obvious poor judgement. He is doomed to years teasing and ridicule. He is doomed to a childhood without a mother doing the things a mother should. He is doomed to a lonely childhood because he will be too embarrassed to have friends over. He will be too embarrassed to bring a girlfriend over. And Penny, it won’t belong before he refuses to get in bed with your large sweaty rolls. Yes, he will still love you but it will be in private. And no, he won’t always be proud of you. He’s very young now. Things will change. Guaranteed.

  45. As offensive as Penny was, it became VERY apparent to me that this woman is mentally ill. She is not based in reality, she will not change and her husband is caught in a sinking ship. I just wonder what she would do if he actually walked out on her and took their son. Would she call an ambulance to come and get her? Hunt down attorneys to sue for custody? Or lay in bed and piss and crap on herself. I bet a million dollars she would get enough energy to search and entangle a whole new group of enablers to surround herself with. She is mental illness at it’s finest. As long as she gets a check and medical insurance there will be someone to “take” care of her.

  46. Her attitude was unreal. have you noticed how many spouses are pretty huge themselves? She is lazy and thinks she is a diva at 500 pounds spare me I am not one who thinks doctors are infallible but I think he knows more on what type of surgery to perform than we do

  47. Penny’s husband needs to take his son and leave her and then get counselling. He needs to learn about proper nutrition so that he can keep himself and his son healthy. That dear little boy deserves so much better than the life he has now and if something is not done quickly, he will become morbidly obese through no fault of his own. Penny should be ashamed of herself and Edgar needs a huge wake-up call. All I can say is poor Liam! My heart breaks for him.

      • so true….. Teresa i was pissed she is very selfish… she wants a damn maid, she’s lazy depression has nothing to do with her being selfish….

    • It would be interesting to know how this family survives as Edgar does not seem to work outside the home. Does the family receive social security? Medicare? Does the Maryland provide secondary insurance? Do they receive food stamps? The only way they could get to Houston would have been to rely on the kindness of family and friends as government funds would not have paid for the trip. It seems quite obvious that Penny has severe cognitive issues related to magical thinking. I know many people who think as she does. Something just does not compute in the frontal cortex, and the end result is a person unable to cope with modern life. If obesity were not killing her, something else would be. She is like the young man I knew who was upset he had been stabbed in the abdomen at a bar where he knew there was commonly trouble. Or the young female student beaten up in the girl’s room even though she had been given clear instructions not to go in it if the gang that had previously hassled her were in there. Her friend who was with her had not gone in because they saw the gang in there. Or….Or….etc. Whatever is illogical in their thinking may not be chemically or therapeutically “fixed.” They remind be of Phineas Gage. So it probably was not wrong to try to save her life; it just may be impossible. (And we may not be able to tell who is fixable at this point.) If Edgar would leave and take the child with him, maybe we would find out if she would choose life. Or she might just call 911. But then we have pretty much emptied our psychiatric hospitals. In the meantime, everyone seems happy enough. Her son has a father who loves him, an aunt to rely on, and a mother with whom he can visit. There are children who are much worse off than he.

      • Edgar said that they live totally on Penny’s disability, and he doesn’t work so that he can be her caregiver. I read, I think, that the surgery is paid for by whichever channel owns that show. I think, however, there should be a disclaimer in the contract, that if the client doesn’t follow protocol, then the cost of the surgery, and everything it entails, falls back on the client.

    • JAs an obese woman, i am completely disappointed in Penny. I agree 100% with the Dr. On a number of things. One being that Penny is infact very used to playing the victim. She did not own her weight issue once. I cannot fully express how angry it makes me seeing her spit on everyone who donnated their hard earned money in an effort to help save her. She doesnt seem to care about any of them enough to even make an effort to regain a life. Inside she vimitted out excuse after excuse as to why it did not work. I honestly wish someone on that episode could have called her on her behaviors. I saw nothing to cause me to see her as anything but lazy and narcissistic. That surgey could give so many others including myself the initial tool we need to regain our lives. I am saddened at the fact that such an opportunity was wasted on a person with absolutely no desire to do the work after given the biggest tool.

      • But that’s something I don’t get, her attitude never seemed to change, so it should have been obvious she wasn’t embracing the need to modify her behaviors. Especially since most providers require a psych exam before surgery, how did she fool the psychologist?

    • Penny is VERY overbearing, and I think Edgar felt her wrath if he dared not do what she wanted. She is a “woe is me” kind of person, truly in total denial. It was the scale’s fault, after all, because it wasn’t calibrated right, and therefore, didn’t give her right weight, then at the beginning, then didn’t give her right weight the few times she did keep her hospital appointments. I couldn’t stand her. I wanted to punch through my tv, hoping my fist would connect with her face, so that she could get some sense knocked into her. Did she want the surgery, or did she just want to be on tv? There should be a disclaimer in the contract they sign, that if they don’t follow protocol, then the cost of the surgery, and everything that goes along with it, then falls back on the client.

    • you do more than other mothers do, is unfounded. you could never say that. just because you have an eating addiction control it for your family if not for your self. I do not feel sorry, pitty or anything else. If you do then you will not conquer this……………………………..

      • I was so upset when she said she gives her son more than a working mom does because of her disability and if she only get the six years with her son she is okay with that because o this crazy idea she has! I’m sure her son would prefer her to be out the bed, working, and able to go outside with him or to a school event. Her husband was just agreeing with everything…he knows deep down she was not losing any weight but encouraged her crazy thinking. UGH this episode made me extremely made that I was yelling at her through my t.v. However, I do pray that she gets a reality check and lose this weight.

  48. What a selfish and lazy woman … I can’t help but think that they could have helped someone else besides this lazy person … I feel sorry for the little boy … he will be without a mother soon and that’s no one’s fault but Penny’s .

    • I feel the same way and was disgusted by her complete lack of effort, her selfishness and how she treated her husband. I think it’s a good idea that they showed this complete failure at gastric bypass though. Shows that it’s not a magic cure requiring zero effort on the part of the patient. Maybe other Pennys out there will think twice about doing it.

      • You are exactly right. Gastric Bypass is a lot of work…but in the beginning it also takes a lot to fail. Penny really had to work at it to fail. I had gastric bypass in December of 2011. I was 370lbs. I debated for 9 years before having the surgery to make sure I was ready for the long term struggle. I was. In the beginning I tried to overeat ONCE. The pain and vomiting that followed my episode of trying to overeat eating fast food will always be with me. I am at my goal weight (without skin surgery it’s prob the best I can do. I have a lot of skin especially in the lower abdomen. After the initial 100lbs came off it became harder to lose. BUT with the work put in by myself I now weigh 168lbs. I STILL see a counselor once a week. One doesn’t go from being a star athlete to almost 400 without issues. So many people need this opportunity. I was so angry at Penny’s claims that she had done all she could. HARDLY. What a pathetic woman in denial. She wastes a golden opportunity that people would literally do anything to have. It makes me so sick and angry. But as the above poster said. Weight loss surgery is not a magic wand at all and hopefully people who think it is have been taught something. Goodluck to everyone that is trying or going thru their own personal struggles.

    • A mother who doesn’t love her son enough to live,she loves food more than him. Then the jellyfish husband-Penny is like a spoiled child-temper tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants-grow a backbone for your child’s sake-if she won’t eat what is served-walk away-with her weight she could survive months on body fat-she reminds me of gubba the hut from star wars

    • Personally I think Penny enjoys the attention of being a fat slob. I say leave her in her bed and if she wants something from the kitchen than she can get up an get it. she blames everyone else for her obesity, but as you can see when her elbow bends , her mouth opens. Shes’s demanding , selfish, inscure with major psych issues.

      • I agree….she likes people waiting on her and all the attention being on the show gave her. The comment about how she is a better mom than one who works 10 hrs a day is laughable. She is not fit to care for a child, what if her son got hurt when her husband was gone then what?

        The mental issues far out weight the obesity. We will see soon enough how she has ate herself to death with Won tons and little meatloaves made in her bed…..

      • I had gastric bypass 14 mos ago. I was just over 350 lbs. I have since lost 155 lbs. Penny makes me sick….and I was actually praying the end of this show they would say she died.
        She is selfish and pathetic! She is ok with the attention she gives her son??? I had my surgery for ME first and my kids second. I didn’t just talk the talk like she did. I eat healthy, I gave up all that crap….I not only walk, but I run!!! Screw her. I hope she suffocated to death on her fat …that would be the best thing for her son….

      • She kept repeating she was a good mother and her son loves her ….What will happen when she is in that bed pooping and peeing when his friends/girlfriends come over in a few years …..I also believe that her husband should take the boy and put her in a nursing home …..What a selfish person

  49. I can not watch her show again. I caught her story twice and each time I got more ticked off than the time before.. First it really pissed me off her using her past as a reason why. Guess what? I can give you a story about a bad life with beatings and sexual molestation, being burnt with cigarettes and hit with brushes, belts, dishes, whatever happened to be close that they could hurt you with including irons and all by the hands of parents and their friends that they passed you off to do the same. it did not make me choose her her using her life to try to make excuses just pisses me off. More importantly that she is choosing this shit over her son… you know what having my first child did? Made me immediately get therapy before he was born out of fear I would not know how to parent a child with what me and my siblings had to go through. I made that choice no one else so please spare me the pity party. She wasted everyone’s time and an opportunity for someone who really needed it get it done. She also gambled with her entire family’s money. She is a fat, lazy slob that should have her child taken away because of her and her husbands inability to care for another person properly.. All hail queen penny from where she sits upon her throne.. just a blob of a waste of life.

  50. Penny is is an immature, spoiled, brat who as gotten use to getting what she wants, when she wants! Shame on you Mom and Husband, you don’t love her because you are buying her a one way ticket to her grave with every fast food meal you get her! She really was not ready for this phase about losing weight! She wasted a month in the hospital on a 1000 calorie a day diet and she lost a big whopping 4lbs. Mom and Husband did it again, they ate her hospital food and they sneaked in fast food to her. I can’t believe she didn’t know that she actually gained weight and then blamed it on the scales not being right . Always someone else’s problem it’s not her! She wasted most of that year when someone who is ready and needs to have it could have while she laid up in that bed and wouldn’t even try to do what’s right ! Penny Shame On You!!

  51. I was very confused when the nurse said she was on a 1200 calorie diet and she commented I didn’t know I had to lose weight here, and the doctor has to get his poop in a group or I will order something, what did she think she was there for? I give the doctor a lot of credit, he tried everything, I just don’t understand who pays for all the trips back and forth to the hospital in a ambulance where they have to even block the road off!!!I would be so embarrassed looking like a beached whale and then making jokes to these paramedics that are working their asses off and she lays there laughing, and I think she can get up and walk a little but wouldn’t do it because it might mess with her disability, because when she had to transfer to the stretcher and she stood up by the door way and turn she sure had no trouble getting her fat ass around the corner. because it had to be done. I do believe Edgar and Liam should leave her and say “fend for yourself” “when you can, call us” I bet she move her ass real quick to that kitchen. sorry but she just angers me!!!!!

    • I am angry after watching this but I don’t really think I have a right to judge. My eating habits aren’t the best but I’m not overweight by any means. I know what it’s like to grow in a less than perfect reality. I’ve struggled with trying to keep weight on because of stress and anxiety but my children and my husband make it easier. I want to be there for them there’s no excuse to deprive you’re child of the parent they deserve. So what if you had it rough as a child use that as your motivation to make your child’s life better. I overcame without counseling and was the first person in my family to finish high school and graduate college. I don’t think I deserve an award, I’m just saying why wouldn’t you want better for your child stop being selfish. Her husband needs to put some fear in her leave for a few weeks. I bet she would shape up then. I need to stop judging and pray for her and her family because she definitely needs it.

  52. a lot of you say maybe she should of had mental health help first, but she would have found fault with them just like she did the nutritionist and physical therapist, she didn’t want to hear anything they had to say!!! I laughed when she yelled out to the nutritionist that Liam only like cupcakes and not candy or cookies, and he yelled “yes I do, I like cookies” right there you’re telling you’re son to lie, but they knew her lies way before that anyway, how can you have your husband clean your ass on television? and act like it’s all normal? ick

  53. So unbelievably selfish and lazy. Her kid deserves better. She chooses to waste her life. Constantly lie about her eating and is going to destroy a wonderful young childs life when he watches herself unnecessarily die. And that father needs a slap around the face. What a useless prick. When she dies he will have played an equal part in the role.
    No excuses for these two as parents. Absolutely disgusting.

    • So many of you on here have commented about Edgar, the husband. You couldn’t tell he has a low self esteem? You couldn’t tell he doesn’t talk back to Penny? She is SO narcissistic, she is such a bully that he is afraid to talk back to her, for fear of feeling her wrath. And, so many of the commenters have said he should leave, and take Liam. Edgar is living off of Penny’s disability. He doesn’t have a job, but while he was doing his errands for Penny, he should have been job hunting, so that he and Liam could leave. Maybe them leaving would force the selfish prig Penny to do things on her own, because, while she can boss Edgar around, she doesn’t have to do anything on her own. I just got through reading her follow up. It sounds good. She says she’s exercising, seeing her physical therapist, walking, etc. But, she claimed she was doing those things in her episode, too, and we all know she wasn’t doing jack. Penny isn’t much of a mom, for lying about what Liam does and doesn’t like to eat, and for not trying to lose weight so she will be around for Liam. But, she isn’t much of a wife to Edgar, either, for turning him into a spineless nothing, making him do things he didn’t want to do. I can’t stand spineless men, but I can’t also stand bullies, narcissists, and Penny is a bully and a narcissist.

  54. I just watched the episode about Penny in it and I was absolutely disgusted with her laziness! I don’t think people should be able to get disability because they choose not to control their eating or get some form of exercise. I agree that she seems to enjoy having the paramedics and firefighters coming in to take her out on an extra wide stretcher and close off the street. She seems to like the attention. She and her husband are in serious denial and she will be dead soon if she doesn’t change her ways which according to the show she isn’t going to change her ways. She behaved like a spoiled brat especially when she told the nurse she didn’t know she had to lose weight when she came in to the hospital. She expected the surgery to be a magic solution..even if it was and she lost all of the weight I’m sure she would have put in back on.

    • I totally agree with you that a lazy slob like Penny shouldn’t be able to get disability simply because they’re too lazy to try to walk, or because they’re morbidly obese by their own doing. My friend of 43 yrs passed away last week. She was on disability, too, but I have the same condition she got disability for, and I’m able to function. My mom had numerous medical problems, plus she was confined to a wheelchair. Although she was collecting regular social security, she tried to see if she could get off of that and collect disability, and she couldn’t. Someone who seriously needed disability, and couldn’t get it. Mom wasn’t lazy. She couldn’t do anything for herself…I had to do everything for her. Makes you wonder how people can collect disability when they don’t need it, when others who do need it can’t get it.

      • I cannot express how much people like her frustrate me. They CHOSE to over eat, and chose to not accept help, and get disability because of their bad decisions. I have severe scoliosis that affects my lungs, heart, and it’s so bad that if I hit a speed bump too fast, I could become paralyzed. Yet I can’t seem to get disability because, as the judge said, I “look healthy”. But my neighbor weighs 400 pounds and has diabetes and collects assistance. It’s not like my poor decisions led to me having scoliosis. Why the fuck can’t I get some help? I hate what this world has come to.

      • Bob,
        Try to apply again for disability & medicare. Social Security will always deny the first application unless it’s a medical condition that is terminal. It took me 5.5 years to finally get mine approved. It’s a lot of hard work & diligence and a good lawyer but follow thru, don’t drop the ball & don’t take no for an answer. Those that need it do get it.
        As for Penny,
        well, that’s another story. I, too, was very disgusted with her inability to help herself. I am bedridden due to severe chronic pain (more so now with the new drug laws~ thanks junkies) but I can still take care of my toilet necessities. The one thing that people keep overlooking is that Penny keeps getting positive re-enforcements from everyone around her except Dr. N. Even her neighbors who paid for her unsuccessful trip to Houston, “it’s good to see you out and about, Penny” her neighbor said when Trick-or-Treating with Liam. “Good to see you, Penny.” Really? How is seeing this manipulative being (can’t say person) “good to see”? Why aren’t they pissed off? I’d walk back in and slam the door. Especially given the fact that her show aired within the same year as the follow up!!
        As to Edgar, well, I think he does what he can because IT does wear the pants and he’s suffered it’s wrath on more than one occasion that he’s learned to not pull out what IT obviously made crawl back up inside…deeep, deeeeeeep inside. When the nutritionist was talking to him about the food in their house, he said, “I know these aren’t the right things to have.” So he knows right from wrong. The question I pose is this, IT claims that IT can’t get up and walk and we’ve seen that IT can. So why do we believe that IT’s bed bound? I think IT can pick up a frying pan and hit him over the head with it….and can walk to the fridge, stove and pantry for all of “Liam’s” sugary cereal, cupcakes and cookies, and for whatever else IT wants!

  55. Sadly, Penny will not read these comments. If she should stumble across them, she will have a pity party of major proportions. She lies to herself, her doctors and seems to relish in the attention she gets. She states that “it’s hard not to be there” your choice Penny, good thing you can wash your own vagina now. What an accomplishment! How degrading that that is your only achievement. No sympathy for you

  56. I think some of these husbands LIKE their wives obese, and sabotage their successful weight loss on purpose. There is a certain population of “fat-lovers” out there who are sexually attracted to extremely large women, and they secretly fear their wives losing any weight & becoming skinnier will make them lose their sexual attraction for them. Perhaps there’s a tinge of “If she gets thin, other men will find her attractive & I might lose her,” too. I feel these men might have their own self-esteem issues, which could be why they chose obese women in the first place–because they would never leave them. (After all, who else would want them, right?) Also, these insecure men can remain the “most attractive one” in the couple, as long as they help maintain their wife’s obesity. At any rate, losing love/attraction for a woman because she goes from fat to thin is as awful as losing interest in a previously thin woman who gains weight . . . you either love a person or you don’t, size notwithstanding. Shame on these men who are not more loving & supportive of their spouses when they need them the most.

  57. What a waste!!!! I can not watch her episode ever again. The other people yes, but Penny NO!!! She just needs to die. Sorry if that is blunt but doesn’t deserve to have a husband and a child. She only cares about herself. The husband needs to tell her to get up and get her own food, He needs to get a job and stop living off her disability. I hope they never show her again and that Penny reads these comments.

    • I am at a loss of words after watching this episode. This woman lives in an alternate universe, one where she see herself as a victim. She is a master manipulator and needs to face her reality…she is her own worst enemy. How could she allow her neighbors and family to fundraise for her trip and ultimately do nothing to adhere to the program that would have enabled her to lose weight. It is a sad situation, her husband who is her sole caregiver and her son who will not grow up with a mother. Penny needs counseling and some tough love.

      • I didn’t see where her neighbors and family fund raised for her trip. I thought I read that whatever channel owns that show paid for the surgery, but maybe I just imagined that. IF the show does pay for that surgery, there should be a disclaimer that the patient follow the protocol to a tee, and if they don’t, the cost of the surgery, and everything it entails, should be paid for by the patient. Since she didn’t lose but 40 lbs., and since she isn’t following the eating regimen like she should in order to lose weight, the neighbors and family should demand their money back.

        • Right, but it’s no different than the panhandler on a city corner asking for a few bucks. If he goes and buys something to eat, you feel you did the right thing and helped someone out, it restores your faith in doing good deeds. If on the other hand, and most likely, he just buys more crack or booze with it, you feel like a sucker, you won’t ask for it back, but you’re not as likely to fall for it again.

  58. Just like with drunks and drug addicts, they cannot be helped until they are ready to be helped. She has serious addiction and psychological problems, without addressing that first there is obviously no hope for her. As far as the husband, what can you say, very odd, he’ll just keep supplying the drug until she dies. Probably the only hope for the little boy is foster care, his environment is not conducive with nurturing a child. Maybe if he was taken away it might be the shock either of his parents needs to be brought to the realization and severity of their situation.

  59. I cant get enough of this. She is a a lazy self absorbed mess that is a product of this country’s hand out philosophy. We all have a family member or two just like this

  60. who is paying for all of this treatment, the hospital the therapy the nutritionist all of these are costly, for what, she laughs in their faces. obviously she does not want to change. and health care costs will continue to rise, because of people like her

  61. Penny is a fat loser. The real people who have this condition are people who fight for life and are to be respected! All this fraud is doing is taking people’s money to go on TV and play a victim! I have no sympathy for her. She is not trying to get up, she has food sneaked at hospital and and eats like always at home! She said she can tell exactly how many calories go into everything she makes, but if that is so how come she’s in this shape then! She is the lowest of users! The people who really want help could have had this procedure! I hope they NEVER SHOW THIS EPISODE AGAIN! Nothing but a lair and a pretender! Excuses, excuses, excuses. Don’t bring your innocent son into this! You have failed as a mother and a wife!

  62. This woman, Penny is truly a looser with a capital L and not in a good way. I never saw such denial. Any Mothering that child gets, he has to come to her bedside for it. She is NO example of a Mother and has no business comparing herself to working Mothers who also play with their kids and even go to some of the school events. As for that husband. I would not bring her a single food item she asks for. A nutritionist should have been consulted and designed a weeks worth of diet at a time, and I mean every bite weighed for carb and calorie count. All friends and relatives should be warned to NEVER bring her so much as a jellybean. This woman who can’t even walk to the pantry or fridge should have lost a LOT of weight. She was basically slopped like a farm hog by her husband, the enabler. She should just be on meat, fish, veggies, fruit and some nuts. No breads or potatoes. She WOULD loose if I had the keys to the kitchen. Even if she walked later, there would be ZERO junk food in there. Desserts should just be a little fruit and no calories Jello.

    • Amen! Only, I really think when the cameras are off and their alone, she can walk to get what she wants. At the end of the show after her surgery, she had a plate full of food. She probably had the excuse that it was Thanksgiving after all; but that was still more food than I ate that Thanksgiving!

  63. I cannot believe she had the nerve to say that she gets to spend more time with her child then women who work 10 hours a day. She has life really messed up!! While I go to work for 9 hours a day (while my child is at school for 7 of them) when I get to go home WE can play at the park, go for walks, bike rides and everything else. Not to mention the weekends when my child and I are both off from work and school and I’m not stuck in a bed because I choose food over my child. Your child will hate you later in life for missing out on his. He may not realize it yet because he is still young and cannot see what a selfish hog you are. To put down working parents while you lay in a bed while your husband (who I feel so sorry for) hands you your pee pan and then instead of dumping it on you (which I would have done) is a disgrace!!! You make me so sick! You have no motivation other than to stuff that fat pie hole of yours. Keep eating and watching your son from the window and my children and I will keep living!

    • Jennifer yours is the best comment I have seen yet. The truth hurts and Penny is a disgusting waste who contributes absolutely nothing to society or her poor son. She is only a leach sucking the life out of everything and everyone around her

      • As a training video, CPS should make her watch “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, perhaps this will allow her a brief glimpse of what Liam will face in the not to distant future. The embarrassment of being seen with your mother as you take her into town to conduct necessary business, quietly adding support beams under the floor where she lays, and then in the end, having to cremate her in the house to avoid the embarrassment of figuring out how to busting open the side of the house to get her body out without being witnessed by gawking neighbors. Not to mention the abhorrent embarrassment of having any potential girlfriend see your enormous mother. How is this better than the working mother?

  64. I feel that these surgeries are probably being paid by the taxpayer. Therefore, they should have to sign a contract that they will lose weight or will have to start making payments on the huge hospital bills. Maybe that would change their minds.

  65. Most likely her medical bills are in the $100,000 to $200,000 range and like the rest of her life she takes no responsibilty for it. She is disgusting mostly for her the world owes me thinking. No one owes HER anything she owes the taxpayers since we clothe and over feed her. Her child needs to be taken away. That is not a healthy enviroment for him. She needs to lose her SSI so her lazy husband will have to get a job. And most of all TLC needs to stop showing her on TV that just feeds her warped idea that she is a celebrity and she needs to be handed a bill/diet with hard and swift consequences for not losing weight or begin to pay the bill. People do not value what they get for free.

    • While I don’t know for certain, it is likely that the subjects of the show get their medical bills paid for their participation in the show. Everyone on these reality programs gets paid. It’s just a matter of how much per episode. This show is one big infomercial for the surgeon. Notice that he is listed as an Exec. Producer.

    • I have 100k hospital bill didn’t qualify for any state aide and worked since I was 14 yrs old lost all my retirement savings to be able to pay My mortgage and still today 8 yrs later being garnished thank you penny cause at least you don’t have to pay one for your bill!!!!!!

  66. I had the gastric sleeve surgery done in August of 2013. Now while I was not as big as Penny I was 350 pounds. I had another surgery (for an injury which kept me out of the gym for probably 2 months), in October of 2013. As of today I am now down about 105 pounds. It is just amazing to me how she has not been able to drop any weight. Watching the show last night I was just in amazement at the amount of food she is still able to consume. If I were to eat that much I would be throwing up terribly.

  67. Penny appears to be one of those people who think this surgery would be a “fix” to her inability to control her bad habits…It isn’t. I had the same surgery 3 years ago and I had to re-learn how to eat and live a different lifestyle. I lost 185 lbs and have kept it off because I didn’t look for this surgery to be my miracle but as my fresh start.
    penny will NEVER lose weight as long as she refuses to stop eating so much and the wrong food.
    The surgery was a waste of money on this woman.

    • She thinks that it’s just the surgery and then she doesn’t have to do anything. She needs a REALITY CHECK. It’s not gonna be easy and won’t be served on a silver platter

  68. The whole episode just left me FRUSTRATED! After a couple of weeks with no progress, I think that the doctor should have told her :NO MORE VISITS FROM YOUR HUSBAND until you have lost 50 lbs!!!

  69. You would think her son would motivate her but she is so indenal and selfish. I give props to that Dr. I would have quit on her a long time ago . When he ask can you stand . She just says no she doesn’t even try. She misses her appointment . Ready to murder her when her husband was getting her situated and she goes why aren’t you doing this or that . If something ever happened to her husband her son would have to go live somewhere else cause she does absolutely nothing . The comment about being a better parent then one that works 10+hrs is unexceptable those see the people paying for your bills so keep talking . I know her one sister had obesity but lost her weight … You would think she wouldn’t fall into penny’s bull crap.

    • something that kills me is how she must smell. And how mentially ill do you have to be to let your husband wipe your butt, clean the poop out of all those rolls. euuhhhhh. she is the most sicking thing I have ever seen. ps she calls her son nugget..I’d watch out if I were him,
      he might just wind up a snack!

  70. Penny really, really enjoys all the attention she gets from her husband. There is no other explanation.
    Penny is such a liar she has actually convinced herself that she she is doing the right thing and that everyone else has done her wrong. I love when she says “she can pretty much calculate the calories of everything she is eating”. Ha! That must be some calculator, can I use it to do my taxes next year?
    I too am overweight and understand how difficult it is to have a food addiction. But HOW can you possibly fail when you have had free bypass surgery, a free hospital stay with someone feeding you your exact diet, a free personal trainer and NO JOB TO GO TO, SO YOU HAVE ALLLLLLLLL DAY TO EXERCISE??
    How could it be made any easier for her.
    Her husband seems like a nice guy, but is a total dope for buying into her insanity and agreeing that “the scales were wrong”. Holy delusional!
    She is a loser & a liar, I am sad for her son and am sorry someone who deserved this surgery missed out on it because of her.

  71. I think the person of Penny is far more complex than being lazy or just needing a slap. The amount of viseral hatred and lack of compassion in these posts for a woman who is as emotionally disabled as physically is sad to me. What I see is an intelligent woman who self-sabotages any hopes of normalcy and lives in denial of any self responsibility for her current sad state. There are psychological reasons for her behavior and for her paradigm, and being lazy or stupid do not fit into the equation, but are projections other place on her out of their own lack of understanding of addiction. She is surrounded by enablers who are just as caught up in her disease of food addiction as she is. The tangled web that creates a life of addiction requires more than an initial wake up call, it is a continuous and perhaps life-long struggle that requires attention to the emotional health of the addict as well as the physical aspects of addiction. I see little if any attention to the emotional aspects of healing in these programs. Self-will alone will fail for addiction most every time, even if a good dose of brutal honesty might be a start. However the nature of addiction and a lifetime of addictive behavior is no small challenge to overcome. The doctor basically gave up on her, and perhaps rightly so, was not the one to help her with her emotional problems. People who have never dealt with addiction are quick to condemn failed efforts. I do agree that enablers need counseling as much as the addict, and that this whole family needs help individually and collectively. Reality TV is after ratings, and I am sure when this family agreed to show their journey, there was a hope for success. The abject failure says more about the ineffectiveness of surgery alone as a cure for food addiction at this level.

    • Thanks Laura. It’s why I wrote the piece in the first place. The backlash began during the first airing of the program and of all the episodes this season, Penny’s story has garnered 10-15 times more comments, mostly negative of course, than any other.

    • Really??? There have been other episodes where the people actually got up and walked and were heavier than Penny. Penny is a sorry excuse. She deserves nothing!! She’s crap!!

    • You make a good point laura, but I think most of us are frustrated to see someone in total denial of their situation. I agree, the problem is an issue that pervades the whole family and they all need to be counseled if there is any hope of reaching a victim of addiction. Was there further intervention than what we see on TV? Maybe, they could do a whole series on this girl, but within the constraints of the program’s theme I guess they just decided to focus on the physical aspects of obesity and surgery.

    • It is quite obvious that she does have underlying psychological or sociological issues that aren’t address but these issues are just like the food addiction, it will take her hitting a big concrete call (or her lowest low) before SHE can decide for herself that she needs help. There are a lot of negative comments because of her negative comments. It’s frustrating. All other participants in this program had moments when they slipped, got frustrated, stormed out of Dr. N’s office claiming defeat. But they all got back up on their own. They acknowledged that the problem lay within themselves. That’s the singular difference between them and her (sorry, can’t even type her name). She has left such a sour taste in our mouths that it’s hard to overlook any mental help she may need. It’s not compassion this person needs, it’s a wrecking ball!

    • Get a life she’s a conwomen who needs to be put out in the wild to fend for her self . Than I bet she would be able to stand and even walk

  72. In looking at this show and not necessarily the one in discussion, I feel the Dr. 1st should let them see a therapist and nutritionist before he starts to discuss lossing weight. This will help the client know why they r gaining weight and the nutritionist can find out what they r eating and how they prepare the food.. Put them on a diet that will be healthy and increase the clients metabolism. Maybe we dont see that part on TV but Thats what the Dr should be doing and then some.

  73. I GUARANTEE that if this woman’s financial health was contingent upon a certain amount of weight loss, she would be much more motivated to face her demons with some effort and perhaps some success. But as her case was depicted, she obviously and literally had nothing invested in being successful. Perhaps if she was expected to lose a certain amount of weight before her treatment was paid for, she would do so. Without a certain amount of weight lost, she should have been given a bill.

    My point is that non-compliance in various forms (and for whatever reason) is one of the biggest problems in western medicine. Most are more motivated to maintain FINANCIAL health over physical health, and I bet Penny’s case would be no different. Especially since her treatment likely didn’t cost her a dime!!

  74. I sat in complete amazement at penny last night!!! This woman has some serious mental health issues that really needed to be addressed pre-surgery. Her spouse was an enabler of maximum capacity and he needs alot of therapy as well. She is the ‘breadwinner’ so he is just going to do whatever she wants. He needs to grow a set of balls and that poor little boy!! I am most shocked though at the amount of food she was able to eat. I had a gastric sleeve surgery done a year and a half ago. There is absolutely NO WAY i could eat like she eats! I can only eat 5-6 ozs of food at a time. And usually when i eat i stay full for hours!! I dont see how she was able to eat like that!! It was like she was not even trying!!!

    • I have read about people dying after having that surgery, because they go back to their old eating habits, and all that food is too much for the stomach to handle. However, I know others who have had that surgery, and although they don’t eat the same amount of food they ate pre-surgery, they have gained weight back. While I agree that her husband, Edgar, is an enabler, I think he needs to grow a spine. You can tell Edgar is totally afraid of Penny. She is such a smart ass, a bully, a narcissist, a master manipulator, and she uses those talents to the best of her ability. Edgar needs to get a job, take Liam and leave, and let Penny fend for herself. Maybe then will she actually walk, and fend for herself.

  75. Poor, poor child.
    Penny is a selfish, disgusting pig only thinking of herself and nobody else.
    She lies to everyone including herself, she manipulates and she is absolutely nuts.
    No one will ever get through to her.
    Her husband is nothing more than her stupid slave and an enabler ,
    deepfrying wontons for her !?!?!
    She will probably die, and her child will grow up without a mother.
    Poor kid never had a mother …

  76. Penny lives in a world of her own, she wants to lose weight and aims for the surgery for help well if you werent shoveling food in your mouth all the time and excerise you might lose some weight, you lie to yourself and everyone else about what you eat. Meantime the government is paying for this surgery and you complain about not losing weight after its done, scales are wrong, ha ha, you think everyone else is the blame except yourself. I have watched the episode twice and get madder each time. Grow up lady except the facts and do something for yourself this world doesnt owe you anything. YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT IF YOU WANT TO, my opinion is you like your life and you like people waiting on you. Also you talk to your husband in a terrible way that he does not deserve, take responsibility for yourself for once in your life

  77. This episode made me so angry! I wanted to the doctor to tell her she was going to die, and a small bit of me kind of wanted her to. What made me the most angry was the moment where she told her son that he didn’t have to eat well until he was 18….seriously!!! You just want someone as fat as you so you don’t feel so alone. Then you can blame the doctor for his morbid obesity too. I hope that something scares the crap out of her and she stops making excuses and gets her rear in gear…. nothing irks me more than someone asking for help and then fighting and arguing the help. If you wont work for it, don’t ask.

    • This episode made me furious. Her “poor me” victim thing was so annoying. But the worst for me (with Penny and many others profiled on this show) is her sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude. I wish my doctor were as patient and supportive as “Dr. Now.” He’s basically the only hope for patients of Penny’s size, yet she just blew the whole program. I’ve often wondered, as well, how these seemingly unemployed families pay for their pricey surgeries and treatments. My husband and I are self-employed, and our crappy benefits rarely result in us going to the doctor for anything. That bed should have gone to someone who was actually committed to getting help. And Dr. Nowzaraden’s time would have been better served playing golf.

  78. I would have to agree with the anger and disappointment I had watching this episode. Penny kept saying I am trying as hard as I can, and I am giving 100%. BullShit! And YOU know it Penny. You are acting like a child, you didnt need the oxygen…the Dr said your oxygen saturation was better than his, you are NOT eating right, you refuse to even TRY to get up and walk. You say you want to be there for Liam….but you refuse to DO THE WORK!! You have every opportunity and multiple professionals to help you but you are too busy PLAYING THE VICTIM. I seriously hope that you will WAKE UP and actually lose the weight. Stop making excuses and eating all that crap food!!1 Your CHILD needs you and your HUSBAND needs you….He should leave you and take the child….maybe then you would see the seriousness of all of this.WE ARE ALL PULLING FOR YOU….but YOU have to do the work!!!!

    • At the end of the show, Penny was piling her plate and constantly reaching for more. Edgar obviously has some serious issues himself to stay with this woman who doesn’t try. He needs to find a job, stop living on her disability and leave her there by herself to fend for herself. Let’s see how long she sits there and does nothing. She will not starve to death, she has plenty on her that will keep her alive for a long time. I wouldn’t lift another finger to help her eat anything else. He is a enabler of the worse kind and he is allowing this to destroy his son. I am appalled. This woman is plain out lazy, demanding and although she has problems. so do a lot of folks, they do not let themselves get in this shape. Penny isn’t going to do anything, never planned to do anything and quite frankly a lazy, obese slob. There are no other words to describe her. By the way, she is most definitely a con artist. She conned everyone involved in this, the TV station, the doctor and she runs a daily con on her husband. This child needs to be taken away from the both of them and immediately.

  79. I have an eating disorder. I was once 193 pounds on a five foot frame. I am now in the high 130’s and I work hard to stay there. I have many health issues but I must say that I am self aware and Penny is not. She laughs at the dieticians; lies to the Physical therapist and to the very doctor who is trying to help her. By the end of the show I knew she didn’t want to do the work to lose the weight. Her son is so loving and he deserves better than this kind of life. She is abusive to her husband. How can we be sure she is not abusive to her child? She can’t be there for him. This episode made my head explode. I know how hard it is to recover from an eating disorder or at least be in remission. I didn’t have surgery but if I did I would do everything the doctor asked and more. What is wrong with Penny? She needs to fix her mind that is in denial before she can fix her body. One of the scenes that spoke to me was when she convinced herself she had to wear an oxegen mask when her blood saturation was so high. She needs have therapy but needs to want to heal. Healing is so possible and wonderful. Aloha

  80. I believe Penny has a deep seated fear of losing the weight that is not obvious to her or any of her support system. Coupled with that, being raised with an abusive parent most likely has made her distrustful of authority and rebelous toward the perceived authoritarian-based suggestions that could help her. One of the most obvious factors at work in her family system is that she is the focus of all attention within the family, even to the placing of the child, Liam, in a subservient position to her demands to be the focal point of the family. I imagine she gets something very important to her by being that focal point and should she normalize her weight, she would not longer “reign” in that position, which continues to sabotage any effort to change her situation. Both she and the family need intervention through highly skilled psychological resources to deal with Penny’s individual demons and the severely out of whack family system she has created.

  81. Penny’s attitude was absolutely disgusting. She plays the victim and has an excuse for everything. Being lazy got her in the situation and she obviously likes it. I want the husband to take his son and leave her. That is the wake up call she needs. It was very sickening to see someone take for granted the help people were offering her. Disgusting. And here’s a fact: no Penny, you don’t do more for your son than mothers that can walk and be there PHYSICALLY for their children ALL THE TIME. You are too busy sitting around eating and being selfish and (faking) happiness with your current situation. Wake up lady before you kill yourself!!!

  82. Seriously Penny is a disgrace! You should not have been blessed with that surgery! Preparing food in bed really?!?! I am so disgusted! She does not deserve to be a mother! Get off ur ass and put effort into it! And her husband needs to grow a pair! This episode infuriated me. At least others tried!

  83. It made me so angry for poor little Liam. And I have to wonder why she was not mortified about having to have her husband roll her over so she could use a bedpan on a pad. It’s not as though she has a debilitating illness that has made her incontinent. She doesn’t even care about blowing her dignity and getting to the point where she can’t even go to the toilet in private. Somehow, for me, that is the worst.

    • But isn’t this the ultimate in power over someone? I doubt even Cleopatra was pampered and attended to as much as this “princess”.

  84. She’s a professional victim who has no desire to lose weight, because then she would have responsibilities. Keeping a house, taking proper care of her poor son, maybe even getting a job. She prefers to lay in a bed in her own filth and let the world go by. I’ve never seen someone with that amount denial. Her husband needs to grow a spine and stand up to her for the sake of that little boy. We all saw through her lies.

  85. It’s all so sad. All the episodes, and Penny is not the worst I’ve ever seen, I personally know a few people who have had the surgery. One did amazing and worked his ass off for it, three of the others I know chose to fail when they realized how much work it really was. Penny makes excuses for everything and throws her faults on others. Then proclaims she is better than others at certain things because she really knows how messed up she is. She isn’t as blind as people think she is, just lazier than most realize. The worst part is TLC knew this, they broadcast it for the ratings and discussion and what not. More haters means more publicity and more money from advertisers. They do a lot of good, but capitalizing on people they know they can’t help is pathetic.

  86. Penny, I hope you read this. Food addiction is not like drug addiction, you must eat to survive. You have basically enslaved your little boy and husband, they are your food slaves. You justify that you are always there for your son because you cannot move! There are so many people out there who want to lose weight, who are literally dying and you had this opportunity and blew it! You are a lazy slob who blamed the doctor and the hospital scales on your lack of ambition. No one said you had to be 100 lbs, but you didn’t even try! You are mentally ill and need help. The state should take your child away from you. How do you think your child would feel if God forbid something happened at your house and your child and husband were able to leave the house and because you BLAMED THE WORLD ON YOUR WEIGHT GAIN AND THE FACT THAT YOU CHOSE NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT AFTER THE SURGERY and you perished in your home. But it seems that would be fine with you because you spend more time with your child than a mother that works outside of the home? Really?What do you think your child will think when he is of age to invite friends over and he can’t because he is ashamed of your laziness? He knows you had the surgery and right now he thinks it didn’t work, but when he gets older he will know that YOU THOUGHT A BIG MAC AND CRISPY CHICKEN WERE MORE IMPORTANT THAN TRYING TO HELP YOURSELF! Do you know there is over a 50% chance that your little boy will be obese? Your husband is no better, he is a robot and at your directive going to the store for Devils Food Cake? You are a selfish, selfish woman. We’ve all had struggles in our lives but it doesn’t give us the right to ruin your child’s life. I would make you pay back all the money collected from your friends, family and neighbors as well. SOMETIMES THE BEST MEDICINE IS MAKING A PERSON STAND ON THEIR OWN TWO FEET. You are SHAMEFUL AND DISGUSTING! You justify not being mentally and physically there for your husband and child by stating they are STATISFIED with the time and attention you are giving them now …which is nothing.

  87. Both Penny & Edgar are more to be pitied than laughed at…and left to their own devices, they will make horrible choices, so I started thinking…this family is living off her disability…which we as tax payers are funding. Her husband goes to the grocery store & buys all junk food. He most likely used a Food Benefit card. Here’s my question: if she’s disabled because she is morbidly obese and her food is being funded by a government agency, why aren’t these types of fatty foods banned from her purchase list since it’s this type of food that is the cause of her disability. Have all the salad you want, but you’re not getting cheesy poofs on my dime. Sure, they can buy them…but they won’t be GIVEN them. Once they see how little the rest if their welfare check is after having to pay for all that junk food & fast food, maybe Eddie wouldn’t have picked up those extra 2pints of Ben & Jerry’s for his whale of a wife.

  88. She actually thought she lost 340lbs. She told the paramedic and his face was like “wtf”. She is a very sick person, so is her husband. She is literally delusional.

  89. All I wanted to do is slap her saying that she did all she could to help her self stuffing her face isn’t helping and saying that she is a good mom sure your not she is a looser all I wanted to do to her is slap the shit out of her most of the show look in the mirror women you need mental help and you husband to .

  90. I do not think she knows that as her son grows older he will become ashamed of her. He will recall that she fail at the one thing he really counted on her to do. To keep her word. To lose weight, so she could walk, so she could go to his graduation. He will not trust her to keep her word any more. He will see through her as he grows.

  91. Just to add a little fuel to the fire, Penny’s husband is probably being PAID BY THE STATE to be her caregiver….

  92. Penny is lazy and should have to repay the state of Maryland or whatever state funded her surgery. She is lazy. Weight loss is not easy and WILL not be handed on a silver platter. She is an attention whore and wants people to feel sorry for her. She has a beautiful son that needs his mother. No matter how much she says she participates in his life, it does not replace what she could do for him! She is a waste and is making excuses for herself. If she were trying to loose weight, she would not be eating veggies dripping in butter, several slices of ham, bread with butter, etc. The list goes on and on.

    • People like her are the ones who make me go to gym and careful what I put in my mouth.She hss every excusec in the world 2 do nothing.She thought surgery would sollve all her problems without trying more.Bored to hell.

      • She actually thought surgery will do the magic without any effort from her. She is selfish. Her husband isn’t helping her too. Just waste of time.

    • I remember her the most! She even said that her neighbors had donated $ for her surgery. I think that’s why they moved to that apartment, so she didn’t have to face them. Also, her husband set up the furniture, and the first thing out of her mouth was that she couldn’t see the TV! Then missing all of her appointments! She would rather make crab rangoon off her ass! Gross! Enablers…..this is just like that attitude of an alcoholic!

      • Just saw the show today. I’m am so appalled by Penny, it is a disgrace to all the people who try desperately to lose weight and our not give the ability to have “a funded free surgery” and all that free ambulance transportation. That is supposed to be used for emergency services not bc you can’t get your lazy butt out the door. She should be ashamed ..eating like that, not getting of her butt up to make changes and to exercise on top of lying constantly to her Dr.
        Losing weight is a life change not a magic surgery. Her husband should also be ashamed by enabling her. Eating is a addiction like drugs. If he was smart he should remove that little boy from that scenario, the small child will be affected if not now down the road. Beyond that her story leaves me very bitter toward her for using people and funds, when serious weight losers could of benefited from the surgery and time from the Dr.

      • Its sooooo ludicrous. If she can’t walk, she obviously doesn’t need the surgery. If edgar doesn’t feed her, she’s guaranteed to lose weight. Her diet is similar to my dog’s. Its only what I give him.

    • Many here have a lot of vile things to say about Penny. I think she deserves a measure of pity. She is in a miserable state and will eventually die from her weakness. I doubt that is what she wants, but she seems incapable of mustering the strength needed to succeed. Some just don’t have the strength…that is how life is. Not everyone is strong and courageous. I feel sorry for her because she is miserable and will have an even more horrible end. Show a little empathy folks, for her and her husband. They are suffering. C’mon now.

      • It’s difficult to have empathy for someone who was GIVEN everything she needed to make life changes yet chose not to use those resources. All I heard from her was excuse after excuse. She blamed others, lied and made smart ass comments to everyone who was trying to help her. I’m sorry, I too watched my mom get beat. I too endured the abuse of a drug addict father. We all have childhood memories that aren’t so good, but it is our choice to decide how we are going to let those memories effect our lives. As a child, I went through as much as she did, probably more. I’m 130 lbs. We can’t use what happened to use in the past as an excuse to be lazy. She has a bad attitude and maybe if she worked on that and stopped being a smart ass to everyone trying to help her, her life would change

    • Watched Penny’s story just now for the third time and I am feeling so angry now. I found myself yelling at the television and my stomach was turning in knots. I felt bad for her… Well not really. I do believe she should pay back all of those people who tried to help her and the state of Maryland. Her and her husband don’t work, they live off of her disability. I work two jobs and I can barely afford food. Unless she is making progress to lose weight to eventually get off the disability they should cut that family off. Maybe Penny’s husband enables her because he doesn’t want to work either. Penny is the most selfish woman!!! Disgusting!!!

    • I cant believe how lazy penny is.. And she says she loves her son but insist on letting him eat ad much and as unhealthy as his mother. I dont find that to be a loving mother.. And as for her husband he should have takin his son and left to go get his own apartment and left penny in her own misery .. because in my eyes she is verbally abusive to her husband.. and her husband needs to grow a back bone and tell her to get her big butt up and go to the bathroom and walk her self to the refrigerator.. I feel really bad for her little boy!!! Her son desever a mother who wants to share all those special moment in his life out in the world not from some King Size Bed!!!!!!!! Penny you are lazy and pathetic selfish and full of excuses!!! especially with the oxygen!!!! Get off your butt be a women wife mother sister!!!!! Rant over!!!!!

    • This chick is so unbelievably lazy disgusting why she would spend other peoples money for a bull crap try of a weight loss attempt she didnt even try, her husband was a horrible enabler I see people like them all the time preying on family emotions with promises of change, but really there will never be none I feel disgusted this episode was even aired

    • I don’t what has happened to her but I had bypass 12 years ago and thank god everyday have gained 30 pounds back but still look “normal”. Her husband is a good man with bad choices. If she wanted food make her get out of bed and get it. Wonder what has happened to her. She was a wasted life.

    • Let her rot in her own lard. Full of excuses, careless, and stupid family. Animals can control themselves far better. She and the family should repay every single dollar spent back to the hospital and doctors keeping her alive. We don’t need 300+ lb humans in our society.

  93. Penny obviously has become so acclimated to being bedridden and waited on that I think she’s too scared to change. She doesn’t want to be self sufficient. She wants to stay “safe” in her cozy bed where no one expects anything from her. The juxtaposition of her claiming that she gives her son everything he needs with the video of her husband outside having fun with their son–showing that Penny actually misses a hell of a lot of her son’s life.

  94. Ughhh, what a nasty, disgusting, worthless piece of garbage and it has nothing to do with her obesity. There is nothing worse than a pathetic woman. Her son would be better off without her.

  95. For people who won’t follow experts advice you can’t help shame on you penny you don’t appreciate all the help you have received now you are on your own

  96. It makes me sick or should I say penny you make me son had been waiting years for his surgery.I don’t know how you got it and what you said or did to get the surgery but it’s not fair you took it away from someone who would do everything asked of them to be lucky enough to get the surgery but instead it was wasted on you.KARMA IS A BITCH, you will get yours.

  97. It seems this family has had problems for a long time:

    Penny has ruined not only her life, but the life of her husband and potentially her child as well. If Penny wasn’t so selfish and would take care of herself so that she could be a decent wife and mother, she would not weigh so much that she could barely move and would not be on disability. Disability should be for people that really need it – and there are definitely people out there that need it. It’s people like Penny that cause so many others to think disability is a scam and that their hard-earned money is being wasted on selfish, lazy people. There are plenty of people that have worked for years and through no fault of their own find themselves with a medical issue that makes it impossible for them to hold a job. I’m guessing that her husband doesn’t work because he is the only person who is willing to wait on Penny like a servant. I hope he somehow gets the strength to do what he needs to do to take care of himself and his child. I agree with another poster – Penny should be put in a nursing home., where hopefully she would not have such easy access to food. Edgar should attempt to get a job during school hours, or if he has a family member willing to help him get on his feet, take Liam and stay with them.

  98. I wonder what “tons of fun” Penny would do if there were an emergency (like a fire) in her apartment. Hell, she couldn’t do anything for herself, her husband or her son, so her delusion of being a better parent than working mothers is a load of whale crap. I also wonder what her husband could (or better, WOULD) do to help her if there were an emergency like a fire – cos he’s not helping her in any way by wiping her ass and providing her junk food.

  99. Stop feeding your wife, Edgar! Does Penny not see the fat she eats and the degradation of her spouse having to attend to her bodily discharges? Enablers should be prosecuted and Edgar is guilty. The fact that he shopped according to her list of groceries tells us he has serious issues as to how he manages Penny’s severe obesity. Her motivation should be her adorable son and having an active sex life with her man. She is not just obese, she is mentally ill. And she doesn’t have long to live. Everybody in her life needs to intervene and stop feeding her rubbish. They are all guilty. Leave her a bowl of salad and see – she can hardly chase them to inflict punishment.

    • I agree with Lyn Mynott about feeding her food like salads or better yet Penny should be given protein shakes. She would scream and yell I’m sure, but that’s why someone made earplugs so you don’t have to listen to loud noises. Edgar should buy a pair and just give her protein shakes for all 3 meals and lots of water in between just watch the weight fall off Penny 🙂 It’s not that hard you just have to ignore the fact that it’s your spouse, hand her the shake and water, put in your earplugs and walk away till the next meal… rinse and repeat after awhile she will get the idea and stop fighting it. As for these surgery’s I think it’s all bs all these people need is a serious attitude adjustment, all their family members also. Lose the weight then get surgery to get rid of the excess flesh that would make more sense to me.

  100. Penny enjoys the attention her situation brings her. This didn’t just start happening. What happened in her childhood that caused to to see illness, weakness and “poor me” as a way to get attention? She has surrounded herself with people too afraid of rejection, to risk standing up to her. I found it enlightening to see how hard it was for her to sit up in hospital, yet she could spring forward to grab the bag put on her bed at home. She is not as invalid as she likes others to believe. Penny has psychological issues that go back to her childhood and I believe she has a lot of pain that has never been addressed. What Penny needs more than surgery is to be locked in a room for a week with someone who won’t take her pathetic excuses but will make her face her issues and refuse to give in. She needs to get in touch with that pain and explore it. And I absolutely would not hand her any food. Put it on a table and when she’s hungry enough, she will go and get it, have no fear of that.

  101. I had weight loss surgery 6 months ago and have lost 100 pounds. When I cheat on my diet I watch this episode and it reminds me what can happen. I think Edgar is a fool for allowing her to eat poorly. Penny has no real sense of reality. But I do hope one day to see an update in here where she has changed her life around.

  102. She may have a pituitary gland tumor and Cushing syndrome. Also a genetic disorder. So, she can take into account this fact. I didn’t see that they checked this. Alo, some saturated fats are good to lose weight. I wonder, can she be contacted?

    • Penny’s problem is psychological. They check for medical disorders before agreeing to do gastric bypass surgery. Due to time restraints and editing to air a year in a one hour show, we do not see everything that they do with their weight loss patients. Until Penny’s psychological problems are addressed, and she is willing to do the work with the resources she is given, she will continue to eat herself to death.

    • Be serious she sat there eating all the wrong foods stop the exuses she is a fat piece of wasted space and Nasty on top of it. She was abusive to everyone who came in contact with her. I saw no one who truley was sincere about her condition. Take responsibility for your actions. I’m sick of working and paying for these lazy pieces of shit to stay home Social security is in the toilet I don’t know if there will be any left for the time I retire. Get a grip. I wish she would contact me.

    • I had weight loss surgery a year ago. Before surgery they test for all thyroid and pituitary problems as well as a litany of other blood and enzyme test repeatedly for over six months prior to the surgery. If they find any of these, they treat for them first.

  103. Penny is a fat cow who is a useless waste of space, her husband and child wait on her hand foot and she isn’t even trying just blaming everything on everything and everyone else, maybe she’d be better off 6 feet under

  104. People don’t get to that size without something psychological going on. I always wondered why counseling wasn’t part of the whole thing. Individual and family counseling is needed.

    • Totally agree with Leela. Penny has other issues. I’m not in her shoes so I can’t judge her. But yes, her surgery was a waste of resources.

    • I had weight loss surgery a few months back, and have lost 82lbs so far. My surgeon and my insurance required 6 months of pre operative counseling, and 1 year post op. These issues should have been addressed before surgery.

  105. I had a gastric sleeve done in June and am so grateful that I have insurance to cover and that I have done well. But its HARD WORK plus you literally have to go through PAIN to eat that much – I weighed less than half what Penny weighs when I had the procedure and have lost as of today 42 lbs. The only way to stay the same at her weight is to be chugging soft food like chocolate ice cream or such. There are certain foods that if I even smell, I want to throw up. So literally she is probably getting sick forcing herself to eat.

    The worst is she is selfish and not thinking of her family’s future. PS with my plan I had to have 6 months of weekly classes pre surgery to go over all the emotional parts

    • Great Job Emily. I sincerely wish you all the best. I just want to point out one thing that I shook my head about; at the end of the “Where are they now” episode, after she ate much more than was necessary, she reached for her large bottle of antacids. She literally is finding ways around the discomfort of overeating. This is clearly indicative of an individual not wanting to do the work but is expecting all the accolades.

  106. Penny is a disgrace. Once again the tax dollars used for someone who has no intention on contributing to society. The most disturbing part of the show was her abusive behavior to the healthcare providers waiting on her. She blamed everyone in her path for her condition. She was downright nasty and verbally abusive to everyone including the doctor. Especially blaming the doctor because she lost no wait. But here is the kicker she honestly made a comment that she is a better mother then working mothers. She would not know a hard days work because it does not exist from her bed. What a fat ugly bitch she is a disgrace

      • I have watched all of these shows, and certainly Penny had the worst attitude. They should have chosen a more motivated person.

        But the most important thing about these shows, that everyone should take home from this, is never ever let yourself get in this condition. Even if you’re a just a few pounds or 200 pounds overweight, now is the time to do something about it.

        Join My Fitness Pal, a free app that helps you track your calories with over a 1 million, including fast food calorie database. Weight loss is simple math. Calories in versus calories out, simply meaning eat less, move more. No magic pills, no crazy diets, just portion control.

        Losing weight and getting in shape are never easy, but it’s happening through very determined individuals who look at Penny’s and all the other stories on this show, and come away thinking I am never going to live my life in bed or on a couch waiting for my body to kill me. I am going to get to a normal healthy BMI. I am not going to live in fear of getting type 2 diabetes, because I am in control of what and how much goes into my mouth.

  107. This lady mad me so mad. She is a marter and selfish! We all have problems, she did not make any effort at all what so ever. I was so pissed watching this episode because she had to the worst person to be able to get this surgery. She will die on this path. Clearly she loves the food more than life and her child. She made no effort! And she loves being the victim that was clear. If her husband did not bring her the food she would have to lose weight. I would of only given her what was required she wouldn’t have a choice. Ok I am done!

  108. i watched it today for the first and never been so disgusted with her. She came up with every excuse in the world to be lazy. What a waste of time. She need a Psychological evaluation before surgery. Her husband needs to leave her alone so she can get her act together. She is a disappointment .

  109. I am a recovering drug addict.

    3 1/2 years clean thanks for asking. This person is addicted to the feeling of food. Not soley food, but the chemical hook up she gets from ingesting food.

    She doesn’t need a Doctor, she needs an addiction psychiatrist. She needs to go into rehab with people like me, accept that she is powerless to her addiction and begin to get help so she can eventually feel better mentally.

    Good luck Penny.

    • She refuses any type of help that is given to her so addiction psychiatrists will not help. She’s clearly stated she doesn’t have any goals to look forward to when losing weight. She has no regards of the people around her, she’s a very selfish person. Just like how suicide is selfish, it’s the same thing but worse because it’s slowly.

  110. Penny is not a disgrace, a fat cow, a waste of a life or any of the other truly horrible, bigoted and inhumane things that have been written here. If these things had been said about a dog or cat, people would call for the writers to be prosecuted as animal a users.

    Unless you have been super morbidly obese (and I certainly have) shut the hell up.

    There is something organically wrong with Penny–the evidence was right there in the episode–when on the liquid protein diet and in the hospital where they were controlling her calorie intake, she only lost a few pounds. After this surgery–and yes I had the exact same surgery–you are restricted to a liquid protein diet and food is not appealing because everything hurts. Based on the EXTREMELY EDITED footage we saw, my guess is that Penny is drinking a lot of her calories. And what I heard was a tremendous amount of rationalization on Penny’s part–that seems to be the crux of her problem at this point–she needs a new physical work up and an ongoing relationship with a psychotherapist.

    It’s been a little over a year since my surgery and I’ve lost nearly over 35% of my presurgery weight! but after the first four months every single .2 of a pound is a struggle and a fight. Just like it is for everyone.

    • Are you saying Penny has the mental acuity of a cat or dog? Animals don’t generally eat themselves to death, by the way.

      Anyone who is that morbidly obese has to take responsibility for getting that overweight in the first place. It is not something that happens to you through no fault of your own. Stop playing the victim and expecting people to feel sorry for you. Losing weight is just solving a problem you created for yourself.

      Many people have psychological issues that lead them to behave in self-destructive ways, including gambling, alcoholism, and drug addiction. But throwing them a Pitt party and excusing their behavior because they have “problems” isn’t helping anyone and is not true compassion. It only enables them and hurts them more. If others don’t hold them accountable for their actions, they certainly won’t either and will likely never change.

      Also – did you miss the parts where her husband was bringing her extra food in the hospital? Of course she didn’t lose much – she wasn’t sticking to the diet. And you can ingest a LOT of calories in liquids!

    • Sorry but this is all Penny, she is the one who failed at this. She sabotaged her recovery and her weight loss by having everyone bring her stuff that she should not be eating after surgery, and “SHE” kept shoveling it in. The surgery is a hard surgery on your body, I know I had the same thing also, and you have to stick to and have the mind set to stick to it. In my opinion Penny thought surgery was going to be her cure and she would not have to stick to a diet or an exercise program. I had my surgery in 2004 and I am still sticking to my diet and exercise program. this surgery is a total life change. if you are not careful you can gain all the weight back.

      So open your eyes, and watch the show again, penny is doing this to herself. She has no one to blame but herself

    • Didn’t she receive a psych eval before the surgery to verify she was ready to do some work herself? She appeared to me that she thought the surgery would do it for her. She also appeared that she enjoyed being a victim. Even when the Dr. questioned the reason for oxygen, she was convinced she needed it and argued with the Dr. She was sarcastic and simply enjoyed laying in bed berating and ordering her husband around.

    • No on a lot of these shows family members sneak in food to the hospital, which what was going on with Penny also. She didn’t follow the doctors order, and even argued with the nurses about her liquid diet. She had an excuse for everything. She has a victim mentality, and it was evident at the end of the show when she was blaming the doctor, and stating “where is my yellow brick road.”

      Everyone’s has problems in their lives. This is life’s hurdles. The majority are able to work thru it, and then there are the minority like Penny who blame everyone but themselves for the circumstances they’re in. Penny has become an expert at that.

  111. This story raised many concerns, and I see everybody blaming Penny. But what concerns me most is the TV channel and producers who filmed this failure for a year and allowed it to go on so that they would have a dismal story to show that would enrage people. Did no one sit Edgar down and tell him to stop giving her food? We don’t see anything like that. We don’t see the advice that was given to Penny’s caretakers. She can’t walk so she is getting her food from others, even while in the hospital she was most likely getting food from Edgar. He needed psychological help as much as she did. But the cameras rolled on to show us this train wreck without this. They waited months and months and months to send a nutritionist in. Why wasn’t this counseling done early, and why wasn’t Edgar given the supportive counseling he needed to stop enabling Penny? The scenes of her making won tons and Edgar deep-frying them for her, did anybody on the camera crew or production team step in and suggest this was a bad idea??????

    • That is utterly ridiculous.

      Penny was given a chance many people would do anything to have. She wasted it.

      You cannot force help on someone who won’t accept it. Also, why do you think Penny and Edward are entitled to have all of these things done for them. PENNY IS NOT A VICTIM. Edward is not a victim. Do you know who the victims are? Their child and all the people who spent so much time and money on Penny and got nothing back but spite. She should be deeply ashamed.

      You can’t tell me Penny and Edward needed a nutritionist to tell them deep-fried wontons are high in calories, or that Edward doesn’t know feeding his wife like that is keeping her fat.

      Documentaries are not meant to interfere in what is going on, but to show it all – whether good or bad. If they chose not to air this episode because Penny is a failure then you would probably complain the show only wanted to show success stories and that it didn’t show how hard the process is.

      It’s not Penny’s fault, it is everyone else’s, right? It’s victim mentalities like yours that keeps people from achieving anything in their lives.

      • Dear all,

        I have never commented on such a forum but Penny’s story did make an impression on me. I have beens trudging with emotional eating and some depression, but certainly not to the extent that is portrayed on this show. One thing you can notice if you have been healthy and due to some traumatic event or stress have had your health deteriorate, especially if it is related to an eating disorder is that there is tipping point, and that the process is very complex. It requires a lot of strength, self-awareness, and A LOT of work, both emotional, psychological, physical, and mental to turn things around. The significant thing is that Penny has certainly developed a lot of her rationalization and mental outlook as a defense mechanism while dealing with an abusive and violent environment growing up. This has certainly traumatized her for life. Being born in this situation is not her fault. Trying to deal with it the best way she can is not her fault. I think that Penny appears selfish, weak, and certainly lacks a clear sense of reality, but a lot of the blame from people on this forum is a bit short-sighted: it is hard, very hard to evaluate the choices a human being goes through in their life and judge them. Just look t your parents’ lives! It is so easy to see the mistakes, the wrong turns, the lost battles, and blame people!

        Firstly: Penny grew up into her patterns. This is huge! These patterns are ingrained in her so deeply. The transformation will take enormous amount of energy, constant vigilance, and effort, on everyone’s part.

        Secondly: Penny found a person, Edgar, who loves her, but who enables her. The relationship is perfectly designed to serve her emotional disability, and not take her out of it. She seeks the comfort of the attention and care, but this is an elusive comfort that is destructive to her.

        Thirdly: She is working with very limited tools here, her mental, psychological, and spiritual health are not addressed, only her physical health. The surgery she underwent is a small pebble against a huge current of downward momentum, and is insufficient to cause a turnaround in her life.

        I completely agree with people’s comments that Edgar is a huge factor in her condition here. When I discussed this with my girlfriend, I told her that if she was in Penny’s situation, I would be absolutely cruelly consistent and not let give her an inch of space to continue on her downward spiral, that she would hate my guts over it, she would lose the weight, and get healthy, but our relationship would be destroyed form this, she would forever associate me with the role of a painful merciless barrier, and while she may see the love and devotion behind it, she would move on and be happy with a new relationship and a new life. That is what will take to get Penny out of her patterns. A total systematic well-planned and well-executed destruction of her reality and of all lifelines to her addiction and emotional entrapment. She will hate it, she will fight against it, it is human nature.

        The cruel truth is that her happiness and her survival lie on the other side of this painful transition, and there is no shortcut, no comfortable way of getting there. If there were, she would have done it long ago.

        Penny and everyone else who is struggling to make a change: the change is total, inside and out. If we focus on our bodies alone, we are mostly treating the symptom, not the cause. The body is merely a form, an expression of energy that we have gone through, gathered, processed, expended. The body is an afterthought. The body is a container. Penny’s suffering is deep inside. She is reaching out and crying out for help. Just read between the lines! Her rigid behavior and power over Edgar are perfectly designed to feed her addiction, and provide temporary relief. But this way she never has to face herself, her pain, her whole life of pain head-on. Who is prepared for that? It will take so much strength, so much support, and an incredibly powerful influence on her to get her out of it, to shake her down to her core!

        A person in Penny’s situation has lived in this extreme disharmony and imbalance for SO long that the transition will take a long time and will need to happen inside-out. Instead, the show tried to introduce an external event as a catalyst of the change, but it was obvious that this would not be significant enough to cause a turnaround.

        And all the therapists, the upsetting conversations with the doctor Z., while making Penny upset, remained external to her, she never embraced them, she never saw them as helpful, she saw them as disruptive of her environment.

        The problem, Penny, if you ever get to read this, is – and I say this with my full compassion and love from one human being to another who is suffering in the same way as we all are – the environment that you are protective of, the comfort and love that you feel in it is a mirage, is a numbing coverage of the pain that lies underneath, and the pain is what is suppressing your wonderful beautiful and loving true self from emerging and being alive. You see it and feel it int he moments when you connect with your boy, and in the moments when you truly mean to get healthy, be there at his graduation, and make a change. But those moments are scarce. And the reality is, Penny, that to get through to yourself, to connect to the person that you are inside, and that has been lost probably most of your life, you HAVE to go dismiss the false covers, and go through the pain, face it all, day after day, go beyond your limits, open up to it all, live through the pain over and over until it washes over you and loses its grip and power over you, and you are left free, light, and healthy…. It will take a long time. It is not too late, and you are very strong, very very strong, despite losing the battle with yourself over and over and over.

        People say the size of weight is the size of the wound.

        One thing that you should ask yourself is: in your final moment, wouldn’t you wish at least that you tried, really tried, and took a risk, at least once, to see what it is like on the other side of the pain and suffering? The risk to drop everything, EVERYTHING that you know and feel comfortable, and surrender to a change that is scary, foreign, disturbing, uncomfortable, but also maybe, just maybe, can bring you freedom and a new life?

        I am struggling with patterns and behaviors and habits that are destructive myself, and I know that in my last hours, I would like to know that at least I tried, I took a leap, I jumped into the fire and burned myself, but at least I gave myself a chance, and I gave God and the universe a chance, to bring something new to my life.

        Just ask yourself: when did you surprise yourself when you didn’t try something new?

        We should all ask ourselves that.

        With compassion and love,


      • I think Penny should marry Gareth, the azzh..ole married to Penny. She would get on a diet then just to get away from him.

    • Having had similar surgery several months ago, and losing over 80 lbs so far,I am familiar with the pre surgical prep and spotted several errors in your comment.

      The idea of anyone but Penny being responsible for her situation is utter ridiculous.

      Firstly for all insurance carriers, even medicare and medicaid, require counseling over a period between 3-6 months prior to surgery before they will even agree to pay for the procedure. In addition patients(and their spouses or support people,) are required to visit with a nutritionist at least monthly and keep food journals, although this will only work if you tell the truth. You are also given detailed food plans that you design with the nutritionist with your taste preferences in mind. Penny obviously has a problem with this. I also attend a free weekly support group that my husband also attends with me. My surgery also came with a free membership to the state of the art gym at the surgery, which included personal training.

      Edgar was sneaking unhealthy food into her room. While I think that this was irresponsible on his part, it is clear to me that she is extremely domineering and something of a bully. She snaps at him for the slightest thing and treats him like a servant. I think that he is so kowtowed by her at this point that her gives her whats she wants just to keep her from bullying him. Abuse is not always physical, and the victim can be a man. They obviously need couples counseling as well.

      I work in publishing now but got my start in this field working for independent documentary film companies. Although we do not think of this this show as one, that is exactly what the nature of this show is designed to be. The first rule of documentary film making is DON’T INTERFERE!!! You are there to simply document. You cannot render aid, advice etc. And even if they could it would not have been effective. You saw just how deeply her denial ran. Anytime that someone from Edgar to the doctor criticized he in any way, she would snap and either yell, blame, or attempt to emotionally manipulate them with crocodile tears.

      You mentioned several times that someone should have said something each time that there was a problem. Do you really think that they don’t did not know that? Penny knows that she is fat, she simply cannot take responsibility. Edgar knows that the food her buys for her is bad. He is simply to afraid of the backlash if he bucks the trend. She knows that she will not see her son grow up, she just won’t deal with the real root of the problem that is feeding this compulsion.

      Fat people know that we are fat. Telling us that will not make us change. We will not change until we decide to address the problems that cause the over eating.

      Many people are saying that there may have been abuse issues but this is not an excuse. I was physically, emotionally and sexually abused by both my mother and my step father. I has 32 broken bones before the age of 14. I suffer from PTSD, as well as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis , and 4 herniated disks. I still manage to find a way to do what I need to do to lose the weight. She has been given all of the tools that she needs, but the only one that she really needs is self motivation.

      • Sharon GOOD for you! I too as mentioned above am “sleeved”. Now its 2 months. Dont you agree that at 500 lbs and NEVER moving she would STILL have to eat probably 5000 to 6000 calories per day? At this point in general I am eating 600 to 800 calories per day, mostly protein.

        I have seen folks larger than her through my weight loss process and the docs and they all walk. No running, but they are able to walk. To be a mom and not able to go with your child, its really horrible.

    • Umm it’s not the productions crew responsibility to tell her that eating fried won tons is a bad idea! She was utterly rude to the dietician as well as the physical therapist, how do you think she would have reacted to the production crew had they tried to stop her from eating her precious won tons? It’s common since that fried food is full of calories. She is not a stupid woman. She’s a lazy selfish woman.

    • The very first part of these shows states that only 5 percent are successful, meaning that 95 percent will eventually go back to their former food consumption habits, and gain the weight back.

      Penny’s story makes it more than clear that even after surgery, you can still eat yourself to death.

      I think that’s good for people to know. Maybe it will encourage others to make a lifestyle change now by eating less, and losing weight now, so they never have to go through a surgery that only works under the same pretense of normal weight loss, of eating less, while moving more.

    • On all of these episodes, there are enablers. I was struck by the doctor’s comment when he stated in the (I believe Christine’s story, the 21 year old) that her mother and husband will sabotage her weight loss, because they would lose control over her. And the doctor put her in the hospital to get away from them. It didn’t work, they kept sneaking in food.

      I presume they just didn’t realize the seriousness of what they were doing. They and other enablers are feeding their supposedly loved ones to death. No tough love in these episodes coming from family members, that’s for certain, otherwise they would have never gotten that big.

      Also very noteworthy, the majority of family members are obese themselves. They never learned good eating habits. Kids today are being raised by parents with bad eating habits and the cycle continues.

      It’s not what we’re eating so much, but how much. Hamburgers and french fries existed in the 50’s, during a time when it was difficult to find someone that was overweight. Portion sizes in most restaurants and fast food have tripled in size since the 50’s. They are designed to make certain that no one, regardless if your male or female or size ever leaves hungry. If you clean your plate in many of these popular places, you’ve probably consumed enough calories to last you two days.

      It’s really unfortunate, this country is the fattest in the world. Obesity is now our number one health concern, and type 2 diabetes is skyrocketing.

  112. EXCUSES EXCUSES!!!!! Thats ALL shes full of besides shit, their is someone out there that IS 600lbs who would give EVERYTHING to have that surgery, and all she’s done is make excuses and lie to the doctor and make him look like a total fool!!!!! made up dumb lies and took advantage of the LIFE SAVING gift that was given to her, I could understand if she has put forth just a tiny little bit of effort, but hell no she wanted to make the doctor look like A COMPLETE IDIOT,, she is a pathetic DISGRACE PERIOD…. no goals????? LMAO!!!! SHE MAKES ME SICK!!!

  113. Please do not detect one ounce of sarcasm in what I am about to write. Penny should be charged under child protection laws for repeatedly exposing herself to her son. To have a folds and folds of fat in your genital area and have your nighty rise up constantly is absolutely disgusting. This story makes me sad for the human race.

  114. Hell she can’t get out the bed so she has to eat what he cooks. Grow some balls and put her on a low card diet. Either she will eat it or she won’t. Either way she will lose weight. I wanted to reach in the Tv and shake them both. Ok I lie… wanted to slap the dog crap out of both of them. Nothing taste as good as picking your kids up from school and hearing how they day went as you all head home feels.

  115. Penny plays the blame game. It’s excuse after excuse after excuse. “They didn’t weigh me right” “the doctor didn’t give me the right tool” until she can stop pointing the finger at everyone else and take responsibility for her decisions and action she’ll never have succeed. It’s sad she will excuse herself to death.

  116. I watched this program last night for the first time. First I like to say food is addiction like drugs, alcohol and not everyone becomes an alcoholic, druggie or obese. I have friends who can overeat and not gain a pound. We all have issues and have to deal with them in our own ways. Remember many people chose to get help and fail many times. When it comes to someone being obese we are quick to judge them as being lazy. I wasn’t happy with many of the comments Penny made but remember she knowns she could count on her husband.

    Also being a working mom I wasn’t happy about the comment she’s a better mom then working moms. It would been nice to hear Penny say I apprepicate all the help and support from her family and friends who raised the money for the surgery. What surprised me was when she made the comment I believe i losted 340 pounds. Wow.

    I hope the best for you Penny don’t give up!
    Tell Edgar when he goes to the grocery store he has to rip up your grocery list !

  117. This lady should be court ordered to repay the government for her medical bills. She should also repay her friends, family and neighbors who donated the money for her trip to Huston. She is a rude, lazy, selfish person who was given a gift and threw it away. It could have went to someone who really wanted to make life change and lose weight. What a shame.

  118. TLC Scandinavia aired the Penny-episode last night and I am as disgusted and shocked as the rest of you. Not by (surprise!!!) Penny. Penny is living in an alternate reality she created over the years to cope with her miserable life, and I – unlike many others in this forum – genuinely feel sorry for her.

    The culprit in this little story is Edgar – a calculating and manipulative man – who knows exactly what he is doing to Penny and those around her. I’m not surprised that Edgar – by playing the subdued, simple minded husband – managed to sneak under the radar.

    This is Factitious Disorder By Proxy – a condition in which a person deliberately produces, feigns or exaggerates symptoms in a person in their care. Penny is delusional, yes – but the one with the mental illness is Edgar. I suspect the fear of losing her is the motivation for killing her slowly in front of their son. He wants her to himself, and what better way than keeping her in that bed? Watch the episode again – but focus the attention on Edgar this time. You’ll see what I mean.

    If Penny is going to live – if the child is going to have something that resembles a normal childhood – Edgar The Feeder must be removed from the equation.

  119. Dear GOD!!!!

    I was so optimistic to see this show, thinking it will help so many people out there that are struggling with their weight loss but what it did instead is leave me with sense of disbelief and fear that it will be killing all these people instead of helping them… I was bariatric patient, although I never weighted this much I was at 370 lbs at my highest weight. This is when I said enough is enough and I took the control.

    I will tell you why I think this program and this doctor should be evaluated as I truly believe they are not helping but hurting these people in a long run.

    1. Where is Bariatric nutritionist? this was mandatory part before I was even considered for Gastric bypass. I set down with my Nutritionist and we developed my diet based on my weight it was 1800 calories- what is this nonsense of DR. N putting patient that ate 7000 calories on a 1000 calories diet, he is setting them for a failure. First it shuts down their metabolism and puts it in a starvation mode and it is impossible to control appetite so suddenly.
    2. Where is psychologist/psychiatrist, they need help to develop emotional tools on how to deal with issues in life and not turn to food, also their family members have to be part of it and understand how their enabling is hurting those they love.
    3. Physical therapy walking and setting goals to exercise together with diet. I was part of the program for a year before I was scheduled for surgery no buts or ifs, it is about long term changes and not a quick fix that they are portraying in this program. I think this Doctor is not looking for a long term solution for his patients.
    4. Food diary and food intake journal another tool to help patients reach long term goals and ensure long term success…
    5. Support groups, sharing best practices, ups and downs….
    6. Waste of medical resources and funds

    I am appalled that they are picturing surgery as a quick fix that it is not and it never can be, surgery is only a small piece and tool to help obese people reach long term goals.

    Until this Dr N and his team change their approach and portrayal of the surgery I think we will be seeing a lot more of those who fail and die with in a year and much less of those who have seen success and managed to maintain their weight off…

    Please take the program off the air as it will bring more harm than good.

    • What show were you watching? Dr. N does support his patients. If you watched other episodes, you can see the continuity of care provided to his patients. Penny is the only patient we’ve seen who made fun of the nutritionist, refused follow up appointments, refused to set any type of goals and refused to be weighed.
      This clinic has saved lives. Although Henry Foot is no longer here, I believed he said it best when at the end of the episode he said, “This is a life saving procedure.” He and his wife, both were patients of Dr. N, and were both successful in losing weight. It’s sad that he’s not here to help “motivate” her. RIP, Henry, thank you for you and your lovely wife’s inspirational journey. And thank you to all the other participants who take responsibility for their lives and their weight loss without excuses.

  120. Never have I watched someone so self involved, defeatist and manipulative. I hope TLC is satisfied to have wasted their cash on this family instead of people more deserving? After 10minutes of Penny’s blah blah’ing about how she wants and will do the right thing but clearly won’t and can’t, I have to concur that that the best thing for Penny is for her is to go home.

  121. I just finished watching this show. Through out it I was angry, but in the end I was just sad. I know how hard it is, myself suffering from PCOS & Type 2 diabetes I have always suffered from weight issues. I was thinking about getting surgery, but decided to ‘soldier on’ and really take control and responsibility for myself.
    I just feel sad for her son, he is so young and deserves to grow up with a mother, and probably won’t.
    I guess sometimes it is an eye opener to see a show like this that doesn’t have a happy ending. When I watch successful weight loss stories they are very nice. But for some reason, watching Penny stirred something up in me. I don’t want to be like that, so stubborn and not taking responsibility.
    I truly hope she finds her will power before it is too late. I don’t know when this was filmed, so I hope it isn’t already too late 🙁

  122. She’s been given more opportunities than most 600 lb people. I pity her. And it’s a disgrace how she successfully manipulates everyone around her. Smh
    what’s it going to take to break her and wake her up?

  123. I think her husband is just as sorry and lazy as her. He likes to keep her fat so he can stay home all day….sleep late…play on the Internet…and keep her fat!! He doesn’t work!!! He is a sorry excuse for a man! She is his meal ticket. He uses her for an excuse not to work.
    Why doesn’t he go out and get a job with insurance to pay for her medical so us tax payers don’t have to foot the bill?? They both disgust me….if he
    would quit feeding her all that junk food she would loose weight.

  124. I just watched this episode and am feeling exactly what most of the commenters here are: anger, frustration and total lack of sympathy for her.
    I agree with everybody’s opinions that she made excuses for everything – even when that female dietician came and I believe the first question that was asked, Penny said something like “I think that question is assinine…” already being difficult on a simple question. Having no goals cuz that makes a person weak? WTF? Excuses excuses excuses and yeah, so the husband can’t work because he has to care for her so they’re livng totally off tax payers money and I used to think that morbidly obese people are indeed disabled, after reading some comments here, my feelings have changed somewhat – she did this to HERSELF. I totally agree that her husband should leave her (why he stays with her is beyond my comprehension – other than $, what can she possibly offer him? He has to wipe her bum and be at her beck and call 24/7 – all the while very unappreciated and verbally abused. Poor Liam… Edgar – take Liam and run – maybe that will be the wake-=up Call penny so desperately needs and then, only if she genuinely changes, then maybe you can consider getting back together but I would be wiling to bet old habits are hard to break and she’d be right back to where she was in the begininng. Despite how angry and frustrated I am with Penny, I do still wish her luck and also hope she gets councelling as she obviously needs it.

  125. I watch the rerun with everyone here. And it made me mad, just like everyone here. She manipulates everyone and has no thought for the likes or needs or the people around her. They have been at her beck and call for years and she doesn’t care whether or not she is inconvienient. But what really got to me was her explaination for everything. It was always someone else’s fault, but she made all her failures sound like a triumph. She would eat her way into gaining weight, but according to her, she really wasn’t gaining. And then she would say that she really won the fight because now she knows what she wants to do. Or she would say no one is really upset with me over this, etc. etc. After she would fail out of sellfishness, she would declare victory. If she wants to keep herself the way she is, then do it, but don’t expect the rest of her world to wait on her hand and foot. Her mother believing she must eat to live needs to be educated on what fat consists of. She has plenty of calories to use. But that is another manipulation. But Penny needs to be honest with herself and everyone else. She likes the food more than the thought of suffering through doing without and being thin. So let her enjoy the food, but don’t call it a victory when it isn’t. Call it what it was and is: an inability to use self control. I am overweight and have had cancer and drugs to help put the pounds on and left me unable to exercise. Never the less, I know what it is and I know what to avoid. The pounds come off slow, but it is worth being realistic with how much your body really needs and learning the difference between wants and needs. Good luck to her, but as others have said, if she uses her hard life for another excuse, please lay it down now. I have had a pretty bad one, but it hasn’t pickled my brain enough not to know that it is just an excuse. I am not going to let it run my life.

  126. This woman is as pathetic a person as one could possibly be, and it has nothing to do with her weight. I hope she reads these comments, its infuriating to think this woman is so deluded. When she actually got mad that the nutritionist suggested she and her young son give up sugar filled cereal I wanted to jump through the TV and slap her! I hate to say this but she deserves to die, I only feel sorry for her family, especially her son. Every child deserves a parent who would do anything for them and this bitch wont even stop shoving her face with crap!!

  127. I just watched this for the 3rd time.
    Penny likes being waited on hand and food and being PAID for that to happen. Her husband is an IDIOT because if you can’t get out of bed and give ME a list of CRAP to buy at the store, I’m coming home with fruits, vegetables, fish and water. What are you gonna do?? NOT A DAMNED THING except eat it or die…which you’re gonna do anyway if you don’t get your lazy ass together!

  128. I wonder how much life insurance he has on her. I know it would be expensive. But it would be a motivating factor for him. He gets rid of his burden and gets paid in the process. Its just a thought that came to mind.

  129. Penny’s story made me ill. Her attempted manipulation of the doc, her son, and husband was ridiculous. I hope mental illness is her problem because otherwise she is nothing but a user.

  130. What a discusting waste of skin Penny is.
    Ungrateful, selfish, lazy and ignorant.
    She was given option after option in the way of help from the doctor and all she did was make excuses.

    I feel awful for that little boy, who is probably going to grow up to be a fricken weirdo being raised by those 2 losers.

    Edgar needs to get a grip on reality and take control of the situation. He must like her as the obese pig that she is and gets some sort of distorted excitement from wiping her ass for her. I don’t know, I think this family was on the wrong show. They need help but it’s with much more than weight loss.

    Penny literally makes me sick to my stomach, she is grotesque. She should be ashamed of her delusional self.

  131. This episode pisses me off! Not only is she lazy and doesn’t want to change ! Mentally she is not in reality. Also they live on her Disability checks yet they drive a newer van have 2 iPhones an I pad multiple flat screen tv’s and a computer! WTF! My husband and I both work full time and don’t have most of that stuff! She should have to pay that money back. She needed mental help before surgery. They need family counciling to teach them how to eat and what needs to be done. Also why was it not monitored better at the hospital what her husband was bringing in to her? I work in a hospital and we have struck rules if patients are on restriction!

  132. What really gets me mad is the people that get food for them! They need to just STOP!! These people are worse if you ask me. They are killing the person they are getting this JUNK FOOD for. If you want to pay less on health care in the USA stop eating fast food. I was in one of your Walmart’s and I noticed how much bigger the sizes of clothes are that are sold at a USA Walmart compared to one in Canada. I think there are way to many over weight people in the USA. I work in health in Canada and yes we have a better system than the USA but I don’t think its as abused as what I see from this show. Is disgusting to see people this FAT. Im 47 5’3 and 120 lbs. I think people need to get to the gym and cook at home! Eat protein and veggie’s and low carbs. Think people your hurting yourself. Now get off the computer and go to the gym!!!!

  133. I blame Edgar alot in this. I think he could easily give her the salads vegetables etc that was on her 1200 calorie diet. What can she do? She would only have the choice to eat it or get up and try to get it herself. Either would b good. If she bitched. So be it. He can leave till she quits. I feel she had no choice but to eat what he handed her or start fending for herself. I so wanted to scream at them both. Non of Her excuses even made sense. Crazy!

  134. The early posts mentioning Munchausen Syndrome are spot-on.This is a form of narcissist personality disorder, with anti-social features, in which a person uses their physical ailments to gather attention, subservience, and caring from others. The most heinous are the ones who use their children, instead of themselves. Right now the story of Lacey Spears, who apparently killed her 5 year old son by massive salt poisoning, is in the news. I am a licensed psychologist. and I am not aware that any mental health treatment can “cure” this malicious form of evil and twisted personality. Google: Genene Jones, for into on how this nurse may have killed as many as 3 dozen babies, as she sought attention and approval for her “selflessness.” Similarly Penny is so proud that she is “there” for Liam and willing to undergo surgery for “the family.” I suspect that the attention gained from the TV show has been like gasoline poured on the fire of her utter self-absorption and amorality.
    The only sympathy I have is for the innocent, not for this woman.

  135. She’s in denial. Btw, she gets disability from what she put into SS while working, it’s not coming out your pocket. Though I agree she’s lazy.

  136. Penny is a victim of her own fears and insecurities. She will never try or “work” (I laughed every time she said that) to help herself lose weight because if she did, she wouldn’t be a victim any more. As it stands, she’s got a guilt ridden husband who obviously is a doormat and scared of her (although, I’m not sure why). He cooks, cleans, takes care of their kid, and fawns over her. She’s got complete and utter control. If she lost weight, she’d have to pick up some of those responsibilities…cook, clean, take care of the kid and maybe, in a sick, twisted way, she sees that as an opportunity for the hubby to leave. Once he sees she can take care of herself, he would leave. Again, this is her sick, twisted logic…imo. Sick. If she lives long enough, it might just take her kid to yell at her about her situation before she is willing to acknowledge it. She’s delusional.

  137. I have seen Penny’s episode several times and each time my anger overflows.

    I had gastric bypass. I was very fortunate that it was a benefit that the insurance I got through my workplace offered.

    I did everything I was told. I went to every appointment and now almost four years on, I go to my annual check up.

    It was a nearly $100,000 second chance for me and no way in hell was I going to waste that gift. Because that’s exactly what it was – a gift of a second chance at life.

    Gastric bypass is hard. It is very hard. It’s not just a matter of limiting the amount of food you eat. It’s learning to prepare and eat healthy and nutrient packed small meals. It’s the quality and not the quantity. It’s eating no McDonald’s or other fast food (though I will admit to a very occasional treat of grilled and not fried chicken nuggets from Chik-Fil-A). It’s severely limiting your sugar intake. Before my surgery, it was nearly impossible to get me to eat fruits and vegetables. Now almost 4 years post surgery, if I go into the grocery store for just one or two things, I have to avoid the produce department because my mouth starts watering when I see all those tomatoes and and carrots and oranges and every other fruit and veggie and I could all but purchase the entire produce dept.

    It’s also a matter of making a commitment to exercise which in my case can be difficult at times since I suffer with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lupus and degenerative disc disease. On days I don’t feel up to taking a long walk around the neighborhood, I get my Wii Sports or Wii fitness program out and use that. Always keep moving.

    I lost over 235 lbs with my surgery that I had in May 2011. And I am still, though now very slowly, losing weight.

    This was the best gift I could ever have been given. And there was no way in hell I was going to waste it because $100,000 is an amount of money I have a hard time comprehending.

    Penny is a disgrace. She is a disgrace to all the people who have had their surgeries. Everyone of us had our hiccups and our frustrations and our doubts. We were angry at times and then depressed. The mood swings that came with all the change was hard. But those of us that soldiered on succeeded. And we are happier and healthier for it. And now we are better able to contribute to society.

    I hope somehow, someway someone can knock some sense into Penny. If her surgery was paid for by taxpayers (if she has/had Medicaid or Medicare) then she needs to do everything she can to succeed because that’s a huge chunk of money the taxpayers gave for her to get her life back and it’s a damn shame if she wastes it. I was lucky enough to have private health insurance, and I was still motivated to not waste that gift!

    Please, Penny. Take control of yourself. You are your own worst enemy. And your husband is no better. You’re damn lucky that I wasn’t the one in charge of your meals because even with any whining, crying or bitching from you, you’d eat what I cooked for you or you’d go hungry because that’s all you’d get. And I guarantee it wouldn’t have been fried or any crap like that. It would be small portions of lean meats (and I mean LEAN meats), and vegetables steamed and not fried or cooked in any oil at all and you want something sweet for dessert? Fruit, fruit and more fruit.

    Chick, get with it. Your son needs you. If you take yourself away from him because you chose to not adhere to the diet and exercise program, it’s no one’s fault but your own. Your son will want his children to have a grandmother. And I know you want that as well.

  138. I love how everything was blamed for her weight gain except the real problem – her and her choice of diet.
    And how everyone else was so eager to take the blame or blame others while she laid around like , who was it she commented on? Cleopatra!
    And was waited on and cleaned up after by her stupid husband.
    She gave him a grocery list that consisted of nothing but junk food.
    Even after WLS she is eating unhealthy.
    She thought surgery was an easy way out.

  139. Watching this woman manipulate everyone around was just disgusting. She showed NO want to lose weight. She’s going to leave her child in the hands of a man that thinks she’s just fine. Her family just needs to take a stance and either tell her to at least TRY or get OUT and take care of herself!!! Because at least then she wouldn’t be such a huge burden on them all. Her poor son, he deserves so much more than the selfish, manipulative mother he’s stuck taking care of.
    Penny – your a master manipulator…get some psychological help for yourself and realize the world does NOT revolve around you and your unwillingness to do anything but lay in that bed and whine, cry and make demands.

  140. So many people go to work every day in this country yet go to bed hungry at night. Too many people work, take care of their families and deal with issues not brought about by their own poor choices. Penny and her type are a drain on our society….. I have only disgust for this despicable women.

  141. I just finished watching this particular episode last evening and I was dumbfounded. All of the other large size people on this show have done so well with their weight loss, Melissa, Chuck and Henry, to name a few. Penny was the first person to blame her lack of weight loss on everyone else other than herself. I couldn’t believe it. The only person you have to blame for your own weight problems is yourself. If you truly want to do it you will try as hard as you can, enablers notwithstanding. Her husband needed to stand up to her and not give in to her demands to bring her unhealthy food. I am truly sorry that she did not succeed. I notice that this was on television over a year ago and I am wondering where she is now in her journey, the same place or worse?? Does anyone know? Happily, there are many other people that did succeed and I was so proud of them watching their stories. It is not an easy thing to stick to a diet. Kudos to all of them.

    • Patty, the next two weeks of shows feature last season’s patients and how they did since the filming. Last night’s show was the first one with Zsalynn and Christina. We’ll have a preview of the shows the day prior so that you know who will be featured.

  142. Are you obese and looking to lose weight? Are you almost to the point of being immobile and would like to lose weight before that happens and it makes it that much harder to get healthy?
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  143. Though you may not agree with how she lives her life, and believe me I do not agree with it either, you should not go around calling her a waste of space or that you hope that she would die sooner than later. Her child may be in kindergarten, but what if he were to ever stumble upon this page, however slim that chance met be. How would he feel with everyone here saying that about his mother. My mother is similar to this woman, she acted like this when I was a child and still living at home, but that didn’t make her an awful mother. Of course the kid is going to grow up with difficulties due to his mother and her weight, I did. Not being able to go places with my mother taking care of her, or have her just simply meet my childhood friends hurt, but that that certainly did not mean I did not love my mother. To hear such rude comments about a woman so similar to my mother is rather hurtful. My mother never had any type of weight loss surgery, because she knew that she was addicted to food, she balanced precariously between being the victim, and knowing what she was doing was wrong. My family was on welfare so we got money, that was for my entire family, because of my mother, should we her kids have suffered not having enough money? My father worked and my mother did not because of her weight. There is a lot of stuff that goes on in a persons mind, we can never truly know hoe she felt. The reason for my mother was that she was extremely depressed even when she was in her early teens, before she gained all of her weight. She was constantly stared at and called a freak when she went to try to walk and exercise, this lead to a fear of leaving the house. And there is the food addiction that did not help her case. So please do not act as if very overweight person should be punished or be called a waste of space as quite a few of you are saying. It hurts me as a child of a woman similar to her, imagine if her own son were to read this.

    • Don’t you realize Liam will be groomed to be her caretaker when he gets older? She will probably pull him out of school in order to have him “homeschooled”, which we know will be code for him being her servant.
      She will most likely play the guilt card with Liam for wanting to participate in sports, date, and just plain having a social life. “Don’t you care about Mommy? Do you want me to starve?”
      I have known a few people who had parents that did that exact thing to them. They didn’t get relief until they were able to break free of their parent, or their parent died.

      • Attention all Penny fans: Her “Where Are They Now?” update is on Wednesday night Jan. 21 on TLC. Preview of her with new photo just posted on front page of

  144. I also had a hard time watching this episode. It really bothered me that she was not willing to do the work to loss the weight. Why did she get the surgery if she wasn’t ready to work at it? Did she think it would just come off sitting on her ass? She kept saying she was doing it to be more part of her son’s life but in the end she chose herself and eating over her son. She also mentioned that it was the same thing like being a working mom and not being able to see their kids and be in their lives. Hello, a working mom almost always has no choice but to work and be away from their kids. They do spend time with them when they get home. They can go to the park, to their karate classes and so much more. She chose to stay in a bed and eat and not her son that’s for damn sure. She doesn’t even think how this is effecting her son who most definitely he will mess up because of her. When he gets older the people around him will be sometimes be harsh to say the least. Think his mom is a joke and call her names. This will hurt and embarrass him. For once I think she needs to get a grip and take charge of her life and get better for herself!!! Stop using everyone around you.

  145. I am extremely upset that people can be on disability for poor lifestyle choices. She has had every advantage: help from doctors, nutritionists, medical care that few can afford (HELLOOOOO my dad was in the hospital recently and didn’t have a private room, his insurance would only pay for a semi-private and he had to share a room, as most people do, even though he has worked his entire adult life!)

    I work in a physican’s office (internal medicine) and we have several patients receiving disability payments due to being overweight. One couple lives in my block and both husband and wife are on disability: she is “only” 330 pounds but is a nurse and claims she is unable to work in chosen profession because she is too heavy to stand on her feet as long as required. SO GET A DESK JOB where you can sit. This “disabled” couple gets disability checks yet both work daily, getting paid cash so they can keep the disabiliy checks rolling in. On disability yet have the nicest house in our neighborhood, they even put in a huge in-ground pool this year. While being on disability for being overweight??

    Sorry, no sympathy from me for Penny.

  146. As a UR nurse who worked for an insurance company and pre-certified the requests for these surgeries, in order to get the procedures, the patients had to get psychological counseling as well as meet with nutritionists for a period of time no less than 3 months. These records had to be submitted for review prior to approval.

    Now I am over-weight for several reasons not the least of which is an on going battle with severe RA and the meds I take to battle that disease and I certainly understand how depressing obesity and the fight of obesity can be, but both Penny and Edgar are manipulative and deceptive. I believe Penny came to the table (no pun intended here) expecting that surgery and surgery alone would cause her to lose weight and lose it fast. Until she learns how to exercise a modicum of self-control, eat less and eat healthier, she will continue to eat so much that she either stretches her stomach out (after all, it is a muscle) or in the worse-case scenario, causes a rupture of the stomach.

    Edgar could use some psychological counseling to assist him in developing some backbone. His name should be Casper Milquetoast.

    I am also very concerned for young Liam. He is not learning or developing any decent coping mechanisms.

  147. Shame on you Penny! These people did everything to help you, but you had excuses for everything! Your husband is no better! I feel so bad for your son because he is seeing his mother die right before his eyes and you are doing nothing about it. You want a quick fix but I got news for you sweetheart, it does not work that way! You have to put 100% into getting it off. If you love your son, for God sake, do something about it!

  148. While I have some of he same attitude about Penny’s problems, I believe some of the blame needs to be laid at the feet of the doctor. Why would you grant surgery to someone that cannot stand? Would it be more fitting to grant surgery to someone that shows a spark of interest in standing longer than the day before, or even trying to walk? This surgery really needs to go to the people that show the most efforts!

  149. Penny is not addicted to food … she’s addicted to attention, manipulating others & control … watch how she “bullies” her husband when he’s attempting to set up the wheelchair … “no, not yet, stop, don’t open it yet … open it now…” etc. etc. & he just does as he’s told with that whipped dog look on his face.
    The way she goes over the grocery list with a fine-toothed comb … total control freak.
    Food is simply the weapon she uses to inflict her control on those who love her. If she never becomes able to do things for herself, she doesn’t have to & everyone can prove they love her by doing what she needs.
    Frankly, the biggest loser (no pun intended) is her poor son — I know there are varying degrees of “normal” family life, but what he is experiencing is NOT positive. I don’t see a good outcome for him unless he’s able to break away from the toxic situation when he is able.

  150. During the whole show I wanted to just grab Penny by the shoulders and shake her. She is doing nothing but making excuses. Her husband needs to grow a backbone and leave her. I know that is horrible but maybe that could be her wake up call.

  151. Ok, Here in my state the social services would have removed that little boy. I say this because I have seen them take children from parents one case off the top of my head was a mother with MD that was confined to a bed. Mother had no choice in the matter (Penny has a choice,) but the social services said that the child was not able to have a childhood because that child was doing for the mother at all times. There was a father but the social services said he was not taking care of the child because he did not provide the child a healthy environment.

    So Penny good thing you live where you do or that little boy would be gone . You make no effort for him you are fooling yourself. That man you call husband is nothing to you.

    I like many people that saw the show were angry and the lack of care for the little boy. Daddy is doing his job and yours to.

    One more thing stop using your past as an excuse. If we all did that where would things be. Penny needs in home mental therapy until she comes to grip with life and the fact she is fat and it is her fault.

  152. I recently had a gastric sleeve surgery to improve my life. At 299 I felt awful all the time. I usually ate once a day and totally destroyed my metobalism. After the extensive education and therapy you get to prepare for surgery, I can NOT understand how these people can blame anyone but themselves for their situation. I have lost 52 pounds with 100 to go. I can’t imagine not following my doctors instructions, much less arguing with him about the scales. They can be off 5 pounds or less, but they dont lie.

  153. Penny has less than 2 years to live at this rate. The next update will be single dad Edgar and his dating adventures. I especially loved on the update how Penny poured sprite soda pop on her cereal at the hospital during her gastric bypass stay to make it tasty. Where can I send this gal a couple of loaded pizzas to speed up the process since my attention span is shorter than her commitment to healthy lifestyle changes? I think we should all send her delivery fast food – with our compliments!!

  154. Yeah, the follow-up episode made me even angrier than the first one, especially after her ranting about the doctor needing to “get his poop in a group.” Everything happens TO Penny. Nothing happens BECAUSE of Penny or BY Penny. She is a lifelong victim in her own mind. OF her own mind. She needs psychological help to tame this idea that she is disabled. She sure as heck didn’t start out that way. I have seen shows where people who weighed twice as much as she does get up out of bed & walk. There is nothing physically wrong with her legs, except for the lymphadema, & my father has that & still walks fine. And that comment about how she’s “making just as much money as her husband by couponing?” Insulting.

  155. I’m watching the follow up where Edgar is shopping, and he’s calling her to ask her questions about what she wanted from the store…and he’s ignoring his calls lol. That right there is sad… Then she makes some fucked up comment that like “If I save $500 off the grocery bills, its the same as me providing $500 for the family, I’m contributing…” Blah blah blah.
    This is the sickest obese person I’ve ever seen on TV…she is grotesque–not just her body but her attitude, her personality, and her character. And the husband–he’s a total moron. Take the kid and leave.

    She’s sitting in bed telling the kid “They’re trying to take away your cereal! I told them they can’t take away your cereal ever ever”…I can just see this poor kid in therapy when he’s 30 years old–either that or he’ll be obese too. So incredibly sad. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with her, she’s so far gone! The only thing that could help is just leaving her to rot in her tax-payer donated hospital bed with a bunch of lean cuisines and a microwave, maybe a few gallons of water. “things keep happening to slow my progress.” LIKE YOU SHOVELING FOOD INTO YOUR GULLET? “I don’t know why this keeps happening to me..I have a setback!” “Why does this happen to me?” “Because of the pain, I can’t walk.” “I promised Liam I’d go trick or treating with him.” You can’t even stand up! Go trick or treating? Bitch please. I’ve had enough of your nonsense.

    • you have said everything so right! This woman is a joke, I hope she gets to read all of these and realize just how sorry of an excuse her life really is!

  156. This woman enraged to to no end. My sister had WLS and faught so hard to loose weight. She passed away trying.
    There are so many over weight people out there who could have takin her spot on that operating table and faught to loose the weight. She should be charged for everything and not get a free ride.
    Get your ass up and stop being selfish. You are hopeless.

  157. I would like to say my son is the same age as yours and I have struggled with weight issues, but you use your husband like a slave and you are not being a mother you WANT EVERYONE TO FEEL BAD FOR YOU BUT YOU DONT WANT TO DO THE WORK. I feel bad for your son and husband you should try to get better not just for you but that little boy.

  158. I had to change the channel every so often when she was on because she made me so angry I was afraid I would do harm to my TV! Talk about a complete waste of (big) space.

  159. I do not think Penny will ever change. It is all about her. I almost gagged when she said “I just don’t know why this keeps happening to me”. Because you continue to eat crap!!! During the skype session she said everything she thought the therapist wanted to hear. She talks a good talk but does not walk the walk. It is all about control and being the center of attention. If I were her husband I would only buy healthy foods and tell her if she wanted crap she needed to get out of bed and buy it. That would stop this right now. Would it be hard? HELL YES but if the food is not in the house she cannot eat it. I have struggled with weight my whole life and I know that sometimes you need a dramatic change. She does.

  160. Don’t know why Penny is broadcast at all. Sickest show I’ve ever seen. Not entertaining and certainly not motivating. Shows how mentally sick an entire family can be.

  161. I was not surprised to see that Penny hadn’t lost any more weight and was still making excuses about her lack of progress. The therapist she was talking to claimed she was going to call Penny out whenever she lied, didn’t see that happen when Penny claimed to have lost 200 lbs. This woman was a waste of medical expertise and resources that could’ve been used for someone who was really serious about losing the weight. And, for all the people who were saying she couldn’t walk because of all the fat on and between her legs, watch old episodes of the show, there are people heavier than her who manage to walk, not well and not for long, but they make the effort and those are the ones who do well after the surgery.

  162. I really like what Sense&Sensibility said along with Sara Nurse. I agree it’s about manipulation. Am I correct in recalling that Edgar was calling Penny from the store to see if she wanted cake mix? That was it for me regarding Edgar. He’s just making things worse. He’s in control. I’m tired of hearing why didn’t Penny get therapy etc. She doesn’t need it. She’s a professional who knows what she’s doing. Get Edgar some therapy and MAYBE there’s a chance. He should move out with Liam and only come by twice daily. She’s pretty good with all her laptops and phones if she needs help. Breaking point besides cake mix was him pushing her out of house in wheelchair and her saying he was slow. Not a nice person. Anyone else notice that she’s never says thank you to him, or many people. Please read this Edgar and LEAVE. Think of your Son..and yourself.

  163. I agree Kristen, however, I do not think he should come back at all! He needs to take his son and go, let her try and fend for herself. Penny never has said thank you to Edgar or anyone else. She is lying to herself and to everyone else.

  164. Plain and simple….SHE IS CRAZY…….She needs more than weight loss help. She needs mental intervention. She’ll be dead soon and there will be an update on THAT. What a waste of a human, of time, of a life, of money, of resources that could be used to help someone else. I am sad for the system and that child but certainly not her.

  165. Folks Penny won’t be here much longer taking the taxpayer money that she and her family are living off of. She will be dead before the year is over I think. I do feel sorry for her little son.
    She didn’t think enough of him to get better. Prayers for that little boy.

  166. I think she and her husband are mentally ill. Mental illness is what got her to where she is, and it is what has sucked her husband in. Sadly, the little boy is being affected.

  167. This woman makes me SICK! What an ungrateful waste of flesh. She had all of this help and just throws it away. I have had a thyroid disease which has caused me to gain 75 pounds in 3 years. I finally had my thyroid completely removed in June 2014, but cannot lose the weight. I would give ANYTHING to be able to have the surgery Penny has so taken for granted, but insurance will not pay for it and I cannot afford the 10+k myself. I almost cried watching this show because I KNOW what she took for granted. I feel sorry for the child, but I DO NOT feel sorry for HER or her husband!

  168. It is frustrating to see her waste my money.. Insurance’s money and that child’s life. He would be better off without her.

    I had a gastric sleeve, I had to jump through hoops to get that surgery , I now exercise everyday. I started with exec rises sitting down in a chair. You can do weights with your arms sitting..there are the cycling you do do sitting down in the chair and use the same equipment for your arms.
    She is an unlike able lady and should be shown of all these, her husband should also be shown this.
    Her child will eventually read all of these when he gets older. That is what she should realize..her son will know what she is really like..a lair , manipulated , lazy , person who is like most of the others on Obama care..
    I worked a week after my surgery and she wouldn’t even get out of bed.

  169. As i posted I also live in canada and if we are living on social assistance we would not have nearly enough money to keep penny at her present weight , you guys must have great welfare programs and lots of money to give lazy peeps

  170. This woman is in severe denial. I think the husband gives into her because it will eventually kill her and he won’t have to wait on her hand and foot. Penny has some SEVERE psychological issues and being a narcissist there is no cure. She lives in a fantasy world and that is where she will die. It’s too bad because there are many obese people out there that could have benefitted from the surgery she wasted. I hope there was some clause in her contract that said if she did not follow the diet she had to pay back all the monies spent on this.

  171. Her father was abusive to her, so I’m sorry for the child that she was, but she is an adult now. She has become her father. She does the same to her husband, she makes him comply by using his fear of her anger. She needs a Psychologist, and she needs to watch her episode with said psychologist so he can point out what she is doing. An abuser doesn’t think they are being abusive. Many of us do no become what we endured as children. She didn’t seem sorry at all to miss Liam’s graduation, as a matter of fact she only has tears for herself.

    Edgar thrives in his role, he looks like the hero, the dedicated husband, caregiver, and he gets a lot of praise for what he does. I’d look at his own childhood history. As Dr Phil would say he wouldn’t do this if he wasn’t getting a payoff for this. All three are in need of long term therapy otherwise nothing will change. This one was an eye opener to more problems then food addiction, and weight loss.

  172. i wondered if Edgar has other people help him? changing her diaper would be a job for more than one person to handle not to mention baths i think he has a payback moment everytime she calls for a change, he should pack -up and take Liam so he can get a childhood before its too late.she would be hard pressed to find a nursing center willing to take her on, unless Edgar happened to work there I don’t believe she will live much longer how has she escaped pneumonia being so immobile?

  173. I had my Gastric Bypass two weeks ago tomorrow and I am down 34 lbs. This woman made me so mad I could kick her!
    It is a TOOL and you are given multiple copies of your dietary requirements both before and after. I don’t even know what to say about someone who would rather sit in their own excrement than raise their child. I am lucky my insurance covered the procedure but I still had a major deductible and am looking forward to the bill that is coming. I might need some oxygen when I get it but I will pay for it and succeed! Penny can go to Hell.

  174. Penny, I was going to comment on your self-centered behavior,
    but everyone has done a very good job! Step aside so people who really want the surgery get it! Get to living or get to dying!

  175. Wow. I just saw this show for the first time today-the initial one and the follow up. I am glad I’m not the only one appalled by Penny. After seeing so many stories of people who are successful in their quest to lose weight, she just astounded me with her attitude and disgusting treatment of those trying to help her. She clearly has issues. I have a son with a disability and his dad and I are working to amass money so he (hopefully) won’t have to rely on the government to support him when he’s an adult, because people like Penny are sucking the system dry. I want him to be as independent as possible. My son was born with a disability through no fault of his own or anyone else’s. Penny did this to herself-she is responsible for it and that is probably my biggest issue with her story-the taxpayer’s should NOT be paying for her eating habit that she refuses to control. I don’t care what her reason is-only SHE is able to stop it and get control of it. My son (and his classmates with disabilities) cannot –through hard work and perseverance dig themselves out of their disability. She can. I have sympathy for people who deserve it, but she doesn’t get my sympathy. She is a nasty, lazy person who clearly feels way too sorry for herself. Her husband too. He can make better choices but doesn’t. The real victim is their son who was born into this sick, twisted family. I hope he doesn’t grow up to be like his mom. I know adults with true disabilities and they all work and live productive lives-they don’t wallow in their own self pity. When they showed her making food in her bed that she also referred to as her toilet…eeeuuuuwwww..Disgusting. I cheer for those who lose weight and get healthy. I lost a substantial amount of weight a few years ago-nearly 100 pounds. I never felt sorry for myself-I just got my act together-ate healthier, smaller portions and exercise! It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out-it takes HARD work, perseverance and character-all things Penny lacks. I don’t feel sorry for her.

  176. This ‘woman’ was the most disgusting and laziest person i have ever seen. Her husband is pathetic, a truly broken man who functions little more than a slave, totally enabling her food addiction. Its infuriating as Im sure there are many people trying to get on that show who are determined to lose the weight. Assuming its not just an act, shes the laziest person ive ever seen, no doubt crapping herself as she’s sitting in her bed. Poor slave husband has to clean up her filth. maybe he disgusting nature can inspire others how not to be

  177. What is there to say? This woman is a complete waste. She is a child abuser, a liar and a theif, she steals taxpayers money. She says shes lost over 100 pounds!!!! LIAR!!! Um, we can see you lard ass liar!!!
    Ive written to TLC to stop putting her on TV, this idiot helps NO one. The best thing for her would be a massive coronary!!! LOSER!!!!

  178. Watching this episode was like a train wreck, I did not wanna see it but had to. I think first and foremost child services should be brought in. This couple should be left to their own society Medicaid sucking society. They are truly disgusting and it is horrible they produced, someone needs to take their parental rights away.

  179. This is so sad, This lazy, fat ass, with the POOR ME attitude disgusts me, I have to say it is the little boy I feel bad for, how is he going to explain to his friends how his mother died, and as he gets older he is going to realize she choose food and selfishness over him, she claims she is such a good mother, what worries me is who will find her dead, praying it is not the little boy, she needs to think about this if she loves her son so much, and btw those shirts she was trying to say she couldn’t wear before and showing what she was wearing before they look to be the same size, she is definately delusional, also the doctor couldn’t understand why she needed oxygen when her oxygen level without it was fine, I’m sure we will hear she died soon, what a waste…

  180. Ugh…I shouldn’t have watched this show…now I’m just mad!!!! I watch this show because I truly sympathize with almost all of the people trying to change their lives, be better parents, and I truly cheer for them on the show when they make it. A lot of their stories and watching them face the worst moments of their lives and triumph ovem are so uplifting and inspiring.
    However, watching Penny seriously made me sick. Horrible, horrible woman.
    Her husband is a total weak-willed moron who does whatever this tyrant woman tells him to do and listening to her lie over and over and over again is infuriating.
    The part where she tells her therapist that she only weighs 400 pounds is absolutely RIDICULOUS. What a LIAR!!!! Who does she think she’s fooling?!?
    She’s lazy, entitled, whiny and a bully. She has the nerve to talk back when someone tries to help her. Frankly, she doesn’t deserve the help…she is abusing the system and there are far more deserving people to help in their struggle to lose weight.
    I feel sorry for this woman’s kid…I cannot imagine having this lying woman as my mother…its shameful.
    I actually laughed out loud when she claimed that her couponing was the same as working for a living. Uhh, no lady…its ABSOLUTELY not. I work full-time and you sitting on your fat-ass all day and ordering other people to go out and buy you crappy food to stuff your lazy face is NOT the same thing as working for a living and earning your way through life. You are a total embarrassment to any person facing the reality of a difficult situation and trying to honestly better their lives. Hell, you’re too lazy to even get off your butt and go get the groceries yourself. You send your sack-less dope of a husband to go get the stuff to cram in your ever-expanding face.
    Its totally disgusting that this show has wasted a dime of money on this incredible waste of skin when there are good people out there who truly need help.
    TLC…please do not have this piece of trash on your show again…she doesn’t deserve the attention. Let her lay in her own waste, lie to herself and eventually kill herself. Maybe her poor kid will get adopted out to a family with a real mom who can actually take care of him properly. Pathetic!

  181. I’m extremely disgusted and appalled by this woman. I have seen the “Where are they now” show of My 600 lb life featuring Penny twice now and each time I have wanted to jump in the T.V. and beat her lazy ass!!! She says she is proud of her progress?? What freaking progress??? She only gets out of bed MAYBE once every 2 months? Wow!! That’s just a piece of work right there. She says that she still coupons but only for healthy food, but every morsel of food she puts in her mouth is triple the calorie intake allotted for her. Her husband is obviously so accustomed to being an enabler and a slave, that he doesn’t know how to break the cycle for fear that she may crush him in his sleep ( she would use her once every 2 month exercise to do so….God forbid her to show any form of ambition to move, even for revenge.) Anyway, your lazy, a waste of space and a sorry excuse for a human being. Good luck to you and your poor, innocent son.

  182. And another thing…if the woman who weighed over 1,000 lbs could lose weight, and get down to 200ish lbs ( she had many, many issues and even thought to have killed her nephew, but yet she continued to PERCEVERE.) Then you, dear Penny can do it also!!! Oh wait, I forgot…u have a bed sore that is so excruciating that it prevents u from moving. Please forgive me for unfairly judging u. Lmfao. Get up! Drop the pity party! Drop the tacos! Move ur lazy ass so ur son won’t have to attend ur fucking funeral!! Stop being so fucking selfish and stupid!! Aaurrgh! U are so God dang irritating.

  183. Edgar should take Liam and leave Penney. He could make a better life for himself and his son. Penney could then be miserable and manipulative by herself.

  184. Let’s be clear, she got BIGGER! That nonsense about being down 200lbs is a lie. I think she was trying to say she lost weight before her surgery. Sorry, you still aren’t down 200lb anything. She isn’t down 40lbs from the surgery. In fact, she is probably back up to 500+ because she can’t even walk to her own wheelchair. Penny is a very sick woman–all across the board. And, to be honest, her husband has issues as well. If her condition is Munchausen syndrome (exaggerates illness and pain to gain sympathy and care), then Ed’s is Stockholm syndrome (he empathizes with his abuser). Penny has allowed herself to become bedridden, when there are people with much more weight on them and who can still walk and work. She is abusive to her family because she plays the victim and she is controlling and manipulative. The way she forces her husband to take care of her, with no thank you, and the way she almost begs for her son’s attention and love because she knows that if he was a little older, he too would be disgusted. She doesn’t own her ish. WHY? Because if she admits that everything is her doing, then she can’t get sympathy and help. And if she can’t get that, then she will have to take care of herself. If she has to do for herself, an d fails, then she is the only one to blame, but if she does the minimal or nothing, she can always cry that it is everyone else. She doesn’t want to get better because she likes being the center of attention, she likes being taken care of, and she likes manipulating people and situations. She lives in a fantasy world. She won’t learn. She isn’t going to live a long time without being mobile, but sadly, as long as she is here, those around her will be enslaved to her foolishness. The money, time, energy and insurance that she utilized from others, is just a waster. She is worse off now than she was before the surgery because she has gained, regardless of what she believes.

  185. She hasn’t tried in 2 years, and it is sad. She should’ve been walking by now. She should be down a couple 100lbs by now. Maybe if she utilized the trainer, the doctor, the nutritionist, etc., she would be closer. She makes excuses left and right. She is lazy, entitled and pathetic. The fact that she thinks she has made progress is delusional. AND her husband is weak and has a mental condition too. She is a sad, sad case because nothing will every be enough for her to try harder. In the update show, she made excuses about pain setting her back. Really? People walk around every day, in pain, but take care of their business. I had a slipped disc and was in excruciating pain everyday, until I had my surgery. I went to work hunched over because I didn’t want to miss work. You do what you have to when you have a goal. But, of course, she doesn’t make goals. Who doesn’t set goals? Who is ok with cooking, eating and going to the bathroom in the same spot? For her to have gained weight, she has to be eating what she was before, which I don’t get. How can she even hold that amount? She really is working hard NOT to work. I don’t really know what to say except she won’t get better unless she is institutionalized. She is a prime example that you really can’t help everyone, and that some people don’t want to get better.

  186. Her husband is the worst enabler I’ve ever seen- Imagine if Penny was al alchoholic, all he’d be doing is brining her bottle after bottle of booze. If she was a drug addict, her whipped husband would bring her all the drugs she needs. Being food addict, he brings her vast quantities of fatty foods. She leaves her bed once every 2 months- did I hear that correctly? So her toliet needs are done there in bed, her husband expected to clean her mess

    • Yes I believe you did hear that correctly. She’s too lazy to get up and use the bathroom…so her dork husband cleans up the filthy waste she’s laying in. I cannot fathom two grown people with a child who both don’t work to support themselves because one of them refuses to stop stuffing her face and the other has to clean up her excrement and buy her more garbage food.
      The problem with Penny isn’t that she’s ugly on the outside…its that she’s so incredibly ugly on the inside.
      She definitely won’t live long and I truly wish the best for her child during the process of her killing herself with food.
      Its a travesty that this disgusting woman wasted resources that some truly deserving person could have used to transform their lives. She’s going to find out what karma is sooner that she thinks.
      By the way….To all the other participants on this show who work so hard to lose weight and have better lives. You guys are seriously awesome. I can’t even imagine how hard what you do is…you deserve every kudos in the world. If I saw you lovely people at the gym, I’d give you the biggest hug for inspiring me. Thanks for letting me share in your journey….truly makes me cry to watch when you reach your goals!

  187. This woman is a waste of a human life. Her husband needs to grow a pair. Then on the recap episode she ordered all of these clothes and bragging that she ordered a smaller size. Who paid for all of these clothes??? The money that was wasted on her surgery and she just doesn’t even seem to care. Believes her own lies. And her husband, I just want to slap the Sh*t out of him.

  188. The absolutely most revolting moment of the show is where she gets finally manages to get her lazy butt out of bed to watch her kid at the park and has the NERVE to say to her kid “Sorry mommy can’t get there faster because daddy is too slow”…
    That’s because he’s pushing your 600+ pounds of lardass around. If the husband had half a ball, he would have told her to get up and walk her fat ass there faster by herself.
    Disgusting, ungracious woman!

  189. Maybe people like Penny are like the extreme cases you see on shows like Hoarders- they have mental health problems so extreme that they are oblivious to the abnormality of their situation and behavior and how it affects those around them. I want to feel sorry for Penny and attribute the cause of her obesity to mental illness- but I;m not sure I can. She seems utterly self absorbed, Her spineless husband is to one that brings the food to her. so he allows her behavior to continue. Seriously., if you are so fat you can’t even stand, and urinate and deficate in the bed from which you never leave- there is seriously something wrong with you. Can you imagine the smell in their home? A pungent mix of BO, feces, urine and unwashed lady parts. I hope Child Protective Services looks into the quality of food being fed to the child- since Penny seems to eat nothing but sugar, don’t expect healthy food to be found in thier cabinets . I wouldnt be surprised if her teeth are all rotten- no way that woman has ever seen a dentist. I hope somehow the child can be removed from that home

  190. I think penny is disgusting worthless,waste of space. She can walk shechchooses not to. I’m waiting to see when her husband leaves her. U can tell by the look on his face that he is Sooo over being married and a caregiver.. She needs to get a LIFE!!!

  191. I do agree with Laura that what got me is that she was clearly not mentally prepared before the surgery and I would have expected a more involved clinical team approach though in the end the patient has to learn how to live in the real world. Maybe that was going on and not being shown. She surely should have been in therapy for her mindset before even being approved for the surgery. The first rule of other addictions is to get as far away from your enablers as possible and this is an addiction, and her whole obsession with couponing was just another OCD behaviour like the overeating.

  192. With WLS, you have to go through all of the motions–dietician, nutritionist, physiological test, blood work, consultation, etc. That is the process. She probably deceived the psychological test. What you present to them, and who you are can conflict. I am sure she manipulated all her interactions with staff and counselors, and then the real Penny came out. She thought that she could still do what she wanted, and the weight would come off. I think she wanted to lose weight, but she still wants to be catered to. She sabotaged herself. It is just a waste and the fact that she still doesn’t see that after a couple years, well, that is just unfortunate. Everyone else stayed close to the doctor for not only followup treatment, but also for accountability. She just left, and has no will to go back or try. I really feel bad for her son. No child should see their parent in such a manner. The fact that she does everything in the bed, can’t fit underwear, and can’t even cleanse herself, should’ve been a wakeup call. It is too sad.

  193. You know, i would give anything to be able to have this surgery (I’m not even neat 600 lbs so this show wouldn’t get enough reasons for me). Saving up for it takes a while. If you are lucky enough to have someone pay for the surgery, get you a great dr, and have a possibility to help others along the way, go at it full force! OMG, somebody offer this to me and watch what the heck i can do with it! Def won’t be laying in my bed with my hubby feeding me 15 times a day or being like “oh I couldn’t possibly stand today.” Ha! Give me a helpful shove in the right direction and I’d do everything. It’s frustrating to see people say they are trying and then you see HEAPING plates full of greasy deep fried craziness.

  194. I wish she could see not only what she is doing to herself but her son and husband. She will die is she dosen’t change. She has been given all the tools and chooses to ignore it. Her husband should go to counseling and ghtloss support groups. It would help him since he will be the only parent around in 10 years!

  195. If she lost the weight and got healthy, the family would lose the only source of income they have and have to go to work. Her motivation to not cooperate or try seems to be that she is afraid of losing the disability payments. That is very anger inducing to tax payers who pay for it all while she eats herself to death.

  196. What a disgusting waste of flesh!
    Penny is a total narcissist game playing psychopath who refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING!
    Edgar refuses to stop feeding the whining, bicching whale and is partially to blame here.
    What seriously enrages me is the fact she’s using the system to suck up the fat.
    She is getting money for her child as well…and getting free housing…BTW is rather nice looking place to live, least it appears to be a nice place, newer, modern, nice carpets….all paid for by those of us who earn a living by working hard!
    These people have MORE MONEY left over each month than the average working family. I’m guessing her SSI check is about $3,500 month as they pay out for her dependents.

    I’m puzzled by a comment made by Spewtruth…regarding anothers comment regarding prayer. They stated it was wrong to pray for this family as they aren’t a praying family. WTH?
    What about all the prayers Penny said as they headed out to the hospital, the several times they prayed at the dinner table and a few other times. Guess this poster didn’t really watch the show and just posted negative comments towards other posters.

    Penny…SHAME on YOU! I suffer Crohns disease and always having bowel obstructions….I’d give anything to be able to eat a healthy diet, stuff like fresh veggies like leaf lettuce, or an an apple, cooked beans….but I can’t because scar tissue restricts my being able to eat anything with a peeling or fiber.

    • OMG. I am not alone! I too suffer excruciating pain from adhesion disease and can’t eat a high fiber, low fat diet. 14 general surgeons have said they “will not perform surgery unless it is life-threatening”. To squander this opportunity is beyond reason. I crave salads, fruits and raw veggies but cannot indulge as it causes excruciating pain which leaves me bedridden. Exercising is also out of the question because tightening of muscles causes pain. I was separated from my job; I didn’t choose to not work.
      It’s more clear as I read all of these blogs, Penny is afraid to lose weight because she would lose her disability and SSI, food assistance and most likely WIC funding. Someone call social security fraud department. This needs to end. TODAY!

  197. What a pain in the ass this woman is. “Where is my yellow brick road? My head hurts.” Penny, do you want some cheese with your whine? The most annoying part is she looks right at the television and says she is “nowhere near where she started.” No you are not Penny, you are worse off. She talks about what a great mother she is EVERYTHING about this woman made me sick. In the future TLC should not show people like this and they should let the folks know if there is no weight loss your story will not be aired because the worse thing in the world for someone like this fool is no attention.

  198. OMG I So agree with Alicia! Watched the show this morning and it just pissed me off she was such a total whiner and poor poor me! I have done everything I can and I just know I am losing but the scales must be wrong…..bla bla bla! God she is the worst one they have had on there and I hope she reads this and gets her head out of the food trough!

  199. I googled Penny for an update and fully anticipated to see that she had died. I just watched the show and was angry at her excuses, angry that she is so far in denial, and angry for her son. She needs counseling, a mega dose of reality, and for the people around her to use “tough love”. Her husband should be moving heaven and earth to figure out how to shop for, and prepare healthy, nutritious foods, and that should be all she gets.

    • We have an update on Penny. It’s the story done after her “Where Are They Now?” episode a few weeks ago. Go to the show’s articles using our front menu tab at the top and click on it. You’ll see a recent one titled, “Penny Lies, Remains Bedridden”

      There should also be a hot link to that recap in this article.

  200. You can tell Penny has gained a lot more weight. She outright lied about losing weight. She is bigger and has not lost weight. It is so sad because the boy will not have a mother much longer because her lies and deceit will cost her her life. She is going to die if she does not change and I believe it will actually be sooner than later and the child will grow up without his mom. So sad. She can sit there and lie but her body tells the truth!!

  201. What bothers me most is the people laughing at something that is really sad. nobody would think it was funny if she was anorexic. its the same disorder. There is no was these people do not know in their heads they are not just overweight but are super obese. Its the only control they have over their bodies. Its an addiction like drugs or gambling etc. but you do not have to have drugs or gambling you have to eat. She needs drastic interventiona and her husband cause there is no way my husband would bring that much food to me in my bed.

  202. I feel bad for Penny in the sense that she is in such denial. I find myself more frustrated with her husband for enabling her. She cannot shop for herself and he should take control of the food in the house. If she complains, then she can get out of bed and do the shopping herself. I don’t think she will do that and the end result will be some weight loss because she would be eating right. My heart goes out to her son.

  203. People like this would get healthier if their pantries were stocked with better food. Even if Penny vastly overate good food, she’d be on the right road. But all the junk food keeps the food addiction strong. Do not underestimate the role processed food plays in these scenarios.

  204. When 14 years old, I was over 100 pounds overweight. In less than a year, I lost the entire amount…and many pounds since that time 37 years ago. How did I do it? Work. Hard, grueling work. That’s the thing missing in this story. The woman is unwilling to WORK!

  205. I am watching Penny’s story, and I honesly don’t feel sorry for her. Dr. Now did EVERYTHING humanly possible to help her, he sent her to the hospital for a liquid diet, cries saying she is working when we see her laying in bed eating hogies, and refuses to follow what the nutritionist suggested. It is sad for her little son that he may have to live without a mother because she can’t find a way to reduce her eating, and to do the work. God Bless her and her family, that is who is being hurt.

  206. I have never been so infuriated! This woman has nothing but excuses for her lack of weight loss. I had gastric sleeve surgery almost a year ago and it was HARD. But they are incredibly clear with you up front about your diet. She just didn’t WANT to stick to it. Nothing she ate was approved. It was ridiculous to watch her eat fried wontons and then cry about the scale being wrong. This episode was beyond infuriating and I just wanted to slap her for her self-pitying ways.

  207. This is probably the third or
    fourth time I’ve seen this episode, and I get angry every time I watch it! Her sisters seem to have a better grasp on what Penny needs….maybe they need to do an intervention on her. Consequences??? Losing custody of that sweet little boy. Obviously her husband has his own issues, but that little boy can still be saved! If they wanna ruin their own lives that’s one thing, but completely destroying that baby’s is another. What would be the difference in her story and one of a heroin addict?!! Child protective services would pounce on a drug addiction issue – why not this, as much harm as is being done! They all need to stop feeling sorry for Penny and intervene with the help of a professional. If they need help with this, they are welcome to contact me! I thought constantly throughout that show what that family needed to hear. She can’t bully everyone! I’d love a go at it!

    • If it makes you so angry why are you watching it Four Times?

      If missing out on everything the world has to offer hasn’t inspired Penny to change why would taking her kid work?

      Liam may live with a weird & bossy mom but he is normal weight & seems happy. Look into the death of foster child Alexandra before assuming taking kids is such a great idea.

  208. Wow – what a selfish, manipulative narcissist. Penny is delusional about her caloric intake, her commitment to changing her weight and most of all about being a good parent. Penny is a lost cause, and this will have tragic consequences for her little boy who is trapped in this unhealthy family dynamic. It is the child who deserves help and sympathy, not Penny.

  209. Penny, I have one request of you: As you are lying on your bed, about to take your final breaths (which, by the look of things, won’t be long), looking at your blameless, beautiful little boy, ask yourself: “Was a lifetime of gluttony worth this?” Obviously, your answer will be “Yes.” You had help. You had support. You had love from family and friends. You were given the tools to beat this, as so many others have managed to do and have gone on to live rewarding, healthier lives. All your whining and complaining and excuse-making were vile to watch. You were vile to watch. There wasn’t an ounce of effort from you. And your poor sap of a husband is pathetic, mean as that sounds. I really hope, as you are lying there, that you feel all of the food was a good trade-off. Otherwise, you are going to have a terrible last few hours on Earth. And sad as it will be for Liam to lose you, he at least will not be doomed to a life as a caregiver to a woman who didn’t even love him enough to get healthy for him.

  210. This woman is a waste of life! She is one of the most selfish people I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. She is Killing herself and wasting everybodys time and money pretending that she wants to better herself. She is going to die soon and leave that poor child to be raised without a mother. Her husband needs to only give her the foods that she is supposed to have!!! She totally disgusted me with her lies and selfishness!!!

  211. Penny is a clear example of how powerful denial is. She is dealing with something incredibly scary- facing the emotions she has been suppressing with food since 3rd or 4th grade, without any professional help, or real willingness to admit to herself that there is no magic operation that will make these feelings, or changing her habits of a lifetime suddenly happen.
    Supported in her poor choices by her husband, who she has bullied into being her co-conspirator, nothing is going to change her until she makes the incredibly hard choice to face both changing her eating habits (taking away her comfort crutch) and processing those old, stored up emotions all at the same time.
    Yes, for us on the outside, it’s infuriating to watch her lie, be self-righteous, and self-pitying. But that’s the face of an addiction, and it’s not pretty or easy to feel sorry for.
    The only person in this whole scenario that is innocent, is her little boy. And I really hope his Dad picks a healthier woman to be his step mom once Penny dies.

  212. Personally, this episode killed me. She was so rude to everyone and clearly does not care about herself because she would have at least attempted to do better. I do think some people like Penny think that just because they had the surgery they will automatically lose so much weight without trying to help themselves. Shame on the family enablers too. Perhaps if they all had gone on a healthy diet and then that would have been the only food in the house. Just because you are one of those never gain a pound does not mean you can eat all one still needs to eat healthy foods. If anyone understands buying healthy vs easy cheaper foods it can still be done. I recently lost 235 lbs but gained some back after a car accident and losing mobility as I knew it. I must find a way to do it again so I can have the much needed surgery to fix my back probs. I do hope Penny and hubby woke up and did the right thing. Penny you must do the walk not just talk the talk.

  213. I agree with comments on penny..and there was even an update of sorts..she is no better off than before..I urge anyone that knows her in real life to PLEASE call CPS and get that child looked after properly. Edgar needs to have his fat ass kicked for allowing that hawg of a woman to ‘parent’? that little boy. Tickling a child on your bed where you shit…telling him no one is taking his cereal away…she thinks sitting in her own stink is parenting? She makes me sick..shame on her fat lazy ass

  214. Did she die yet? Or did her husband and son leave her yet? These are the only things that are going to happen. I would never be a slave like that! Her husband should stop feeding her, that way she would have to get up and feed herself.

  215. why did she not have a phyc evaluation before the surgery. Every surgeon I have talked to requires one. if they had done one they would of been able to tell with her attitude that she wasn’t going to follow the diet. I would love to have gastric bypass done. even though i am not 600 lbs. the show should do an episode one me. Ha ha… like that would happen. she should have let them do it on some that would appreciate it and follow the diet. many people think its a cure all but the surgery is just a tool to weight loss. you have to be willing to put forth the effort to actually use the tool correctly.

  216. After reading many posts, I found so many who judge this woman & others like her. Over time they are gaining, at one point they see how people react to them while they are still able to go out and slowly a social anxiety develops and become shut ins because people’s facial expressions shun them as though they are not human. Who wants to be subjected to that? AND the mentality of most is why should I care about them if they don’t care about themselves? No one wants to go the distance or put the work in to help.. Most abandon them. Yes a percentage want to be catered to, but others have causes physically that hindered them such as cancer. When you have cancer you gain a tremendous amout of weight in a short amount of time… People have emotional issues such as greiving or were molested or raped and it is a defense to keep people away.. Just saying.. You can not lump all obese people together and conveniently shrug it off like you solved one of the worlds problems simply because you verbalized an opinion. Perhaps take that advice and become a care giver to those you so vehimitly despise and apply the advice you dump and think it is someone else problem. Be a part of the solution and get involved. Why don’t more do this instead of rapid fire judging and throwing words out? It is easy to do that then to actually commit to help them.. Not convenient.
    Prayer in progress for them.

  217. I just saw the show. I can see that even her son is not motivation enough to change. Her husband, the enabler, is also trapped. They both have to want it bad enough. From what we see in 1 hr, that will is not there. They, as a family, should have been on healthier path. Penny will die. Bottom line. I would like to have hope for her, but she gave up before she started. The disability cheques will stop. Edgar may have to work. Her son will not have his mother into adulthood. end of story. Is that what you want Penny?

  218. Everyone has issues in their lives. That is no excuse. And the fat on her legs is because it has no where else to go. TLC, please stop showing Penny’s story. I just got my TV and would really like to keep it. Her story sickens me. The state needs to come take that boy. He needs to be in a safer place. That fat slug needs to go to a home. Her husband needs to go out and get a job. He needs to be a real man. The show is wake up call for a lot of people. I know for me and a lot of other’s. I have a thyroid tha

  219. I was so mad watching this episode — she kept saying I am SO HAPPY with my weight loss journey and what I have accomplished.. which was what? losing about 25 lbs?
    Her husband was so under her thumb, its the poor child I feel sorry for, she will probably be dead from an obesity related illness within a few years and he will grow up without her.
    She was so whiny and incapable of doing anything for herself.
    I am overweight and hate it – wish I had all the tools offered to her with all the help!

  220. Trust me guys I feel the same way you guys felt ANGRY!!!…I was so mad that I actually shouted at the TV because of her damn attitude she made me sick. I feel so damn bad for the son. Living in that type of environment with two nut case of a parents.Someone needs to step in an take that child out of that environment.

  221. I am not that sympathetic to Penny but after watching many more episodes this season out of fascination, either the doctor needs to explain how his total program works and we are not seeing the whole picture or he needs a multi-disciplinary approach from day 1 to ensure success or he needs to offer a place to go for his struggling patients if his practice can’t do it. He may be doing some of this surgery pro bono so I don’t know if he is already extending himself.

    Someone who has been morbidly obese since childhood and who has an obese family doesn’t have a clue about nutrition or they would not be morbidly obese though there are some genetic factors that contribute as well. One run through and a sheet isn’t going to help because if that were the case none of us would ever be overweight or underweight..

    So you don’t send someone to see a nutritionist for 5 minutes 6 months after the gastric bypass surgery. You can tell sometimes the nutritionist might as well be speaking Latin. These people need to be working with a nutritionist from the get go even if it is just over the phone or emails and you need to include the family if you can.

    Many people who are morbidly obese have emotional issues that you need to treat at the same time. Women who are molested as children very commonly get fat to feel safe. That should be dealt with from the get go not 6 months down the line.

    You would think the insurance companies or medicare would have figured this out because this is how you should be doing it and is probably available in countries with universal health care where they are using team approaches more and more in general practices. My old doctor used to have nutrition classes for any of her patients needing to lose weight run by her nurse on a on going basis.

    Yes some patients don’t need as much help and some need none and are able to motivate themselves or figure it out, especially if they have supportive families and I am not saying you hold their hands or babysit them but that just seems to me part of the puzzle that is missing. You should try to set people up for success from the start not six months into the process.

    For Penny, it doesn’t matter I think because she is just not ready and personally I think she has some OCD issues and until you deal with those, she is not going to be ready but I don’t even know if she realizes it just my own observation or the woman who is afraid her husband will leave her if she gets skinny and she is not wrong, he has said as much – like that is one warped sick dynamic.

  222. I just can’t understand what’s up with at “man” she is married to. If he had half a brain he would pack his and his son’s bags, call adult protective services and leave! How can he show his face on TV? She is a flat blob controlling him from a bed! And the poor boy. That is the saddest part of that circus. She doesn’t have one ounce of love for that child, he’s just a prop in her sick show. I wish TLC would cut her loose. I honestly don’t care if we never hear another word about her. What a waste of space on this earth.

  223. Don’t forget the icing on the cake. While lard ass was clipping coupons she was so excited to inform Hubby that lobsters were back in stock and they would have them for dinner the next night. That says it all. Someone please turn them in for fraud! Doesn’t anyone follow up on these people?

    I swear people should have to pass an IQ test before they are allowed to marry or have children. These 2 are a perfect example of why.

  224. Penny=why even bother to have the surgery? What a waste! Don’t you want to live to see your son grow up? Make the changes you need to make before you die!

  225. It is not Penny’s actions that anger me, but the fact that she took resources from someone who would appreciate the opportunity she was given. Yes, it is also the costs involved, the money from supporters and my tax dollars. Penny will continue to suck dollars and resources until the day she is no longer here. Medical home staff, monthly checks, food stamps, medicaid for the entire family, therapists , ambulance rides, hospital trips, meds and medical supplies. It is a way of life. One she chooses and a way of thinking that none of us can change. Poor poor me syndromes are everywhere now and the only cure is to make people accountable for themselves.

  226. Who is writing the narration for these people? It is way too eloquent and deep to be their actual words. They never actually talk that way in the rest of show. Has anyone else noted this?

    • You hit the nail on the head Ann! None of these people have the eloquence, IQ or even the ability to structure a sentence. The best example of this is that really disgusting woman who lived in Texas in a trailer with her mother….she is the one who is in the opening credits is wearing a pink muumuu and is always yelling at her mother and sister to stop arguing about her weight.

      In a way, this show is almost therapeutic as it allows me to vent my frustration towards these people in a non-confrontational environment!

  227. Just watched this with my 12 year old. Even she was so angry! Penny is so full of shit, she can spread it so thick! She needs to change now, or she will die before Liam graduates elementary school. That you can take to the bank.

  228. I was just watching this episode and found myself thinking that it would have been better if the Doctor (who did all he could for this dumb cow) had just taken her out back and shot her.

    She is/was a lazy mule who seemed to think that the gastric bypass surgury was an instant fix and she would come out looking several hundred pounds lighter. She claims that being able wash her lady parts are a measurement of success. Whatever.

    Her husband had the intellect of a bag of hair and seemed incapable of saying “no” to his fishwife hag of a wife.

    What really ticked me off was when Dr. Nowzaradan sent a counsellor to Penny the Pig’s home and the counseller attempted to discuss Penny’s history and Penny shot her down. Whatever….as far as I am concerned, Penny should just be dumped in a field and left to wallow with her swine brethern. Compared to some of the people on this show who are genuinely comitted to success and changing their lives, Penny needs to realize that she has no right to expect everyone else to fix her problems – she needs to do this herself.

  229. After watching this episode for the first time yesterday I realized why we(US) are broke. This woman is getting Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, Cash Assistance, Housing and God knows what else. All this young people that are supposed to be working to pay for our retirement benefits when we get older are claiming to be disabled finding any possible excuses to get it. I get 17 migraines a month, have fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel, had 6 brain surgeries due to anurisms, suffer from severe depression, Im raising 3 kids by myself, I’m obesed and still I work my 40 hours a week, pay my taxes and when I heard this Peggy saying the horrible things that she said I wished I had her in front of me to slap her. Everything that she said reminded me of a message I read online that said “Your ass must be jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth” Whoever wrote this message probably knows Peggy. So Peggy, now that you got your surgery and you are famous for the wrong reasons where are you know? I don’t wish you anything bad and I’m no one to judge you but I really hope that after two years you realized that if you haven’t changed your bad eating habits God gave you a wonderful child, a wonderful husband and wonderful family and friends that will visit you at the cemetery. Hope you can make it to Liam’s high school graduation.

  230. All I can think of when I see the time, money and effort into
    saving these people I get this sad image in my mind of all the children around the world that are actually starving to death! Stats say that less than 5% make it to goal and stay there. I weighed 257 in High School and that was when hardly ANYONE was overweight, and the few that
    hit 600 lbs were always a sideshow at the Circus. So for me it has been a life-long battle to stay at
    proper weight…….I am now 80 and weigh what I should for my age. But I have ALWAYS had to fight the urge to eat, and eat
    and eat. Let’s face it, many of us are “food addicts” and we use food (which is also a longing for love) in place of Pot or Heroin or anything of that feel-good drug genre. And the sad thing is, food isn’t against the law. However I blame a lot of the families who feed this person that can’t even get out of bed to cook for themselves and have even brought junk food into the hospital where their loved one awaits their surgery and weight loss care – how SICK is that?!? Perhaps they should put a new law on the books and call it “accessory to murder” because
    that’s pretty much what it amounts to.
    I feel great compassion for them but in the end it’s their body and their decision on how to deal with it. Like many of the commentaries I really am angry at all the money that is spent on these sick souls from tax money which we all contribute. The sad statistics on Americans are that 50% are well over a desirable weight. I pick up my grand daughter at school and as I watch all the fat girls and boys exiting, I want to cry..

  231. I can’t understand where these people get the $50,000 car/trucks to ride around in and who pays for their surgeries? Us the tax payer??? I can’t understand that even at 250 pound wasn’t that even to affect their health, Why are they so ignorant about greasy foods? Is it a lack of will power? It just shocks and upset the heck out of me their lack of control because they know that welfare it out there and taxpayers pay for that and their surgeries, Am I right or wrong?!

  232. Oh, Penny and Edgar. What about the faith in God you both demonstrated during healing prayers, Grace before meals, etc.? Penny, take time off from your useless coupon-cutting and read the Bible for inspiration. It won’t ‘fix’ your problems but it may give you solace and is much healthier than a platter of wontons. Edgar, stop enabling your wife! If for no other reason than this: she has type two diabetes and every time you bring home cake mix or candy you are helping play Russian Roulette. Penny, you need to restore dignity and self-respect. I would sooner endure pain and walk to the bathroom before EVER expecting my husband to slip me a bedpan. I’d die of shame! You don’t have ALS or paralysis. Your son sees and hears you carrying on with your permanently disabled mentality- and it is NOT ‘Game Over’. It’s never too late to resume weight loss, but you’ll never recapture the lost years when you could have been an involved mother and wife. Your little boy adores you. Your husband looks after you and he must love you if he caters to every little whim. It’s not like you could hop out of that bed and clobber him for refusing to visit that fourth store for pickle slices on sale, so something is keeping him from fleeing with your son. And get some therapy, work hard and be honest in sessions. It does help. I have a different type of addiction, and I know that having a bad day means I have to get extra help or I’ll fall back into the same old habits and despair. Your episode made me want to skewer you; you had a bad childhood but are blessed with a loving family and were given a good opportunity. Use your resources, and quit being mean to Edgar. And, Edgar, put your foot down already! You are just as responsible for her staying alive!

  233. This seems to be a case, maybe rare/maybe not, where psychosocial needs probably should have been met before physical needs. I am in the health care field, and even if I weren’t, I’d say Penny wasn’t ready to change and accept help. I have some friends, siblings who are 30 and 33, who still cater to their mom’s every whim in bed since she refuses to lose weight, even after her open heart surgery this year. I saw her play the “victim” role while we were in elementary school and my beautiful friends lost out on their childhood because of it, now they are losing out on their own adult lives as well. Their mother has manipulated them into waiting on her all the time, and her husband works nights so he can help her during the day. She refuses to move off her bed and calls, on her cell phone, family members in a different room of the same small house to bring her food. (When we were younger, and cell phones weren’t around, she would bang on the walls for food.) Her children are very intelligent, but even as adults they feel guilt trips all the time, no doubt instilled in them by their self-absorbed, disturbed mother. She insults their intelligence when they don’t do immediately do what she says which is emotional abuse on her part (they both have extremely low self-esteem). She also spends all of her husband’s hard earned money. As a nurse I’ve dealt with morbidly obese patients, they are very cunning, but there comes a point, if only after a night shift for me, that one says, “enough is enough, you have to fend for yourself NOW, here is a mental health number.” It is tough to do, but multiple family members and health care workers should not sacrifice their lives for the life of someone who does not care about anybody but himself/herself. The case of Penny and my friends’ mom is a mental health issue which requires funds, and instead of claiming government money to feed their french fry addictions they can work on themselves and pay it off through physical work, as menial and as tiring as the work might be (welcome to the real world folks), to get mental and physical healthcare help.

  234. Why have i not seen The dr addressing the caretakers many of them very very large too, They are heading toward the same fate as the patients

  235. Did anybody notice that in the beginning of the series Dr. Now had a plain old stainless steel stethoscope? How about the new solid gold number he nows flaunts around his neck? This guy is ingenious. Take on patients who have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel and your malpractice insurance goes down. And all this show has been is an hour long infomercial for the “good” doctor”. I know Penny had an attitude problem but I have never like Dr. Nowzarian He is gruff, uncaring and everything he does is to make himself look good to dig up more business. And by the way it looks like the good doctor could afford to lose about 50lbs himself.

  236. I think Dr N. is simply too diminutive and speaks to softly to make any effective point to these patients. He should be more like… “You know your gonna die right? and that right soon. ”

    Or the preacher from Poltergeist “your all gonna die!”

    I’m serious…speak up and tell these patients just how ill they are. That death is around the corner unless they develop some kind of willpower.

    • It is not just about willpower, it truly is much more. Obesity becomes a coping mechanism that becomes a prison for too many people.

  237. What a lazy, self-entitled, self-centered piece of garbage. It makes me sick thinking of the time, money and resources which have been wasted on her. That long suffering husband (who granted has plenty of his share of the blame) needs to take that poor kid and just get out. My guess is that she’ll start to lose weight really quickly if she doesn’t have somebody bringing her worthless ass food and taking care of her 24/7.

  238. Make her disability contingent on how many pounds she loses then see how quick the cow will start dropping. No weight loss, no money. Minimum weight loss set each month until she reaches goal.

  239. To be honest, I applaud this woman’s amazing ability to control others (exception being the Dr. that finally had enough of her BS).

    Ya’ll do realize she had to somehow convince a male human being to have sex with her that resulted in her son being born, right?

    I know there are men who prefer larger women that are ironically called “Chubby Chasers,” but this has to be in another category. Would these kind of men be called Whale Warriors?

    You go Penny! I don’t think the U.S. tax payers have tallied up enough useless debt yet. We must continue to support your self-destructive behaviour that obviously affects only your own life and applaud your enabler who must have racked up enough Air Miles buying large pizza, supporting your aspirations to enter the female Jabba-the-Hut Lookalike Contests to fly around the world a few times.

    I love the episodes where the people in this situation actually use the resources generously given (whether tax dollars, TV Network, or other) to get their life back on track. Most would agree that the initial high cost we may bear is definitely worth the end result. But some individuals like this woman are just a lost cause and not worth help anymore. So sad, but that’s reality: help those who want to help themselves, but have limited resources.

  240. You all do realize “you” are also the problem in America…you are judgemental, harrassing, and yourselves are SELFISH…you always assume the worst most negative scenario and don’t look at it like she is still a person with feelings and more than likely has issues in her brain that causes her to be like this for whatever reason…Not saying it is right for her to waste the food she does, and destroy her body, and cause problems for her son that he will have to remember and endure throughout his life…but she is still human, and obviously sick in more that one way. My dad had a stroke 3 years ago and since believes neighbors shoot at him and sneak in his house at night and stay in his attic….we are living in a world with alot of sick people, maybe they can’t always help theirselves. Let God be the judge and maybe you should look at your own self and life and see if there are some things you could be a little more positive and not so hateful on. (I bet your lives are not so great are they??)Usually when you treat people like dogshit the karma splashes off on you–just saying.

  241. I have read a lot of these replies and I must say I have think everyone here is wrong. One thing I now from experience and is never addressed in this entire reply/opinion section is one thing is missing that could have helped Penny more than anything else! Where is the Spiritual Help?
    You cannot succeed in anything without asking GOD to help! Some of you will agree, some of you will laugh, some of you will find that suggestion ridiculous, some of you will say ” You can’t be serious”.
    I have seen many opinions and statements of disgust on this site but I haven’t heard anyone offering to help? It’s easy to judge other people and I can promise everyone has a demon in their life. It might not be a 600lb demon, but we all have a embarrassing problem, secret, “Wish I hadn’t done that moment”, theirs something somewhere in your life that you wished or hoped didn’t happen! For many people it may be a minor thing, but its there, it exists, it happened.
    Now I don’t support the way this woman and her family approaches her problems. I think she could get help or find a way to improve her situation, if she really wanted too? After viewing this episode I found it to be quite clear that just like most addicts this woman didn’t really want to change. Their are probably many reasons for this, she’s not very motivated, she doesn’t really care enough to make the changes, who really know’s why she doesn’t make the effort, it may be for the same reason addicts of drugs and alcohol that die from their addiction cannot quit, who knows?
    Addiction is a fact of a lot of peoples lives. A typical addict justify’s and reasons just as this woman does. Her addiction is just as disgusting as a person that drinks themselves or pos pills till they die. And our society has labeled and accepted these type of addicts as “diseased” ? There is much help out there for addicts of alcohol and drug abuse and yet we callously condemn overweight people as being self centered self righteous “PIGS” ! Do they not deserve our understanding and compassion as we show other addictions? Yes, Penny is SICK, she has every sign as an Addict of drugs and alcohol exhibits. She has, denial, she uses excuses, she manipulates people to enable her addiction, she hides the truth of her actual “Usage” of food, she’s a liar, she only thinks of herself, and she knows the consequences of her addiction, death! These are all the things we find and accept in other addicts. She is an ADDICT! And yet we treat her as if she isn’t?
    ….think about this when you find yourself not comprehending how a person can end up like Penny has. Its sad, you may not think she deserves your pity…..what addict does?
    Before you Judge her, remember she can do nothing to improve her self without Christ!! She needs to be introduced to Christ….is there anyone out there that can take on that challenge? Will someone on this Forum offer a prayer for her as they do in alcoholics anonymous? You know, in all the Addiction programs admitting to a “Higher” power is indoctrinated into the recovery process! For me, my higher power is the Christian God and all things are possible through our God and our Lord Jesus Christ. Penny deserves that too?
    We can be disgusted with Penny and her attitude, yes she has enablers in her life, what she doesn’t have is God? So despise her as you will but at least say a prayer for her and her family. I can only hope she can find her way to Jesus. As with all addiction programs, she will not succeed without the “Higher Power” intervention.
    I hope and pray that while I know TLC’s Documentary crew does have an obligation to not interfere while filming, they do have an obligation to help her now the filming is over. One of you producers need to either get a local Clergy involved or at the least make an effort to explain to her what I have here. One way or another she’s going to need one? ….Least you can do is introduce her to one while she’s still able to interact with one?
    I am going to stop now…….better yourself and don’t be disgusted by this woman….feel sorry for her situation…Pray for Her!!!

    Thanks for listening to another side of the issue.

  242. It really is a matter of self-discipline. These people do not have a “disease”. They have a lack of honour called “gluttony” and “sloth”. They are being allowed to indulge their baser instincts without consequence.

    What do you think will happen to these people in the event of a natural disaster? They will find themselves suddenly starving and relegated to the end of the line in triage. A fire? Talk about fat in the frying pan because there will not be enough time to knock down a wall and no fireman can heft those beasts even if there was a fire ladder that could hold them. Or the loss of their supplier(s)? It won’t be pretty. Who will fetch them 12 cheeseburgers, two pizzas, three liters of pop and a box of donuts? Oh no!

    And yes, Obamacare does factor in because it’s not my business unless you tell me that after maintaining my own health and working my ass off all these years, my taxes are going to pay for these selfish ditch pigs.

    If calling a spade a spade is judgmental, then so be it. I refuse to call gluttony and sloth anything other than what they so obviously are. And anyone calling our observations of the obvious “harassing” is likely a fatty, too. Sorry, but whatever delusions they currently suffer from or the denial in which they wallow, the truth remains the truth. Fat is not fabulous. Big is not beautiful. Large is not lovely. Believe that mytholody if it makes you feel better, but survival of the fittest is still the law of nature— and that will never change.

    And anyone who says, “let God be the judge” needs to go read their bibles again. If someone is openly sinning, we are called upon to call them out on it. Don’t be taking “judge ye not that ye be judged” out of context like an illiterate wanna be “holier than thou” troll.

  243. And another thing … Why should I be required to worry about whether my light bulb is green energy compliant or my carbon footprint when these freakish blobs completely lacking in self-control probably have the carbon footprint of 6 to 8 people with their fast food packaging, soda pop bottles and toilet flushing burden on the water and sewer systems alone? (What goes in must come out. Think about it.) Why do they get the free pass on “going green” and “clean energy” and “saving the planet”? Why?! Because they like cheeseburgers and cake? Who doesn’t? But maybe draw the line on how many you shove in your mouth once you start looking in the mirror and see Jabba the Hut looking back at you.

  244. All I can say about Penny is she has no self-discipline., she is psychologically addictive to food, She cares for no-one but herself.. She refuses to help herself overcome her obesity which she should be doing if not for herself she should be doing it for her son.. She is a very manipulative woman.. I find myself very angry at this woman she has taken away the chance from some other person to undergo this procedure someone who was really ready to change their life for the better.. Her poor son will grow up without his mother due to the fact that she is going to end up eating herself to death

  245. Goldblum estimates that she and her mother spent at least $300,000 over the final two years for care that insurance coverage did not cover.

  246. I feel sorry for the addictive personality that this woman has been enabled into cultivating.It’s the same thing with anyone who does drugs,your sense of reality becomes skewed and your addiction makes you profoundly selfish.Dr Now could only do so much.What needs to happen is that Penny gets a stint on that Intervention show first,where the enabling family members and friends are counseled into giving Penny consequences for her behavior.If Penny wanted that fatty food,she’d have to get up and get it herself.I would have Penny’s address blacklisted from all the delivery joints around her house so she couldn’t get snacks that way.I would change the pin on her food stamp card so she couldn’t buy anything without a well meaning third party to do the shopping,maybe a home healthcare worker or a no nonsense relative.You get the idea.

    Now,for all the folks on here griping about ‘their’ money going to pay for someone else’s benefits,be realistic!Society would love to perpetuate that fairy tale that essentially says this is a convenient excuse to offer because I don’t have the life I want.There are people that abuse the system everywhere,but the day you personally cut a check to a someone for their standard of living you let me know.Claim them on your taxes.Once you pay taxes,that money isn’t yours anymore and the government can allocate it however they want.If the government issues you a refund because they think YOU spent too much on Penny this month,I’d be interested to know that too…Besides,welfare is poverty level living.Who would choose that if they had the capacity to do better?

  247. My mom broke her leg Christmas Eve and got booted out of rehab BC Medicare wouldn’t pay. I’ve had three procedures in less than two years and got booted out of the hospital the same day, yet Penny gets to stay a month? She basically has one job to do: walk, and she doesn’t even try.

  248. Penny is unbelievably ridiculous. She claims that she is doing everythat she can to lose weight as she is sitting there making meatloaf and wontons. She refuses to stand up. She refuses to exercise and then cannot understand why she isn’t losing weight. It’s maddening that people such as myself who have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia can only get disability for a year, however people who are morbidly obese get PAID to sit in their beds and watch tv and get fast food. It’s truly disgusting.

    • Kelly, I have to agree with you. I have psoriatic arthritis, which causes me tremendous amounts of pain, yet I still find the motivation to get up and go to work. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis are DISEASES, not overeating and it drives me mad when someone compares the two! Overeating is an addiction, not a disease and I find it insulting to be classified in the same spectrum as someone as lazy and unmotivated as Penny. There are days when I can’t barely even walk, have tremendous swelling, and painful red patches all over my body. That’s a big difference than someone who wants to sit in bed 24/7 and eat fried wontons. And bringing God and spirituality into the conversation is just as maddening. A person can pray all they want (and I am a God fearing Christian woman), but at the end of the day, YOU have to empower yourself. Penny needs to learn that for herself, otherwise she’s going to keep making excuses, keep bullying the people around who enable her, and never get out of that bed. I can only hope that little Liam doesn’t follow in her footsteps.

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